How is it that in today’s day and age, watch advice falls into the “grooming” category is a mystery to me. Maybe you keep your watches in the bathroom, I don’t know… Aside from this odd categorization, internet ‘guy advice’ video series Mansome spends some time at major watch retailer Tourneau to acquire some simple advice for your average man on buying a timepiece (tip # 1, watches aren’t exactly like shaving razors).

Mansome host Will Chase speaks with Michael Gordon at Tourneau, who you need to give credit to for trying to explain the complex topic of timepieces in just a few statements. Chase probably emulates the sentiments of your typical watch buyer rather well. If you are reading aBlogtoWatch you are no doubt way beyond the level of someone who would benefit from this video, but what do you think of the advice and suggestions? Good for the novice watch buyer or is there perhaps something better for these people to hear?

Tourneau Attempts To Explain High-End Watches To The 'Average Guy' Watch Stores

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