Ocean7 G-2 Diver Chronograph Watch on eBayI’ve got to hand it to Ocean7 for doing it right. What right you ask? Well starting a watch company and successfully selling watches online. While selling online directly to the consumer while taking fan feedback into consideration is not a novel concept, it is in the watch world, and that is exactly what Ocean7 Watch Company has done. They took bold, American designs, polished them with fan feedback, used Swiss movements, and then sold them directly to the public online. No middlemen, no complex distribution, mostly organic marketing. That is future of the niche and boutique watch industry, and thankfully, Ocean7 is not alone in pursuing this direction.

Ocean7 watches are wildly popular, and for good reason. They are an excellent value proposition and look great. Just check out this G-2 Diver chronograph. Nicely sculpted lines encase a Swiss quartz movement with a legible chronograph and carbon fiber face. Fans love the edgy steel bracelet, and I have to agree. The bracelet is known to be as comfortable as it is cool looking.

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Ocean7 uses a signature big orange minute hand. Meant to be legible underwater, without overpowering the face, the hand gives all Ocean7 watches a very distinct look. This is also a very affordable watch pricd at just $449.00 new. One is available on eBay now, and will surely go for an even lower price. I commend Ocean7 for providing a fun watch that is still wonderfully functional as a diver or for everyday wear.

See Ocean7 watches on eBay here.

See Ocean7 watches on Amazon here.

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