On wrist, I found the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue to feel just right. It feels more expensive than it is, and I think the blue version is perhaps less embellished than the original burgundy-bezeled model. Both the fabric and the leather strap are comfortable and suit the watch nicely. The leather includes a very nice fold-over signed safety clasp and, just like with the Ranger, the fabric strap is a big upgrade over the basic NATO or G10 straps you probably have at home. For the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue, the fabric strap is a deep navy blue with high-quality hardware including a nicely made clasp and sewn-in metal keepers with beveled edges.


Unlike a conventional NATO or Zulu, the spring bars are sewn into sleeves in the strap, ensuring the watch both sits evenly and cannot slide free of the strap as you take it off (a problem with some watches on Zulu straps). For my tastes, I’d opt for the bracelet and the fabric strap. On most straps the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue will come in at a little over 100g, and that ensures a rather comfy and stress free experience on wrist. The bracelet will undoubtedly be heavier, but I think that’s part of the appeal.

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Tudor-heritage-black-bay-blue-17 Tudor-heritage-black-bay-blue-17

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue retails for between $3100 and $3425 USD, making it only slightly more expensive than the Ranger, and placing it in competition with a huge number of watches. Speaking in terms of value and cost, I would contend that Tudor has squeaked into a position that used to be occupied by pre-Co-axial Omega. As Omega went upmarket to more closely compete with Rolex, it left a void that a few brands have maneuvered to fill. Yes, Tudor is using third party movements, and yes you could get the same movement for less from a different brand. In-house movements are a big deal within the watch world, and they cost a great deal more than third party movements. To put it a bit more bluntly, the reality is that you can get a Tudor with an in-house movement, but it has to say Rolex on the dial and it costs a lot more.

Considered as whole package, I think the Black Bay is one of the most appealing watches on the market today. It’s very nicely designed and made, it comes from a well-respected brand, and if you like dressy classic divers – it’s nothing short of a delight to wear. tudorwatch.com

Necessary Data
>Model: Heritage Black Bay (79220B)
>Price: $3100 USD
>Size: 41 x 12.7 mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes, in a heartbeat.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Anyone
>Best characteristic of watch: Excellent quality for this price point, great proportions.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Have to be picky to find something negative, so perhaps the lack of drilled lugs.

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