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Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases

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I am happy to announce the launch of two new brands united in one company, Beaulieu SAS. Today, I’ll introduce to you the new Ultramarine Morse GMT designed to be a part of the larger family of Marine watches. As an entrepreneur, I wanted to bring what I wanted to find as a customer: a real high quality Swiss watch with a very good movement at a good price. That is why the slogan of the brand is “The real Swiss made. At a fair price.”

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases

You may be wondering what kind of “Swiss Made” it is. There will be no debate here about what percentage of the watch is actually made in Switzerland – connoisseurs know that is a question that can be asked about many watches today. And to be specific about the difference with the 60% value rules of “Swissness,” the Morse proudly announces on its caseback, in French, “Intégralement ouvré en Suisse.” This means integrally manufactured in Switzerland and this is serious stuff. The FHS (Fédération Horlogère Suisse) makes no jokes about this kind of statement.

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases

So the originality of this model compared to the competition at this price point is that the production will be 100% manufactured in Switzerland – cases, dials, hands, casebacks, bezels, buckles, crowns, but also sapphire glasses, straps, and up to the last screw or ring… all 100% Swiss Made, which is very rare in the market nowadays. The Eterna movement is also 100% Swiss Made – 80% in house at Eterna Movement SA in Grenchen, and the other 20% within a 50 kilometer radius around Grenchen.

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases

And now, to the watch. Under the sun brushed blue dial is the very fine Eterna Caliber 39 movement. It’s a 30mm Swiss Made piece in its 3914A version with a date at 3, 24-hour GMT at 6, and a small seconds display at 9. This movement offers 65 hours of power reserve and automatic as well as a manual winding. Its frequency is 4Hz or 28,800 vph.

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases

The Ultramarine Morse is 40mm wide, 12mm thick, 48mm lug to lug, and the straps are 20mm wide. The Morse is also water resistant to 100m. The case is fully polished, but it will be possible to chose two others versions: a mix polished and brushed model, or a bead-blasted version. A DLC coating will also be available for an extra €100 charge.

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases

The strap is a hand sewn blue leather, and there are also options for black, light brown, or grey leather free of charge. The hour and minute hands also feature BGW9 for low-light visibility.

The price of a very good Swiss watch is a problem for many customers, so I made the decision to implement what’s probably the smallest margin on the market, in a fair trade spirit. And I want to be transparent about the costs.

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases

The cost of manufacturing an Ultramarine Morse, development costs aside, will be around €950. The starting price on Kickstarter will be €1,360 for the first 25 pieces. So if you subtract the 8 to 10% Kickstarter share, you will easily find the margin. This Ultramarine Morse GMT First Edition will be limited to 300 pieces.

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases


  • Movement: Eterna Caliber 3914A, small second, date and GMT, 65 hour power reserve
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 48mm x 12mm
  • Case Material: 316L stainless steel, extra charge DLC option
  • Strap: Hand sewn blue leather, options for black, light brown, or grey free of charge
  • Front and back glasses: Sapphire Crystal
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters / 330 feet
  • Lume: Super-LumiNova BGW9 on hands

Ultramarine Morse GMT Watch Watch Releases

The Ultramarine Morse GMT is available on Kickstarter starting at €1,360 (excluding tax), along with the three other models: the classic pilot watch Ultramarine Albatros, and the more contemporary Beaulieu Type S/2 & S/4 GMT.

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  • Ross Diljohn

    I like it.

    • Framlucasse

      Thank’s. 🙂

  • Framlucasse

    It’s my work, I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

  • david x. droog

    quite neat. The 24h subdial sans numerals seems like a pain to read though! Best of luck.

    • Framlucasse

      It’s quite easy and it’s intuitive in fact. At north it’s 00:00, at east it’s 6:00 AM, at south it’s noon, at west it’s 6 PM.

      Thank’s for the luck. 🙂

  • Luciano

    I like the dial, hands and movement (but not much the rotor)… but then I saw the case profile (see below) and for me it just doesn’t work. It misses the required elegance (and thinness).

  • IG

    No, thanks.

    • Framlucasse

      Did you see the four models on the KS page? 🙂

  • ProJ

    Overall beautiful watch. I like it. The font used is appropriate for the intended function. Also, great job with the date window. Brands with much bigger market presence don’t get it right (IWC and Omega for example.)

  • Ultramarine Worse GMT watch…=p
    Looks ok for the price

    • BJ314

      You wear a Huawei Watch 2. Please keep all opinions to yourself. LOL

  • SuperStrapper

    I see nothing wrong with this. I’d want centre seconds over the unnecessary subsidiary seconds but that’s my own aesthetic preference. Good movement, well designed, nice handset, fair price. A small item but the caseback information being in relief is always a nicer and more luxe appearance than most engraved caseback styles. It might be a mm or so thicker than you’d normally expect to find in a 40mm watch but this isn’t trying to position itself as a dress watch so I don’t see the problem. It would still get under your cuff without much trouble.

  • Tempvs Mortvvs

    Beautiful watches. Especially the Beaulieu. I wish you success.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Marius.

    I like this watch a lot. Very pleased to see a 100% Swiss watch in this price range. While reading the ad, I was thinking that someone did their homework and actually knows their audience. Now I know why.
    This seems to have all the goodies at a fair price. This one is added to my contemplation list.
    Well done.

    • Framlucasse

      Thank you!

      And thank you to all for the compliments. But guys, if you don’t buy, these watches will stays at the prototype stage. 😉

    • Dimman

      In the press release for Eterna’s 39xx modular movement a couple years ago, didn’t Eterna themselves only claim it was 70% made in Switzerland?

  • Svetoslav Popov

    I like the dial, but not the case. It is too thick and generic generally.

  • Ross Diljohn

    I went to the website and this is still my favorite. Pity I will never see one in the steel but that’s life. Again well done.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Really beautifull and interesting.

  • joe Shmoe

    i didn’t realise you could have a sponsored post for a non-dive watch.

    • BJ314

      You mean for a non-Apple watch.

      • joe Shmoe

        nope i mean a non-dive watch. are you new?

        • BJ314

          new to paying attention to you, yes? I’ve only recently decided to acknowledge your existence. To the website? No. Many years running.

          • joe Shmoe

            no need to be a turd. i figured that only a newbe would have been unaware of the endless stream of sponsored posts for dive watches on this site. i stand corrected. please continue ignoring me now.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Ultra huh?…Must be, says it right there on the dial.

    • Ross Diljohn

      Supermarine was taken. I’m guessing.

      • SuperStrapper

        What about aqua tho

      • Framlucasse

        Yes it is, Bremont owns it. 😀 And before Ultramarine the name was Airmarine, but I had problems with Breitling lawers (which owns Aeromarine). So I had to change. But I like it.

    • Framlucasse

      So you don’t like my “Intégralement ouvré en Suisse”? Or? 🙂

  • Gokart Mozart

    Looks good, as Superstrappers says most of the boxes are ticked, good movement and decent price.

    Not sure about the name , and the strap does it no favours.

    Pretty decent overall,

  • BJ314

    The strap color and the name are issues. Other than that – beautiful and great transparency on pricing and “swiss made” claims.

  • Mikita

    Really not bad. Solid effort.

  • Ulysses31

    A beautiful, simple watch. I would prefer the subdial indices to be more subtle, though they are great for legibility as they are.

  • Just a suggestion – have some markers on the 24 hour/GMT sub-dial. Otherwise, very nice LB.

  • Svetoslav Popov

    My personal observation is that Kickstarter is not a place for watches above several hundred dollars. I like the watch, but I will not support it, because it is in a price category where it clashes with other wannabuys of mine. Plus there is always a dose of uncertainty with any crowdfunded project. I personally am working on a watch project, and It is something unseen and absolutely innovative, but I can’t decide how to position it price-wise. If I make it the way I myself would love to, it will end up at a similar price point, but I am really afraid it will not fund on Kickstarter. If I choose quartz and non-swiss components it would have greater chance of succeeding crowdfunding. So this project is very helpful to me, I will get an experience just by following it and seeing its outcome 🙂

    • Framlucasse

      ZRC or Laventure for example had success on KS at this price point, with a less good and cheaper movement, so it’s possible. 🙂

      • Svetoslav Popov

        I really hope you succeed!

        • Framlucasse

          Well, me too! 🙂

    • BJ314

      All kickstarter projects are a form of 1st world begging.

      Somehow we became okay with people begging for money because they can’t write a business plan for private funding or won’t use their own line of credit. The idea that men can’t beg people to build one thing because its more expensive than another thing is silly. There are lots of projects on kickstarter in this price range.

      If your point is that people don’t go on kickstarter to buy quality watches, so this will fail – then I reply that 99% of kickstarter projects, including items in this price range are junk/future paperweights, so this is nice change of pace.

      That you don’t know how to market YOUR watch project on kickstarter at this price range, isn’t evidence that Ultramarine can’t do it.

      And that you’re willing to sacrifice on materials or movement, so that you can beg for money, the future doesn’t bode well for you. In fact, if you’re already making sacrifices and you haven’t even released your first watch, I’d suggest that you may be pursuing the wrong dream.

      I would also suggest, that if you use your own line of credit or get a personal bank loan, you can build whatever you want. IF its as good as you think, people will buy it. The problem is far too few people believe enough in their own ideas, to fund things themselves anymore.

      So I guess kickstarter begging will continue.

      • Yes and no. Kickstarter also gives one exposure and marketing. Sometimes it is a good thing sometimes it is not. If I had a great idea, waranting a patent, I would keep away from KS. But for a watch microbrand it would be OK I think.

      • Disagree – my guess is you haven’t personally done any of this. I have had with some success and some failure with KS. What you call begging is a form of funding that the Internet age has enabled. New and different doesn’t have to mean worse.

        Any watch over $1000 USD on Kickstarter is a hard sell – no matter how good it is or how good of a value it is. KS may not be the best venue for watches that aren’t quartz or Miyota based. Just the nature of the platform or its patrons I guess.

        I do agree that people generally don’t go on KS to buy quality watches. But that is true no matter even if you “know how to market your watch on Kickstarter”. Cheers.

        • Joe

          Also, if your (hopefully target) market like it, it will get funding.
          If not, you find out before you’ve borrowed $XX,000 from the bank.

          Even better you get feedback along the way.

          • Totally concur – better to spend $X,XXX of your own money and try to crowd source fund than to borrow/spend $XX,XXX and have a pile of watches that don’t sell or just a huge debt to the bank.

      • Framlucasse

        How is pre-sales at better price begging? It’s just a new way to sale things, nothing more.

    • Good Luck!

  • Marius

    Like it. Best of luck!


    Well dang I wake up in my villa expecting to see a giganturd and voila a decent looking watch at a decent price w a decent design that is “real Swiss” or is it “Swiss real”. Either way I think for the price it is a nice offering with a good movement.
    I am just a tad leary about Kickstarter projects. One thing to lose 300 bucks which sucks but 1500 would sting a little of course not for the Man of Marcus MOM™ but anyhow good luck

  • I like it. It is priced right, looks decent, on the classy side and the finishing is pretty good. I would have loved a slightly thinner case.

    • Framlucasse

      Impossible with a 5.90mm movement. Or only -0.5mm for a 50m water resistance, but I chose 100m, since -0.5mm is almost impossible to see.

  • I don’t think it’s been mentioned, but the Eterna GMT module is a ‘true’ GMT complication (unlike the ETA 2893), with the hour hand being independently adjustable. Don’t see enough of these movements in watches right now – very nicely executed here.

    • Framlucasse

      Thank’s. But for now at least, sales seems not to follow all the compliments, which is a bit surprising for me.

      • Ross Diljohn

        The issue for me Framlucasse is that my residence is not in the US Canada or Europe so shipping is an issue as is tax on this luxury item. Also there are many many watches that I have loved in the pictures I have seen and yet didn’t really appeal as much on my wrist especially considering the price involved, so I will only purchase a watch online if the cost is low which this is not. I am terribly sorry that the orders have not mirrored the accolades here and I would love to put my issues aside and get this watch as it seems a fine watch and well thought out. I wish you all the best though and look forward to getting one in the future.

        • Framlucasse

          Thank you. Where are you if I may ask? I have another backer with this problem, he’ll probably solve it by asking a deliver in another country.

    • That (independent GMT hand) is a huge draw for me.

  • Benjamyn Climber

    I like the font and the date window, but like Mark Carson said, without numbers on the subdial the gmt is difficult to read and confusingly similar to the sub-seconds dial.

    • He promises to make them with numbers if he makes his goal. So if that is all that holding you back, it’s time to jump in.

  • Well since Framlucasse (the head of Ultramarine) promises to make Morse GMT dials with some hour numbers, I decided to pull the trigger – I just now backed the KS project. Best of luck LB.

    • Framlucasse

      Thank’s. Sure I can do that for you, since I already have the stuff to do it, for the Beaulieu Type S/4 UTC. 🙂

  • Framlucasse

    A little video, it’s already on the KS site but here it is also :

  • One of the few KS offerings with a little style and panache. Color-matched date wheel? Someone’s been reading the comments.

  • Framlucasse

    For those who would be interested, KS is off but the subscription is going well :

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