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Since its founding in 2014, Hong Kong-based brand UNDONE has built its name on offering personalized and customized watches, many of which feature vibrant color schemes and playful designs. The premise of the brand is a fun one — it’s a breath of fresh air in a hobby that can sometimes feel somewhat exclusive or intimidating to novices and outsiders. Much of the UNDONE collection consists of designs inspired by some of our favorite cartoon and comic book heroes, such as Popeye, Snoopy, and Astro Boy. As we approach the 100th anniversary of Disney, UNDONE brings to us two new character watches that star one of the most famous characters of them all: Mickey Mouse. Let’s take a look at the new Mickey “Fantasia” and Disney “Guess Who’s Back” timepieces.

Inspired by Walt Disney’s groundbreaking 1940’s masterpiece, UNDONE’s Mickey “Fantasia” features Mickey as the famous “sorcerer’s apprentice” character, sporting his iconic wizard’s cap and robes as he lights up the constellations across your wrist. Fans of the film will no doubt appreciate Mickey’s wizard garb, as well as the watch’s midnight-blue dial marked with stars and the film’s instantly recognizable title. The look of the Mickey “Fantasia” is completed by a textured blue suede strap fitted with a stainless steel tang buckle.

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Turn the watch over, and you’ll find a blue-tinted caseback with a larger rendering of both Mickey and the “Fantasia” signage. Visible under the semi-transparent caseback is Seiko’s VK64 hybrid mechanical-quartz chronograph movement. The UNDONE Mickey “Fantasia” is based on the brand’s popular Urban Chronograph, which boasts a 41.8mm 316L stainless steel case that measures approximately 13.5mm in thickness. The Urban Chronograph is also distinguished by the added functionality of a 60-minute register and a 24-hour subdial.

UNDONE’s second new Mickey timepiece for 2022, the Disney “Guess Who’s Back,” is perhaps more in line with what watch enthusiasts imagine when thinking of a Mickey Mouse watch. Like many of the Mickey Mouse watches from the middle of the 20th century, the “Guess Who’s Back” features a large rendering of Mickey on the dial, with his arms serving as the hour and minute hands.

However, for the first time, Mickey’s back is facing outward on the dial, while a rendering of his face and front side is seen on the semi-transparent caseback. This is a fun and thoughtful twist on the classic Mickey watch aesthetic, one that will likely appeal to collectors of vintage Mickey Mouse watches. The piece is fitted with a domed Lexan crystal that warps the appearance of the dial when viewed at an angle and adds even more personality to the watch.

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The “Guess Who’s Back” sports a 40mm stainless steel case with mirror polishing throughout, a stark white dial background, and a matte-black ceramic bezel insert that gives the watch an urban, sporty vibe and frames the dial nicely. The piece runs on Seiko’s workhorse NH35/70 – an automatic caliber with approximately 41 hours of power reserve. While playful and full of character (pun intended), this one can also double as a sports watch; it has an ample water resistance rating of 100 meters.

All in all, the new UNDONE x Disney Mickey Mouse collaborations are fun, well-designed watches that should appeal to both watch collectors and Disney fanatics. Both items are relatively budget-friendly, with the Mickey “Fantasia” coming in at $480 USD and the Disney “Guess Who’s Back” being priced at $599 USD. Order yours now at UNDONE.com.

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