The well-finished steel case is still 40mm wide and really comfortable on the wrist. The watch has a compelling masculine feel in all black, but the natural steel case will delight you with excellent polishing at this price point. With this particular lug/bezel design, the 40mm wide case feels extremely versatile – being good for a range of wrist-sizes and potential wearers. Over the dial is a mineral crystal (rounded and does cause some glare issues) and the case is water-resistant to 30m. UNDONE offers the Urban Tropical with various steel case colors and the middle case and bezel can even be different materials if you want. I think most people should probably order one of the “stock” (pre-designed) versions of the Urban Tropical if the watch appeals to them as it does me, but the customizer is part of the overall UNDONE watch buying experience, so it is worth checking out – especially if you want custom text on the caseback. UNDONE offers a host of strap options (20mm wide at the lugs), and I’m still impressed with the strap quality at these prices. The straps they are offering with the Urban Tropical are some of the best they have made yet.

Also pictured in this review is a version of the Urban Tropical with the Caribbean dial that Undone developed in conjunction with aBlogtoWatch. It uses red-colored hands, a black-colored case, and comes with two really fun strap choices not previously available with other UNDONE models. The big price premium for this version is all of 30 bucks! You can also see some of the customization options UNDONE demoed in two of these pictured watches including printing the aBlogtoWatch logo on the display caseback, or writing my name on the dial in a cursive font. Being able to personalize watches is part of the UNDONE experience, but of course not required.

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While an understanding and appreciation of authentic tropical dial vintage watches certainly helps collectors become fond of the Urban Tropical watches, I don’t think it is necessary. The appeal of “vintage looks” in watches is best when the design alone is something consumers like. Even if you don’t know about strange and obscure watches people like to collect, the core aesthetic of discoloration and aging is very popular right now. While not alone, the UNDONE Urban Tropical is among the best budget homages to the aesthetic of vintage sport watches around. It comes with none of the headaches and has a price that is in another world of affordability as compared to the items they are intended to lovingly emulate. Price for the UNDONE Urban Tropical collection watches is $345–$375 USD Undone Urban Tropical watches

Necessary Data
>Brand: UNDONE
>Model: Urban Tropical collection
>Price: $345 USD (starting price)
>Size: 40mm wide
>When reviewer would personally wear it: When wanting a low-risk and convenient way to get a vintage-style on my wrist without the hunt, cost, and worry of an old and fragile watch.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Watch and design lovers. This isn’t a luxury product, but it does feel like something you can add to supplement an otherwise mostly high-end wristwatch collection.
>Best characteristic of watch: UNDONE did a great job with the overall design and ability to emulate the look of a vintage, discolored dial without making it look cheap, contrived, or overly artificial. Lots of detailing and refinement, even for such a refined product speaks so well of the brand. Customization and variety means that wearers don’t all have to feel as though they are wearing the same thing.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Some collectors take issue whenever a “faux aged” look is represented on a new watch that isn’t old. So those people will have something to complain about. The stock versions of the Urban Tropical look great, but not all of the customization options will yield a nice looking watch. So personalize with care. Crystal could benefit from more AR-coating. Not everyone will want a date window on the dial.

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