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Last Chance To Buy UNDONE Aqua BLK + YLW Watch Designed By aBlogtoWatch

Last Chance To Buy UNDONE Aqua BLK + YLW Watch Designed By aBlogtoWatch Watch Industry News

In June 2019, UNDONE announced the UNDONE Aqua BLK + YLW special-edition watch that was creative-directed by aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams and worked on by the aBlogtoWatch team. Designed with a bold black and yellow color theme over a traditional diver’s timepiece, the successful UNDONE Aqua BLK + YLW watch will only be available through August 21st. All watches ordered before that time will be fulfilled, but as promised, UNDONE will no longer produce the Aqua BLK + YLW model after this date. Be one of the people who can enjoy this inspired wristwatch, now and in the future.

Last Chance To Buy UNDONE Aqua BLK + YLW Watch Designed By aBlogtoWatch Watch Industry News Adams describes the Aqua BLK + YLW as a satisfying design exercise that plays with our perceptions of what a tool watch can look like and also demonstrates how a timepiece can be attention-grabbing without being decadent or flamboyant. Adams chose Hong Kong-based UNDONE to produce the watch because of their dedication to making serious watches, at affordable prices, for people who want to have some fun on their wrist. The immediate feeling most people have when they hold the Aqua BLK + YLW in their hands is the weight. Despite the banana-yellow color of the case, the 43mm Aqua is all steel with a specific yellow Cerakote coating. Each case takes more than two weeks to prepare, given the special coating process.

“Over the last few months I’ve taken my personal Aqua BLK + YLW watch around the world and worn it both in the water and in social settings,” says Adams. “It has performed very well, is both comfortable and extremely legible. I’ve taken the watch swimming in the ocean and in fresh water, and have happily answered people’s questions about it in cities across five countries. What began as an idea in my mind turned out to be a great watch. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, and I congratulate UNDONE for taking on this challenging product.”

Last Chance To Buy UNDONE Aqua BLK + YLW Watch Designed By aBlogtoWatch Watch Industry News

Ariel Adams recently took the UNDONE Aqua BLK + YLW watch to the tropics and showed off the results here. In this article, you can vividly see how the watch performs as a diver and generally as a causal sport watch. People everywhere have enjoyed this innovative and distinctive black and yellow dive watch, which comes with a retail price of $580 USD. Order yours here before sales close on August 21, 2019.

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  • SuperStrapper

    Can we see metrics on the number sold/ordered? A few people have already come into the articles on this watch to say they bought one, which is nice to see. Considering they were made to order I’d be interested in knowing how many are going to be out there.

  • FS1900

    I don’t want to beat a yellow horse but why did you decide to go with the Rolex hour hand?

    • Sheez Gagoo

      The mercedes hands…

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Technically it’s neither.

    • Mikita

      For me Rolex dial is still okay, but Rolex hands are a deal breaker.

  • Tilden_Katz

    Geez…that watch offends the senses. It’s as if Swatch and Invicta had a kid…in a Chinese street market.

  • Torben Kragelund

    Lol, I totally remember those blindingly yellow walkmen!

  • Sheez Gagoo

    When I worked for an American brand in Switzerland, I had a colleague from the Jura mountains. He was a good guy but a redneck yockel. Once he turned up with a pink belt, and he was somehow begging for attention. “Look, I wear a pink belt, isn’t that weird, he,he. ” “Oh, you’re such a libertin, you turn up with a pink belt. PINK!” I didn’t care, most of time he hung around with the other mountaineers, easily to impress with a pink belt or the miracle of electricity. I don’t know if he’s still alive, but this watch would have been the topic of the yockeltable for at least three days.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    No it’s not, and I’ve just got new glasses. There is no markings on the hour hand.

    • try turning up the screen brightness/contrast

      • Raymond Wilkie

        I should have looked at the previous post but it was just so blinding i couldn’t look at it long. My bad.

    • Sheez Gagoo

      Maybe this helps. I’ve got Zeiss i my glasses. I’m maybe blind like a mole without them, but with Zeiss my view is clear as from the Swiss alps after a rainy day.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        You win.

        • Sheez Gagoo

          I’m a fair winner…..nanananananaaaa:)

  • Gokart Mozart

    Why was the order period extended to 21st August. Considering when the original article came out it was only available to order for 1 week (until around the first week of July originally) that’s like an extension of about 600%.

    Its a bit of a misleading way to sell the watches.

    Forced the people who were on the fence to make a decision quickly, and conversely people who may have been interested but thought they had lost out because they found out too late or did not make up their mind would have missed out.

    • Ariel Adams

      Gentlemen, let me explain the situation here. In summary, the one week order period originally mentioned and then quickly correctly once it was realized… was a mistake. We never intended to change the order period as this was was always meant to be available to order for a few months. This is a new process for us as we seek to find ways of adding a creative direction and product design side to what we do. There will be hiccups but what is important to me is a product I personally stand behind and that community know we are keenly interested in making these increasingly satisfying experiences.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Done! ….: )

  • Ariel Adams

    As I explain before, I do regret if there was any confusion but the “one week window” was a mistake and should never have been published. The entire point of this sales exercise was to allow AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to order the watch within a reasonable period of time and not to produce the watch again in the future. I really don’t think that one week would ever be enough for that given that a lot of people actually want to have a chance to see this watch on people’s wrists before they buy one.

  • why the shade of yellow in band, case and dial do not match…. empty rehaut…

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