The Undone Urban Vintage Chronograph “Killy” is a model you can both personalize or purchase in this “fixed” form. It has a light-colored dial that mixes Art Deco hour markers with a 1940s era sports chronograph dial design. Both telemeter and tacyhmeter scales are on the face – which is actually nicely uncluttered in the center. The relative lack of extra text and the brand name out of the way and under 6 o’clock are more signs of good design.

Undone-Vintage-Urban-Killy-aBlogtoWatch-19 Undone-Vintage-Urban-Killy-aBlogtoWatch-05

The vintage-inspired case with its plunger-chronograph pushers and big but flatter crown meld with the dial design quite naturally. If this were a timepiece that came from a major fashion house it would be widely celebrated. Over the dial is a domed mineral crystal meant to look like an old acrylic or glass crystal. I am even impressed by the hands, which are chemically blued (not flamed) but look a lot better than most other chemically blued steel hands out there. Hand size is also excellent with good proportions and an overall high level of legibility to the dial.

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Again, the case is 40mm wide, 13mm thick, and water resistant to 30 meters. The straps are 20mm wide and even taper for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Strap quality is excellent, and unlike most watches at this price from Japanese brands like Citizen, don’t feel like they don’t compliment the watch well and need to be replaced. Undone includes a quick-release for the strap’s spring bar which is a welcome detail.

Undone is quick to point out that the Urban Vintage collection has 22 dial options. That with the various case finishes, hands, etc. offer a lot of excellent variety for those who want to play around. With that said, people who just want a nice design without any fuss can get the pre-made “fixed” models like the Killy (and others) – and save a few bucks as well.

undone-urban-chronograph-4 Undone-Vintage-Urban-Killy-aBlogtoWatch-10 Undone-Vintage-Urban-Killy-aBlogtoWatch-03

There is even value here for seasoned watch lovers. If your daily wear is a Rolex or otherwise I don’t think you are going to immediately take it off and wear an Undone full-time. With that said, if you like the style of these watches and want something that offers a neat “retro” or “vintage” look without having to spend big bucks, this is a neat way that allows you to have a lot of that experience while also having a watch with a good story. Moreover, if you are veteran watch lover and enjoy getting people you know watches as gifts, Undone timepieces seem to be an excellent option for that – with personalization options and totally comfortable prices.

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Undone currently has a few watches in addition to the Urban Vintage Chronograph, such as a diver. I really look forward to seeing where this brand goes since I feel that their team clearly knows what they are doing. The mixture of branding, attention to detail, value, and a sheer understanding of their customer puts Undone in a special position which should be celebrated and talked about. If there is going to be a force that keeps “traditional” (non-smart) watches in the $200 – $500 range, it is going to be companies like Undone. Price for the Undone Urban Vintage Chronograph “Killy” is $265 and $295 if personalized to your taste. undone.watch

Necessary Data
>Brand: Undone
>Model: Urban Vintage Chronograph “Killy”
>Price: $265 USD ($295 personalized through Undone customizer)
>Size: 40mm wide, 13mm thick
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Anyone on a budget wanting a cool-looking, nicely made vintage-style modern watch.
>Best characteristic of watch: For the money, you get a refined design (and choices of others), decent materials, and an overall good watch experience. Even luxury snobs will have to admit to being impressed.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Companies like Undone have to be careful to maintain a good thing given the complexities of business growth and development. Though the future seems bright. Of course, at several times the price, one could start to desire more features, materials, and quality options – but at under $300, I couldn’t really ask for more.

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