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With Mother’s Day around the corner, UNDONE has got you covered with a women’s watch under $200 that is truly unique. Each version of the Urban 34 Killy can be customized to the point that no two look quite the same. As the first company to offer fully bespoke timepieces, UNDONE adheres to the principle that every one of its watches can be personalized in some way.

“UNDONE wanted to break away from the current market of overly simplified women’s watches that lack emotion in their design,” says company founder Michael Young. “The ultimate expression of that philosophy is to offer owners the option of having their pictures etched onto the caseback. Your face speaks volumes about who you are and where you have been.”

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Drawing on its experience, combined with customer feedback and its decision to reverse the one-style-fits-all mentality, UNDONE has created a women’s watch that is both contemporary and elegant, timeless yet modern. It is truly a watch for all outfits and all occasions. UNDONE has made a conscious decision not to conform to the overly plain designs of other watches in its category, offering a vintage aesthetic with character at a very competitive price point. The watch has an ivory-colored dial accented with blue and red details. The periphery is printed with a pulsometer scale, a function used on medical watches in the 1920s that allowed doctors and nurses to measure a patient’s pulse. Powering the watch is the Seiko Mecha-quartz VH61 with date, 24-hour counter and a sweeping seconds hand.

Just like the rest of UNDONE’s core collection, owners of the new Urban 34 Killy can add personalized text or even an image to the dial or caseback. With this new collection, the UNDONE icons are a new addition to the customization options, with a choice of 12 Zodiac signs to add the finishing touch to the dial.

Every watch come with a three-piece strap set, including one extra regular and one extra double-tour strap. UNDONE is coining this the “plus one” — because “any event is better with a plus one!” Customers will be given five strap color options to choose from, including teal, orange, grey, black, and brown. The watches are fitted with a quick-release system, ensuring easy strap changes on the go. Whatever and wherever the occasion, UNDONE has you covered with a plus one.

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The 34mm case is grooved, like a step-cut diamond or emerald, which adds a sense of dimension, and the mix of mirror-polished and brushed finishes adds an interesting play of light — just as the facets on a well-cut gem make it sparkle with beauty.

UNDONE was established in 2014 as a bespoke wristwatch label. It was founded by Young, an avid collector who became a watchmaker. “The idea was to offer the best customer experience possible, at the best price, within with a short delivery period,” says Young. “This is achieved by owning and controlling the whole supply chain and customer journey, while remaining digitally native.”

With the ongoing collaboration between UNDONE and the customer, every watch is completely individualized. Each timepiece is brought to life using traditional techniques and state-of-the-art technology. Components are carefully curated, designs are developed in-house, and all products are tailor-made, tested, and true to the UNDONE philosophy that individuality matters. The Undone Urban 34 Killy is priced at $199, and is available here.

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