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It’s no secret that the world of Kickstarter micro-brands can be a redundant and underwhelming environment filled with mass produced mediocrity. Cliché marketing and unchecked promises are common but quality offerings aren’t impossible to come by. Recently, Undone has managed to make their mark on the micro-brand universe by producing fun, vintage-inspired watches that can be customized and acquired at a friendly price. This is the kind of value that we’re driven by at Touch of Modern and this month, we’re offering a selection of Undone watches for sale at exclusive members-only prices.

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After the introduction of their Urban Vintage Collection chronographs late last year, the brand has drawn in some significant attention from casual enthusiasts and prolific collectors alike. Their designs are based largely on iconic watches of the past including the Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman,” Omega Speedmaster “Moonwatch,” and the Breitling Navitimer. Together with the convenience of Seiko VK-61 Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid movements and modern construction, this collection offers a low-maintenance entry point to that desired vintage look. Above all, they can be worn daily without the worry of encountering the servicing costs and challenges associated with vintage mechanical chronographs.


Touch of Modern is proud to offer this sale to its members and find Undone to be yet another exciting value-driven brand. Besides the Urban Vintage series, Undone also produces a line of customizable Aqua and Aqua Chrono dive watches that satisfy more of a modern and rugged look. Unlike the Urban watches, these might be more appropriate for watch lovers that prefer contemporary watch design and sizes. Whatever your preferences are, this is the kind of variety and accessibility Touch of Modern aims to bring to its members. Currently, this sale focuses on The Urban vintage collection only.


Above all, buying watches on Touch of Modern is easy and this Undone Watches sale is no different. Whether it’s high-end haute horology or sub-$500 timepieces, our watch team takes great pleasure in putting together exclusive sales and collections for our members. We think that buying watches online should be straightforward and pride ourselves in crafting a quality shopping experience for watch lovers everywhere.

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So whether you prefer Undone’s vintage-inspired offerings or their Aqua and Aqua Chrono dive watches, there’s no denying that this is a brand that strives for value and great design. We’re proud to have formed a special relationship with Undone and happy to provide this sale for our members. However, like all of our other sales, this offer is available for a limited time. So be sure to visit touchofmodern.com to discover exclusive watch sales, high quality lifestyle products, and more.

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