The first two months of 2022 have been a thrilling time for the SUPERLATIVE Podcast, with recent episodes highlighting sales leaders in watch retail, avant-garde watch designers, and the heads of some of the world’s most innovative watch brands. Over 70 episodes are currently available for streaming right now, with new episodes released every Monday. Listeners can subscribe through Apple Podcasts, or your preferred podcast streaming platform.

Over the past several episodes, aBlogtoWatch Founder and SUPERLATIVE Podcast host Ariel Adams chats with Danny Govberg, Executive Chairman at Watchbox, all about the process of creating a friendly and welcoming environment for clients. Next up, Ariel sits down with Manuel Emch, Owner of Lebuero, about the process of creating unique brand identities for companies as varied as Raketa and Louis Erard.

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How can one of the world’s most valuable timepieces, owned by one of the biggest names in finance, vanish completely? Daniel Miller, Staff Writer for the Los Angeles Times, joins Ariel to talk about the incredible story behind J.P. Morgan’s J. Player & Son supercomplication pocket watch. Afterwards, Ariel joins aBlogtoWatch Editorial Director David Bredan to chat about watch collecting resolutions for 2022.

Urwerk Co-Founder and Lead Designer Martin Frei joins Ariel to talk about a wide range of topics, stretching from the tools of a modern watch designer to the appeal of garden gnomes. Afterwards, Charles Marin, Agent at La Reserve Agencies visits the show to shed some light on the challenges of bringing a luxury watch brand to the global marketplace.

Next, Yvan Arpa, Founder of ArtyA, speaks with Ariel about including unorthodox elements from butterflies to bullets in high-end timepieces. Finally, Alon Ben Joseph, Co-Owner of Ace Jewelers, joins the show to discuss the process of pioneering online watch sales in the late 1990s, and the unique challenges it created.

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Remember to listen to all these episodes of the SUPERLATIVE Podcast and so many more. You can ensure you never miss another episode by subscribing on your preferred podcast streaming platform, and keep abreast of the latest news in the watch enthusiast community.

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