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Vertex M100B Limited Edition Watch

Vertex M100B Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

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After the release of their debut military-inspired timepiece, the M100, Vertex has announced a follow-up version with a new stealthy look. The Vertex M100B was created with the goal of producing a watch that was more in line with modern military needs. The reduced reflectivity of the case combined with the durability of DLC coating results in a watch that is more easy-wearing and visually restrained. Unlike the debut model, the M100B will not be sold through Vertex’s exclusive referral program, but it is limited to just 150 pieces.

Vertex M100B Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Much like the original WWII-era Vertex “Dirty Dozen” watches, the Vertex M100B builds upon the classic military field watch designs of the past. The 40mm case certainly wears larger, but the size is still reserved and appropriate for modern audiences. The DLC coating is thoroughly applied for a rugged, almost tactical feel and the watch is also water-resistant to 100m. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is also set in place with AR-coating that cuts down on reflections, just like the brushed DLC case.

Vertex M100B Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

There’s also a great deal of depth to the dial and legibility was paramount during the design process. Large, molded Super-LumiNova Arabic hour markers serve as a focal point for the design and low light visibility is no issue for the M100B. The broad arrow dial marking is also front and center, which visually connects this modern watch with the brand’s military roots. The matte dial is also superbly legible thanks to the contrast with the large, luminous hour and minute hands. At 6 o’clock, Vertex integrated a well-designed running seconds sub-dial for symmetry and added utility.

Vertex M100B Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Inside the Vertex M100B is a customized ETA calibre 7001 that is hand-wound with 42 hours of power reserve. It features a rhodium finish with Côtes de Genève decoration and also has a ‘Vertex’ engraved ratchet wheel. It’s a reliable choice, keeps the watch slim, and also calls back to the hand-wound movements military watches utilized in the past. These elements combined with the included two-piece rubber strap make for a superbly comfortable watch that delivers a sporty look.

Vertex M100B Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Vertex M100B Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

The Vertex M100B also ships with a custom Pelican-style case that includes two additional nylon NATO straps in black and red. The keepers are DLC-coated for a cohesive look and branding is kept to a minimum. Currently, the Vertex M100B is available on the brand’s official site for £2,187 without the need for a referral.

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  • SuperStrapper

    Can’t call a watch that reflects that much light tactical, but the DLC does look to be well done and the hand lengths are excellent. Funny that they would talk up the movement decorations like that despite choosing for a solid caseback. I find the price to be verging on egregious but at 150 pieces I’m sure they’ll get them all sold.

    • Mischa

      I thought I was missing something when I read it. Movement decorations but solid case back. Maybe skip the unseen Côtes de Genève decoration and shave a few quid off the final price?

  • Joe

    What’s with the “This comment is awaiting moderation.”?
    Is this a new feature?
    It’s not so easy to post comments these days…

    • John Effing Zoidberg

      Hey, at least it showed up, right?

      • Joe

        Actually my biggest problem is this.
        Comments may show up but my pending comments seem to disappear if I revisit the page…so very easy to post twice (or give up trying).

        • Joe

          and somehow my previous comment to this seems to have disappeared…

  • Mikita

    Thanks 🙂 I think Ray (mond!!) prefers non-coated watches.

  • Larry Holmack

    Military inspired? Make your own version of a G Shock and you’ll have a military watch. I just don’t see the value.
    I’m sure that they will all sell…

  • Ovis

    I would like to see this watch in your monthly giveaway.
    Is a Nixon or GSchock watch also EMP resistant? I find it funny that SEAL teams and other commando groups use a quartz analog or digital watch as a main mission watch. I tried once a GSchock while hiking: it got caught in all the cords and gear to the degree that I took it off.

  • Ovis

    Although the price is too much, like all the military heritage reissues from longines, eterna & co.

  • Thank you for the comment, please let us know if you are ever in London, it would be our absolute pleasure to show you the Vertex M Series.

  • Thank you for your kind words, they are very much appreciated.

  • Hi Playboy Johnny, thanks for your comments. The original Cal59 WWW watches that served in WW2 had highly finished movements and a solid case back. Movements were finished in this manner as a matter of pride. We felt the same way about our new watch to have an exhibition case back would have belittled those watches and the purity of their design. As ever if you are in London we would love to introduce you to our watches in person.

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