I had Cartier make this image for me because it was the best possible visual for the event. With Cartier getting really serious about amazing in-house made movements and complications they are sending a set of the watches on the road in the good ‘ol US of A for us to see. The Cartier road show is coming to a city near you. Can you spot some of your favorite Cartier manufacture movements?  There is a glut of tourbillon watches, and my favorite, the Cartier Astrotourbillon. Can you name them all?

You won’t have to in order to check them out. If you want to view the collection of beautiful, technically interesting, high-end, and not to mention rare, Cartier manufacture movement watches, look below at a list of Cartier boutique stores near you for the dates that they will be there.

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– Cartier, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
o September 30th through October 6th
– Cartier, Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York
o October 8th through October 16th
– Hyde Park Jewelers, Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Denver, Colorado
o October 18th through October 27th
– Cellini, Waldorf Astoria, New York City, New York
o October 30th through November 10th
– Cartier, North Park Center, Dallas, Texas
o November 13th through November 29th
– Cartier, WYNN Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada
o January 8th through January 24th
– Cartier, South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California
o January 27th through February 3rd
– Cartier, Waterside Shops Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida
o February 7th through February 18th
– Cartier, 370 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California
o February 22nd through March 10th
– Cartier, Bal Harbour Shops, Bal Harbour, Florida
o February 28th through March 9th
– Cartier, 40 Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts
o March 11th through March 20th

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