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Setting up a microbrand is not the easiest way to take over the watch industry. It’s a true challenge for those few people who try to make their dream a reality. The creation of our first microbrand two years ago, Unyber Watches, marked the beginning of our journey, something which has since become a full-time commitment.

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The experience gained in those two years has made us reconsider our watch designs. Studying the market and learning about the tastes of watch enthusiasts has led us to launch another microbrand, Vltimatvm Watches, timepieces wholly designed and developed in Madrid, Spain.

Designing and creating a dive watch had already been one of our priorities for some months. We have always been passionate about this type of watch. What started off as simple sketches on a pad gradually began to take shape as the weeks went by into something much clearer. We knew we wanted to create a high-quality dive watch with a bold and unforgettable look from the very first glance. We wanted a watch with a highly defined, unique appearance. As the days went by, we set about giving it more personality, adding the characteristics and features which perfectly conveyed the essence we wanted.

The Abyysmaster 500 is an attempt to capture the essence of a watch meant for conquering the deep ocean. It is an homage to those first divers who, like good explorers, risked their lives to cross the boundaries of possibility and discover part of that wonderful world which is, to this day, 95% unexplored.

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We chose bronze CuSn8 as the material for our first models. It´s renowned for its durability and high resistance to corrosion and after years underwater in the sea. As a result, it has been used by many different civilizations throughout history to make maritime tools and utensils.

The case is made of bronze CuSn8. Over time, a veneer will be developed according to the client’s specifications. This will make each watch unique and exclusive for the owner. It will be the wearers who decide what suits them best. The watch size — 43mm-wide and 15mm-thick (including the bezel) — is ideal for low-visibility dives; the timepiece can withstand pressure at a depth of up to 500 meters. The threaded crown, also made from bronze CuSn8, bears the Vltimatvm Watches logo.

Inside the Abyysmaster 500 is the Sellita SW200-1 Swiss automatic movement. With a power reserve of 38 hours and 28,800 vph, it was chosen for its superb quality, reliability, and finishes you will instantly fall in love with.

Your first dives with Vltimatvm Abyysmaster 500 models will be an authentic experience, whether you´re a diving professional or a hobbyist. The world that awaits you down there will change the way you think about everything you thought you knew. Despite being a recently founded watch brand, our desire is to create new and different concepts at a competitive final price, exclusive designs for watch-lovers and enthusiasts who appreciate and trust in the quality and work behind this project.

Our campaign is now live on Kickstarter, and the price of the first units is €335, which includes the vintage style leather strap and corresponding rubber strap, the strap-changing tool kit, and a leather case. You can learn more at vltivatumwatches.com.

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