Jaquet Droz

Named after its 16th-century founder, Swiss clock and watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz, the Jaquet Droz maison is now part of the Swatch Group’s expansive portfolio. Just as its founder was celebrated by royalty for his creation of astonishingly complex automata, the modern Jaquet Droz is renowned for its stunning use of traditional craftsmanship and the micromechanical marvels on its dials, including blooming flowers, singing birds, and flapping butterflies.

16th-century watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz founded his brand instunned the upper class with his mechanical dolls, watches, and mechanical songbirds. His automata are to this day considered by some to be the finest examples of mechanical problem-solving ever. It is these astonishing creations that continue to underpin the modern brand.

Acquiring Jaquet Droz in 2000, Swatch Group injected its considerable resources and reinvigorated the brand in what can only be called a celebration of its founder. With its GPHG Award-winning Charming Bird automaton watch, the signature Grand Seconde, and others, Jaquet Droz is once again defined by exceptional craftsmanship.

The most impressive of Jaquet Droz collections are the Jaquet Droz Ateliers D’Art, which feature exceptionally ornate, hand-decorated dials with mechanical motion in the form of dragons, butterflies, birds, and more. It is these that allow the brand to stand out from not only the rest of Swatch Group, but from almost all other brands.

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