WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tutima M2 Seven Seas

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tutima M2 Seven Seas

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tutima M2 Seven Seas Giveaways

This month on aBlogtoWatch, you have a chance to win a beautiful and durable made-in-Germany Tutima M2 Seven Seas dive watch. Produced in Glashutte by Tutima, the M2 Seven Seas (aBlogtoWatch hands-on here) is a 44mm-wide diver in a titanium case with 500 meters of water-resistance. Designed with utility in mind, the Tutima M2 Seven Seas combines German "tool watch" sensibility, with masculine elegance. Inside the watch is a base Swiss caliber T 330 automatic day/date movement that is carefully modified and regulated in-house at the Tutima manufacture.

Tutima produces the M2 Seven Seas watch with either a black or matte blue dial, as well as on a matching titanium bracelet or a Kevlar fabric strap. The winner of this particular giveaway will have the option of a Tutima M2 Seven Seas watch with the blue or black dial on the sporty Kevlar strap to choose from. This is an excellent timepiece for sport watch lovers and it has a retail price of $1,900. For your chance to win, enter below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention what most appeals to you about German "tool watches."

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on March 31, 2017, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Tutima Glashutte, the sponsor of the M2 Seven Seas watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

What do you think?
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  • R.O. Ferrer

    The best thing about German tool watches are their toughness coupled with their versatility. They never forget about the required functions demanded from each time piece and back it up with solid, well-engineered features. In this regard, I think Tutima did quite well with M2 Seven Seas- certainly a beauty on the wrist and a beast on the seas!

  • Mark Franssen

    That is a nice watch

  • Elwin_S

    German watches are always no-nonsense watches that are appealing to watch enthusiasts .

  • German tool watches, with the Tutima M2 Seven Seas dive watch in particular, have a clear balance between design aesthetics and features. The legibility on the M2 Seven Seas is the stand out design feature. The 3mm-thick sapphire crystal and 50-bar water resistance make this a very well specified tool watch.

  • Marius Estel

    My Sinn 656 is such a durable and reliable daily rocker. To me in general, German watchmakers seem to bear in mind the essence of producing a tool watch: form follows function.
    The M2 is just another stunning example of this philosophy and German craftsmanship.

  • Gerry

    Best thing about German tool watches is that they are highly functional, not neglecting the prime purpose of a watch, and combining functionality with contemporary and unique aesthetics that appeal to watch lovers!

  • Nir

    What I like most about German tool watches, and the Tutima M2 Seven Seas dive watch, is their amazing attention to details and accuracy while designing impressive contemporary timepieces.

  • Christoffer Ki Winstrøm

    The most appealing features about the german tool watches is the utility, function and simplicity of the watches. They can be worn for any occasion

  • justin teo

    German tool watches are the most reliable
    and hardy watches around! Their technology for super cases are always one step ahead in the watch industry! Cheers!

  • Mikko

    The most appealing thing is the no-nonsense approach to making a good daily driver.

  • Shane Woonton

    The Tutima M2 Seven Seas is a great example of how the Germans are able to deliver serious tool specs – 3mm crystal and 50 bar wate resistance – without making the watch look over-engineered.

  • Pete L

    Very nice. Love the unfussy lugless/canvas strap combo. Blue please!

  • da ss

    Germans have always been superior in technology developing, this is not a watch but more a work of art if you will!

  • Jason McLaughlin

    Nice, industrial practicality.

  • Kristian Nielsen

    What I love about Tutima M2 Seaven Seas is the clean and pure design and at the same time, it appeals for use in an active life.

  • JPaL

    The M2 looks awesome. What a solid built watch that will last a lifetime.

  • JF Schnell

    The though look of this just makes think these German Tool watches are the ones I want to everyday. they go well with almost everything. I like watches i can wear often and mostly they have more in the package than just telling time.

  • Tony G

    German tool watches are practical, reliable and well built, what else is needed in a watch?

  • Robbert Sjoerdsma

    Perfect beater to accompany my German Nomos Orion!

  • arnemart

    German tool watches are serious and sensible, and made to be actual tool watches and not just look like it.

  • Anders Malm

    I like the build quality and the “no fuzz” looks.

  • Martin ?ukovi?

    In-house movement, titanium case, 500m of water-resistance, pure elegancy filled with years and years of tradition, craftsmanship and experience. This is a true indication of how ‘tool watch’ can be versatile and so simple and beautiful, but also extremely durable. I want it!

  • Rahul Joshi

    To me the mere fact that they are German appeals to me, but also the understated nature of German watch in comparison to Swiss appeals more to me as you can go anywhere with these watches without anyone noticing what you are wearing.

  • Eric Chen

    They are solid, practical, simple, no frills timepieces. Beautifully crafted for the industrious individual.

  • chris_1860

    The “Made in Germany” Part.

  • grobbins09

    The most appealing part of a German “tool watch” to me is that the quality used is the greatest tool about it. Germans have always made a simple yet versatile tool watch. Normally they aren’t a grand artistic statement, but they get the job done and that is precisely why German “tool watches” appeal to me!

  • mrhieu

    German tool watches have their own character: solid, discipline yet elegance. And also, as German watches, they remind me that not only Swiss watches are the valuable timepieces in this world!

  • Martin

    Clean and crisp design makes german watches look unique and original. Quality and pricing makes them a true value or the money IMHO. Tutima, Damasko, Sinn, Stowa = my favorites!

  • Zsolt Csaki

    Love the strap 😉

  • Mat,

    I love it, the more it goes, the more I appreciate legibility, day and dates keeps the dial clean. +1 for the red hand 🙂

  • Edmen Daet

    The beauty of uniqueness, durably crafted, that gives an impression and fashion.

  • Jon

    Love the aesthetic, Generally more macho lines than Swiss versions..very no nonsense.

  • Said AZIZI

    German made and appears that it can withstand a rough use

  • Cam Nadeau

    The best thing about German made and designed watches are the clean and simple aesthetics.

  • BJ

    I like the excellent workmanship the most. These watches in general are the perfect daily beaters and can be used in nearly every situation.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    No-nonce approach with over-specified & overbuilt execution. I’ll probably never need such water or impact resistance, durability requirements etc. These tool watches can handle anything – that’s great to know!

  • Thomas Adam Holden

    I love the rugged apearance and quality of this German timepiece, I love tool watches and this dive watch is beautiful!
    I’d love to have this in my collection and take it on many adventures that it deserves! Thank you!

  • flsc

    Would be awesome to own this beatiful watch.

  • KrzysiekJ

    Precision and excellent parts – included 😀 And of course 50 bar water resistance – insane!

  • SB

    Precision and quality.

  • Tuomas S

    I love German tool watches. Excellent engineering and simple, clean design. Currently wearing a Damasko, but this Tutima looks very good indeed!

  • LapYoda

    I’ve never owned a German watch, but from what I hear they are impeccably engineered and solidly constructed. Combined with an aesthetic that is different from Swiss or Japanese watches, German watches add variety to a collection and that is why I would like to add one to mine.

  • Karlo L.

    Wow, that Blue face looks gorgeous. I can´t wait to visit Glashütte this Summer and hope to be able to wear an appropriate piece while visiting =)
    I think German tool watches go far more for functionality than for bling and never disappoint with their own style. Love the Damaskos and Sinns already, and Tutima falls nothing short. They have the same genetics but are still unique on their own

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    I really like German Watches, they have some Soviet watch feel to them. They both look sturdy and utilitarian and it feels very powerful on the wrist!

  • Kamal Fakhoury

    This watch is Sweeeeeet! A Diver watch to rule them all.

  • Wow, very nice giveaway. I love the very teutonic quality of German tool watches. They look solid and substantial. Oh, and nobody does blue like the Germans.

  • Jonathan Phua

    I like the functionality and build quality of german watches

  • Chris Andrew

    I love the build quality of German watches

  • Brandon Banchiere

    I love those blue faced divers watches.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    This is a lovely well made solid watch. Nice clear face and day and date. Ticks all the boxes.

  • Nikita Sokolov

    As most of German dive tool watches this one is looks perfect – you got all you need in one piece: easy to read one, nice blue colour (the one I like best), date, day of the week, 500 m WR and titanium of course! NICE ONE!

  • eric

    I like the solid and toughness feel of German watches, especially for brand like Tutima. It has the “feel” of a real tool watch.

  • Aleksandar Sekulovski

    Looks nice! Would like to know and learn more about this brand!

  • For me, german tool watches are all about clean aesthetic and great functionality. The best part? They look slick as hell and as sturdy as it can get.

  • Thomas Tsang

    I like german watches for its basic, sturdy look. The design and look feels like a more durable and eternal watch

  • Love German watches!

  • Dan Ramirez

    Great aesthetics, solid build. No-nonsense all around. That’s what I like a lot about German tool watches.

  • Duarte Vieira

    In one word: gestalt!

  • Andreasolsen

    I drive german, why dont dive german! German craftmanship always impresses me. Good divers makes me actually want to go …diving, thats the difference between a good or a less good watch. How they wears a heritage.

  • Susanti

    the design and the quality! xx

  • Igor Guimarães

    Professional appearance, really utilitarian design and materials.

  • Jeremy

    I love how German tool watches are pure no nonsense industrial with a purpose. They always look like they are machined to withstand hellfire and come out the other side accurately ticking. I’ve had my eye on Tutima’s for a little while now and there is a serious appeal to their strong designs. These watches look aggressive enough to be the real deal, but actually understated for their real 500 m rating. They are not overly bulky and think like some other watches with that rating.Even the kevlar strap looks the part of all business and no nonsense.

  • A A

    I’m new to watches and I’ve found that there are more everyday German watches i.e. cheap, workhorse brands. More value at the <$5000 range. I definitely love Bauhaus.

  • angela

    I like the quality craftmanship, utilitarian design and water and impact resistance,

  • speedylover

    I like the focus on functionality and legibility. True tool watches through and through.

  • Shinyitis

    Enjoy the understated and functional nature of these German tool watches. This would be christened my official all-sport watch – for fishing. Nice tool.

  • ???

    I love german watch

  • Wally

    What impress me most about German watches is Sobriety in design, attention given to the functionality and of course the good balance between quality and price range. As they do in many market sectors.

  • Liz

    I like the simplicity & legibility of German watches

  • Jeffwb65

    Yes, please. German tool watches usually focus on being tough, reliable, and useful. The fact that they’re often very good looking timepieces is a bonus,

  • Tomasz Sawka

    I admire the sturdiness and reliability, this might the watch that I would like to be stranded on an island with.

  • Joel Schumann

    My interest in watches began with a tool watch on an “adventure” to Nepal. It is still a must for me and I own a few. So call me an expert – the Germans make the best! 😉 Why? Rock solid engineering paired with no nonsense but still attractive designs.

  • Skootertrash

    I love the straight forward design, high legibility, and solid construction that the Germans have been putting out. I can appreciate the high end Swiss pieces but the utilitarian practicality of a Tutima or a Sinn is what really speaks to me at my core. I know if I strap this thing on its going to work very well and for a very long time.

  • Tim Sexton

    I admire the clean lines and utility of German tool watches. Tutima makes some of the best.

  • Djsherif

    Who doesn’t love tools? Germans make some of the best tool watches there even though they also Excel at intricate and delicate watches too. The feeling of quality is unmatched.

  • Patrick Dooley

    What I like about German tool watch is the sort of no-nonsense approach to design. Simple and straight forward with high legibility. A watch the serves its purpose with out fuss and extras that you don’t have to worry about. I’m partial to the black dial version on the strap!

  • Ruel Tolentino

    I love the design on this German watch… its simplicity makes it a whole more sophisticated than others. this watch is gonna be a headturner..

  • Love the no nonsense or superfluous details of German watches. Everything is done with purpose.

  • Ryan

    I love how the German makers manage to make a piece with so much utility look so elegant at the same time.

  • Jason Baksa

    I’m not very familiar with German tool watches but I do like the looks of this watch. It’s very simple yet very elegant. Can wear this watch to any event.

  • Billde

    Tutima is high on the list of awesome German tool watches is live to get my hands on. This would help!

  • Robby

    Come to papa! Huge fan of German tool watches. They’re just put together so well. Everything is so simplistic and designed with a singular focus in mind.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    This really annoys me. Folks hang about in the dark till a trinket is dangled in front of their face and they lave a comment with absolutely no input into the blog itself
    100 comments until you can comment and have a chance to win
    This has nothing to do with me winning or not winning, am really not bothered, it’s just a small point of annoyance. this message will just disappear in the open flood gates of people with 0-3 comments and zero votes.

  • jake

    The Kevlar strap is spot on, it gives the German “tool sensibility” look more purposeful. Great looking watch.

  • Luis Iglesias

    Possibly nobody knows how to make a toolwatch better than the German industry. Resistant materials, rigorous measurable and comparable specifications…

  • sensemille

    I like that German design revolves around the concept of “form follows function” which you can see in all industries, including watch making.

  • Frits van der Veer

    Nice nice nice!!

  • Mary

    Don’t know much about the German watches, but I know this one looks Sexy and Powerful! Want me one of this.

  • Jeff Story

    What I enjoy most about the German tool watches is the legibility of the dial.

  • Pierre Bourque

    Mercedes, BMW, Audi, what else to say about German engineering. German tool watches are built with the same reliability and design.

  • Roy Radin

    Wow, this one I’d love to have! I’m more of a tool watch guy preferring the clean, simple look and feel of a precision utilitarian instrument. The Germans excel at injecting these qualities into their timepieces and the Tutima M2 looks to be no exception. I’d go with the blue one.

  • Vikram

    It’s all business, without the fluff, and looks good while tooling around. They are clean, legible and we’ll built.

  • Trevor O’Donnell

    Beautiful watch, would absolutely love the black one, also I need a new watch, pick me pick me

  • James Winder

    Confidence manifests itself in understatement, this is true with German car design as well as watches. German tool watches are often deceptively simple and this I find most appealing.

  • Gero Cardo

    my dainty little wrist shudders at the prospect, but is nonetheless irresistibly drawn to this no-nonsense german tool watch.

  • Miguel -MO

    The most appealing part about German watches is the quality, toolish look and pricing. I also like that many German watches are made in Germany except from the Swiss movement.

    I recently ordered a Tutioma catalog … WOW. I want one so bad!

  • Igor Acosta Mondragón

    Nice simple line watch, I love the color combination on the Hands and fabulous crown for a diver watch. Of the German Watches Tutima and Sinn of the best.

  • Claudiu

    Most appealing to me is the watch’s simple and tough looks

  • Blaize

    Just like a Mercedes: nothing fancy and it goes on for ever.

  • Jeff Durocher

    the same thing I admire in all German made goods: unquestionable quality and attention to detail. I love how wide that strap is at the lugs.

  • Apostolos Agalos

    Love the simplicity of this model!

  • Brandon Fang

    I love tool watches. And Tutima is a brand that excels in producing them. Would love one of these to accompany my other watches!


    a very nice giveaway that I would gladly take home with him. tool watch yet stylish.

  • Maarten

    I really like to compare this German toolwatch with my Japanese toolwatches. See which is better! Send me a Tutima and i’ll soon let you know…

  • Andrei Mihaila

    I love the minimalistic look of the german watches. And this is no exception. Gorgeous watch!

  • Tomislav Kranjcic

    Shape and simple dial <3

  • Daieho

    The most appealing thing about German tool watches is that they still design them first and foremost to be a tool not a piece of jewellery

  • Andreas

    Most appealing to me is the precision workmanship, the toughness, the looks, the ‘germanes’ (is that a real word or did I just make that up…, Wikipedia hello…, ?)

  • Peter Duggan

    Very straight looking watch. Like the strap though.

  • TresGut

    It’s a tool watch for sure! Looks like it could knock down walls. Good old German design.

  • S.lim

    A very age era watch from tutima,which usually does not focus on divers watch,up and rising soon.

  • Frank Massaro

    Simple, rugged good looks, high quality, and from Germany’s most famous watch making city. What’s not to like?

  • Dan Baxter

    German tool watches tend to be utilitarian in nature, promoting usefulness over glitz. I want a watch that is sturdy and readable over something that I have to spend extra time trying to read, or have to baby to keep safe.

  • nclt

    Very nice watch, I love diver’s watches more and more …

  • Rob D

    German tool watches really seem to be just that, Functionality on top of more Functionality with a form and design that is still attractive, practical and a build quality to live up to all of those claims.

  • Steve Bowden

    What appeals to me most about German Tool watches is that something so delicate has been made so tough and beautiful all at the same time.

  • Mickele

    German is quality, performance and if you love watches then German watches is a grate choice. Lovely watch, incredible designe. I’d like one of those

  • Tin Horvat

    Unique simplicity, purpose-built and innovations both outside and inside their cases

  • Diego Ledezma

    German tool watches are rugged and un compromised, perfect examples of a true tool. This one is great, good luck to everyone!

  • Matt

    As many others have said, German tool watches are the eiptome of the “tool watch” they are the most durable and functional watches out there. I really appreciate German tool watches above others for their interesting design elements and construction materials. Offerings from Sinn include watches made with submarine steel. How cool is that?!

  • Chris Davis

    I like German tool watches for the same reason I prefer high end German brands from Glascote. They are all engineered and seem to my mind at least to offer a slightly more spartan or uncluttered appeal than the equivalent Swiss models.

  • Martin Vrlik

    German tool watches – Simplicity and quality on par with swiss

  • Ken G

    Love the no-nonsense utilitarianism of German watches like this one (and A lot of other German design). You just know it’s top quality and that it won’t ever let you down…

  • Ivan Kiskinov

    Nice & cool German tool watches!

  • Coert Welman

    Germans have this work hard, play hard approach to most things in life. Their cars (well, the Teutonic ones at least) are seriously engineered machines designed and built to do well what it is supposed to: be driven. Similar with their watches. They are almost over-engineered, but almost always with a little whimsical element thrown in for good measure.

    With this watch, the splash of red takes away from the seriousness of things, while the very wide strap is something unexpected. Almost like a tuxedo with a silk tie made by Disney.

  • Maxim Pyankov

    They go nicely with German cars!!

  • Darh109

    Looking at a German tool watch makes me think: “This is the only watch you’ll ever need.” I really don’t like that. 😉

  • SuperStrapper

    no nonsense design and actual utility usually have me giving German tool watches favourable reviews.

  • noerror

    To me German tool watch can beat the end of world condition

  • berniesiao

    They just exude an understated toughness and durability that I find appealing

  • Bart Thans

    German tools watches are like most things German (e.g. cars), quality, design, robustness, sturdiness, no frills, honest product.

  • Scott Macmillan

    I like the whole idea of form following function so I really enjoy the spare design and lack of fussy unneeded ornamentation.

  • Paul L. McCray

    I love the engineering…They simply work!!!!

  • mtbkr65

    German tool watches such as this example have shown that the Swiss aren’t the only ones who can design and manufacture watches that are built to last. Would love to add Tutima to my collection!

  • Jerry Davis

    All of my watches are “tool watches”. First and foremost, they tell the time.
    However I do not currently own any from Germany.

  • Jack Sexton

    They can be tough like the Sinn watches. And have simple elegance like Nomos.

  • waterson

    I like not having to constantly worry about what my watch hand is doing and wondering how dangerous is that for my watch.

  • Mike V

    I prefer German tool watches because of their simple straightforward dials and overall purposeful designs.

  • Dan Willingham

    Handsome. I like the simplicity of the design coupled with the durability

  • Jes

    I like how German tool watches look, and feel tough.

  • Sebby Borriello

    Blue is in. More watches with Blue faces in the last 12 months compareed to the last 5 years. Loving it.

  • Tadas Karkalas

    German tool watches mean precise, clean design, high quality, although not main stream (like Swiss), mechanical gadgets to adrenaline hungry men.

  • Ryan B.

    German tool watches always do well with the edgy, industrial-heavy metal kind of look to them. That always appealed to me.

  • Unruly ElA

    Is it the precision engineering behind them or the simplistic sometimes Bauhaus influenced design or that the just look good on the wrist and command attention. I would say all of them.

  • For me it’s the clean, purposeful design, executed with over-engineered precision.

  • Luke

    I like how rugged and simplistic they are. Very utilitarian

  • Cody Nelson

    I love a good tool watch that can standup to the weekend warrior mentality. Looks like whether paired with the Kevlar or Titanium bracelet this would be a great piece to wear week in and week out.

  • Michal K.

    I like high tech materials which they often use and simplistic design.

  • pmcjury

    I like the efficiency of it

  • Joshua Rostron

    I enjoy the simple elegance, the precision, robustness, and value.


  • JosephWelke

    What I like best about German tool watches is their honest simplicity. They’re unpretentious and almost absurdly over-engineered. They have function as their first priority, which then leads to a form all its own. It also helps that they’re usually good value for money!

  • Fabio Monteiro Ferreira

    I love that german watches are reliable, easy to read, and VERY durable. Quality is undeniable!

  • Yoni

    What I like about German watches (men watches) is that their design is usually determined by their functionality and not the other way around. They appear more as a mecanical instrument for the purpose of telling time and less as a designed object or a piece of jewelry one could tell the time with.

  • Joshua

    Very nice, straight forward dive watch. German tool watches are at their best when they balance the needs of visibility with toughness and wearability – i.e. a simple, robust, and practically sized. The Tutima has it right.

  • Kenny Lew

    Nothing like a tough German built diver


    Usually less cluttered, simpler design cues like the Sinn 556i.

  • Tim

    Love the solid feel and straightforward functionality of a german diver.

  • wmoconnell

    The clean simple design on many of them is what i find appealing

  • Ross Difalco

    Everything German tends to be over engineered. Tool watches are a perfect arena where over engineering is a huge positive.

  • jahenson

    Simple designs, good price, high durability seem like the best attributes to me.

  • Brian Hemphill

    The thing that appeals to me most about German tool watches is their no nonsense approach. They tend to be less about glitz and glamour and more about function, while maintaining an easy on the eye’s design.

  • C Kun

    I appreciate the clear legible designs, plus the unique approaches of German watch companies, e.g. Sinn using different materials for or inside their watches, other German brands casing watches in different gases to help keep put moisture, etc. German brands often add some unique approach for improving performance compared to the average Swiss made watch.

    I am glad to see Hourtime back with John Biggs and the new focus on affordable watches, but where is a podcast where we csn listen to you Ariel?? Anyway, have fun at Baselworld, can’t wait to follow ABlogToWatch during the event!

  • Vasiliy Krylov

    What I like about German “tool watches” is that they keep conservative classic design.

  • Shagen

    German tool watches are a perfect balance of function and form. I love their honest approach to design, and attention to detail.

  • Benefon

    What most appeals to me is the timelessness.

  • Mario Muniz

    Like the simple functional design, classic look with just the right attention to detail

  • Esther

    Good design, durable and good quality. Good price too!

  • e maddock

    What most appeals to me about German tool watches is how the Germans do over engineering really well.

  • Theodore Ntinias

    Simple, Sturdy, Reliable.

  • While Sinn is one of my favourite brands, the watches above are also pretty nice. I like German tool watches for their no -nonsense approach to watch making which results in innovative approaches and solutions, directly translating into making their products more reliable, more wearable and so on. No superfluous quintuple tourbillons here.

  • Jerry Mathers

    I like that typically German made watches are not trying to be more than they are. Firm following function is the name of the game.

  • Toothbras

    Love the simple no-nonsense design language and their innovative use of various materials

  • Aditya

    I love that German Tool watches are so comprehensively designed. Excellent Material selection, superb legibility, comfort, bracelets or straps which are extremely comfortable. I would love to have this watch!

  • matrotter43

    I love the simplicity and attention to details

  • Vexed

    German tool watches are probably the best value for money timepieces you can buy. Simplicity and reliability are more important than fancy movements or interesting complications to the average working man.

  • Great german watch with a big sexappleal provided by its titanium case. I love this watch.

  • Steven Reizer

    Simple design, great function, straight forward and easy to wear.

  • Vincent Kruse

    What appeals to me most is the simplicity in design and function. You are provided with what you need in a tool watch and you are guaranteed that those items that are provided will work 100% for the lifetime of the watch. Another example of great German engineering.

  • J.Edgar

    The appeal of a German tool watch is the no-nonsense functionality driven aesthetic. They do what they say they will do and they do it well.

  • Frank Kotarski

    What I like most, the look and feel of being worn. Extremely well crafted and the T.L.C. that is goes into making each watch. This would be a fine time piece to have.

    Good Luck to all!

  • Andre Braz

    I love German design, minimalistic and rugged are main caracteristics.

  • Richard Pawley

    Rugged and durable. This would go straight on my wrist and only come off when I needed something dressier.

  • Andrew Buckley

    I once went out with a German girl. She was solid and dependable. I didn’t dare refer to her as a “tool”, however…

  • ricsif

    Simplicity, functionality.

  • Bob Sebastian

    They exude the German sensibility of solid, functional engineering through their craftsmanship and no nonsense aesthetic.

  • John Rambo

    nice daily driver

  • Macanbhaird

    What appeals to me about these watches is the knowledge that I am buying in to German quality, technology and styling. Beautiful aesthetic and reliable.

  • Cesar Castro

    I own a Sinn, and it is both good looking, and indestructible.

  • janim

    Just plain simplicity. Never liked chronographs.

    • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

      Well said.

  • Jason Dunn

    They’re rugged and despite their tool-like nature are very well-finished and smooth without harsh lines in their aesthetic.

  • Vladimir Milenkovic

    Very nice watches, look very tough.

  • Ricardo Reis

    Their attention to detail is outstanding, they look simple and really well made.

  • palettj

    As an onwer of both Damasko and Sinn, what I love most about German tool watches is the technology packed into them. Instead of relying on “heritage” or ambassadors to sell watches. They rely on technology and quality to speak for themselves.

  • Macchina

    German tool watches are made on German machines. I was a machine designer for a decade and have great respect for German Machinery, extremely precise and durable machines. If they’re watches are built anything like they build their industrial machines then they should last forever.

  • aslogar

    Been wanting a Tutima watch…and if its free! Yeah

  • Yojimbo

    want a Sinn again, never seen a Tutima in the wild, if they’re the same quality I guess I’d chalk up the desire now to quality worksmanship versus “hey we’re swiss!”beforehand it was just wanting a unique looking watch which I think many german watches are moreso than alternatives out there

  • Tony middleton

    What appeals to me about a German made watch is you’re almost certain to get a really well made and engineered timepiece.and it differs from the usual Swiss watches

  • Omegaboy

    There’s a clean starkness to their tool watches. They’re designed for function, but at the same time, there’s beauty in their austerity.

  • OmniWrench

    The balance of clean style, technology, and careful execution. They hit all the right horological desires for me.

  • Alexis Farmakidis

    The biggest beauty of a toolwatch is the simplicity and the elegantly calculated balance of the dial : It has to be highly legible, solid and timeless. A lot of today’s iconic watches were once designed to match these specific criterias and not any kind of fashion trend of their time => for example, the submariner or the speedmaster. Now, Germany is a country renowned for its engineers and their eye for detail. I think this tradition is reflected in the watch industry of this region where the watchmakers take these “toolwatch” charecteristics to the extreme creating pieces that transcend trends through the decades. Once again, they’re beautiful because they are true to their purpose : being the watchiest watch. Through any situation they are legible time-telling devices with the tested and detailed craftsmanship of german watchmakers.

  • Andrew Lai

    Looks good. Is it available in South East Asia?

  • Steve Jacobs

    Why I admire German tool watches? They aren’t trying to be pretentious, just get the job done.

  • David Williams

    I like the way in which German tool watches are designed according to the principle ‘form follows function’. This always seems to produce good-looking watches – minimal in their aesthetic, perhaps, but never ugly.

  • drThrillman

    I like how companies like Sinn and Tutima produce no nonsense tool watches that are sterile, legible, and reflect in every essence of craftsmanship for their purpose – to be a total utilitarian tool. Nothing flashy added, and nothing superfluous.

  • tyler gallant

    Watches with a good balance between ruggedness, functionality and classic style make them suitable to be worn any time.

  • William Warshauer

    I like the clean styling of German tool watches and these ones are no exception. Excellent!

  • Louis Meluso

    I like the clean designs

  • Alejandro Cifuentes

    Great looking german watch, i love the reliable construction and the aesthetic of it!

  • bcoop375

    I own 2 Sinn watches and have also been a Tutima fan. I am attracted to their great legibility and brushed steel or titanium finish. The German tool watches are not flashy and shiny, but well executed with small internal details and clean dials. They are also quite rare in the “wild,” and I’ve had more comments about my Sinn U1 than any other watch.

  • Mitch

    German Tool watches have that no nonsense, well crafted, industrial, yet intricate design esthetic that I really like. This is a very nice looking watch. Especially the blue dial version.

  • Al Herrera

    I like the simplicity of a German tool watch. No frills. Just basically what you need.

  • Vicente R

    Their attention to detail is outstanding, been wanting for a Tutima watch. Hope I can win it!

  • bryan arent

    Clean lines and cool color combinations, backed up by proven performance are the most appealing elements.

  • Jim Davis

    German tool watches for the win. Because what else would I wear while driving on the autobahn?

  • Mihails Solovjovs

    Industrial design and clean style are the most appealing elements.

  • Marlowe

    You can’t go wrong with German tech. There are so many great tool watches out there, but no one does the ‘industrial the way Germans do (Go early Einsturzende Neubauten).

  • cosmin cosmin

    I does not look like a German watch to me at all. But I like it a lot!

  • Ang Wei Shi

    The ‘form follows function’ no-nonsense mindset of German tool watches, and how that translates into clean, iconic design appeals to me most.

  • Nicholas Cea

    Love the blue color. Can’t get enough of ABTW! Keep up the great job….??

  • j4m3z

    The high quality movement and dial design.

  • Michael J Malloy

    I hope I am the lucky one to win this outstanding time piece.

  • Sarosto

    Great heritage, great technical competence, absolutely trustworthy, gotta love German watches.

  • ProJ

    No non-sense design language, rugged movements, legible dials, great lume.

  • Tutima is one of those “oh wow” watches. Precision timepiece.

  • Nathan Schneider

    The peace of mind that comes from a solid construction and design.

  • Andrew L.

    Simple, efficient, and functional are the things i love about German tool watches

  • lionstan

    Clean look and simple to read. This is a watch I would buy.

  • Chris Martin

    I just like them because they are unique and stand out among a sea of “normal” watches. They convey a sense of purpose and utility over vanity.

  • Tom

    Typical German engineering where every detail big or small is a BIG deal and that’s not a bad thing at all

  • framax

    Wooonderful sport watch!! Matte blue dial all my life. With pure titanium bracelet, of course. I like the extraordinary robustness and absolute reliability of M2 watches family.

  • bill stevens

    No nonsense simplicity is the best thing about German tool watches.

  • Todd Haldeman

    Simple design, functionality first. Matches my opinion on the subject of watches.

  • Matt

    Oh man I’ve been wanting a Tutima for a long time…Love the German watch aesthetic.

  • Matthew Rowe

    I love and own German “tool watches” for the stark, contrasting dials that provide great legibility and don’t scream for attention on your wrist. I like understatement, and these types of watches embody that beautifully.

  • Audun G. Kjørsvik

    What appeals to me the most is the attention to details in german engineering, in carmaking as in watchmaking, both in quality. durability and functionality.

  • GalaxyGuy

    Germans know how to build a tool watch! First and foremost, they are functional. They don’t stop there, however. This watch adds a touch of class to the dive watch category with its designated strap and clean lines. Overall this watch does just about everything a dive watch should and nothing much that it shouldn’t.

  • Colin Dow

    term “German tool watches” certainly has a specific connotation in my mind, one
    earned through a historically relentless pursuit of tough-as-nails timepieces,
    simple yet timeless design cues, and terrific value. Choose your favourite
    flavour: Tutima, Sinn, Damasko, Stowa, Archimede, etc. They build timepieces
    that wear as a badge of honour, ready for anything a person can throw at it and
    look damn good while doing it. Who doesn’t that appeal to?


    It’s a beautiful watch!!! Love German watches.

  • Jonathan

    German tool watches are the quintessential everyday watch. Extremely durable, reliable and versatile. The simplicity of the face is stunning, particularly the blue dial. Would love to join the Tutima “family”. Gorgeous piece!

  • les

    As I was born in Germany, I have an infinity with German watches and this watch has a teutonic look.

    • SuperStrapper


  • Michael Moran

    German tool watches are some of the best watches when it comes to reliability in many situations, classic styling that appeals to all, and value. They can do it all, while still turning heads in any setting.

  • nick

    Everyone should have room in their collection for a solid German tool watch. The matte blue dial version looks ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and diving. Dies ist gut!

  • Dhary Al Rasheed

    As with anything German, their watches are quality. From their approach to watch design to their attention to detail, to their products’ durability, there’s much to admire in German watches. Since I owned my first German watch which happens to be the Laco Squad 40mm I haven’t looked back. I currently own 3 Germans and would love to add a Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope and the Tutima M2.

  • Zach Games

    German tool watches are essential to any watch enthusiast collection. Tutima produces many of the worlds best tool watches out of Germany. They represent the quintessentials of Germany itself: endurance, toughness, character, perseverance, and ingenuity. Who wouldn’t want a watch like that in one’s collection? I look forward to having the Tutima M2 seven seas in my collection as my first, but certainly not last, German tool watch.

  • David Dumas

    For me, the best part of any German watch is how carefully engineered they tend to be. It’s comforting to know that the timepiece will preform consistently as advertised.

  • tim blanz

    German dive watches are solid. I have a Tauchmeister Sub and love it. It sits next to my DOXA sub and smiles.

  • BrandonS

    The Teutonic no-nonsense look and feel. Built for purpose.

  • Andrew Metri

    The most appealing thing about German tool watches is durability.

  • larry

    The blue looks very sharp!!

  • Boryueh1

    German tool watches always very functional.

  • Fritz Duppon

    Of course, a German tool watch means mainly one thing: high quality that is almost indestructible. Unlike frail dress watches, you can wear it every day and don’t have to worry too much about “injuries”. In fact, a proper tool watch becomes more characteristic with minor signs of wear, which can hardly be said about any other type of watch.

  • tcoomber

    I love both the aesthetic and the indestructibility of rugged tool watches.

  • Mark H. Englert

    Happy to have this one!!!!

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    I really enjoy the clear, minimalist designs which lend to a very legible dial

  • Ben Bhella

    Of course, a German tool watch means mainly one thing: high quality with a great finish that is almost unbreakable.It has great character and design

  • D.C.

    The build quality rivals anything else in the world.

  • julien

    What i like about german tool watches is the style and durability

  • christopher jensen

    I live the subtle presence and lack of polished bits. Gives a great utilitarian appeal.

  • Fernando

    Beautiful german tool watch.

  • LP

    Never had a german watch before but would expect them to be very robust and durable and that is appealing in that you want to pass a good watch on to future generations

  • Cee

    I like the teutonic design and ruggedness.

  • Logan Chapman

    Really into this watch, love the unique strap.

  • Kin

    German tool watches are the epitome of EDC. Over-engineered, understated yet highly functional design. Where every element contributes to the tool’s function, and nothing feels like it’s been added to make a point. That is the appeal of German tool watches.

  • cluedog12

    I admire German tool watches for their legible, purpose-driven dials (i.e. form over function) and typically excellent build quality. This particular Tutima is no dainty show dog. Considering most of my collection consists of relatively fragile pieces, this diver would help round out my collection.

  • Kyle Weber

    Gotta say it’s just the aesthetic. Some of the Sinns, and even Steinhart, just have such a no-nonsense appeal to their design.

  • MMIChris

    German tool watches have cornered the aesthetically pleasing utilitarian watch field, in my opinion.

  • Stanimir Mateev

    German watch combine with german car

  • Archil Vardidze

    Just simply want it 🙂

  • Eelco Bikker

    I like the quality and color schemes

  • OB94

    I love the Germans and I love Ariel Adams he’s sexy

  • TrevorXM

    They have created their own genre! What I love about German tool watches — in particular the diver’s watches like this — is that they tend to look contemporary industrial and don’t really look back to 1950’s or 1960’s like Swiss tool watches tend to do. They try to chart new territory, but share a common aesthetic — and therefore carved a new genre for themselves. I wish more of their pilot themed watches would take the same route and break out of the vintage Flieger template.

  • Randy Bradford

    always had a place for a water proof watch. I’m bad about damaging watches with water. To have a highly crafted watch such as this is a hugh plus.

  • Rufaro Gomwe

    I like German tool watchs for the simple fact that their designs
    simply state “Ich meine geschäft”

  • Michael

    The thing that appeals to me the most about a tool watch is the idea that I can take it into the ocean with me when I am on my honeymoon

  • Tim

    The thing that appeals to me is that despite the reputable durability and toughness they have an element of unparalleled class and beauty. It is always a treat when you get such a unique combination in such a high quality watch.

  • Narendran Nair

    Neat looking watch

  • Erik Sorensen

    German efficiency for the win!

  • FlyingMoose

    I like the utilitarian design of German tool watches.

  • r56curt

    German tool watches are appealing on so many different levels – practical, sporty, durable. This Tutima in particular checks all those boxes and then some. High quality piece too.

  • Scott Wolfe

    I like the strap a lot on these Attractive looking watch with very efficient and clean lines – that speaks German design to me!

  • The watches are actually very good value for the precision construction. Typically Teutonic, form follows function.

  • Arthur Olvesen

    Awesome watch, love the strap!

  • Rob Marriage

    It looks kinda Soviet. Reminds me a digial Czech watch my dad had a long time ago.

  • arik tmpaddress

    Attention to details makes this German tool watch great looking and durable.

  • Colleen Samila

    M2 Seven Seas with the black face with Kevlar strap and red piping is the best 🙂 A beautiful titanium watch as a special gift to my husband would be extraordinary! Watches and race cars – a passion for us both 🙂

  • Luis Amaro Lopez

    best case design, no lugs and integrated with the band.

  • Ian

    The most compelling aspect of the German “tool” watch is the same as most German products. They are designed to perform a task. There is no unnecessary filler. In much the same way German automotive design USED to be. BMW was famous for not having cup-holders. The car was meant to be driven. Everything in the car was focused on a single action…driving. German “tool” watches follow that same ethos. Everything involved in designing and manufacturing these watches is focused on keeping and telling time as best they can in all circumstances and environments.

  • Alex

    The durability and simplicity of German tool watches appeal to me the most, plus they are fairly reasonably priced in most case. This model certainly has all of the above. Thanks.

  • MRC

    The thing I love about German watchmaking is their perspective; having had the industry be somewhat closed down throughout the GDR era, they have had to reinvigorate their heritage and watchmaking industry from the 90s onwards, and have managed to create watches with a fresh outlook and decent pricing, all while remembering and paying homage to their country’s rich and vibrant horological history and heritage.

  • Rod Mahoney

    Nice looking strap.

  • Marco Sampuel

    That they are made by German engineering… the best!

  • Conservatarian TX

    I like the fact that German tool watches are meant to be worn and used. They’re not display case queens. I also really appreciate the clean, uncluttered designs.

  • Hands90

    Really like the band. Looks great.

  • Thomas DeLucia

    The German made Tutima M2 Seven Seas dive watch would be a perfect addition to my collection . As with all German Tool watches and German cars for that matter they just know how to make them look and feel like nothing else matters but what you have on your wrist or under your But. The precision and fit and finish is what I like the most.

  • Peter Van de Laar

    I like the black one!

  • johnwithanh

    Two things stand out: tough as nails durability and engineering advances that make them even more durable.

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    They seems build to wisthand a lot of wear

  • Andre

    What most appeals to me about German tool watches?

    – Overbuilt “tool like” feel
    – Great legibility
    – Distinct look & feel
    – Usually great value for money like this Tutima

  • Adrian Lessek

    German “tools” watches as other things made in Germany are characterized by quality and precision. They are made to fulfill the function that have been manufactured for. Like this nice dive watch!:)

  • Pascal Quénéhervé

    Like especially the black one. Why german tool watches? Reduce to the max. No blingbling. Only function.

  • Alex Stern

    I love that German tool watches are built to withstand utility on a daily basis. As a paramedic, it would be great to have a watch that can withstand outdoor work in all weather conditions. Also, the ability to handle the elements is good for handling bodily fluids as well as the dirt and ground outside. I would love to have a watch like this to use on a daily basis at work or just for every day use.

  • gtbr

    What i like more about the german watches is that they are designed to be worn.

  • Apostolis

    Durability and legibility. German engineering for me is heavy duty and easy to use watches. Exactly how I like it. Would love to win this one.

  • AK

    Elegant and useful is a combination German tool watches get right.

  • david rittenhouse

    Love the day date on a tool watch!

  • Anthony C

    Why German tool watches…they are well made, durable, and no-nonsense. What more could you want from something that is made to be functional.

  • Brian G

    German tool watches are generally excellent bang per buck and they’re so overengineered, inside and out, what’s not to love? They’re luxury watches you can be rough on and they refuse to ever quit. Plus they’re usually not “flashy” which suits my tastes.

  • Christian Lévesque

    Solid build with precision and no frills.

  • Michael Harvey

    The Tutima M2 Seven Seasis a great example of what I like in a tool watch – durable materials, easy to read dial, and a bold appearance.and

  • Ernest Petti

    End of the day if you’re not always going to dress events, a watch is a tool. The more functional the better, and it helps if it looks nice. This one definitely serves both purposes.

  • Michael Dennis Cruz

    Looks nice and solid built quality.

  • Michael

    Germany is known to make a lot of really good and reliable machines like cars and Farm equipment not to mention a good tool watch or two.

  • Rodel Mercurio

    Nice watch.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  • raaf

    Good legibility, beautifully simple on the outside, German engineering on the inside.

  • ??????

    German tool watches are among the most attractive since they clearly state what your money goes for. Proper balance between 1 functions, 2 reliability and 3 clean design.

  • Marvin_M

    Nice functional watch; I’d love it.

  • ZBT71

    Winning this one or actually buying it, I think this may be the first German watch in my collection. To me a “tool watch” is purpose built and looks the part. Of all the so-called tool watches out there this Tutima M2 Seven Seas dive watch certainly looks the part and according to this ABTW review it sounds as if it was certainly purpose built.

  • Rebecca McKenzie

    Well, if I remember what my watch loving husband tells me, German tool watches are the most amazing because they can literally be worn with anything and anywhere. They are watches that can be worn formally, but can handle a lot of wear and tear at the same time.

    So they look good and still work when you go mountain climbing in a tuxedo. ?

  • Chris Erhard

    It would be my first German watch. Not by choice as they are currently out of my price range. I have admired a few different brands from afar while getting into collecting. A German tool watch to me is the best of both worlds with regards to style and function. Simplistic timeless style and bullet proof function are what make a tool watch great. I hope to add a blue seven seas to my modest collection.

  • Brian Tym

    German tool watches are appealing to me for their precision and attention to detail with the focus on purpose. What’s not to like about German engineering.

  • Fabian Schwarz

    Watches from my home country are appealing because some of them are serious tool watches and you usually get what you pay for.


    These watches are appealing for their simplicity and functionality plus I´m a tool too so I guess we were made for each other 😛

  • Jim B

    What isn’t apoealing, from the strap to the watch face, its simply nothing but total appeal! Beautiful!

  • Curt Thompson

    I just like that they’re rugged.

  • Chris MoJo

    I’m an engineer so function leads form when it comes to watches. I like the German approach to tool watches where they have to perform their designed function day in day out. They still often end up being beautiful legible pieces with interesting features.

  • Robert Koch Olsen

    Simplistic and rugged. You probably can’t get a more reliable beater than a german tool watch

    • SuperStrapper

      G shock

  • Marcus Tee

    German tools watch is just impeccable, precision and build in superb quality. This why i love German tools watch a lot. It was meant to build for last and function to the decades to come. I do like Tutima after seeing this especially the blue dial. =)

  • ED Justice

    Great design and Tutima quality are hallmarks of a collectable tool watch. Both blk and blu are worth a look.

  • Kyle Herret

    The strap is what sells it for me. Not rubber ir leather but canvas makes it ideal for outdoor activities. I want one,

  • Dave

    Great looking watch. German tool watches are great for their straightforward no nonsense clean designs and impeccable build quality.

  • Joon Chang

    Clean looking watch. Tutima has never been on my radar but I might have to take a look at their watches.

  • Luciano

    The purity and no-frills approach of their design.

  • Now this one will surely be mine! From what I’ve seen, German tool watches are a bit angular, which is perfectly fine by me!

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    The tutima watches for me were a surprise because I did not know them and if it was not for this contest I would never have known about them, seeing them on their instagram page I was surprised by their design and style that make them true pieces of art

  • Simen

    I love German tool watches for the superb build quality and their functional no-nonsense design. I really like the look of this Tutima M2 and hope I’m the lucky winner!

  • Paul Elam

    The Tutima M2 Seven Seas is an amazing timepiece. The look of this watch is both refined and bold – a unique combination. The bold look comes from it’s decidedly German “tool watch” styling. German striking styling is clean and strong, a lot like German cars.

  • PugHenry

    I love my German made Stowa Flieger. What I like most about it (and the other German tool watches) is the absolute clarity of the dial. This Tutima would be an excellent piece to wear to the beach, on hikes, or anywhere outdoors.

  • Iliyan Iliev

    I have a German Damasko DA36. It is my favorite watch. What I love about German watches is the no nonsense quality, they are engineered tools, not jewelry, but still manage to make you smile when you are wearing one. These Tutima divers seem to follow that tradition with clean lines and focus on quality.

  • Jamal Tariq

    The no nonsense attitude they project

  • mikeymusic

    My Archemede Pilot 42B Bronze is an amazing piece. It is solid with incredible readability and is great looking as well. This Tutima would fill another niche in my collection. a stainless diver with all of the attributes of German watchmaking. Yes, please!

  • Eric K.

    I really like the clean crisp aesthetic of a tool watch. There’s no frills, just all function

  • jra716

    legibility and construction

  • Mark

    Great looking timepiece, I’d definitely opt for the blue.
    German is always about quality of design, function and build. German tool watches are no different.

  • SH

    Looks great, I love the somewhat minimalist German design of these types of tool watches.

  • Terry Gastelu

    I love the design. minimalistic dials. No unnecessary sticks or markers, etc. Reliability.

  • Steve

    I like the clean functional design of the case and dial.

  • Mark Brown

    I love the clean design.

  • German Andrade

    Quality, durability, avoidance of superficiality

  • Michal Pštross

    I really like design of this well made watch.

  • I always liked Tutima watches. Nice, solid and durable.

  • michael mescher

    With German watches I would have to say their extreme affordability,their no nonsense functionality and the no bs easy readability and dial layout

  • Jonathan

    I appreciate their spartan and rugged style.

  • Eric Thompson

    I like the ruggedization and durability of German watches. This Tutima is a clean looking watch. I like the color contrasts of the kevlar strap.

  • Mischa

    You’ll likely get the same answers over and over… German watches have competitive prices for what they offer, with clean, sharp looks, and no-nonsense design. Brands like Tutima and Sinn are examples of great German engineering.

  • Lauri Mäkinen

    They are really robust and feeling like a real tool.

  • dfbugeja

    In my humble opinion, German tool watches are typically great for their clean design. Some have a bold character …yet they can still be regarded as elegant and precise in their overall execution. This Tunima M2 is a dream. Great water resistance and really love their titanium body and carbon fibre strap. Moreover, I absolutely love the clean design, and fell in love with the blue version. Though I also like the slightly more formal black version that is even more legible than the blue one. Call me mad, but apart from a sporty session, I’d even venture to wear it with my formal wear!! Why not?! Good luck to all, may such watch end up on the wrist of a true passionate watch lover!

  • Mauricio Cestoni

    i love how they look like since is different from the others and make you fell like a real tool but at the same time it give you style.

  • Pete Perez

    Love German watchmakers! Size is optimal, dial is clean, engineering appears solid, all in keeping with German tradition. Plus I like the clean line transitioning from case to strap.

  • Pacheaco

    Definitely like the function over form of German tool watches.

  • cuica

    I have inherited a couple of Swiss watches from my grandfather and father. I would like to start a tradition and pass on watches in my family and this would be agreat candidate: clean design, robust construction and, of course, German quality!

  • Chrysanthos Symeonidis

    Nice tool watch.

  • Ron

    Incredible easy to read and have a deliberate purposefulness about them. Love the blue one!

  • Howie Boyd

    Good looking Tutima. I wonder what the matching bracelet costs?

    • Yojimbo

      out the door for $2,300!

  • Torben Nelson

    I love the way that German design incorporates function and form in a balanced way in their tool watches. There is a sense of order that is attractive in and of itself. Fingers crossed!

  • Thomas Eckert

    Great looking watch! Love the rugged look and functionality, but it would also look great at the resort or in the office!

  • Steve Goddard

    Great functions, great performance, great look.

  • Train

    I admire their bold cases with function at the forefront of design, often with links to military partnerships historic and ongoing.

  • Ovis

    I like the minimalist design of German watches from Tutima, Nomos or Glashütte. Tutima is well known here in Germany for its military watches, like the ones for GS9. Would be nice to have the one with the black dial…

  • Trond Bjørshol

    I like the no-nonsense design of German tool watches, and the fact that (at least some) German watch makers have a vision of developing low maintenance, or even maintenance free mechanical movements.

  • Tommy

    Simply, great legacy of Sinn which inspires other producents!

  • rhyino

    I like the simple straight forward design elements of the German tool watch.

  • Alexander Crawford

    I admire the cleanliness of German ‘tool watches’. There is a definite sense that function is the priority in design, while the form is carefully complimented.

  • john mcneil

    No nonsense watches. Do what they claim, no more no less.

  • Josef Schmid

    I like them because of the sturdiness and technical finesse. Also the high quality is very appealing.

  • David Ljungberg

    German watches, as with most german things, do exactly what they’re supposed to do. They fulfill their purpose by having high quality and using just what is needed, nothing excessive.

  • Y Til

    As an owner of a German tool watch I can say that I like the robustness of the watch, strong material and a feel of a tool on top of being a high quality watch.

  • resol

    I love the fact German tool watches are all about simplicity, precision and purpose!

  • Wong Yong Ming

    Extremely discrete design that does not scream “look at me”

  • Nick D.

    German tool watches often manage to fill their purpose with efficacity and simplicity without sacrificing on design and appeal.

  • Iuri G.

    The watch look very practical an solid, very well organized. I have Japanese watch but think to German too.

  • Attila Rácz

    Unique pieces in the watch world, mostly appealing with their practical purpuse.

  • Asimuth

    I like the simplicity of the design coupled with the robust build quality.

  • Daniel

    German tool watches still remain very utilitarian in appearance. Other brands (I’m looking at you, Switzerland) have strayed pretty far into luxury territory with a lot of their tool watches.

  • Jeffrey Chang

    I like how, when I strap on a German tool watch (diver) I hear the Baywatch theme song and imagine David Hasselhoff running on the beach.

    Germans love David Hasselhoff.

  • Eric Gordon

    As with most posts, I agree German tool watches have clean designs. But what I like about them is that they exude a “comfort in their own skin” presence such that they aren’t Swiss tool watches, and they seem to be just fine with that.

  • Michael

    Dive watches are my passion, especially ones with simple clean designs. German tool watches are especially appealing because they tend to be understated.

  • himem65535

    German tool watches … austere, brutalist, elegantly functional. What’s not to like?

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    This is ABTW prize I’d love to win. I love these watches. They’re proper dive watches. They look like German tool watches always look like. They have a clean presentation, and a rock solid build.

  • Robert Westinghouse

    Nice watch. I love the German attitude of it must be right with out the excess of emotion. We will have no emotion, just form and function…love the Germans

  • otaking241

    No-nonsense functional design and the air of reliability they exude.

  • patrick bremer

    German design…. always clean. Always high performing. Simplicity.

  • Martin Chiu

    German watches are great value and their over engineered design means a tool watch will be durable, legible, and practical.

  • Hoang Dao

    German watches are very well made, just right level of detail, not overwhelming. Most of them have attractive and masculine looks. Last but not least, the movements they use are very reliable

  • Jens Deppner

    Got one of the predecessors for 15 years, best watch in a fightercockpit. Undestroyable. Would love to have this one.

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Currently wearing a German cased watch – selected for its clean lines and meticulous construction.

  • Tim Orange Szeto

    German tool watches. It is known.

  • Max Attack

    German tool watches are very well made. I like the pilot aspect of many of them, and the technology that goes into them. Like the ice hardened cases of Damasko, and the gas used in some Sinn watch cases. The Tutima seven seas is lovely watch, with a perfect shade of blue.

  • Christophe Britton

    The best design feature of German tool watches is the pursuit of function over form. This leads to purposeful and highly legible designs.

  • Timb77

    I like that German watches are straightforward, no nonsense and functional.

  • Panama_Jack

    German & tool watches is a great fit. Engineering first, looks & luxury second. It matches the General picture of Germany

  • awildermode

    Durability and simplicity…and German.

  • Mike

    I like the no nonsense approach and focus on legibility paired with function.

  • Mykhailo Parfeniuk

    As for me, German tool watches remind me about all products (cars, techniques, other vehicles) made in Germany. There are all made with high quality and for durable using. And german watches are all in this high level. They contain all that charm, which we can find in most of Swiss Made watches, but with a bit of exclusive thing, cause they are not as common in watch lovers collections as swiss watches, and I like (and most of us like this) when things you use or wear are rare or unique or exclusive, not the same with things your friends have)

  • Reueh Laup

    “German engineering, British tailoring, French food. Confuse them at your peril.”* It’s all about the engineering and functionality. No nonsense. I like that in anything, watches included, when I need to get something done. *Jeremy Clarkson I think?

  • HereForThePrize

    German ‘tool watches’ = excellent build quality and attention to detail.

  • Alexander

    German tool watches are incredibly well built and have a rugged elegance.

  • Mike Ciccarelli

    I love the versality and size of this tool watches! Plus it would look good on my wrist.

  • NC

    I love my German Tool Watch, a Sinn 240 ST, for it’s ability to be worn everyday to work, or out to a formal dinner, whilst looking smart and reserved at the same time.

  • MSM

    Versatility, durability, the ability to dress them up or down.

  • matevz

    They really serve their purpose. The watches are built to be worn every day: they are, therefore simple, well made and don’t feature any non-essential complications. This gives them overall very utilitarian feel – something I really love.

  • frisbfreek

    For German tool watches, I’m looking for durability, precision of manufacturing, and balance/legibility of the dial. Looks like this watch has all of that!

  • gchahinian

    Best thing about ANY tool watch is the durability and versatility. They’re meant to be worn daily and be a legible and easy to read as possible, while still placing a strong emphasis on reliability.

  • Max Lieberman

    They’re clean and so, so legible. Class.

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Nice watch. Very reputable brand with a solid history. German tool watches appeal to me for their quality construction and responsiveness to owners inquiries.

  • G.Stuck

    What I like is the low-bling, utilitarian looks with solid build construction. The European version of a mechanical G-Shock – well almost 😉

  • stumpelriltzchen

    The total lack of romance.

  • Fong Wan Kit

    nice German tool watch

  • Max Leggett

    Nice looking watch

  • Sukru Erisgen

    Simple and elegant looking watch

  • Sam Anderson

    I like the value for money that you get: very high quality with a reasonable price tag.

  • MFoley1956

    I like the smooth transition from frame to strap.

  • Tim Nicholls

    German stuff is designed to work, Its functional and attractive. It may not be flamboyant but the direct approach works for me.

  • Keith Ritchie

    I believe when you engage with a German watch you are getting precision engineering leading to outstanding quality!! the prices are not bad either.

  • Rollin Crittendon

    The case is practically a Tutima trademark, really great design language. The price, for what they offer, is great as well!

  • Timothy Mattison

    German design has a clean, functional aesthetic that is especially well-suited for tool watches.

  • Ben

    Like has already been said, well made, good price, not trying to be fancy just so they can charge more

  • ROM79

    German engineering means quality for me. this watch will be my new partner and a watch to pass on for my kids 🙂

  • Krishna

    To me a tool watch needs to be tough. No compromise. German tool watches are not only tough in build but also ‘look’ tough, even though the design is simple and straight forward. The Tutima watches in this article really do ‘look’ tough….I would not want a tool watch that looks like a swatch.

  • mattron

    Highly legible watches with good lume and a functional bezel.

  • Peter Jones

    The German tool wwatch is a solid almost indestructible piece that would last a lifetime

  • senfnas

    the best thing about it, is that i am form germany too

  • louis martinez

    German Tool means Precision Tolerances and Quality materials that will last.

  • Josh Graves

    Cool watch. I like that most German tool watches have a clean design, use excellent materials, and keep extraneous dial text to a minimum.

    Good luck to all.

  • Kendrick Bong

    The black face is a beauty ! Precision German engineering !

  • Amit

    I have never owned a German “tool watch” but by looking at the pictures you can tell the quality and precision that goes into these watches. The Tutima M2 Seven Seas looks very clean and sharp. I am sure the titanium case makes the watch very light weight compared to some of the automatic dive watches. To me, German made screams out quality, precision and reliability!

  • Magnus Graven

    Should be as good as a swiss watch, without the swiss price premium.

  • Brian Mazanec

    I love the rugged austerity of German tool watches… Can’t help but imagine wearing one in a nasty post-apocalyptic scenario and it just keeps on going!

  • Richard carroll

    I really like Tutima. The Seven Seas looks like a tough and no nonsense diver. I would love to win it.

  • Wei Koon Tay

    Love the look of the blue face. Uncluttered look and looks like a proper tool watch!

  • Ryan Michael

    I like the look of this watch. My favorite thing about German tool watches is the reliability and the fact that you can wear them anywhere – they’re built to last.

  • bshank

    I think the most appealing thing about so many of the watches in the German “tool watch” category is the quality. The overall quality of the cases, dials, clasps seems to be top notch but without the top shelf price.

  • Matt Jaffe

    I love the straightforward design and the fact that they’ll always look great no matter how much of a beating you give them through. Tool watches are to be worn and worn well!

  • treefroga1

    German tool watches are the most tool watch looking tool watches there are!

  • Andrew Reittinger

    Some “tool” watches still look and feel like they should be handled with care. You know these and some of the sinn models can take any punishment. Being able to enjoy your activity without worrying about your watch is a nice feeling.

  • at1time

    Cool tool watch with German quality. Beautiful everyday watch. Good value too.

  • Mickey Blackwell

    Interested in what movement Tutima uses and it’s ruggedness and ability to take abuse. Give me one and I’ll let you know!

  • Bugpower

    I like their clean look. Nothing distracts from what these tool watches are meant for. Some companies even have some interesting history.

  • Mike

    Legibility, focus on robust materials (like Sinn and Damasko), and affordability.

  • Jason

    The quality and the simple, but stylish, aesthetics of German tool watches are what appeal to me. My favorite watches in my collection are a Guinand and a Damasko so it shows my love for the German watches.

  • David Smith

    looks rugged with an interesting case shape

  • Anh Hai

    It looks special with black rubber bands and metal bezel seems titanium material. Totally, it could be one in the collection.

  • Tom Scrivener

    Love German tool watches for their insane build quality & rugged good looks.

  • Chris MacEwen

    I like the symmetry of these German tool watches .

  • Ramon Abreu

    I like the fact that German tool watches are really made with the purpose in mind and focus not just marketing and appearance, form follows function.

  • Aaron Young

    German tool watches always have something unique to them, but the common thread between them from what I’ve seen is always quality

  • Garrett Hu

    This will be a great addition to my other German brothers….black dial would be m choice.

  • GratisShark

    German & Tool Watches go hand in hand. Let’s face it, the Germans are known for straightforward, precision products. Be it watches or automobiles, their focus is ultimately on producing quality and leaving flair and flash to others. I have to say that I enjoy the flash and flair of Italian cars personally but I am also willing to live with the many compromises that one has to make when opting for that route. Watches however are completely different by nature. So while I much prefer Ferrari to Porsche, I am entirely in the German camp when speaking about watches. The piece they have produced here is simple, understated and beautiful. You also know that it will be well executed and have the reliability that the rich German heritage has always brought to the table.

  • trainman

    They are watches for watch people – all about mechanics and function rather than glitz and glam.

  • cassfan3

    They seem to be more reasonably priced than the Swiss counterparts – probably due to spending less on advertising / marketing.

  • nm

    So many of the German watches have such a manly air about them – quintessential tool watches.

  • Fendy Un

    German tool watches appeal me by their build quality, durability and the out of box design.

  • David Flegg

    I like the German tool watches because they look tough, functional and uncompromising yet they still have a style about them

  • Doyoung Max Lee

    German tool watches – Simplicity, Functionality, Durability. oh I really want that Tutima M2 Seven Seas Watch!

  • Chris S

    Great looking watch at a very competitive price!

  • mtnsicl

    Chicks dig em!!

  • Andres

    the german tool watches, always got all in the right place, they can look simple, but they are really functional. nothing is too much and nothing is missing, always find the true balance.

  • Joe

    Great looking watch! I like the toolwatch look a lot. Nice dive rating too!

  • Bucky Katt

    Build quality? Also, they don’t feel the need to be super flashy…

    “mention what most appeals to you about German “tool watches.””

  • BrianC

    German tool watches are all business without pretentious frills. Exactly what it takes to get the job done — no more no less.

  • shanekleinpeter

    German tool watches are prized by watch lovers because they are legible, dependable, and generally priced competitively. This is a nice looking watch and I’d love to win it; make mine the blue dial please!

  • Jun

    Great German “Tool Watches” in introductory price range with high standard of finishing and design that are better than Swiss watch brands in general. Especially Tutima and this watch got unique look and feel.

  • Moneer Helu

    Love the legibility and crispness of German tool watches…they are simply sharp to behold!


    German watches are not pretentious and are legible over anything else. Nice simple dials that guess what? You can read, what a concept in a watch.

  • Aalok

    The most striking aspect of German tool watches, to me, is the fact that form follows function. This is in stark contrast with some Swiss manufacturers, who make beautiful timepieces, but the beauty is often not emergent from the functionality of the watch.

  • Shaun Chou

    Never had a German Watch before… its really beautiful watch

  • Patrick Nolan

    I admire the careful design and restraint shown in German tool watches.

  • Nixa

    What appeals the most to me about German tool watches is that they are simple, functional and well engineered, but also reasonably priced.

  • Ryan

    What most appeals to me about German tool watches is the emphasis on form, function, and durability.

  • Vincent Soundar

    In German tool watches, the most appealing aspect for me is their design. Something very satisfying about the curves and lines, the overall symmetry of the watch. This one especially would haunt my dreams for a while.

  • Daryl Okayama

    What appeals to me is the simplicity and legibility of the German tool watch. Everything that should be there is there with no superfluous gimmicks to make it unique.

  • James Dillon

    Practicality and attention to detail.

  • Horacio

    The straightforwardness of their purpose built design and execution!

  • 112010

    A German “tool watch” and me by the sea! Yes!

  • JD Ouest

    Well that hits the mark. You really can’t beat the simplicity yet completeness of German tool watches.

  • Sean Kim

    What most appeals to me about German tool watches is the straight-forwardness and simplicity of design.

  • Jay Reyna

    Nice watch, does it have metal strap options too?

  • Lucian Virciu

    I really like the black and red version. I’ve just checked their facebook page and their website and they have some really eye catchy models there. Yes@jayreyna:disqus there are some with metal straps too, check the m2 collection on their website.I find the Grand Flieger collection really attractive.
    Thank you A BLOG TO WATCH and Tutima for offering us a chance to win one.

  • Uriar

    I like the German watches for a lot of reasons. They are well built, clean design and look like they mean business. But what I like the best is their being different from the flock with original designs and clever, well thought of features you see no where else.

  • ?????????? ????????

    I like the German “tool watches” for their simple and practical design. German tool watches, the most appealing aspect for me is their design. Tutima excellent company with a glorious history.

  • I like the robustness that is typically found in German tool watches and feel they take more risks in design than their Swiss counterparts. Companies like Tutima, Sinn and Damasko all make amazing ranges of sport watches.

  • CCC

    I like them because they are highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

  • Rahul Bhardwaj

    I like the bold and simple aesthetic.

  • dan negoita

    The clean design, great functionality, form follow function and great quality makes them very desirable ….

  • edc

    German design is so clean and unique. It’s very beautiful to look at.

  • iBradcon

    I’m most interested in the case material on Sinn divers

  • WhiskersInCalif

    What most appeals to me about German “tool watches” is form and function are balanced.
    I want a watch to tell time, I want a tool watch to be durable in the sense that the right tool gets the job done.

  • Jonathan Yang

    I think the German Design is very practical and minimalistic. Very balanced in it’s appeal and function

  • Yury Demchuk

    I like it. Nice watch!

  • Ivan Bjelic

    Like this watch because it’s actually durable and rugged, not just for posing. Second very clean and simple design.

  • AW

    I like how legible, practical and purposeful they are.

  • Dionisis Koumouras

    I like the simple design and the Glashutte heritage

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    that the watches are rugged.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    geat watches!!!

  • Kendal Boughton

    I love the perfect blend of form and function that German tool watches achieve so well. There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes from an object that fulfils its purpose so efficiently and beautifully.

  • Jonathan

    I love the legibility as well as ruggedness of german tool watches!

  • David Pavlovic

    Practical, tough, best materials, best engineering, for reasonable price!

  • George

    Class. Built for what it was built for!

  • Faiz GodSpeed

    Count me in

  • Mark Mason

    nice watch. German tool watches always seem that one step ahead when it comes to style matching substance and are always fit for purpose.

  • Anže Omerzu

    Fantastic design, love the blue combo! Can’t go wrong with either of them for sport elegance.

  • Alex Strîmbeanu

    German tool watches are great for everyday wear and tear. Practical and cheap, all around great!

  • Paul Morris Carfoot

    The best thing about these Tutima M 2 Watches is their easy readability, and i like the idea of it in titanium. If i was lucky enough to win one i would also obtain a matching braclet in titanium. LUCK TO ALL.

  • Wilson Meeks

    German design deriving from the Bauhaus and related traditions

  • Frank

    German tool watches are very appealing, they’re reliable, efficient and practical.

  • Paul Aislabie

    German tool watches have intangible quality, air of substantial ruggedness & beautifully engineered which makes them great for everyday wear.

  • James Kleinser

    I love the German watches for their sturdiness and clean spare looks

  • Tre900

    I love that they have the option to get a Kevlar strap. My hubby is an expert at scratching his watches and this is just what he would need!

  • Stephan Chan

    The quality and ruggedness really define a true German tool watch. Engineering excellence.

  • AbeFroman12

    This is another example of German tool watches combining style and function so effortlessly.

  • Joe in WI

    I appreciate the restrained design, legibility and engineering that goes in German tool watches.

  • Joshua Nehlig

    This is a beautiful piece that combine utility and functionality with darn good looks. I really the combination of titanium case and Kevlar strap which are both strong yet light weight.

  • dhaines

    I love the blue dial.

  • Yorgos Diamandoulis

    Excellent watch with all the characteristics a timepiece should have!

  • Kathryn

    honestly — the watches just look really cool!

  • Fryling

    Handsome in blue. Good ol’ Glasshutte, enclave of brilliance outside Switzerland!

  • Steven Williams

    Nice looking Dive watch especially the blue dial…!

  • Steven Gusky

    German “tool watches” just seem so solid and functional. Like they are carved from a chunk of steel and favor function over form, yet are still great looking.

  • Brad Herndon

    The clean design and legibility of the dials seem to be above average. Many watch faces are cluttered in the design and sometimes even hard to read. Love German watch brands! This is a beautiful watch and the perfect size!

  • Lawrence BonForte

    German design has a certain distinctive personality. It’s masculine, agressive and practical.

  • Aaron Matteson

    i think the accuracy and engineering would appeal the most

  • Ollie

    Clear cut, no nonsense dial designs, especially when it’s expertly matched with titanium.

  • Gary Aerne

    While I favor Swiss watch movements, I find the clean and precise structures from Germany very appealing.

  • Spearfisherman

    What appeals to me the most of German watches is that they are distinctively unique, with innovations both outside and inside their cases. Germany is well known for its superb engineering and craftsmanship. I’m glad to see a strong comeback from German brands that rival their swiss neighbors.

  • Artem Pervenyonok

    To me it’s their attention to details that matters. Thus no added cost for other stuff you don’t care about. If you need a tool watch – you better go for Germans because you get an actual tool watch, not something diluted with marketing bullshit.

  • Humphrey Mar

    Honestly, I’d never heard of “German tool watches” before, but I do really like the look of the Giveaway this month. I’m of modest means, but have a German-made vacuum and dishwasher which are, simply, some of the best “tools” (in this case, for the home) which I own. Why not a watch in the same tradition?

  • H F

    German Flieger watches have a generalised ‘look’.. not sure about german dive watches in general though, however for this specific Tutima watch the use of titanium and a kevlar strap portray a sturdy and robust look while significantly improving wearability.

  • Steve

    I have owned a Tutima watch for about 20 years , the reason why I bought it as my tool watch are – stylish and accurate.

  • Sandi Tymchuk

    What most appeals to me about German “tool watches?” I had not been aware of this type of watch before, but German products have a reputation for quality, which appears reflected in this design.

  • buffalo

    I really enjoy the utilitarian design.

  • Eugene Najera

    What most appeals to me about German tool watches is they are a useful everyday watch that does a specific job and does it well. Be it a pilot watch or a diver. I myself would like a nice German divers watch:-)

  • akshay

    I like The Quality Built and The Designs, They are Really Appealing

    My Email –

  • Ilya Shcherbatov

    Nice watches, i want it because i didn’t have watches for 10 years!

  • Ilya Evgenevich

    Great strict design! Top quality!

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    The word “Made in Germany”

  • vasilis anagnostopoulos

    What appeals to me most is “the less is more approach” taken by Germany watch makers. Lastly, I appreciate the kindness in offering this watch. Thank you.

  • Richard Vollmer

    This watch is awesome

  • Dominik Rocchi

    Being a German myself, the knowledge that the watch is made in Germany, and that there is no unnecessary playful trimming to it, appeals to me mostly. Plain, simple but highly functional, that´s what we are known for all over the world.

  • benjameshodges

    They build them then actually put them out to service.

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    Love tool watches and having it come from Germany adds a nice story to it.

  • Nick

    The thing I like most about German watches is probably the knowledge that it was built with quality and attention to detail.

  • Chris Pearson

    Nice clean design, familiar yet still it’s own thing.

  • Kyle Dorsay

    I find german tool watches to be at their core, purposeful watches. They remind me of the other popular german tools, cars. Germany has long built some of the best cars in the world, just as they have watches. Something about Germany and tools watches reminds me of ww2, when soldiers on all sides wore strictly functional watches, which now are just cool. Its like the Mercedes G class, it used to be just a tool (military vehicles) and thats what appeals to people and now they sell a $224,000 version of that same vintage tool vehicle.

  • Brad Radu

    I’ve seen several very nice German tool watches in the past, mostly of the Fleiger variety, but none that have captured my attention as much as the the M2 Seven Seas. Noticed it last year out of Basel and it’s been on my wish list since. The red/kevlar combination being my favorite! Absolute stunner!

  • Sean Tan

    When I think German tool watch.. I immediately think of the practicality of the watch. Love the idea that a dive watch is meant to be used for diving and German engineering is by far, the most trusted around the world. Exactly why it’s just a practical choice to look at a German tool watch for any sport lover or active person. No part in the design is not for a specific purpose. Got to hand it to the horology genius behind this.;)

  • Matthew Butler

    Look like a great tool watch. Anything made in Germany is usually built very well “like a tank”.

  • Brian Kautz

    The industrial design

  • Andrew Carroll

    Germans make great watches. I love tool watches for everyday wear and use.

  • Jarrod Portwood

    What appeals most to me about German “tool” watches is the fact that they are designed with a goal in mind. They don’t exist simply to look nice (though, as the Tutima M2 Seven Seas shows they often do look nice). They exist to make some part of your life easier or more convenient. Not only that, but you can rest easy knowing that you have something made with German precision.

  • Mur McMullen

    The functional design

  • The clean, rugged design

  • PJ Dechaine

    Does anyone actually win these watches? I’ve been entering for years. It’s a bit plain jane for me, but I’m currently rocking a Timex Weekender Chrono so this is an upgrade of sorts.

  • Jonathan Mahlmann

    Simply designed. Don’t worry when scratches appear.

  • Dale Houser

    German tool watches provide sensible functionality. They are highly legible and have sleek design. Plus they are easy-to-use, high value watches.

  • ????????

    They are practical, robust, reliable and have a simple-almost classic design.

  • Part-Time Mermaid

    This is gorgeous and perfect for any diver or lover of the seas! Functionality and style together, what more could you want?!

  • Greg Cat

    As a diver, I appreciate the legibility of German tool watches. They are designed for function over form, yielding one handsome watch!

  • ???????? ????????

    Wow! Simple and sophisticated! I love simplicity… and swimming 🙂

  • Manzur Dan

    I love simply design, robustness and reliability of their watches

  • Demonix

    Loving the bezel shape and solid uncluttered design, may have to start saving!

  • f15soloist

    Nice! German tool watches are about getting the job done, whatever it may be. I wouldn’t be afraid to work in the kitchen with this watch on. On do a trail run. Or work on my bike. Not a fan of the minute hand. Prefer it matched the hour hand but maybe thats my Hexa talking.

  • par167

    Interesting watch if a bit understated.
    I like the blue color but I’m not familiar with German watches.

  • Haasta

    the no nonsense nature of them!

  • Love3570

    I don’t know much about the German “tool watches”, however I know they are great quality & made very well.

  • tiffany dayton

    Very manly.

  • Ivan Machuca

    The utilitarian design and quality.

  • Ross

    I like the unfussy, chunky design. I have been drawn to German tool watches for a long time- good, classic designs with good build quality and great value for money.

  • Judy H

    I love the quality, they are made to last

  • cg

    The one brand you rarely see being worn or sold in USA. Unfortunate because it is a handsome watch.

  • Calvin F.

    I like their robust designs, and precision.

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    I was for a long time sceptic about German watches.
    However these tool watches look nice and there might be something in it, however I’m still sceptic, but ready to try it out

  • Marc Hefner

    I like the reflective thoroughness, thus providing utility….

  • bbfrid

    I like the quality and ruggedness usually offering more value per dollar than a lot of Swiss watches.

  • Jarett Schaumberger
    two words: German engineering

  • Andrew Thomas

    I love the functionality and restrained styling of almost every German made watch I have seen… And they always seem to pull it of with a refined style!

  • Andrew Herman

    their function over form

  • Clare

    I like the utilitarian design…no frills

  • ConElPueblo

    The best part of German tool watches are their overall attention to what matters – legibility (stark contrast on the dial, usually black/white) and case finish (tegimented, use of lighter metals, so on).

  • Kevin Johnson

    I like the clear, crisp design.

  • Stephen Thode

    I like the use of more advanced materials with the durability of a tool watch. While the design is simple it is also legible and finished very well.

  • Mark1884

    German “tool watches” are precision crafted with a no nonsense design. Pure function and readability jump out at you. I love the matte blue dial with beveled chapter ring. The day-date is a function I can appreciate. The red second hand is a nice splash of color.
    This one is a winner.

  • David Harman

    The engineering almost asks to be tested rather than them sitting in a box looking pretty.

  • edmoree77

    Strong quality feeling

  • Emanuel Costache

    the uniform design that easily blends on the wrist.

  • Milton Altamirano

    I really like how utilitarian they look

  • Larry Holmack

    Nice looking watch!! I like the German “tool” watches because they have a no nonsense look to them, they are like a good pair of work boots…they are made to be used!

  • kayladiana

    quality workmanship is what I like about them! They are sure to last

  • G. Leong

    nice clean looking watch

  • Adam Goldstein

    Style, durability, craftsmanship.

  • Fazel Taslimi

    The M2 has a sporty look to it. At 44mm, Tutima has made a right decision to go with the lighter case material like Titanium so it would wear more comfortably on the wrist and would not feel too heavy. Most of the today’s dive watches are either come with no date or date. The addition of the “day” feature is an special touch that you rarely find in today’s dive watches. The deployant clasp is a nice touch and helps the strap to last longer. I personally tend to change the straps on my watches frequently to give them different personality. I am not sure what is the aftermarket watch straps for M2 looks like.

  • Grant D

    I like that the design is simple yet still classy

  • Deb Philippon

    I like the clean lines and uncluttered look. A good, quality design.

  • Bob

    I was a Diver for the US Navy. For some ten years. I really love watches. What makes a good dive watch?. For me my experience A dial that is legible at a glance. The relevant information should be there easy and clear to see in any conditions. A big and bright face is what I like. This watch looks good perhaps for a novelist but not for a professional.I do like the two tone watch band it reminds me of the Avenger Breitling. At 44m though it is bit on the small side for a Dive watch. I am rambling on. With that said this German watch is nice looking.

  • Pamela Dugan

    Very classic looking! Would love to give this amazing watch to my husband!

  • Leanne Cobbledick

    I love how sleek and clean looking this watch is. Very stylish! Not clunky/tacky at all

  • Nick Hallas

    I love the durability and reliability that comes with German tool watches!

  • George Flammer

    What I love most is the fact that they are German made!

  • moss1310

    I love the clean, utilitarian of their design and function. They are no nonsense, yet desirable.

  • T Schmidt

    I like the utilitarian styling of German tool watches.

  • Douglas D

    I love how well executed they are without any unnecessary frills. Clean and simple yet classic.

  • kibbyster

    very cool. love the style.

  • JF Beaulieu

    Amazing looking watch! What I love the most about German watches are their clean look

  • Walter Van Tine

    Great design!

  • elizamatt

    A great watch and made with precision (which I love and see as a must in a tool watch) since it’s made in Germany. I lived there for many years and found German products the most reliable of all.

  • Alex Van Slyke

    I love the fact that German watches are understated. The most important thing about a German watch is how well it works and keeps time for its owner. That being said, the simple beauty of German engineering always comes through in the looks category as well. Simple, extremely well-made and reliable – in addition to being bulletproof.

  • Mr. Snrub

    I like that their price point keeps the Swiss honest.

  • Lord Dunsany

    Organized and efficient design. Give me a good German-made anything, any day!

  • Dig Dug

    Love the functional yet well-considered design decisions.

  • Gord Hay

    German watches just look slick and clean!

  • honeywhite

    I am drawn to their functionality and durability – they’re also really attractive!

  • rodrigo

    German “tool” watches speaks for construction quality and a well tought design. Also, they usually fly under the radar and appeals for a person that does not need to impress others by their mainstream luxury warch brands.

  • Sarah Marie Vegrandis

    This is amazing!

  • Elliot

    Like a lot of the other German watches, the tool watches look very neat and are not cluttered. Plus you know the quality is there as well

  • Candoman BC

    Sail me away with Seven Seas

  • Gregg Turcich

    look forward to seeing how it looks on my wrist!

  • Bogdobbler

    What appeals to me about German “tool watches” is the uncluttered functionality and precision.

  • Luminous Angel

    I find it interesting that German Tool watches are made from materials such as submarine steel.

  • Nikhil Edward

    Their rugged resilience to the elements, wear, and hard conditions

  • Melanie Borhi

    I love the style and look of the watch .

  • HS

    Another great German watch from Glashutte!

  • Tirthak Shah

    German tool (most) watches = Clean uncluttered, unadorned design, solid construction, understated.
    This Tutima also looks very nice.

  • Victor Iova

    That the order of the development process is: to be a tool, to be ergonomic and then to have a “classic” design not influenced so much about passing tendencies

  • P.Panagiotidis

    The design

  • Punsanga

    German tool watches look simple and reliable that it

  • TheWeddingPresent

    What attracts me to German watches is their clear readability, their often Bauhaus/original designs, their reliability and their build quality.

  • Prasenjit Enigmatic Nandi

    German watches are better value for money, clean and uncluttered dials, minimalist design and simplistic take on watches!!

  • Alexander V

    German tool watches are highly legible, look and feel like they’re built to take a beating and walk away, still telling the time and just offer great value for money and useful features for real life.

  • papadakisk

    Easy to read dial

  • Daniele Bonaldo

    German watches like this one really go deep into the essence of what a tool should be: durable, solid, incredibly efficient.
    For a watch this translated to great dial legibility but with a nice-looking design

  • Douglas Johnson

    “Tool” watches have a unique aesthetic; they are a great accessory to make a subtle change to your style.

  • Pushkin_84

    Having owned a host of Sinn and Stowa watches in the past, I like the German watches for their readability, functionality and rugedness. My UX retired the Submariner to the watch box for the past month.

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    I love german “tool watches” and german watches in general.
    German watches have a simple and clean look, smart and clever design, and they are very well known for their resistance in time. The best option for a very good watch and these watches are not so expensive.

  • Tomaz Moreira

    what most appeal on me about german tool watchs are that being a tool watch they are solid constructed, but without losing that really well made and finished sensation

  • SeanM

    I like the clean design of German watches

  • PekkaP

    I like the simplicity and functionality of German tool watches.

  • Chris Bos

    To be in love with a watch, you have to look out for beauty.

  • Andrey Turchaninov

    What most appeals to you about German “tool watches.” ? Well, I`ve been at the Glashutte museum in 2013, and I`ve seen all of their watches there, histories about the manufacture and everything, that was possible to know. The most “tool watch” — as for me — was and is — Chronographs. Urofa-made wathes, as Glashutte or Hanhart –any of them –are highly precised, quality and tool-watches. They were made for air-forces, so–what can be more tool, then Urofa?))

  • Chris


  • Joe Lim

    German tool watches are functional, built like tanks and highly legible. Their toughness makes it perfect for any occasion.

  • Joel

    Very Nice! Clean looking and a Quality.

  • Keith Alden

    Very functional. Very cool.

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    I like the clear distinct readability of the German tool watches.

  • Epichartou

    Form follows function!

  • Daniel Park

    The rugged look

  • Jarred Edgecombe

    I like the simple design combined with it’s ruggedness.

  • ads_75

    I really like the Seven Seas on the strap for this instead of the bracelet.

  • Shawn Lavigne

    what appeals to me about german tool watches? where to start… Germans make good stuff. they usuallly have a no-nonsense aesthetic that appeals to me, think sinn. lots of different technologies that make for a more durable and reliable piece, think damasko. and did i mention that germans make it. germans make proper watches.

  • Gladys M

    I am a big fan of the style and the durability of these watches.

  • Mark

    I really like the looks of these M2 Seven Seas watches. For me it is, as with most German Tool Watches, the legibility. You can easily and clearly see the time. I love the mate blue face. I know most people say blue has been over done, but not for me.

  • Tom Venables

    What I really Like about the German Tool Watches is the clarity of the dial.
    Clean well marked and easily read.

  • Siddharth Rao

    Bold style and pragmatic approach to telling time.

  • Patrick Kinsey

    I have always had a love for the German watch makers. The quality is unmatched in my opinion. These time pieces will last for generations if taken care of.

  • Kevin Peterson

    unique aesthetic; they are a great accessory to make a subtle change to your style.

  • Roberto Paleari

    Clean design and dial legibility.

  • Dean

    I like the clean minimalist look.

  • Xavier Higuera

    Nice n’ easy does it everytime, what a nice watch.

  • sam-b

    I like their high quality and durability at a fair price. Most of them show a clear design which will never become obsolete. My favorites are Sinn aviator watches & Stowa divers…

  • AM

    It oozes the look of reliability and practicality, without the cheap frills and extras. Just like the quintessential image of German engineering.

  • Joel Woodward

    I like the clean, straight forward design. Something about it just says; precision.

  • Abderrahmane

    I like the clean minimalist look.

  • Theresa A.

    I like its classic clean look – I think German ‘tool watches’ are crafted for quality, precision and aesthetics.

  • Ryan Teoh

    What really appeals to me about the German tool watches are their readability and fuss free aesthetics that make for a polished look.

  • Stephen C

    I’d expect the fit and finish of a German tool watch to be high quality, given their reputation for precision machining. I’d expect that’s quite a challenge in titanium

  • James Howlett

    Beautiful watch. Simple, elegant and you know it will be reliable.

  • bdeshaies

    I like that they look like instruments. Not a fashion or luxury piece, but a time measuring instrument. Like something you would find in a lab, a workshop or on a plane dashboard.

  • ChrisA

    The tool watches are for instant clarity of time reading and understated excellence in all other aspects of performance and design.

  • David Humphrey

    I love the legibility!

  • ted

    What is most appealing to me about German “tool watches is their rich history,including ww2

  • schnoodle

    I find the fact that it has 500 meters of water-resistance the most appealing feature about this German tool watch

  • Stephanie Phelps

    What appeals to me is the timelessness of it and the quality of the workmanship!

  • Dave Ryan

    The craftsmanship, and adherence to a no nonsense piece.

  • Jeff Kolodny

    What an awesome giveaway!!! What I find appealing about a German tool watch is the fact that while they are fine watches you can wear them without others thinking “Expensive Watch”.
    However, many watch lovers will be somewhat familiar with your German Tool watch.

  • Chris Albanese

    What I like the best about German tool watches is the excellent regulation of the movements and the engineering innovations

  • basnobua

    German tool watches are appealing because of their uncluttered easily read dials, bulletproof construction (as much as is possible in a mechanical piece), and the eschewing of complications and accouterments that have little or no function. In a word, utilitarian.

  • Marlene V

    I love the look of these watches.

  • Ricky Esquibel

    The Tutima M2 Seven Seas dive watch is a beast and absolutely love the titanium case finish!

  • Marcus Fischer

    clean design, excellent choice of materials, reliability. Simply the “Made in Germany” – without the Diesel-Desaster 😉

  • ?l Soon

    The strong rugged metal-ish type watch like the German Panzer tank, that screams “Made in Germany” just by looking at it. Of course, having that sentence “Made in Germany” is great.

  • Philipp Forsthuber

    Made in Germany seems much more tool like and reliable than made in Switzerland. I don’t know why 🙂

  • McFly998

    Everything i love about German tool watches can be summed up in 1 word: Perfection.
    Ladies and gentlemen, i give you the Lange & Sohne – double split.

  • War Jonson

    Beautiful diver, who needs Swiss when you have the Germans and Japanese

  • jonathan walmsley

    Wow, this looks great. German watches are all no-nonsense efficiency over bling. The last bastion of the tool watch!

  • David Stoddart

    Mmmm want one please!

  • Bobby Creel

    Please pick me!

  • Steven Servantez

    I like the style and history of German watches

  • eboldo

    Durability and design.

  • manivelle

    I love the chutzpah of the term “tool watch,” or perhaps it’s just the abject imaginative poverty that prevents anyone from coming up with a better term than “tool watch.” My other watches, I guess, are just glittery bangles.

  • Jorge Robles

    Tutima watches have always been simple quality watches that were and still are robust, with dials that are easy and clear to read, always nice design and built, and that provide a big bang for my money. I used to have the Tutima 5100 Flieger Chronograph in Titanium. What a great watch it was!!! As readable as any other in the market and comparable as the likes from Omega, Orfina/PorscheDesign or TAG/Heuer. That watch was sturdy and so reliable that I used it as my daily watch and never failed. It was serviced just three times in the almost 20 years I had it, and was still running strong in 2011. It is a shame that I sold it some years ago, but I still have very fond memories from that watch. And this Tutima m2 Seven Seas is in the same position: Attractive, well built, with a strong, robust, but simple presence, and with 500 m water resistance!!!. I think we have a winner here that compares in reliability with the best in the market, and at a MSRP of 1900.00 USD is a bargain!!!! The Omegas, Rolexes, TAGs and others are more expensive than this one and they are not in Titanium, Titanium being even more expensive when coming from those brands (Except Rolex- it has no Titanium equivalent).

  • Jesse Sherer

    The sense that you are wearing a mechanical piece of work rather than simply a fashion statement is the appeal of a “German tool watch. It might not even be true, but the reputation of German engineering proceeds itself.

    Cool watch.

  • Mike B

    They always seem to look great, not compromising aesthetics for utility.

  • DanW94

    Quality of construction, sensible utilitarian designs = German tool watches.

  • Mike Andrews

    Quality and Durability are what I find most appealing about German tool watches.

  • Whoisi

    Safe and secure is German tool watch.

  • Andrew Hughes

    You are right, Tutima does not get enough airplay in the US market, which is a shame. Just type in Tutima in an eBay search and you will see several examples of excellent German tool watches from the past. This modern dive watch has a wonderful design and would be a superstar in my collection (fingers crossed!!!)

  • circlesof

    Some mechanical watches require you to be extra cognizant of their presence, should you dare wear them. Not so with the hardy German tools! Just strap them on and do whatever the hell you want.

  • Laurie W

    German tool watches are understated and sensible.

  • Pilotwatches

    German tools watches means quality and simplicity… no need for a lot of embellishment to traduce the functionality of such watches.

  • Sylvain Goraczka

    German tool watches are simple and straight forward but in a non over simplistic way and represent german engineering at his finest

  • Jayden Navarro

    I like the simplicity in design and that they last forever

  • Rodney Stone

    Great watch with a nice clear dial and the bonus of being made of Titanium, this would be a keeper

  • Christian Kipp

    German Tool watches are often simple with a little bit of understatement. Reduced to function and design. I really like Junghans, Sinn and Tutima.

  • Tres

    I like this watch. German tool watches tend to have a clean, utilitarian, design. There are may occasions when an unfussy watch is what is needed.

  • Allen Ross

    I really like the solid and heavy robust look of German tool watches.

  • John Fromularo

    Good looking,easy to read and masculine looking. Very nice.

  • Stephen Wright

    They seem to have a style of their own where the watch still looks like a tool to be used rather than a piece of jewelry like some Swiss tool watches.

  • Jaycee

    I love the idea of a jewelry piece being useful and practical, and not simply something to look at. At the same time, I enjoy the simplicity of this watch and the fact that it looks more like a “tool” rather than just a jewelry piece.

  • Atlee Elmont

    I have always liked products that were over-engineered to last and take a beating, and German tool watches fit that bill.

  • What most appeals to me about German “tool watches” are the engineering behind it. I am an engineer myself and you can never go wrong with tutima.

  • Felix Romero

    Often you hear the phrase Function over Fashion, but in the case of German “tool watches”, you have the benefit of getting both – function in a fashionable look!

  • Arik Gurevich

    The no frills down to work functionality

  • Khoi T

    I’ve got a German made Kemmner 007 and love the quality attained at a reasonable price point.

  • tommy2sweet

    This would be excellent for work for anyone in my line of work. As a pastry chef, I need a watch that is truly water resistant as I must wash my hands about 50 times a shift,plus working around steam and moisture a good deal of the time. Simple, clean reading with no complications to distract from keeping an eye on how long something is in a process of production. I could definitely feel on top of things wearing this watch. Plus German made, got to love that!

  • Joshua Mark Halperin

    Very nice! Utilitarian.

  • Brian Bezel

    Like the VW Beetle…German Tool Watches are study, functional, utilitarian and sensibly priced.

  • Mark ZuVerink

    To be honest? The thing I like about the German tool watches (especially pilot style watches) is the horribly bland aesthetic. Somehow they pull it off, likely due to the precision engineering. Makes the whole piece feel very technical

  • Nibbz Tariviran

    To me, German tool watches not only impeccably serve the desired function (the tool part, like whether it’s a diver, flieger, choronograph, etc…) but they always go above and beyond and end up incorporating many other super useful functions and complications that generally transcends through watch categories. & let’s not forget about their excellence in craftsmanship and engineering as a whole, as well.


  • Jacky Yau

    German tool watches have the perfect balance between utility, durability and masculinity.

  • Daniel Greengarten

    I love the look of this piece, both clean and stylish

  • Bojan Matijevic

    Can’t wait to take it diving!

  • Jake True

    I love german tool watches because they are so clean!

  • Kimberly Murat

    I love the slight ruggedness of the tool watches. Complete functional.

  • Eugeny Buslaev

    Nice watch! I’m begining game.

  • Katy

    I love how the tool watches are so hefty and solid while also being refined and precise.

  • Ulysses31

    What appeals the most to me is the expression of their no-compromise values of reliability, toughness, and precision.

  • Christopher Redhead

    I love the no nonsense design of German tool watches and these Tutimas are great examples.

  • Hansen Richardo

    wat a classic watch u got mate

  • Raine

    German tool watches are appealing because they are usually over engineered and are built to withstand anything you throw at it.

  • L H

    I love that the German tool watches are sturdy.

  • kramdrallim

    Anything Tutima do seems to ooze cleanliness and efficiency and these are no exception.I for one am a fan of the clean ,efficient lines of the German tool watch style. Love it.

  • mikeinak14

    I like the matte blue dial

  • Riando Sembiring

    It’s a product made in Germany, what’s not to like?

  • Michael

    German tools watches generally really appeal to me for their engineering. Where some of them might use off the shelf Swiss movements from ETA etc. they more than make up for it by over engineering the watch as an overall package. Compare this to German cars for example; while there might be better or more economical engines available from other non German brands, very often, as an overall package, German cars are impossible to beat. The same goes for their watches. The other great thing about almost anything made in Germany is the build quality. Regardless of what the item is, German build quality is usually great!

  • Col Angus

    Design and build quality puts German tool watches at the top of the industry!

  • David Watson

    German tool watches represent a really good value in my opinion. I’ve only had first hand experience with Sinn and Junghans, but German watches offer a similar level of quality and sophistication as higher priced Swiss watches.

  • Benjamin Denay

    Nice watch! German utility watches are a good value and serve their purpose.

  • Jonathan Davies

    They are clean, simple, built to last and are always ready to prove themselves. They don’t rely on being flashy to attract people, they rely on their reputation.

  • Ealaag

    I believe that German watches (and tools in general) have very smooth high quality finishes. They seem to have superior processes to coat metal than those available elsewhere.

  • Anthony Dimaano

    German watches are the coolest, and tutima is certainly under rated!

  • Astronuts

    Ze Germans has gute design ya?

  • Alistair Salmon

    I think what appeals most to me is the pedigree that comes with a German tool watch dating back to the original Pilot watches used in the military. You have the quality of materials and finish that is almost inherent with anything German made as well so it is almost guaranteed to be durable, silky smooth, and most importantly for a tool watch, reliable.

  • RaOl

    Actually most of the time I wear my beloved Steinhart Military – chunky and “rough” timepiece on nato strap. Tool watches perfectly suit my style 😉

  • John Agwazim

    Looks smart and built to withstand tough weather conditions.

  • Jason Tsang

    Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas

  • Abdul H

    Clean, tough, cool.

  • Lyndon Louie

    Looks like the lugs are hidden. Nice little extra detail from a tool watch.

  • Marcus Santos

    I’d say the clean design. It screams “efficient” to me.

  • Joseph Jordan

    I love the versatility of tool watches. You’re never afraid of getting dirty or rough with them!

  • Brian Leenheer

    What I love about German tool watches is their elegantly clean design.

  • Gerard Cardinal

    I like watches that have a defined purpose, like a diver, or a pilot, and the Germans do that very well.

  • Matt L

    German engineering reflects the precision and seriousness of the German culture, leading to remarkable tool watches that are superbly constructed, perfectly legible, and have a well defined pupose.

  • jerry

    I like the lack of gimmicks. You get what you need.

  • anonymous

    It looks solid. As usual. German products.

  • Carlos Trejo Vázquez

    Thanks for the generous giveaway, Tutima is a solid brand and I’d love to include it on the collection

  • Konstantinos

    Solid construction with a precise purpose but never lacking elegant design!

  • eliabethp

    I like the precision.

  • Tom Wisdom

    The solid look and feel of German watches paired with their reliability

  • larry

    Love the industrial German style!!

  • Gerard Lai

    German tool watches combined the best of practicality, refined design and functionality.

  • Lance Litwin

    I love the tidy design, and solid construction of the German watches.

  • James Tan

    Functionality and rugged good looks.

  • Sam Ward

    German tool watches have very clean designs and don’t look fragile.

  • Dan Eraso

    The thing with german watches is that you want them to be bangers, to be beaters. Unfortunately price is not always in line with this. I have a watch with 216L steel bruised (not polished) and i love that the watch is all scratched and banged. It gives it personality.

  • Joerg Pasch

    Fantastic looking watch ! “Form follows function” that is what I like about German tool watches. The look means business, without being too serious . just like the Mühle Glashütte Seebataillon GMT. Greetings from Germany ;.)

  • DrFrancky

    Nice watch.

  • Andrew G

    German tool watches generally seem to have a brutal utilitarianism about them. Every detail is thought out.

  • Puluto Durumo

    These pieces are great. Like them, just as the Sinn line-up. These particular german watches are so simple and functional. Sometimes you need art in a watch, but sometimes legibility, and ease of use are the most important.

  • Burazer

    German tool watches are quintessential timepieces. They are built to perform and last and are designed to be functional. Personally, I addore the simple, yet effective combination of strong, contrast colors and use of mat vs. polished surfaces, uplifting their legibility to the highest level.
    Tutima, Sinn, Damasko – die besten drei der Welt!

  • Trevor Hirst

    There are a few things that I have loved about German tool watches.

    The first is that they are designed to be able to withstand everything that an owner will ever experience, and then some.

    The next is that they are reliable and accurate, which is what you want a tool watch to be.

    Lastly, I love the fact that German watches aren’t Swiss. Everyone thinks that a great timepiece must be Swiss, and I agree that they make amazing pieces, but there are plenty of amazing German brands out there that can go head to head with the Swiss and even best them.

  • Andrew

    I like the industrial design language of German watches as well as their use of hardened metals.

  • Matthew Moy

    I think of functionality and reliability when it comes to German tool watches. They also appeal to me from a design perspective, as the simplicity and practicality make me feel as though I’m getting my hands dirty (even though I’m actually sitting at a computer at work all day).

  • Robert Ritchie

    Efficient design on a wrist band.

  • Tainan Lu

    German tool watches have very clean designs

  • Craig Daniels

    German tool watches are like German cars: sylish, extremely well-engineered for their purpose, top quality. Elegant and efficient.

  • Paul Goebel

    Beautiful watches, especially with the red second hand and how the threading on the strap aligns to the shading of the dial or second hand. What I like most about German tool watches is their elegant utilitarianism. They have a way of being both practical and attractive.

  • Chan Kuen

    Tutima M2 Seven Sea is an eye catching watch which I have actually been looking however there is no luck to purchase this model in Hong Kong. The best of German watches is ‘less is more’, the dial, the hands are just very simple but elegant. The blue dial is also amazing which is no question about it.

  • Power Honolulu

    What appeals to me the most is how versatile German tool watches are.

  • David Sparks

    There’s a rugged no nonsense to them. Simple and does the job.

  • Jesse B. Jiang

    Clean, simple and masculine!

  • I really like the utility of tool watches. Regardless what I’m up to, either in the water or racing, I can trust the reliability of these timepieces. I’ve yet to own a German one, but one day I will!

  • Shravan Duraisamy

    Clean, precision and value for money.

  • Danijel Tojagic

    I love German watches and prefer them on Swiss. Value for money is just great and product quality is excellent. They last.

  • Treadsoftly

    Rugged looks and great reliability is what most appeals to me about German tool watches.

  • Joshua Smith

    German tool watches focus on the necessary without a lot of flash or excess. This ensures confidence in the functioning, accuracy, and durability of the timepiece.

  • Michael Yang

    My vote for the best shade of blue I’ve seen on a watch. Time to save up…

  • Duffy Olson

    Love a good tool watch. Usefulness and utility are the best features of a watch and tool watches represent this the best. They make the best daily watch.

  • Andrew

    Im a big fan of tool watches with an instrument aesthetic – Bold markings without highly precise demarcations, a “gauge-like” look, minimalist without really trying to be. The titanium and kevlar components are a nice touch, giving it a modern industrial feel. I have a titanium wedding ring, and this is the kind of piece that would look great with it every day.

  • Siwash

    I’m an American of German heritage, and my family keeps some German customs. In fact, we’re teaching our son the language as a starter, prior to doing some hiking in Europe.

    Would love a German watch on my wrist, especially the blue make. So of course “Made in Germany” would be the most appealing thing to me.

  • Michael J. Dulude

    I love tool watches. I think the thing that appeals most to me about them is the “form follows function” aesthetic.

  • MCT

    Along with the rugged, everyday wear characteristics, I also appreciate the minimalist dial designs prevalent within the tool watch genre. The German reputation for mechanical engineering excellence offers an additional source of pride in ownership of these fine time pieces.

  • JC

    For me it is simplicity – the tool watch is designed for a single purpose and from a blank sheet to the most detailed design factors they are designed entirely around achieving the goal.

  • Josh Chessman

    Nice watch. Would love to use it when diving. Or snorkeling. Or swimming. Or walking.

  • Ovidiu Benia

    Great German engineering and design tool watch: clean, simple, attractive, high performance and robust.

  • Jeff NZ

    Legibility and durability – all that matters in an every day watch.

  • Mohammad Ardyanto

    German reliability with Swiss precision, champion …

  • William

    Tutima has been a brand I find attractive in terms of they make a quality no nonsense product. I like that they keep it simple which make for great legibility. German watches to me are typically no nonsense in terms of their functionality and legibility making for great tool watches.

  • Jon Catuccio

    Proprietary strap but oh well, I’m interested!

  • German Lopez

    What most appeals to me about german tool watches is how “clunky” they are, meaning they are built tough to take on an everyday beating.

  • Brandon SB

    German tool watches are tools that, as an engineer, leave me satisfied knowing the priorities in design were primarily fiction and form, before aesthetics.

  • Dan Dienemann

    utilitarian/german – match made in heaven

  • Alex van Rensburg

    German Precision. You just know a German tool watch will be perfectly constructed and bombproof with absolute attention to detail.

  • C. Dator

    M2 Seven Seas
    Withstands Every Pressure.
    I cannot agree more. As in life, the challenge is to withstand every pressure and surmount every challenge. This watch is extremely waterproof, shock resistant and robust. And the kevlar strap is an excellent match to the overall appeal of this tool watch.

  • MY

    You just know that the watch maker was a meticulous person that thought about every aspect of the watch and how it will be used. Sure, there’s precision, great metals, and movement, but great German tool watches are always made by people who think about how the watch wearer will use the watch and feel when they’re using and wearing it.

  • Taylor Glenn

    German watches in general are not common. It would be an interesting talking point to have a piece that was from some place other than Japan or Switzerland.

  • Kevin Dodge

    German tool watches are awesome because German made steel is the best. Most of my kitchen cutlery along with my straight edge razor are German steel, they’ve never chipped and are easy to sharpen and hone.
    I love, love, love dive watches, this is perfect for me. Most dive watches I wouldn’t take spear fishing but this one I would trust to actually use in the water. I want it!

  • Victor Omge

    In the Hands-on you speak about the weird choice of black and blue but somehow… it fits together.
    A really beautiful watch with German engineering heart

  • Nate White

    I dig the somewhat spartan aesthetic, ultimate legibility and usability, and straightforward purposefulness of the German tool watch tradition. Tutima, specifically, has a sort of retro, yet modern approach, that just doesn’t go out of style.

  • Stephanie

    I love the different style (looks) from most other watches. German watches just seem to be made better & able to withstand most anything. That’s something to strive for…

  • David

    I love the simplistic and utilitarian designs that these German tool watches have.

  • Elias Schön

    The history.

  • Brian McCourt

    What I love the most is the absolute ruggedness of this watch. It’s got everything you need in a nearly indestructible package. Love Love Love the day/date complication.

    • Andrew

      I agree – this watch is a tank! Titanium and Kevlar? Now thats what Im talkin about!

  • sitnstew

    I enjoy the rugged look of tool watches

  • bastien koert

    The ruggedness of a watch is super appealing to me. I am hard on watches

  • Adam Grizzly Wilkinson-Moore

    Looks like a nice sold diver. I certainly like to try something with a titanium case.

  • Carlos Roberto Yugcha Astudill

    German tool watches…mmm! Two words: understated reliability!

  • George Gecko

    You can trust a german watch, looks solid and has a vintage/retro look with a modern touch, quiet nice watches.

  • Duncan Gray

    They are intricate and elaborate but that shows in the engineering – the materials used, the legible design, the no-nonsense approach – rather than showing off how clever they are. That honesty and focus on what matters to do the job is the what a tool watch is.

  • gab

    You guys have great articles! i can easily spend a whole day browsing the site

  • Tim Calvert

    German watches – engineered for durability and robustness. To be used as a “tool” watch and not a desk beater.

  • Pensive Dog

    They are often well made with a distinct German character for the design, and often affordably priced too. Who doesn’t like that? I have some German heritage which also makes these tool watches particularly appealing to me.

  • Alex

    Very nice. German watches are very often tasteful affairs, where efficiency and functionality meet understated design. They radiate class, and confidence.

  • Dominick Jones

    I’m ready to win a watch!

  • Alessandro Montanari

    Perhaps I like German watches because of their simple yet pure and raw design elements. This is clearly the design language here. Very nice indeed.

  • M Ike

    I am a fan of diving watches, as they represent sophisticated technique. This Tutima looks good and durable plus the Tutima brand is known for their quality watches

  • Jay

    German tool watches are simple and straight to the point.

  • David Parrish

    Can’t wait to get this sports watch in the water, where it belongs!!!

  • Yuri

    What appeals to me most is their usability in a workplace. I want a watch that will stand up to the environment where I would use it.

  • Ritesh Sirigiri

    German Tool Watches are versatile and don’t need to be babied like your typical Dress and Casual watches. I think that should stand for something. There are many different watches for many different professions with each watch having a specific function. Divers being suited for underwater use, Speedmasters being good for manned space missions, etc. I think German tool watches are like a “jack of all trades” and have a little bit of everything in terms of versatility and use.

  • bzerv

    I like German tool watches because of their chaste design & sturdiness.

  • Ingu Kang

    German tool watches are nice because of their simplicity and endurance.

  • Its toolish design and precise engineering is what draws me to German watches.

  • Jean-François Moscato

    Utilitarian, elegant, dependable. Quintessentially German.


    In my opinion these german-made watches, or so called “tool watches”, are the perfect example of a beautiful and perfectly designed chimera. The fact that you feel totally confident to wear these watches with suit and can comfortably keep it on while you pull-up your sleeves to change a flat tire… is a total bliss. A couple of decades ago this was total nonsense or mainly inconceivable, but germans did it.

  • Joshua

    A very nice watch! I would love to have one in my collection!

  • Matt Thomas

    Tool watches, especially German ones, are timeless representations of pure function that inspire confidence and radiate masculinity while resisting outlandish displays of opulence or vulgar excess – attributes every man should aspire to.

  • Emmanuel Garcia

    I’ve always lusted for a Tutima, German engineering with a little bit of swiss mixed in. Amazing.



  • Tony Duronio

    Robust cases and excellent fit and finish. Tutima

  • David Stoddart

    They are made in Germany!

  • J Wysong

    I like that German “tool watches” are straightforward. They remind me of a few lessons I had with a German trumpet teacher. I liked that his advice was so focused on making me better. I think German watches are good at avoiding the overly visual impression, but rather do just what it’s meant to do, but at the highest level of attention. Been looking at Tutima for a long time. I’d see myself wearing this a lot.

  • John

    I love their combination of elegance and functionality. The watches above are not bedecked with glitzy and gaudy extras, but they are gorgeous nonetheless; they find beauty in their forms without stepping outside of their practical functions, and that is very appealing to me.

  • Jun Lee

    I like that they don’t try to be something they’re not and being straightforward in their identity of being “tool” watches,.

  • Joe Slevin

    They look amazing

  • wilzoon wilson

    I love their “no non-sense” and straight forward look. When you look at German tool watches you know straight away the purpose of the watches without secondguessing them

  • Hector

    I love the simplicity of the German watches.

  • Dimitrios

    What I love about German watches is their legibility and reliability. And for me, legibility and reliability is a watch’s most important function. That’s what a watch’s fundamental purpose is. And Tutima is all about legibility and reliability. I should only be so lucky to own a Tutima in my lifetime.


    What I love the most of German watches are their durability and simple design. Also: Titanium and Kevlar? Awesome!

  • IVA the LT

    I want, I want, I want, I want….

    I think my favorite thing about German tool watches is that the tool aspect rarely comes in second place; it’s typically at the forefront of all design aspects of the watch.

  • M?n Phi

    wow the watch looks solid

  • Matt Parker

    The Bauhaus union of form and function with simplicity is what I admire most about this watch.

  • Anas

    Simplicity and design are what i admire the most about tool watches.

  • Christophe Maesschalck

    Solid, simple though stylish toolwatch!

  • Deepak Katwa

    Can’t go wrong with German Tool Watches….German engineering…over engineered by miles

  • Simeon Aleksiev

    Their styling is unique, the attention to detail is amazing and they are though tool watches.

  • Jeremy Tanaja

    Although I don’t really know that much about German Watches, I do know that German watches are a result of value through work disciplines combined with amazing engineering. If I’ve heard rumors and whispers that speaks German Tool Watches can be considered as a “crème de la crème” of tool watches, I think that’s appealing enough for me!

  • Ionut Simion

    I like their reliability, style and the craftsmanship of the makers.

  • Abdiashim Abdulla

    I like German tool watches for their reliability and resilience. While being made for particular purpose they look good both in field and with dress. They are mechanical and engineering work of art that creates unique value and heritage. They can be passed on to your kids and you will attach unique memories of adventures you have been through with them. They will survive dirt, salt sea water and storm as if it a no big deal and you can rock them on every day. They also carry a unique flair of German engineering, creating a feel that this watch is almost invincible. That is why I love German tool watches.


  • Matt Williams

    I like the German tool watches for their in house tech and their attention to detail to modify the movement they use rather than just settling for the norm

  • Asif Tebani

    lovely ,simple though stylish toolwatch!

  • Zach Riggs

    The legibility of German tool watches is second to none. Nothing extraneous.

  • Demetre Gvaramia

    Beautiful watch. It has that “tool” watch look without losing the elegance.

  • Parin

    Looks like a good tool / activity watch for my bike rides! I hope i win!

  • great watch looks great

  • Cash Simpson

    German watches are fun.

  • MBacc

    I hope it runs like their Trains?

  • Kathleen Hershner

    A newcomer to the watch world. Have learned a lot from this blog. Thanks. Love the name too. <3

  • Imre Kovács

    I always liked these unique timepieces

  • Kun László

    German tool watches have very well-built, logical and durable structure and they are simply indestructible.

  • Julius Kokko Ekholm

    German tool watches are all about “Fingerferdigkeit” and reliability. They are all about the “tool”, what you actually should use the watch for and nothing else. That is what appeals most to me.

  • DB

    I think German watches stand out for the value proposition and for the distinct (though copied) utilitarian-ism that runs through their designs. Plus they seem so well made.

  • Anette Rasmussen

    German watch is wonderful combination of elegance and functionality

  • Brian Scanlon

    Great combo of sleek and size

  • Steve

    Love the design, simple with some homagerie but has it’s own look and feel.
    Been shopping for a nice titanium diver for a while, and very please to see it comes with Tit. bracelet or Kevlar strap!

  • Brian Russell

    German designs, whether these or NOMOS, or others, tend to say “clean” to me.

  • RalphT1

    Really like to own that type of German quality and design.
    Beautiful watch.

  • Guy De Ridder

    I like the no frills, it does what it says on the box approach.

  • Eradsilky Sylcox

    such sexiness and moxy in a watch!

  • Jimmy Tan

    Real nice watch!

  • AghastinFL

    I especially like titanium on watches like this, the weight is better worn over the course of many days, weeks, etc and the color suits my personal pallettte.
    Good water resistance, a strong automatic movement and a striking color combination that’s the measure of a tool watch for me.

  • Frederic Lambert

    The design, German watches have a great no nonsense approach to their built. All the necessities and requirements of a great tool watch are there. They are designed to match their purpose and expectations are always met.

  • Seweryn

    That they are not Swiss 🙂

  • arrvoo

    You know with a German tool watch that the engineering and quality control will be top notch. It’s what they do

  • Lee Molnar

    cant beat german precision

  • PAltares

    I have been a big fan of German watches, pilot/flieger and divers especially, since I really got “in to” watches. Tutima, Sinn, Damasko, Stowa, etc. I can appreciate some luxury aspects in watches, but that really isn’t what moves me in a watch. I like for a watch to be best designed for its purpose, and really appreciate well designed and applied features that serve that. Traditional German design just speaks to me personally more than most. Excellent giveaway, and good luck to everyone.

  • Mediocre Watchman

    Great looking watch! I am a fan of Tutima (and most of the simple dial German watches). Usually being a fan of bracelets, this Tutima actually wears the strap very well. It gives an extra bit of personality sometimes lost in the simple design watches.

  • Carl Chang

    Great watch! I like the titanium case with 500 meters of water-resistance!

  • John Lambe

    What I like most about Tutima from the Latin tutus meaning safe is that this describes exactly what Tutima tool watches are. Well designed watches you can buy safe in the knowledge that you have purchased a quality and robust purpose designed wrist watch that won’t let you down.

  • Michael Young

    The steady look of the construction of the watch body. And bold look of the numbers and bold rich color of the watch face.

  • nfromto

    I really like the clean look of some of the German divers. Very nice

  • ??? ?????? ???? ????

    I admire the careful choice of materials and the precision of machining


  • Graham Congdon

    German tool watches seem to be over-engineered when it comes to construction and materials and that is something to look for in a tool watch that will see some hard use.

  • Basil Othman

    Well built, dependable, and accurate

  • bert gillespie

    Like the clean German tool look couldn’t see the blue face model on their web site would love to win this one!

  • nextgengentry nextgengentry

    this watch and i belong together!!! <3 german reliability + suiss accuracy is something i need to own!

  • Aenaos

    I find this “tool-watch”necessary when I go spearfishing.What appeals to me for German tool watches is the quality control,top materials and survivability of the watch in diving and spearfishing conditions.

  • Ezra

    at least one molecule in the watch has passed through angela merkels digestive system

  • Mahnoor Fatima

    german watches are so luxe and so “tough”. plus it helps how hardy they are

  • mysticslot

    i like it!

  • Cagbass

    I like how robust and well made German tool watches are from vintage fliegers to more modern items. Their quality is always top notch.

  • Marshall Smoak

    German watches are built thought and made to last.

  • Jason

    Great German brand, would be proud to wear one

  • Ross Piper

    Love a German piece, clinical and tough

  • Daniel Chng

    German tool watches are overwhelmingly understated, giving the look of a great watch without shouting it out too loudly

  • zachary mann

    German utility watches are like German cars – with great focus on production & user performance. Sheer perfection!

    Would be an absolute DREAM to own this watch!

  • Rhobot

    I want to see the difference between the quality of a fine German watch compared with that of one of Swiss or Japanese origin.

  • g vd linden

    Germans aren’t kidding around when it comes to engineering. Hell, they aren’t even
    remotely funny even if they try!

    Quality and ruggedness. Might not be the most original features to mention what I like most in German tool watches, but it’s exactly what made German engineering famous.

  • Talha Yaqoob

    German “tool watches”, define for me the most as robust. I’ve been wearing swiss watches for quite a time and are well for luxury but as i’ve seen tool watches or should I say sports watches; design, purpose and durability matters the most as a definition for which Germany is known for years. When you wear a German Tool watch you sense a purpose of it and it gives you the the feeling and purpose and definition of who you are in life.

  • tknospdr

    Same reason I love my German handgun. It looks good and always works!

  • T m

    I have always liked the purposeful look and the stoic tool like feel of the german tool watches. They just sits there, on your wrist, in a germanic sorta way … keen , efficient and sharpe. A bit like a well trained Alsatian.

    I was so close to buying one in orange (di300) , alas it didnt happen.

  • Jan Gruszczy?ski

    They are of amazing quality, and just do their job well

  • Doober

    They are well constructed, and tough without being too ostentatious.

  • Carl Chothia

    I enjoy the utilitarian nature of tool watches,they seem purpose made and their beauty is found herein ,the purpose for which they are made,to work under all circumstances

  • NGoes

    German watches have always appealed to me. I think it’s the simple aesthetic. ‘Tool’ watches like this one have that, and also a non-nonsense functionality to match. I like the blue one!

  • Alvaro Hart

    German watches are well built, dependable, and accurate. Perfect combination.

  • ZOE

    These timepieces are utility and function over fanfare appeal. A good piece of kit with a military diver style that brings simple time telling in a neat package.

  • Fernando

    Minimalist perfection.

  • Ruadh V

    Perhaps not specific to GERMAN tool watches, but tool watches in general: I like that they get better with age. You can wear them every day and let them get beat up and they as they wear, they look better and better. I think being German just means they will last long enough to get that nice worn look.

  • larry

    The blue dial is the perfect tool watch!!

  • Dutch

    I hope I win this! Seems like a great watch!

  • madgraf

    German tool watches appeal to me as they seem to have a bit more of an industrial/clean look to them compared to their Swiss counterparts.

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    For most German tool watches I’ve seen, there has been a trend toward a form of ‘minimalism,’ with a fairly clean face. Personally, I find many fairly minimalist watches to be very attractive, since they let you focus on more of the design elements of the watch, rather than be distracted by any number of the other things going on.

  • Janko Bajagic

    German do a great job at styling their products, going from cars to watches. The Bauhaus give elegance and simplicity. The machine styles are all about being SOLID, simple, and functional.

  • calin andi

    great looking watch…I would really like one

  • JPLQ

    German tool watches have a very clean uncluttered look.

  • William Wallace

    Very clean look and well made

  • Jason Surma

    These are great. I love how efficient it is to read the time with a german tool watch. Not only are they clean/clinical/simple, but it is so easy to do what a watch was designed for – to read the time.

  • dk3

    The focus on clarity, utility, and value. Plus their penchant for over-engineering their watches because it appeals to their cultural ethos.

  • Daniel D.

    The German watches have always appealed to provide a simplistic but timeless style to their watches. Good luck to all.

  • Bizzarrini

    The no nonsense and rugged look and feel!

  • César Héctor

    When I think of German tool watches I take quality and precission as a given, but what truly pops up in my head is the focusing on the especialization of the tool so it matches the main task for which the timepiece is designed apart from the obvious telling of time. As soon as you see a German tool watch you can tell what it is designed for.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    I love the simplicity and sense of precision brought by clean lines.

  • JC

    Tech + Form + Function – Any Frilly Nonsense

  • Marlowe

    Loving the broad utilitarian transition from the case to bracelet. Smooth. The carbon bracelet is awesome.

  • Barzuma

    500 meters? I can only dive down to 5 meters! 🙂

  • edmund0996

    over engineered and well finished. And i like the substantial feel of the watch on the wrist.

  • Elijs Dima

    Best thing about German tool watches that they tend to be very “crisp” feeling: clean, solid edges, great finishing, no loose parts. (Based off of hand-on with a damasko and a stowa I’ve had)

  • Eugeny Buslaev

    The Swiss caliber T330 and German strength are characteristic for the “tool watch” from Germany. When there is a need to have a watch capable of withstanding severe external loads, the look involuntarily turns to the direction of German production. Tutima M2 Seven Seas is a perfect example of an accurate tool not only for extreme diving, but for other extreme hobbies.

  • Harry Lakin

    Form and function, just like German vehicles. No-nonsense.

  • Giuseppe Vitulli

    Nice Watch, hope I win!!!

  • Andrew Wirya

    great watch!

  • Liutauras Balsys

    Nice watch. German engineering is hard to beat.

  • dj heidihoe

    sinn is like a mechanical g-shock – i like the idea pretty much

  • Ally Porwal

    Everything about German tool watches appeals to me, all my favourite designs are German tool watches.

    The way form follows function can create a really unique aesthetic, and the German brands are often masters of this philosophy. It’s always refreshing to see a design with nothing unnecessary or frivolous on.

  • sko2386

    I like the German watch design language as a whole, the simplistic designs. The German tool watches too have traces of the simplistic base but added with the German ingenuity.

  • Mike F

    This is a good looking watch . I’d love one. Die Werkzeuguhr.

  • Omer Mohammad

    I feel like there’s a sensibility to tool watches that is unique. The design and utility of them. Mixed with the German aesthetic and background, that’s perfect. I don’t know who could do tool watches better than Germans to be honest.

  • Manuel Nuñez

    Design and reliability. Germans are top notch in those categories

  • Matt Mayer

    Ive always appreciated the utility, toughness, and innovation of German watchmaking. They rarely seem to forget to make simplicity look effortless.

  • James Fann

    The best quality of German tool watches is the no-frills design that screams “functionality” rather than being “loud”.

    Does that make sense?

  • Wandi Marco

    What appeals to me is the quality of german tool watch is top notch (they are rugged, overbuilt and can really take the abuse) and compared to the price point, its very2 compelling indeed.

  • Andreas Hjelm

    Germans are famous for their precision, thoughess and stellar quality in production. And thats all I can Ask of from a Tool watch.

  • MHH

    the toughness, durability and the design of the german tool watches never fail to amaze me. they are the best! nuff said

  • Brad Green

    Love the combination of durability and wearability, but also the attention to detail where style is concerned. This Tutima is a sharp watch…for sure.

  • Irvan Alexander

    What I love about german watches, eh? Their craftmanship, toughness, durability, and their timeless design which make them more than just a tool watch!

  • Sam

    Really underrated watch. The build looks solid, design is amazing! Would love to win this!

  • Pablo Goya

    i like the toughness and durability of the german tool watches. also ,this watch is really good looking!

  • David

    Craftmanship, precision and design.

  • Noe Blanco

    Beautiful piece thanks for the give away

  • Owen Lim

    I am not familiar with German toolwatches. But the Tutima M2 Seven Seas has a nice, unique aesthetic.

  • Art Leyenberger

    I find the German tool watches to be of very high quality and a good value for the money.

  • Nate White

    Google+ doesn’t have circles anymore, is ‘following’ what you guys are looking for?

  • William Usman

    When you hear the word “reliable watch”, the first thing that comes to mind is a Swiss made watch made in Geneva. However in recent years more and more watch manufacturers from Glashutte, Germany are changing the game and has even successfully proved the reliability of their watches in the recent past. Although generally I am not a big fan of watches made in Glashutte, this watch is truly a true German tool watch. The Tutima M2 Seven Seas emphasizes the main principle of a tool watch, simplicity. Yet it’s aesthetic is beautifully inspired by the German ocean. This particular piece also comes with a reliable movement in the form of self-winding caliber T330, which is what I particular like with this piece. Although its aesthetics might be on point it’s technical features are what I really appreciate from the watch itself. In addition to its water proofing capabilities it also comes standard with the capability to withstand shocks, making this one of the most robust watches that has ever been introduced and added into the M2 family. In addition the watch is also beautifully crafted in titanium. This watch has the aesthetics and the capabilities to make this watch one of the best German tool watches out there right now in the market. Plus German tool watches are generally well known to be crafted out of high quality materials yet are usually averagely priced making it good value for money.

  • Christian Henriksen

    My first thought on the subject was “No nonsense” which almost precludes me from commenting.

  • Edward Brucker

    This watch seems like it could survive the daily rigors of my elementary art classroom.

  • Roberto García Cela

    Inmediatly I think in medieval construction

  • Nemo SansNom

    These kind of tool watch are likely going to survive me!
    They are that reliable…

  • D Zielinski

    What I like is the simplicity. Easy to use and read. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. I really like this one in the blue.

  • Kerry O

    German Tool Watches.. some of the best built dive watches available – I need a Tutima!

  • Dan B.

    These tutimas look so good. German watchmakers really stick to functionality for the intended purpose, overengineering, and legibility without anything superfluous

  • Best thing about tool watches is the “functional” look. Perfect for the workplace or travelling, suits with the average joe look.

  • David Lasky

    Tool watches are great because they serve the specific purpose that the buyer is looking for, while being perfectly functional as an everyday watch without compromise on style or anything else. This German watchmaker is focused on this. That is what makes this watch great.

  • Michael_Walters

    Very nice tool watch

  • disqus_oyY8b9zRMS

    Out of any group of mechanical watches, German tool watches are going to have great value-for-money.

  • Benson Choi

    Tool watches are great but being German sets it apart from the plethora of Swiss and Asian made!

  • Windhund

    German toolwatches are great! Tutima has a great history of making toolwatches, but also brands like Damasko and Sinn are using great technologies to add super value! Ice hardening, tegiment hardening. Simply the best! Great value for money.

  • Carter Robinson

    I like German tool watches because their simplicity and reliability. They’re made to be useful and we’ll engineered and that’s it, but somehow these companies also find a way to make them look good. Anyways, I’d love to add this Tutima to my collection.

  • Gabriel Fernandez-Alava

    Love german tool watches for their eficiency and durability. I normally wear a steinhart.

  • Scramjet

    I love the quality and durability of German watches. I love tool watches like this one.

  • Unkdub

    The dial legibility and simplicity

  • Jeff Moulton

    German Engineering of course.

  • Mohamed Refaat

    nice tool watch, i like the 500m water resistance and the german built quality and engineering

  • RDA2

    I like the durability and “toughness” aspect…

  • Tahir Mirza

    The depth, style and price

  • Arthur Zitter

    When they are building these watches like their cars these watches are reliable. The Volkswagen Golf under the watches.

  • Xavi Meca

    German Engineering and stile.

  • Jeroen Bosch

    what an awesome watch with an simplistic design

  • Kutlubey

    German engineering..nice watch

  • Michael Claeys

    I’ve been scouting for a reasonably price dive watch. Super clean and easy to read–great german design

  • Oliver Lienhard

    Well, count me in 🙂

  • Muddassir Mahmud

    Happiness is German engineering, Italian cooking, and Belgian chocolate.

  • Jessica

    Love the Kevlar strap

  • Bryan

    I love the precision and the look

  • Robin Van der Straeten

    A watch as it ought to be: telling time in all conditions.

  • ianhinz

    for sure the best of the german tool watches is the clear dial that let you see the time in all circumstances and the reliability.

  • Caleb Chay

    German engineering, minimalism and practicality. What else can you ask for in a tool which measures time?

  • funNactive

    A German watch to go with my German car. Love the mechanics. This tool watch would definitely see some dive time!

  • matthew chen

    simplicity, legibility with the best engineering in mind.

  • Suphat M. Bhandharangsri

    German engineer is very reliable and durable!

  • Reese Prinsloo

    German engineering

  • Matt Dawson

    I love the functional nature and look of the German watches! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • Ionesi Victor

    They have an industrial look and seems like they will function forever without any problem.

  • Miles Okazaki

    Love the look of this watch – like many things in German design – elegant, minimal, only what is necessary and functional.

  • Marcelo Mandelbaum

    The German watches always had that “well designed/well built” quality that I appreciate.
    thanks for the givaway!!!

  • piroska

    I think it’s a beautiful watch, from the design to the function.

  • Ewan Hall

    I love the rugged, go-anywhere nature of German tool watches.

  • Douglas Weedman

    Simple sophistication and practicality. A watch you could wear 90+% of the time.

  • amankh

    Tradition, class and accuracy is what appeals to me the most about German “tool watches”

  • Thilo Abwesend

    Simple, rugged yet precise engineering, and, above all: German tool watches are German 🙂

  • ninjagosg

    rugged and looks the part, love them overengineered german tool watches

  • Shirley RoyalOak

    Practical as in there is a job to do, the right tool for the job ensure it is done efficiently and accurately, ja. If you are diving you need a german made tool watch.

  • Walter Tsibula

    The practicality, simplicity, and ruggedness of their design and engineering that is quintessentially and unmistakably German.

  • Saad Bhatti

    upgrade from my casio lol

  • Teemu Alaranta

    I like the basic simple look of the dial. The red second hand is clearly different from the other hans. This could be quite good workhorse for me.

  • Anthony Stipanov

    What appeals to me most about German tool watches?
    Like any German creation you can be guaranteed that this watch will be to the highest quality and perform flawlessly when worn. What appeals to me most about German tool watches is that I know that this watch has the build quality to last. When I look down at this watch 20 years from now (if I win) I know it’ll still be happily ticking away ready for the next adventure

  • CoreyFong

    The best thing about German divers are the clean no nonsense designs.

  • Colin

    What appeals to me the most in German tool watches is the simplicity of the design and legibility of the dial. The watches are tastefully done with high quality and can be worn in any occasion.

  • Mike O

    As others have already stated, I appreciate that German tool watches are very pragmatic; well-suited to every day use.

  • ryanjarouche

    The readability. You can glance for half a second and clearly see all you need to see

  • cukaricki

    Nothing against German watches just never hade the pleasure to own one.
    The Tutima M2 Seven Seas has a nice unique look. Please pick me I’m a watch lover without a watch :p.

  • Mitch Ziegler

    I know it is silly to talk about value in the watch world, but German watches do seem to provide good value. I love their clean aesthetics too.

  • sicil

    I like the utalitarian and minimalist look, with usually good contrast for good legibiity, plus the quality and materials used are excellent in German watches. Always liked Tutima designs for their history and selections. Would love to own this one.

  • Killerind

    My uncle visited my country and he had a Rolex submariner. It was the first time that I held such a work of manufacturing ingenuity. I expect this watch to be nothing less.
    I hope to win this giveaway. I can be contacted at anytime via email at

  • The har

    I like the masculinity of them.
    Like a great pair of levis

  • Mike C

    Always liked the looks of the Tutima watch

  • Upul Ratnayaka

    I like their simple yet functional design and these can be worn both outdoors and in without looking out of place.

    The Tutima M2 Seven Seas dive watch in blue looks really nice.

  • German “tool” watches have a distinct look which is quite unique and known for their quality.

  • René VooDoo Wendtland

    They are just crystal clear and very readable made.

  • Dan Dolar

    Love the readability and utility of a good German tool watch!

  • slade

    german tool watches…. simple, reliable, and readable. you can not ask for more.

  • Francis Fish

    German tool watches are built with a purpose. More than just beautiful time pieces they serve a function. German engineers have been known for thier prowess with all means of mechanical design. From BMW to SIG SAUER, nothing says quality like German engineering.

  • Wei Song

    Looks good, feels good, is good and absolutely reliable

  • mmurayam

    German tool watches, and watches in general, appeal to me because of the design choices that they often choose. Instead of staying conservative, German brands are willing to be bold and to think outside of the box.

  • br1ce

    A few words would sum it up : reliable, simple and efficient !

  • br1ce

    A few words would sum it up : reliable, simple and efficient! That’s what one would look for on a watch.

  • Bart Thans

    Most German build things ooze quality, functionality and no fuzz usability and will give you always a reassuring feeling you know why you own it….

  • David Fisher

    I appreciate the durability and accuracy. The functional design is also appealing.

  • larry

    Love your giveaways Love this wristwatch .

  • FilmEditorFL

    What draws me to this, with other German timepieces, is the precision look. I own a couple of pair of IC Berlin glasses, and the smooth precise look really appeals to me.

  • AK

    German tool watches are appealing because they typically employ no frills utilitarian design that are functionally even tougher than they look.

  • Matthew Cooper

    I like German tool watches, because their German engineering is so precise, it allows Germans (and Angela Merkel) to remember what century it is when they have to deal with regressives with last century ideology like of Donald J Trump, and no amount of alternative facts are capable of drowning these divers.

    Definitely a must have these days!

    • bakoglumgit

      there’s no century window on german tool watches

  • e maddock

    I like German tool watches because of German over engineering. It’s not enough to just be able to do the job, they make sure their tool watches are top of class.

  • Ankur Vaidya

    Not only are German tool watches beautifully constructed, they have endless possible daily practical usage.

  • penemio

    The blend of functionality with precision and grace.

  • Donald Kwong

    I like German tool watches because of their world class build quality and unlike the more famous brands, only watch enthusiasts knows about them. If someone can identify the watch, you know they know about watches and not just buy them as jewelry.

  • Keith Hauser

    Tool watches built by the Germans are perfect! Every detail has a purpose and is well thought out. I love every aspect of German tool watches and hope to own one someday soon!

  • ivel1977

    I like that they are extremely durable inside and out and almost impervious to moisture.

  • Sangsuri Chun

    ok. Its German. Its a tool watch. German=tools=awesome?! what more can I say?

  • Anurag Shrestha

    I like it cause it’s awesome. No more words needed.

  • BuckTheHoople

    I Love the exceptional eye to detail of German tool watches. Quality and expert engineering from Glashutte always exceed expectations. In particular with this Tutima, the very clean and utilitarian matte dial, thick indices and red second hand, make it so easy to track time. I would be so stoked to own a timepiece like this!

  • Anders Bastiansen

    They have a more utilitarian approach bringing the watch back to its original purpose.

  • Oliver Lienhard

    A dive watch should be as simple as this one.

  • James D

    The black dial on the Kevlar strap is a cool looking utilitarian! I love that the German style tool watches are always purpose built, but still flexible in their use. They always seem to innovative outside AND inside the case, which adds to the appeal of them.

  • E. Cheng

    They look cool. It’s good to have one of them.

  • Vincent Y

    I own a Damasko and purchased it to be a do everything daily wearer. In general, I find German designs to be very utilitarian, focusing on legibility, simple designs, and no superfluous design elements. Then functionally, all the complications are well thought out and useful, from hardened cases, well placed date windows, antimagnetic. Combined, in general, with being very budget friendly, it really feels like you get what you pay for, and nothing more.

  • chris_1860

    reliable, simple and efficient

  • dnmh

    I’ve never owned a German tool watch. I’d like one because they look somewhat different than Swiss or Japanese divers with a more robust look to them.

  • Ian In-Keun Yu

    Durability and simplicity are the virtue of the German tool watches.

  • ZA Tisha

    Always been a fan of tutima

  • Boris Kharchenko

    What appeals most to me about German tool watches is attention payed to what is inside the watch, not only the appearance. What mechanism installed inside is matters (it’s my deep persuasion). And German manufacturers know it.

  • Phil Paynter

    Like other things German – e.g. Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Huf Haus – they’re solidly engineered, and have a certain understated, robust elegance to them.

  • Adrián Carvajal Almendros

    I love the marked character they have and how are making a gap in the market delivering quality in each of their models.

  • Jonathan Lopez

    German tool watches are built like tanks! Very good german quality, like almost everything they make.

  • johnnyc40

    German ‘tool watches’ are more unusual than Swiss or Japanese manufactured watches here in the UK. The styling of the Tutima M2 Seven Seas is not ground breaking but there are a couple of nice features which make it stand out.

  • Aaron Ryder

    What I love about German tool watches is what I love about German design engineering in general, it’s function and engineered for its practicality rather than form or looks.

  • Solid builds

  • Laurence Daly

    What appeals to me about German tool watches is that they share the cache of all examples of German engineering giving you confidence that they are leading edge yet reliable.

  • Faris Fathullah

    What an exciting about Glashütte brand is the superior standards Germans have, for everything they engineer. Consequently, every single element of the watch must have a function and aid the wearer. Watches speak to us, not because they tell time, but because they are unique. Safe and protected.

  • Samson Chung

    Quality definitely! All details well thought-out and well executed! Amazing!

  • Volker Rose

    Well, since I am German, I know about the quality of German products and that’s one of the most appealing things Tutima offers in it’s watches! I’ve handled some of them always just a second away of buying one. Maybe this is my chance to finally own a Tutima!

  • al.outside

    German watches have an economy of design that I appreciate. Nothing superfluous or ornamental, just high quality function

  • Brent Jenkins

    Precision with metal, no one does that better in my opinion than German watches.

  • David Gross

    Having worked in the automotive industry, I know that German engineering is not just a name, but a reality in precision design and manufacturing. I’m sure this carries over into German watches to an even higher degree. German watches also have a simplicity of design that makes them purposeful, easy to use and beautiful at the same time.

  • Jorge Chacon

    Rugged, precise, and dependable.

  • tombellamy

    I love the elegance and quality of the German watches!

  • German watches are synonymous with with quality and precision, not to mention simple and timeless design.

  • scoop42

    I like how rugged German tool watches are and on the other hand the elegance of the Lange and Glashutte.

  • Marcel Giménez i Vidal

    I think that is a quality watch with an elegance design and a sporty look.

  • Bay

    I like German watches because they have everything you need but nothing you don’t.

  • Jesse

    German tool watches look robust to me and built to last, which is important when a watch is used more often since it’s applicable to an activity.

  • John Woodward

    I have an Astboerg Marino manual (the old style) and I like the simple,classic,utilitarian look of these german tool watches.

  • Ulysse Robert

    I like german tool watches because the quality and the robustness they have are in perfect harmony.

  • Dario Nettuno

    I have always heard that German products are produced in great way and are made to last, I’d love to test a German watch to see if it really is as they say!

  • Joe Yeo

    A gorgeous and robust looking german designed timepiece which is built to last, is the watch i looked for in my collection.

  • Elbert Damian

    German tool watches are definitely made carefully by heart so quality and durability are the most appealing from these watches.

  • Michael

    I love how german tool watches mostly manage to look great in spite of the fact that they eschew decorative flourishes. There is a beauty in functionality and legibility.

  • Kaluna Miranda

    I’ve always enjoyed the no nonsense approach to design and the fact that the German tool watch is usually highly prized for function. They play to the testament that they can take a beating as they are designed to be a true instrument while still being expertly finished.

  • Anthony Rynearson

    German watches are tool watches and they are robust and dependable. Something I can trust on my wrist no matter what I am doing.

  • Matthew

    German watches have a no nonsense attitude, especially their tool watches. Their clean aesthetics is something not often seen in swiss pieces.

  • Kristof Bella

    They are clean and simple.

  • Stuart Magness

    German watches have an inescapable appeal to the pragmatic.
    When you’re running from a fire, you grab your Swiss… when you’re running into a fire, you grab your German.

  • jon

    I don’t have any sportive watch in my collection. this Tutima would be a great way to start!

  • Frixos Vrachas

    German watches are simple and solid watches, especially their tool watches!

  • Antoine Rollin

    Great tool watch this Tutima !
    What most appeal to me about German tool watches is that the design follow the function, this leads to clean and simple watches. A kind of “less is more” design which is both appealing and durable. German tools don’t get old, they go through the time and that’s a cool achievement in my opinion.

  • frank m

    The German tool watches have a look I always liked. perhaps because I am half German? Sadly I have never been able to justify the cost to own one but I would proudly wear one if I am the lucky winner

  • Matthew Cooper

    German tool watches are the perfect synthesis of form and function. They’re further proof that unity of purpose has an elegance all of its own.

  • I love German tool watches for their adherence to the philosophy that design should follow the dictates of the intended function. Simple, honest, solid, great quality and value, nothing superfluous. The Tutima M2 embodies this philosophy. Great watch, priced well.

  • Zeljko Ergic

    Simpel but complex from a technological perspective. Utilitarian but elegant.
    Vorsprung durch simplicity and elegance ; ).

  • Rob E

    I’m not familiar with tool watches but this is a great looking watch. Great example of less being more.

  • Justin Trewitt

    I like the rugged sportiness of German tool watches.

  • Jay

    I like the look of German tool watches. The brushed or sandblasted look seems to permeate many of the different German brands. Additionally, the simplicity and clarity of the dial makes reading the elapsed time or results from measuring a timed event with dive watches and chronographs respectively.

  • Chris Martin

    Best thing is no frills efficiency. Everything is there with a purpose

  • drhrva

    Elegant yet utilitarian and sturdy. Just like anything made by Germans.

  • Brett Lintvelt

    German tool watch = no superfluous design elements + great cases.

  • lazaros Mpellis

    Nice watch !

  • Rosh qpr

    German tool watches are clean,minimalistic and efficient.

  • Clayton Altom

    I’m echoing a lot of what’s already been very well put by previous posters. I love that German tool watches are just no-nonsense, austere even. Nothing in the design that doesn’t need to be. They have a robust, yet refined look that I’m really drawn to. This Tutima is no exception, really sharp looking watch.

  • Brian Wells

    I like the minimalist approach to German designs.

  • Ruggeri Raul Guillermo

    It fascinates me as its design says a lot with so little, its simplicity and elegance are the perfect combination that looks for a man!

  • Chris

    I like the classic, no nonsense style and the durable, reliable build quality that you can trust to wear every day, regardless of the occasion.

  • ik299

    German watches… Simple… Elegant… Functional… Too bad the prices are too high sometimes. But love them!

  • Aaron

    There is a unpretentious quality about these watches. This appeals to me.

  • chris

    German tool watches are the HANS luminous ?

  • jdoerr01

    The artistry in this category is in the functional details. Tutima really hits it for me in the black and red one. Super strong, super functional. 500 meters and a look that says it can deliver.

  • Lucian S

    I like the indestructibility feel they have while being classy in the same time.
    Case in point, this month giveaway.
    Good luck everyone!

  • tekmonkey

    I absolutely love how indestructible and robust this watch feels. Also, living in Frankfurt Germany, I sincerely have an appreciation for “German Engineering” and would love something to top my love for the German approach of Function over Form

    I come from Scottish / Greek fishermen descent and both cultures are absolutely heavily dependent on the seas and so I love dive watches because they remind me of the ocean every time I look down at them

    I wish I would win this, but of course, I also definitely wish whomever wins this good luck and to a lot of marine and otherwise adventures in their future with this watch

  • Doxie Frayser

    What I really liked about the Tutima M2 Seven Seas dive watch is is that it uses titanium.
    That is a great metal for a watch case. I have a Tissot T-touch made of titanium and it is a great watch. I would love to have another made of this superlative material.

  • Adam Afiq Mahathir

    Quality, ruggedness and a mechanical calibre

  • Daniel Chairez

    What I really like about this tool watch is it’s easy to read face and lightness being made from titanium. The sporty Kevlar strap also looks very comfortable and very nice for when you wear the watch as your daily driver/diver.

  • Laurie Steve Clark

    Rugged quality, rugged looks, very high quality at much more reasonable prices than their Swiss counterparts.

  • Jon

    This looks like an awesome watch. i love the utility and fantastic build quality of German tool watches.

  • Lucy McCorkle

    I am so ready to win this puppy.

  • Engineer79

    The build quality and attention to detail are what make German watches so appealing.

  • Kamal Jagasia

    1) More emphasis on functionn vs. form
    2) Overall build quality
    The above are the two main qualities that appeal to me about German tool watches. Essentially these are “no-nonsense” watches.

  • Victor Popa

    Have taken interest in german watches for a while now and purchased a Flieger recently so I would say that for me it’s the clean design and the quality for a reasonable price.
    Seduced by that blue dial. A moth into the flame 🙂

  • Kutlubey

    Very nice watch!

  • Durandt Storm

    The thing I like most about German tool watches are how robust, yet fashionable they are as well as how stylish, affordable and reliable they are. A sure fit!

  • Nick

    German tool watches have a fairly effortless utilitarianism about them – some watches look ‘designed’ to be tool watches rather than just being tool watches, which has the effect of people then questioning how useful it will actually be as a tool watch (how rugged, how water resistant, how dust-resistant etc). With a German watch, you know you’ll get bang for your buck in the toughness stakes.

  • Tricia316

    I love German tool watches because they have a nice style to them that’s not too mechanical and not too basic.

  • dmiller

    I like the simplicity of the design

  • Freddy Lee

    This watch highlights the great things about German tool watches – the durability and functional design.

  • Ricardo Boone

    I love the design and sturdiness of German watches!

  • Will

    You can’t beat German engineering…

  • Michael Backus

    Sleek and clean. Very nice

  • Sam Kay

    Love it’s sleek but very sturdy design

  • tazo157

    Looks so thin for a diver’s watch. I like the kevlar strap. It’s a nice touch!

  • stushi75

    Looks very clean and sleek. The dial is great for viewing and I like the Kevlar strap to give it texture!

  • Howard Lee

    Looks like a very nice watch.

  • tomwiebe

    Fabulous looking watch.

  • Pedro Quaresma

    I love how “tool watches” look so sturdy and capable of resisting anything.

  • Pim Lefevere

    Basically the look, they look so overbuilt and stunning in that way. Not classic at all but still a beautifull watch that will always stand out!

  • Reggae Andy

    Great design with German Quality & Reliability…

  • Masoud Bas

    I love dive watches and “made in Germany ” products!

  • Graeme Snape

    Great looking watch

  • Sándor Piti

    Super cool, stunning, and beautiful Watch! Love it!

  • ??????? ?????????????

    Handsome watch

  • Tyrone Wright

    Exceptional build quality, as can be expected from everything made in Germany!

  • Fran69

    Their solid rugged look and feel. Like they were designed to actually do the job they were created for, not just macho aesthetics and no function

  • Jamie Jung Won Kim

    Gorgeous looking watch!

  • Amit Persaud

    Tool watches like this one represent a perfect harmony of form and function. Thanks for the opportunity to own one!

  • Jamie Kim

    It really represents the sturdiness that a tool watch must have. It’s a really beautiful piece of watch.

  • Mason price

    It looks great! Nice attention to detail even on the band. The butterfly clasp is always nice to have.

  • AB52918

    Tool watches blend rugged durability with wonderful designs to create some great watches. Love the steel bezel, and the orange second hand gives it a pop against the dial.

  • Arun Chhabra

    minimalist design and great build quality of these watches is what is most appealing to me.

  • Gal

    Colored third hand probably, im longing for an interesting third hand watch for a long time.
    This one looks alot like a lightsaber (the dark one).

  • Nonde

    Great looking tool watch!!

  • Andrey Romanyutin

    Precision and laconic

  • Victor V

    German Made means quality, accuracy and precision

  • Ricardo Garza Barba

    The highest quality and reliability can always be expected in german tool watches

  • Kenneth Wong

    Precision, consistent and UNPRETENTIOUS.

    I really like how tutima watches stay true to their designs over time.

    Hope to own one eventually, all the better if I’m the selected winner for this!

    Should I be the lucky one, trust me to proudly bring it for a trip with me, out in the deep, for a great dive and review.

  • Trey Walpole

    Precision and design, fitting well together

  • Byzness

    What appeals to me most about German watches is the quality in their products, but also their simplicity. They often lack ostentatious design and are built directly for their purpose with no short cuts taken.

  • Calvin Lau

    The best part of German tool watches are their rugged built and utilitarian presentation.

    I have yet to own one but I have a few on my list!

  • Cesar

    I believe that it’s great and reliable beater watch! Would really like to have one!

  • Aristides Salinas

    like the germans i think the best characteristic in german tool is the punctuality and im sure if this watch is on the blog is the perfect combination between punctuality and elegance , anybody dream to wear on his wrist a piece like that!!!

  • Peter Machmeier

    German tool watches present a perfect marriage of precision, functionality and design. These are reliable, high performance watches that embrace German design fundamentals. Rather than serving as a decorative aesthetic that can distract or detract from functionality, the purpose of the design is solely to enhance functionality. The end result is a visually appealing piece with a crisp minimalist design that highlights superior functionality and never strays from its intended purpose.

  • Tomáš Novák

    This watch looks great imho. Speaking of watches made in Germany, they surely do strive for high quality and precision which I really like. Sure, it mostly does not have a “swiss made” thingie on the bottom but who cares. I wear Casios mostly but I got a gift from my ex-gf’s father, Sinn german brand watch (It’s a brand from Hessen, spent a couple of weeks there) and they are still working smoothly after 3 years. Incredible.

  • Alan Kirby

    The thing that most appeals to me about German tool watches is the wonderfully executed blend of design and function. The design of the matte blue face is very appealing to me. Couple the design with the precision of German engineering complications and 500 meter water resistance and you end up with this beautiful tool watch. Not over done, over engineered or over-designed but an excellent blend of design and utility.

  • John

    What I like about German tool watches is it means they’re rugged and precise, built to withstand anything that comes it’s way.


    The most important appealing things of german watches are their strong case and their great quality. Normally I use german irons, german pens and german pre-workouts because of their quality and performance.

    and by the way…. TUTIMA ROCKS FOR SURE!

  • Massimo Riva

    I’ve always loved German watches. This one is perfect because it is a good looking and high technical watch.

  • Juan Ignacio Tibaldo

    German tool watches: quality, precision and tradition.

  • Tristan

    They’re high quality, but don’t have the arrogance that comes with Swiss watch brands.

  • Alexander Gravelle

    Utilitarianism appeals to my innate nature of finding the most efficient and effective solutions in everything I do. This is why I buy German and why I’d be so happy to join the elite group of Tutima collectors!

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    Tutima surprise me …. its amazing. I need it.

  • Thomas Gibson

    The design of this watch is elegant, classy and is top notch quality!

  • Kenneth Clohessy

    The most appealing thing about German tool watches like the Tutima M2 seven seas dive watch are there practical,robust & sleek design that allows everyday use of a luxury item that typifies the worldwide reknown of German engineering & reliability which I for one would greatly appreciate & proudly display on my wrist

  • Perry

    This may come out not quite right but I’m sure most will understand. They have an industrial look while at the same time being “elegant”.

  • Joseph Joarta

    Nothing better in the world than german tool watches, it gave you quality and simplicity.

  • Alfredo Pérez

    German watches cannot be beat for quality, functionality and simplicity.

  • Sean PIzzle

    It’s tough to say. I’d almost say they have a je ne sais quoi, but a fancy french phrase almost seems anathema to what exactly it is. So instead I’ll say: Good design, good materials, and no nonsense.

  • Shane K Arnfield

    Simplicity and elegance wrapped up in typical German quality.

  • Yuggi Taraboulsi

    German precision and durability the with elegance of a waltz

  • Raphael Wan

    thanks Ablogtowatch for sharing this news ! well done ~

  • John Rambo

    nice watch

  • Marcus Tee

    I love how well made german watches in terms of quality, precision and durability. Most of it are price at quite affordable ranges.

  • Deb

    The black watch looks more solid than the blue and with the black & red strap, the watch stands out. I like that the date is legible but not too big.

  • Rob

    I love how German Tool Watches are so durable and legible. The style of tool watches really appeals to me.

  • Petr Bibora

    Originality, high performance and always outside the mainstream, that’s that I like most on German tool watches.

  • Matthew Haché

    Durability with clean styles. I’ll transition from a boardroom to a shop floor and want to ensure what I’m wearing can keep up.

  • Drew Stadlen

    Most appealing elements are durability, practicality, and affordable complications.

  • Jeremy

    The most appealing elements of german tool watches are their durability and practicality.

  • Nasser H

    To be honest 🙂
    I don’t about this watch / brand,, but after i read the good ?? report /review, i love the black one,, design and the red color!! ??

    Thank you for all what you did and Good luck for all

  • Christoz

    German tool watch are very legible and are nice tool watch and without the swiss premium! 🙂

  • Max Leggett

    Great looking watch. German tool watches put function before decoration, which is uber nice.

  • Jlh5683

    I think there is a sense of quality when I hear German tool watches. I don’t second guess a watch with that description.

  • Bong Estrella

    I don’t have much experience with German watches but these ones here are very tool-y, which I love!

  • Jason H

    I like German tool watches for their reliability and practicality.

  • Jay

    There’s beauty in functionality and German tool watches exemplify that.

  • Steve M

    German watches are starting to receive the attention they deserve. Great looking tool watches that provide an excellent product at very competitive pricing.

  • D. Abraham

    German tool watches exude a no-nonsense approach to design – extremely appealing for those of us who prefer function over form…

  • Other

    I like that German tool watches are purpose built. That isn’t to say that they are bland or undecorated, but they do have clear priorities in what they emphasize.

  • Mike Ciccarelli

    thats German tool watches is a tank. Would looks god on my wrist

  • Flávio Maia

    Beautiful watch with a strap/case with a unique strap/case connection.

  • Wesley Nelson

    I like German “tool watches” because I know I can trust them.

  • Doug Hoefle

    One of the things that appeals to be most about German tool watches is simplicity and straightforwardness of design.

  • Canman14

    German tool watches have a reputation for being robust and utilitarian. This trend holds true today, however manufactures’ are now designing watches with more aesthetic appeal; the flow of the case of this watch into the crown guards is one of those design features that make this watch so visually appealing.

  • Paul

    That’s a great looking dive watch — simply, functional, utilitarian. I would love to add that one and put it to good use this summer at the Jersey shore.

  • Darren Scrubb

    I really enjoy the classy look of all German “tool watches” for sure. I know they will be an awesome conversation piece with anybody I meet if I was to own of them.

  • Shammy K

    They just work while looking good. And you don’t have to worry about wearing them all the time.

  • Hands90

    This is watch a tool watch should be.
    Tough band
    Tough case
    and with an overall look of strength.

  • Tõnis Leissoo

    It actually looked a lot better in real life than I expected.

  • Mark

    I might be different-but i think that every watch is first and foremost a tool, so for me if the watch is beautifully executed and finished , or is exceptionally accurate but cannot whithtand

  • Markus

    Tough as nails, no nonsense design – what’s not to love about them?

  • otaking241

    No-nonsense design, high level of mechanical sophistication and diehard reliability are all what I consider to be hallmarks of German tool watches.

  • Mark

    I might be different-but i think that every watch is first and foremost a tool, so for me if the watch is beautifully executed and finished , or is exceptionally accurate but cannot withstand the punishment of a daily wear, is not adequately water resistant (anything below 100m means it is not a watch but rather an intricate mechanical toy, meant to be kept behind museum glass) or is not legible or otherwise practically useful -it is not worth buying and/or wearing.
    After all no one would buy a luxury car with a new and exotic engine that makes this car not suitable for driving.
    Now when it comes to German tool watches-they do keep in mind that the watch is a tool, made beautiful, as opposed to a beautiful mechanism that also happens to indicate time if you treat it gently enough.

  • JPonce

    I think German tool watches are generally very well made at very reasonable price points. I love them because they are not flashy and do not scream “luxury” on my wrist, yet I know they are high end stuff.

  • Eric Thompson

    I’m still a novice to the watch industry. However, my brief exposure with German tool watches is they are rugged and simplistic in design. The Tutima M2 Seven Seas is clean looking. I like the blue and black watch faces and the two-tone straps. Good luck to all.

  • Tim Robinson

    The simple practicality of German tool watches is the most appealing aspect of them.

  • Joel Joseph

    Simplicity in design, attention to detail, rugged and very well done watches for the price point! That’s german tool watches to me.

  • Raymond Janik

    I like design that actually does what it’s supposed to, so I like this.

  • Julian

    The functionality of German watches, with the attention to a purified and sophisticated style have always attracted me. One day I’ll get one of those bauhaus-styled watches too!

  • Pauline Even

    The most valuable aspect of German tool watches is their quality and durability, just like German cars.

  • G. John

    Love the Watch! Hoping to win!

  • Mauricio Cestoni

    ha classy but sport model combine in this watch, give you the feel that can be use on a weekend bbq or on a business day!

  • Dan Yezhov

    I am a fan of the simplicity and ruggedness of German tool watches. I own a GPW Mission: its lightweight (titanium), very legible, has very very long lasting lume, and is accurate.

  • Diego Twardy


  • Andrew Turner

    I like the fact they are simple in their design and execution , yet versatile.

  • Marvin_M

    Clean, simple design and Swiss-made. All the qualities that I look for.

  • Chad October
    This watch looks classy and elegant for a time out with friends and as a time in the office it is amazing

  • Stu Pas

    interesting looking watch.never owned a german watch.if they are anything like german cars then i would love one.

  • GojiB

    Bought a sinn for my father-in-law and have been eyeing it ever since. What really is outstanding is the build quality and that’s why I’d expect from this tutima too!

  • Pedro Martinez-Berrios

    If we’re constantly reminded of the high quality goods made in Germany, the attention to detail that many manufacturers use in the country, the advanced engineering of the country and capability of workers, then is no surprise that a watch like the Tutima Glashütte M2 is a must have.
    The best of the Swiss world and the high end quality of a German product make this watch a coveted good. Without any doubt, the winner of this giveaway will get a great addition to their collection.

  • Eray Yalin

    Pure German elegance!!

  • Oliver

    Just like cars, the watches that Germany produces are functional, well constructed and durable. Just love them.

  • Paul Reid

    Beautiful tool watch!

  • Alfredo Quiles

    What I like about german tool watches is their no-nonsense attitude. Solid, dependable, big chunks of metal that work as advertised in very harsh conditions and probably will keep working long after you have died. Sinn for me is the quintessential german tool watch but this Tutima is a very good example as well

  • Andres Cifuentes

    I have always loved the no nonsense approach to building watches by the german tool masters, Sinn, Damasko and Tutima with their overbuilt cases. Would love to own one of these badass divers!

  • dino kamby

    Love german watches because of the no frills design. Everything has a purpose!

  • Ryan Clark

    I’ve had a Tutima for 15 years. I love it and can’t wait to see the M2 Seven seas.

  • Steven Bursell

    German tool watches? Yes please! Wearable everyday in every condition!

  • Nick

    Love the design and build quality!

  • KLiment Ivanov

    A titanium diver ha been my long time dream. I would love to take it with me to Greece this summer.

    German tool watches look like instruments and not like fashion pieces. I strongly appreciate their straight forward and honest approach.

  • Silviu Albisoru

    German tool watches are the benchmark,Sinn,Tutima are pieces that you will have for a lifetime and never go out of fashion.

  • mrf_pa

    Dependable movements, easy to read, great lume, and subtly distinctive, German tool watches hit all the requirements of a great daily time piece.

  • TrevorXM

    I really like German tool watches because while they go for a utilitarianism, they also somehow manage their own style which often breaks new ground without trying too hard.

  • Alan G

    Similar to others, I like that they have their own particular design and aesthetic style. They just look different than most watches I see which is refreshing. As always thanks for the giveaway.

  • James McKinley Rake II

    It looks amazing and I’m sure it will be very comfortable.

  • Klammeraffe

    You just have to love the combination of aesthetics, toughness and durability. Eventually, you know what you get, that is, a love piece or art that will tell you the time reliably.

  • 0059mike

    Love the simple functional? look of German watches

  • Nathan

    Love German tool watches. Usually high quality materials, good watchmaking, but actually able to withstand rough wear!

  • Sunny

    I think the great thing about German took watches is they often go the extra mile with materials – like harder steel – than others in the price range. I also think they tend to look more macho which is what you want in a tool watch.

  • Michiel

    I love the clean lines of german tool watches. No frills, only the logical en necessary features. And besides that, they are build to last.

  • A_watches

    Simply fantastic, German tool watches epitomises tooliness

  • EdipisReks

    The no-nonsense aspect of them.

  • Sindre Fidje Nilssen

    Awesome watch! Looks sturdy

  • This Tutima M2 Seven Seas looks amazing!
    German tool watches are, in general, very legible, durable and have a clean desing, perfect for the everyday use!
    Germany is famous for its engineering, which is noticeable in its watchmaking industry.

  • Simon B

    I like german watches because they are straight to the point. Legible, reliable and tough. As a fan of tool watches, german watches are a must.

  • ghostryder

    You know the Germans always make good stuff.

  • Tutima really has the pedegree of German mil-spec watch. Love it!!

  • bakoglumgit

    the best part about tutimas is getting to see people’s reactions when they compliment you on your watch and you can tell them it was the official watch of the wehrmacht from 1941-1945.

  • I’m in! Love the site and especially the podcast.

  • Ekay Syrian

    Very cool indeed

  • techamuna

    A German tool watch with titanium case and a Kevlar strap! What more could one ask for? Maybe it can stop a bullet and give Wonder Woman a run for her money. But seriously it’s built like a tank and I love it!

  • avisluna

    German tool watches, in fact German watches in general tend to epitomize the idea that there is beauty in a thing well made be it simple or complex. Truth be told if I were to make a wish list of watches tool and otherwise the majority would be German. Impeccable designs, robust engineering, and incredible fit and finish often at a fairer price point.

  • Patrick Montalbo

    German tool watches are straightforward and no nonsense timepieces combining precision and functionality.

  • Tom Veldran

    Need the time, see the time! Tutima. Time. Tool.

  • Keith Lee

    Love the no nonsense and clean utilitarian aesthetic of German tool watches!

  • Vicente Diaz

    I surely appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of some of the most expensive watch brands, including German ones. However, nothing is more appealing to me than purpose, legibility, toughness, finish and confidence of a German tool watch. To me, the ultimate complication in a watch is to withstand it’s owner’s complications: hard work, obsessions, leisure, readability, extreme conditions; that consistent fail safe, no-nonsense assurance that no matter the test, your watch is up to it, and then some. That to me, is a German tool watch, and being a follower and a fan of Tutima for a while now, performance, quality and reliability permeates the whole brand and its instruments.

  • garantis28

    Easily the best German watch name in the watch game.

  • ahmedh1005

    German tool watches have high quality craftsmanship and legibility favouring functionality.

  • Boss Tanaka

    Form follows function, what’s not to like.

  • Ahmed Syahmi Syafiq MdZamri

    Love the watch case made by german watchmaker… more durable, more strength.. truely a tool watch.. i always want the german time piece

  • GMTmin5

    Germany tool watches are some of the best in the business along with being affordable at the same time. Great value and functionality for the money!

  • Tim Nicholls

    I enjoy Germany tool watches as the are designed to look practical and be practical, whilst till being aesthetic.

  • Kelvin Chen

    The German “tool watch” titanium case fitted with Kevlar strap. Built to last!

  • RKef

    Love the simplicity along with the all day, any day wearability!

  • Cameron

    I love how the German practicality and simplicity of form, which is present in so many other forms of German engineering, is ever-present in their tool watches.

  • David Davenport

    I love the simplicity, the precision, and the obsessively great attention to detail present in German tool watches. They do the job they are intended to do, they do it well, and they don’t come with a slew of useless frills that distract from the task they were intended to perform.

  • Jared Combs

    I’ve considered several German tool watches but keep coming back to Tutima. An iconic brand with great history. The Seven Seas is a great looking watch.

  • Miguel -MO

    Attention to detail and robust design/build. Love German watches!

  • Ryan Hulse

    Beyond the high level of craftsmanship found in German watches, I think the font choices and style of dials personally appeal to my tastes more than many Swiss brands.

  • Larry Janeshek

    The Seven Seas is a great watch, What I like about the German tool watches are the simplistic design and functional.

  • OmegaPhattyAcid

    I like the durability of German watches, and the idea of having a tough timepiece that I don’t have to worry about while on the jobsite.

  • existenz

    German Reliability and Precision, being able to wear and forget and use in time of need is the upmost definition of a German Tool Watch.

  • Curt Tracy

    The precision and reliability of a watch like tutima M2 and the fact it is made for daily use and abuse.

  • hellowatch

    German “tool watches” are strong, durable. They look nice and have great quality!

  • jtambor

    Durability and confidence.

  • Ivan

    Pick me!

  • Jeff Zuanich

    Legibility + durability + dependability = great tool watch

  • Lim Jun’an Vincent

    Germany has always been known to produce reliable and innovative machinery. German tool watches, in particular, are especially reliable and innovative.

  • Christy Leonard

    German watches are strong and durable. They are great, highly recommended .

  • Kumaran Ramu

    Thats my watch, i love it

  • Tim Johnson

    I like the engineering, the technology & the aesthetics of German tool watches!

  • Benji J

    I think German tool watches have a sophisticated design which exude durability without looking over built or unnecessarily chunky. They are purpose-built, streamlined machines.

  • Chris

    Precision and form, clean lines and the avoidance of anything gaudy.

  • Balexa622

    I like this watch quite a bit. Classic look, nice clean lines.

  • aberwyn

    Legible, no nonsense design.

  • joelwestworth

    Being quite new to watches, I’m still learning. But being a photographer I already have an appreciation for German lens/camera design, and it’s easy to find and appreciate similarities in both. Precision, durability and, in the same way with cameras, an unmistakable feel. So far, divers are all the watches I own. Can’t stay away!

  • Korrey6

    The clean design that allows to wear it casual or sometimes even dressed up.

  • Ionut Alexandru

    this wacth has a great design, simple and very practical

  • Blue Note

    The steel bezel has an appealing edge, also I am curious to see how the lugs will work with other straps.

  • Abjarv

    The most appealing aspect of German tool watches to me is the quality of the case and a certain robustness in how they appear. Love em.

  • Kim Leng Lee

    The Kevlar fabric strap feel like it is integrated with the titanium watch case which is light and suitable for daily wear. The black dial with the black date background give a more balance look than the blue dial. Nice contrasting red second hand too.

  • Ronald Ho

    No-nonsense robust design, well done!

  • Chris Pearce

    To me, this watch is the definition of a “tool watch” – quite simply it does the job you need it to do and is attractive at the same time

  • ????? ?????????

    practical, comfortable, robust, reliable

  • Geir Simonsen

    Looks tough yet elegant and i just love the transition from case to band!

  • Suman Ready

    German tool watches just look they are made so well. They’re all function over form so I guess they really take their tools seriously! Love the Sinn range, even their fleigers look like they’ll stand up to anything. Would love the sinn 900 s black chrono, it’s like the stealth bomber of time pieces

  • Kevin

    This watch with its kevlar strap and its titanium case makes it a perfect tool watch or daily wearer for one that needs a durable watch without compromising design.

  • Jhoman Reodica

    Ruggedly simple and very appealing!

  • MaxB

    Great desing serving a specific purpose as Walter Gropius Taught

  • Magnus Graven

    They probably work just as well as their swiss cousins, but without the pretense.

  • Wajih

    Value for money.

  • RWTar

    Simple, utilitarian designs, and functional all with excellent fit and finish.

  • Fryling

    Reminds me of SInn, looks good and solid!

  • Radomir Vuckovic

    German way – simple, minimal and elegant.

  • Djsherif

    Form follows function with German tool watches, that’s what I love. First they make it great at what it’s supposed to do. Then they make the result look good.

  • George Keiper

    This watch shows that a straight forward tool watch can also be a beautiful time piece. I would be proud to wear it anywhere.

  • Jim L

    German tool watches are straightforward and no nonsense timepieces combining precision and functionality.

  • Billde

    I will be picking up a German tool watch sooner rather than later. Between tutima, sinn and damasko – love em all.

  • BobWil

    Classic tool watch!

  • German tool watches are serious utilitarian designs that trade frills for functionality and legibility. Because of this most of them manage to be quite handsome, this Tutima being no exception

  • TheM

    “How many germans do you need to change a lightbulb?” “One. We are highly efficient and have no sense of humor.”

    That about sums it up for me. No nonsense, clean design, very good execution. German qualities that match rather well to a piece of equipment that is about accuracy and reliability.

  • Vladimir Milenkovic

    Great great watches

  • Chris H.

    Good looking watch. Thanks Tutima & ABTW

  • Manuel

    The design based on function.

  • Ross McDougall

    I like that they appeal to a practical wearer that wants to use their watch and not have to make decisions to do (or not do) something based on whether the watch can take it. The functional design actually makes it more appealing that a great design that has to sit in a drawer because it’s ‘too precious’

  • David M Hannah

    I really like the simplicity and clearness of the hands and numbers. The size seems fitting for a sports watch too.

  • Himanshu Arora

    German tool watches are simply time measuring instruments without any flashy stuff. Sturdy build quality that goes well with design and function.

  • frankkramer

    Got a Pacific and love it — I really like the matte blue M2 Seven Seas. What I like most about German tool watches is the obvious quality and attention to detail. These qualities are clearly present in my Tutima Pacific.

  • Alberto Moldon

    These watches are like Germans, clear and straight to the point

  • les

    Maybe it’s because I was born in Germany but I love that rugged Germanic look.

  • Mike Pinter

    I really like the German tool watches because that is exactly what they are. Their watches tend to be more utilitarian and made to handle more abrasive conditions.

  • Dee Hadley

    These are very attractive watches. They look very sturdy and clear. They will go with whatever you wear. Very nice watch.

  • lionstan

    Great looking, traditional style, but updaated.

  • Arturo Concepción

    What I love about german tool watch is that they’re german! I love german products because of the perfection of their works and dedication to deliver.

  • Dan Dienemann

    German Tool = Perfection

  • Scot Aubrey

    Straightforward design with simple, yet elegant lines. Matte blue finish really sets it apart. Would love to own and wear this watch. My German ancestors would be proud.

  • eitan

    German way – simple, minimal and elegant.I really like the matte blue M2 Seven Seas.

  • Evnhn

    Fantastic looking watch. The durability of the titanium case and kevlar strap speak to tool nature of the watch. It is meant to work. The durability and rugged looks are part of the approach German watchmakers place in brands like Tutima. I would love to add a Tutima to my collection.

  • Glossome

    I love the design and precision of German “tool watches.”

  • Lee Chen

    Reliability and quality! German “tool” watches never disappoint!

  • Evan Astrin

    When I think of German design I think of straightforward, uncluttered, legible designs that always seem to address the basic purpose of a tool watch, while setting forth their own aesthetic. I am a huge fan!

  • Jamie Hanna

    Love the precision and utility of german watches!

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    Handy, practical, great watch for diving and every day hard use!
    German watches are the kind of watces that know why they are build for. They have a strong character and they are tough, instantly readable watches without compromising the looks.

  • Kyle Hoopingarner

    German tool watches look, feel, and are solid, in every definition of the word. When I think of my top 3 watch brands that seem like they could withstand anything thrown at them, they all have the same thing in common; Deutschland! Um wie viel Uhr ist es?

  • Michael Pearson

    Can’t go wrong with the versatility of a understated tool watch.

  • eugene

    Elegant contours with combine great functionality. Never go wrong.

  • Peter Cervelli

    I love the straightforward way the watches carry out their designed functions

  • Dario Nettuno

    I appreciate the high quality, precision and durability of German manufactory, and this is the occasional to try myself a really good watch!
    Regards from Italy!

  • Trevor

    German watches appeal to me because they seem to place a greater emphasis on technical capability and then let the watch speak for itself, compared to a more (what I would think of as) Swiss approach- a tech innovation backed-up with a disproportionate amount of marketing.

  • Rodrigo Vera

    Love this watch looks. Have another Tutima, awesome watch.

  • Guillaume V

    German tool watches because, as TGV says : “Only the Germans” !
    Love them for their precision, value and timeless quality. Either in dress or tooly watches, their modermist touch hits the nail for me.

  • Matthew Cook

    Ironic that this is my favorite blogs monthly giveaway, I just returned home this morning to find that my home had been broken into and my watches (including one Tutima) had been stolen. The watch I owned was my most worn watch for the first few months I owned it and it held up to the challenge of being on a clumsy guys wrist without missing a beat. German watches appeal to me because of their durability and craftsmanship. I would love to win this watch to replace the one that I just filled out a police report for and will probably never see again.

  • DrFrancky

    Thats one very nice watch. Never looked onto this brand but i will have to.

  • rawdesignhouse

    Very clean design on this watch. Nice giveaway guys! The part that appeals to me most about German “tool watches”, aside from their country of origin, would be their look and feel of utility. There’s a sense of quality that comes across too. They seem as if they’re built to last.

  • Sartaj Mahmud Sajid

    German tool watches are the best of it’s kind. The way they modernize designs is really appealing to me that’s why I consider them the superior.

  • DocSanti

    I admire the German tool watches for their simplicity and utilitarian qualities . They are well made and sturdy watches that can go almost everywhere .

  • Ayreonaut

    German tool watches exude clarity and a very clean design. They are tough, yet smooth.

  • I really love the tegimented steel that Sinn and Damasko developed. Other than Rolex, it seems like mostly when watches play with the metal, it is to make it *less* functional (but more precious or beautiful like gold) but true to its identity, the german tool watch makers, work to make their watches literally bullet proof. Its a piece of technology that you can’t see, but that makes it all the cooler.

  • Douglas Dechow

    I’ve always thought that Tutima watches, particularly their divers, are the epitome of German tool watches: functional design, solid build, and excellent value. Plus, I love titanium watches, and I need a blue dialed watch.

  • Donavan Ratnasingam

    The reasons why German “tool watches” appeal to me are very hard to explain in words. However, if there is one aspect that I can point out is that the “form over function” nature of German watches would probably be one of the main attraction that lured me in. As if that is not enough, form is not forgotten but actually enhanced, Beginning with bauhaus inspirations and leading onto the simplicity that it excudes. Thus, these german tool watches embody the “tool watch” in a way that is not superficial which makes me adore them a lot.

  • Tom Venables

    What I like about the German tool watches is the precision and quality of their watches

  • GratisShark

    I have already commented on here but I’m back. Even though I’ve purchased three watches since my comment a couple of weeks ago, I keep coming back to this piece. It is very nicely done and I’m sure that the German attention to detail will be even more evident once you have your hands on this watch. Good luck to everyone and I hope that it goes to a good home.

  • Emiliano Alvarado

    I have been checking German watch brands (Sinn, Damasko, Tutima) for a few months since I want to gift one to my dad; I really like the pared down looks most of them have and the solid construction.

  • Insung Hwang

    I love the minimalistic and functional approach to watchmaking. Instead of following the Swiss watch trend of making everything bigger and shinier, German tool watches keep to the tradition of “form follows function.” Meanwhile, German watches don’t sacrifice the aesthetics, either.

  • Abdelrahman Yehia

    German are the best when it comes to durability and quality (Y)

  • Andras Csaki

    German watches radiate durability and have some unique “purposeful beauty”. 🙂

  • Chemenger

    German tool watches are all about quality… a good solid build, with precision internals and damned handsome too. The examples on offer here are great ones. They will look good and give great timekeeping for years

  • Rafael Lirio

    How clean, affordable and durable they are.

  • Alp Savas

    I like the fact that you can depend on a german watch without hesitation when needed.This is what makes them great.

  • A Drain

    I like the fact that they convey functionality on a wider scale than other ‘activity’ watches (like dive watches)

  • Cliff Cheng

    Just getting into watches, this would be a sick piece to have.

  • Caleb Yoon

    I love all german watches and their no nonsense approach to watch making. Specifically with their tool watches they’re always pushing the envelope in making rugged and tanklike machines to withstand anything

  • Pete

    I love the no frills lack of pretension that comes with wearing a watch that simply does its job well.

  • dirkpitt73

    The German’s make some of the best tool watches out there – Sinn, Tutima, Damasko, the list goes on. I’ve always admired Tutima’s NATO heritage.

  • Craig Tough

    Tool watches are fantastic and I adore them. Sinn obviously being one of my favourites. This piece is no-nonsense and nicely built. Like the germans, straight forward. Tutima has a nice flair that sinn doesn’t, not that it’s a bad thing. Porsche being another example.

  • S. Mark

    God I love German tool watches! Damasko, Stowa, Hanhart, Junghans, Sinn – all so awesome! No nonsense, yet incredibly wearable design aesthetics. So durable, so precise and so masculine. God I hope I win this competition!!

  • Frank

    German tools are straightforward, quality watches that stand up to regular use. Love ’em.

  • Newty

    What appeals most about a “German Tool Watch” to me is high
    engineering, the high precision, and the exactness of what time means
    to people in Germany. When a train leaves at 2:03pm, you can count on
    the train leaving EXACTLY at that time. That general attention to such
    a minor detail in which other areas of the world do not always adhere
    to (Hawaii!) is amazing, and a defining element of their general
    culture. This watch, among others from Germany is a testament to not
    only knowing the time, but producing a tangible product that that is
    near flawlessly engineered and produced (much like how flawlessly the
    train schedule is. It fascinates me how a nation of the size of
    Germany is can be in the top 4 or 5 exporting nations in the world,
    and it’s because of the high quality of items that are produced there,
    from cars to watches to construction equipment. If not me, I hope
    whomever wins this watch has not only an appreciation for a beautiful
    timepiece, but what that timepiece and time in general represents from
    the culture it came from.

  • warscourge

    German watches are amazing. The M2 Seven Seas is produced in Glashutte by Tutima and that makes it even more appealing. I can’t wait to for it to rest on my wrist and show off to my friends in high places.

  • Steve Haley

    I really like the utilitarian look of these watches. They look like a tool watch should look. Would love to own one.

  • DV

    I like the high quality of German tool watches

  • Mr. DVMP

    What’s NOT to love about German tool watches!

  • JB

    To echo what someone else said, the utilitarian look.

  • Justin

    German watches have always been high quality with a no frills approach to design. Everything serves a purpose. That’s what I like the most.

  • joy venters

    I love the accuracy of the German tool watches as well as the style.

  • REGGer

    I like the clean lines of German tool watches. This one is elegant in its utilitarian look.

  • I like the style of German tool wathes

  • audioidiot

    Have a tutima military chrono that imho is a classic example of a German tool watch. I really appreciate their unpretentious engineering, high value and longevity.

  • I love the style. I really want to win this for my husband. It suits him perfectly and would make a great Father’s Day Gift.

  • I like your FB Page (Jessica Detwiler)

  • I like Tutima on FB (Jessica Detwiler)

  • Matthew Mark Horn

    What appeals to me about the German “tool watches” is the no frills clean design symmetry that when done with panache you have a sturdy, practical, elegant and clean watch. With that said, I would love to win and wear the Tutima M2 Seven Seas.

  • michelle

    I like the classic, clean design.

  • Kevin Stainsby

    Built to last, excellent design.

  • Hayzen

    German tool watches are pure function, built like a tank and exude quality. What’s not to like!

  • Jannet Kwan

    I like the high-tech A35 movement in DK11 and DK10.

  • Edwin van Geelen

    German tool watches are no-nonsense, bling-free and tough as nails. And look great of course.

  • Mark Vanautgaerden

    Like all things German, German “tool watches.” are no frills, sturdy machines.

  • Aaron

    What most appeals to me about German “tool watches” is their reliability and style.

  • Erik

    What appeals to me most about German “tool watches” is the clean design and functional look of these watches.

  • Jerry Marquardt

    What most appeals to me about German “tool watches” is that they exemplify German engineering displaying toughness, and value.

  • Ruth Potter

    Consistently accurate and great to look at… pretty much like this blog! You can groan now!

  • Durch MeineAugen

    Nice, clear design. Great bezel features ! I really like Tutima’s Flieger but this diver is an excellent addition to their line.

  • Michael Lojko

    I love the cockpit instrument like design details.

  • Umar Faridz

    it’s German!!

  • Ariya Schneider

    german always my best mechanical design things,they made all the best with this hard and solid watch

  • Donald Levy

    love the simple yet rugged titanium case and bezel. The blue dial looks awesome.

  • Qi Xun

    44MM with Titanium case!! And I never own a titanium watch!

  • KevinHiggins

    A good looking watch that is easy to read. That is important to any diver where visibility may be difficult. I’ll take mine with the blue face please.

  • mgatkiewicz

    This example (M2 Seven Seas) shows the harmony of form, material used, and utility functions (tool watch). Unfortunately, many designers find it too difficult. In this case … we have an excellent proof how good German design can be.

  • Beau9

    What appeals to me most about German “tool watches”, are their clean, pure, and almost “Bauhaus style”, appearance. The better grade of materials, the advancement of case design and proprietary finishes are nice added touches, IMHO.

  • William C. Smith

    The precision of German “tool watches.” appeals to me the most.

  • Théodore Atx.

    German tool watches are still pure tool watches. No fuss, just built for purpose.

  • peterg201

    Simple, pure lines, easy to read is what I like with German “tool watches”.

  • Vukasin

    Simple and clean design.

  • Mahesh

    The M2 would be great even for a desk diver. Day / date windows makes it perfect at a desk or at a dive specially the blue dial.

  • Adam

    Durability and quality, usual german things.

  • Ah Shumaker

    German tool watches are totally straightforward. There are no useless gimmicks or pointless embellishments. They perform their function and that is more than enough.

  • Eradsilky Sylcox

    this is one gorgeous watch, makes any wrist real perrty

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    Because English is not my first language, for a moment I did not know, what was meant by this expression, “tool watch”. But a moment later it became crystal clear, because even the word “tool” tells it all.

    Rather to explain, what I like about them (except the price sometimes), I’ll do the opposite:

    I’ll first describe a watch worth several thousands of dollars (if not with a zero more behind it), but its intention could not be more different, than one seen in a tool watch.

    Then I’ll turn to a quick description about how I feel about tool watches.

    Many people, who wear such expensive watches (understatement) remind random people, on every social occasion(s), event(s), how much money they have and they use it in such a fashion, that they resemble more an expensive piece of jewelry (like a bracelet) made out of precious metals.

    And to demonstrate their “place” in society, they have often such big circumference of the bracelet, that their watch virtually hangs freely around the lower part of the wrist. Just for the sake, that no one could miss their “place in society”.

    Often they don’t even know the basic functions of the watch, what even the type of the caliber on the other part of the spectrum.

    With German tool watches is the story exactly the opposite. They serve the wearer of the watch (in a true sense) as a tool intended to make life easier. It is all about functionality (legibility) and quality, with style being of a secondary importance (as any connection to the fashion industry).

    There are quite a bit of examples of that, but I’ll write down just few of them (the first one I personally find very (if not most) useful in a tool watch and is also in good correlation with this giveaway):

    1. Diving:

    – the diver must rely on his watch under water (rotating bezel – bottom timer, thick sapphire crystal – to resist the enormous pressures down under the water, and last but not least – excellent illumination, because down there, it is pitch black);

    Some other examples (also important):

    2. Chronometer (for certain activities, where it is vital to use a timer – in certain sports for example);

    3. UTC (Very useful, if you have to know exact time in a different time zone).

    Just those 3 examples show, that a (German) tool watch is first and foremost a tool (made by other people), intended to help and make the wearers life easier (sometimes even more safe) and not to reflect his/hers financial status only.

  • Jake True

    German tool watches are the best because they so functional and clean, but they are great looking watches!

  • Carlos Alfonso Diaz

    What’s better than a German tool? I only know that the watch would be as tough as a rock!

  • Rhonda Tenderholt

    This is a terrific looking watch. I’d love to win it. This is a simple, clean, elegant design. I’m not sure what a tool watch is but this is gorgeous! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • crystal frey

    number one german made things are always going to be better quality then anything in the world. just knowing its made from germany is more appealing to my eyes. it is made not cheap

  • Shaun B

    Of ‘tool’ watches, divers are my favorite, this German made Tutima is beautiful!

  • lisa sweeney

    very nice watch !! love it! I like the techno cool look of the watch.

  • Hirasdo Julius

    Silver on silver is definitely what comes to my mind first, about german’s tool watches

  • egznyc

    What most appeals to me about German tool watches is what most appeals to me about any tool watch: something built with purpose, very tough and durable, while being easy to use (highly legible in the case of a watch) and simple and straightforward in design. The Germans just happen to build great tools – they show pride in their workmanship and avoid unnecessary embellishment.

    This watch is a good exemplar of a German tool watch, which I’d be excited to have in my collection. I don’t have any titanium in the lineup.

  • Ben Rushton

    Solid, stylish and built for a purpose! It’ll survive my physical job and look good doing it!

  • twentyfourseven12

    The most appealing aspect of a German tool watch is how much it fits with the ‘Germanic’ idea of a watch – utilitarian, straightforward, and built with a purpose – and fulfills it – very well.

  • Jayden Navarro

    They seem like they can take a beating and still keep working great!

  • Paul Bynane

    Very Nice

  • Marco Gerard

    I’m German, the watch is German.

  • jack nunez

    love the precision and details

  • Mat P.

    This watch like other watches made in Germany (*omos) are beautifully crafted for a specific purpose and then presented in a simple and elegant package. A no none sense kinda watch.

  • Håkon Bratsberg

    Love it! 😀

  • Chris Litak

    As a quality inspector, my favorite aspects of German tool watches are the same as with any good brand of measurement equipment, precision and legibility.

  • Cameron Cam

    This looks amazing, I hope to win – am currently training for SF and this would be perfect!

  • John Woodward

    German tool watches are very functional and well built….I have a manual wind Astboerg San Marino (old style) manual wind which is easy to read,has simple look and works great…..what more do you want?…Huh?

  • funNactive

    A German tool watch to go with my German car. I love tool watches – specially divers. Great function for everyday use.

  • William

    The best thing about German tool watches IMO is that utility is put at the forefront.

  • Julien James To

    I want this !!

  • Shawn Wells

    What a great looking watch, it may not be the classiest (which is what I normally look for) but it still looks really good. It would go well with more casual clothes.

  • Jason Dunn

    I have a Dievas Timeattack, and I like that it has a tough finish and a utility look to it but it isn’t rough around the edges, something I’ve noticed in all german tool watches. This is no different, from what I can see of it.

  • Joe McHugh

    I am not normally super into the German watch look, but i feel that this one has a more traditional diver look, with just enough modern touches to make it work. I’d wear this in a heartbeat.

  • Joe Murray

    Nicest German diver I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Chris Reed

    Very nice! Would love to have a German diver from Glashutte!

  • Shawn Wayne

    Very nice. I like German Tool Watches. Classy, and understated, yet functional.

  • Gjovani Deda

    I really wanted that watch please give it to me

  • Kester Campbell

    The utility look is always a good one, easy to read.

  • Damien Scott

    German tool watches for me are just as good as Swiss made.
    For instance look at

  • Kenia P.

    They are sleek! I like that they are water resistant. A must for my husbad!!