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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Unimatic Modello Uno U1-DZ Limited Edition Watch

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Unimatic Modello Uno U1-DZ Limited Edition Watch Giveaways

For September 2019, the monthly giveaway here on aBlogtoWatch is the Unimatic Modello Uno U1-DZ Limited Edition watch. The Italian-based brand has been making minimalist but design-oriented tool watches for some years now, and it has gained a reputation among enthusiasts for its limited-edition offerings. The U1-DZ brings a matte olive colorway to the dive watch collection, and the winner of the giveaway will receive one of the 400 pieces being produced. The matte olive dial and bezel are matched with an olive NATO strap, as well as a camouflage-pattern strap.

The Unimatic Modello Uno U1-DZ is utilitarian and purposeful in its design and execution, boasting high legibility, as well as 300M water resistance. The Modelo Uno U1 case has seen several iterations, and the specs here remain unchanged. The stainless steel case measures 41.5mm-wide, 13.6mm-thick, and has a lug-to-lug measurement of 49mm. The unidirectional bezel has 120 clicks that inspire tactile satisfaction each time.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Unimatic Modello Uno U1-DZ Limited Edition Watch Giveaways

The phantom ladder-shaped hour and minute hands are done in off-white (as are the indices and tips of the lollipop seconds hand) for fantastic legibility against the matte olive-colored dial. The off-white dial aspects are also coated in Super-LumiNova. And to ensure maximum legibility in bright conditions that cause glare, the 2.5mm-thick domed sapphire crystal is applied with anti-reflective coating on both sides.

The large crown is easy to grip and use when adjusting the time. The Uno Modello U1-DZ has a hacking seconds feature, and the NH35A automatic movement allows for bi-directional manual winding, as well. This movement operates at 21,600 vph and has a weekend-long power reserve of 41 hours.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Unimatic Modello Uno U1-DZ Limited Edition Watch Giveaways

Turning the watch over shows an enclosed caseback with the number of each watch engraved. The enclosed caseback, in addition to the screw-down crown and build quality of the case and gaskets, allows for the 300M water resistance.


The Unimatic Modello Uno U1-DZ comes on a 22mm nylon NATO that matches the matte olive color scheme, while the additional Unimatic silicone rubber strap with custom SS signed buckle is done in a camouflage pattern to change up the style.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Unimatic Modello Uno U1-DZ Limited Edition Watch Giveaways

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. (If you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there.) For a chance to win, share in the comments with what style you’d like to see from Unimatic next.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on September 31, 2019, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-U.S. entrants may apply, based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Unimatic, sponsor of the Unimatic Modello Uno U1-DZ Limited Edition watch giveaway on aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Danijel Tojagic


  • Benedetto Youssef

    I’d love to see a leather band, vintage diver!

  • Modello, with two L, not Model as often written.
    Curious that in the case back is ungraved ‘21800 bph’, and not 21600, as it would be correct and the same Unimatic website writes in the specifications.
    The next Unimatic model I’d like to see, could be a chronometer or a gmt.

    P.S. I like the watch, especially with his optional solid steel bracelet

  • I’m a fan of pilot watches, so that would on my wish list. But keep the dimensions down to 40mm.

  • NaJo

    As per the trend, something classic and Italian with 38mm diameter.

  • Swiss_Cheese

    Brace for the tidal wave of comments in 3…2…1…

  • Iulian G

    Nice. Next I’ll like to see a smaller watch (37mm maybe) with minutes merkers on the bezel.

  • Ugo

    next, a decent gmt?

  • JopSmith

    A bigger (43 or 44mm) GMT with open case back on a steel bracelet.

  • SH

    A bronze version with vintage leather strap

  • Marcus Fischer

    Even if summer is over, what about a nice mediteranian color combination of a lighter blue and white…but this one here is also beautiful.

  • John Mestito

    I would like to see a flieger variation
    42 mm (without the countdown bezel)
    Display case back
    Leather strap

  • Solomon Shannon

    Love the design and colour, perhaps a smaller version size 36-38mm would be great for smaller wrists! ??

  • Ian Jindal

    Love the look and proportions of their watches and in real life the feel is very satisfying the lack of ‘bling’ and reflective surfaces is also perfect. For me though I want a better movement that can bring accuracy closer to cosc levels. What’s the point of a weekend-long power reserve if the watch is off by 3-5 minutes rather than 30 seconds? A better movement would be fun+design+price+functionality. Worth it.

  • Chris Bos

    How about this statement? A Unimatic Modelo Uno in the rainbow colours scheme. For instance the hour markers, each a different color. There are several fun options. The dial in one colour, the bezel and watchband each in another.

  • P.Panagiotidis

    A Pilot GMT?

  • ?????? ??????????

    Imho unimatic makes the best minimalistic design today for tool watches!! This is the best tool dive watch design under 1000 today! Give it to me 😀
    They should focus on a pilot watch next! A modern pilot watch will be great to see!

  • Peter Benkmann-Photography

    This is all over a stringent and perfect match in appearance for the given function. It is just my personal feeling that a laid-back blue version would please my eye and feeling even better.

  • SuperStrapper

    They should re-release this same watch in bronze. Would compliment the olive better.

  • Mike O

    As others have mentioned, would love to see something in a smaller size. 38mm maybe.

  • Aneliya Romanova

    ? watch with 20 mm lug width

  • Sipemon

    Pilot watch in bronze

  • Sarosto

    I would love to see Unimatic’s take of a field watch. I think their design language could shake things in a good way.

  • Steve

    I’d like to see a pilot/flieger style

  • Pierrot

    I like the simplicity of the watch but would appreciate a better/thinner movement (somebody said ETA 2892 ?) to achieve a thinner watch 🙂

  • Armando Andrés Meabe

    This exact model in blue would be one of the most beautiful watches I’ve seen in long time!
    Stil green looks fantastic too

  • Thomas

    I’d love to see a 1960’s vintage remake
    In a diver with rubber. This is a beautiful watch!!

  • Gary Aerne

    I like the diver theme in watches. Something honoring our vets I think would be very interesting.

  • Josh Wolfe

    I’ve been keeping an eye on Unimatic for a while now. I really dig the design language and overall aesthetic. I can’t quite put my finger on why I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I think a flieger style, or maybe a GMT, would be enough to push me over the edge. At the very least, I’d love to see their take on those styles.

  • Tony

    Personally, I think a 38-40mm wide case and a true GMT function would be amazing!

  • James Zalinski

    Would love to see a chronograph or pilot watch. Love the vintage look though

  • GriffithH

    An all-new field watch with a rotating bezel and a more contemporary look than the Numero Due would be a good addition to their range. It would seem fitting for the brand and would be an interesting direction to see their clean, simple and solid design take.

  • Mist

    It’s nice watch and color, too…

  • Mike V

    I’d like to see a chronograph with a 3-6-9 layout.

  • Jeffrey Kot

    Love the watch and color. Would love to see a GMT version with a pop of red

  • Pasi Piirainen

    Bronze pilot would be nice..

  • I quite like Unimatic’s minimalist offerings, and they make a sharp-looking chronograph. Maybe they could make that minute hand just a wee bit longer?

  • Vino

    would love to see some combination of old and new, vintage aesthetic concepts applied into a modern cohesive design. SOmething with a little more interest and depth regarding the dial (and applied markers would be nice although I know it is a bit unrelated to the brand)

  • Russell DeJulio

    As a newly certified scuba diver so I would use the watch diving. I do not own a watch made in Italy but would love to since my grandfather (who I knew until age 14) immigrated from Rippabutoni Italy . Looking at the time would remind me of him !

  • Brad Herndon

    What a great looking watch! A bronze version would be nice.

  • Bob Tarantino

    I’d like to see a Flieger (Type A), 40mm, black or green dial.

  • Vincent

    A nice dress watch with Arabic dial

  • Pierre Vaillancourt

    I’d like to see a nice fixed bezel three hander, go anywhere do anything watch!

  • John

    Nice, Love the color and specs. Smaller than I usually wear but looks like it would have a great wrist presentation. Love the
    NH35A movement it a work horse that powers many of my watches.

  • Jncky12

    Love the no date philosophy! Good ol’ pilot would be great.

  • Aaron Robart

    Great looking field/diver hybrid design! I’d love to see this minimalistic style applied to a 38-41mm flieger style watch.

  • Steven Servantez

    I would love to see either an aviation or diver edition.

  • doctorzach

    I would like to see a GMT function

  • JD Ouest

    Love this and love Unimatic. Up next, would like to something in titanium. Also, flipping the seconds hand so the lollypop is outward facing.

  • Christian Henriksen

    They should do an ultra slim. You know, like 12.5 mm.

  • Nick Azarcon

    Nice watch. Maybe date window could be included.

  • John Taylor

    This is a very cool watch. Love the military vibe.

  • Lurch

    I would like to see a Diver style from Unimatic next.

  • ????????

    It looks amazing. A blend of elements of vintage watches with modern design keeping the practicality and innovation of Unimatic, would be a nice addition to my collection.

  • JohnG

    great looking watch.i’d love to see a flieger form Unimatic next!

  • Pluffy

    Overall a nice watch but similar to so many other faux diver watches.
    Quite like the olive green but dislike the orientation of the six oclock marker.
    I would really like to see unimatic make a diver with brighter dial colours and a shiny ceramic bezel. I would like them to use a sellita or eta movement and ditch the NH35A, this would make a statement that they are moving on.

  • Kirk Macdonald

    I’d like to retain Unimatic’s tool watch roots and suggest a simple, clean, robust field watch.

  • Zane Domke

    This watch company lives among super-car manufacturers in Italy; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, etc. If they have’t already, I would love to see a racing style chronograph/tachometer come out of the Unimatic manufacture.

  • Steve Bowden

    What style would I like to see next from Unimatic? A Blue and Yellow GMT. Think Swedish flag! I hope an Italian manufacturer doesn’t object to thinking Swedish? Anyway, great work, I’m looking forward to seeing whatever you dream up!

  • Epichartou

    Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to see a Pilot Chrono!

  • Shawn Vega Velez

    This piece looks excellent. A GMT would be a nice addition to the Unimatic watch family.

  • Frederick

    A pilot watch (vintage from worldwar 2) would be nice.

  • jimmy1701

    Need me a green watch!

  • Yorgos Diamandoulis

    Italian minimalistic beauty!

  • Mark

    I would love to see something in neon. Bright and loud and proud.

  • awildermode

    How about a diver with 120 tactile satisfactory clicks.

  • Yorgos Diamandoulis

    Italian minimalistic beauty in …bronze!

  • Robert Friedman

    With the preponderance of divers today, to standout a watch must have quality, legibility and style…attention to details and preferably a good price point. I’m not usually a khaki kind of guy, but this watch could easily become an everyday favorite.

  • Bob Sebastian

    As a crafter of working watches, a natural progression would be a pilots watch for me. This and additional colors and materials would round this out nicely.

  • Keith H

    Something in a two-tone would be nice. It would “pop” a bit more.

  • Andrei Mihaila

    I would like to see a interpretation of the field style and use of tritium tubes.

  • Matthew Christensen

    I love, love, love Unimatic design. I am still wearing a Swatch (circa 1984) with a similarly clear dive design, minus the rotating bezel, of course. I’d love to see Unimatic make a smaller version, under 40 mm. Otherwise, don’t change a thing.

  • Yorgos Diamandoulis

    Italian minimalistic beauty in …bronze!

  • Speedge

    Love the current design language but would be great if case were slightly smaller and thinner. Bracelet option would be nice too.

  • Ben Symes

    Love this watch! I’d love to see a Pepsi-style of this next.

  • Jeff

    I’d be green with envy if I didn’t win this one.

  • Yorgos Diamandoulis

    Italian minimalistic beauty in …bronze!

  • John Francis

    I’d love to test this watch out at work, to see how it stands up to a few weeks of life in the military. If it performs as great as it looks, it’s going to be a stand out go to watch. I’d also like to see Unimatic try a utilitarian Field watch, I’m sure they’d nail that to.

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    Land watch is my suggestion.

  • Chrysanthos Symeonidis

    A more formal watch would be nice next.

  • Douglas Weedman

    This is a very desirable watch! I would like to see their version of a classic pilot watch with at least a 44-45mm diameter on a Nato.

  • SPITX206

    A beautiful watch, but then again it’s an Italian design! Perhaps next Unimatic will give us a diver/GMT.

  • Petros M.

    Amazing Italian masterpiece. ??

  • james

    This watch is near in ideal for me. How about a GMT next time??

  • Daniel D.

    Nice watch. As others, I would like to see this in a bronze model. Cheers.

  • Walter Van Tine

    Classic minimalist styling! Love to own this!

  • Nat N.

    A GMT in blue would be nice.

  • Nathan Pollard

    Or maybe a very streamlined field watch?

  • ManuelMV

    Nice looking watch! I would like to see a racing inspired watch from Unimatic.

  • ray h.

    Really love these designs, they make a really nice diver ! I also like the chronograph they did a while back. Some great creative thoughts coming from these guys ,like the NASA as well . I really wanted to buy the biotop but japan only for that one but this is similar in color . Would wear this a ton if I was lucky enough to win it ! My thought is for them to only make small differences in the LE’S ( a wink to those who like to have le’s to sell etc.)and keep all those wonderful color ways available to their fans all the time !

  • Brian Russell

    I’d like to see a GMT pilot.

  • Alec Barrett

    Olive drab diver, interesting! Honestly interested in what kind of pilot watch they would make

  • Stafford Ritchie III

    I’d love to win this unimatic watch. I’d like to see a 3-6-9 field style from Unimatic next, in porcelain white and vantablack colorways.

  • Dave D.

    I need an awesome green diver!

  • Simon Ford

    I’d like to see a racing watch collaboration with Alfaromeo

  • grandma 1

    great and amazing watch. perfect for the love of my life

  • billy mclaughlin

    Cool watch. I would go for a 40-42ish mm field watch next

  • Darren Williams

    Something more unique or really different or car themed like the graham

  • John S

    I would like to see them make a pilot watch next in conjunction with Italy’s Frecce Tricolori.

  • louis

    Great watch.

  • falcon

    A black dial GMT design would be great, with a 24 hour bezel. On top of that it would be cool to see them try and adopt some kind of low-key art deco aesthetic with it.


    Love the minimalist styling. Leaning to a pilot watch for the next model. Thanks.

  • Dan Baxter

    That’s a good looking diver. A field watch, or something with a GMT.

  • A GMT version in all black would look lovely.

  • Tristan

    I’d like a low profile skindiver next please, Unimatic.

  • John Dixon

    Love to see this in as a field watch or maybe bronze.Love it as it as it though, very minimalist and clean.Strap looks great too, I currently don’t own a green watch, I need this!

  • Jorge D’Onofrio

    Love the deisgn. I’d like to see it in navy blue.

  • Enkidu Jones

    Ticks a few boxes for me — minimalist, utilitarian, and unlike so many modern watches, the hands haven’t been camouflaged against the face of the watch so as to make them almost unreadable! I’d like to see their take on a minimalist pilot watch.

  • Revere Griffin

    Their diver is my favorite, I would love to see them try it in different materials like titanium or ceramic!

  • Phlip74

    Another great watch for the giveaway! Thanks for yet another opportunity to win!

  • Phlip74

    I would like to see maybe a vintage pilot style watch from Unimatic!

  • Jason Sheppard

    A day and date divers watch

  • DreamingOfThe406

    I’d love to see a titanium version with tritium indices and hands on a yellow dial.

  • Gary Kitahata

    I like the 12-hour bezel functionality. Would have preferred seeing a date window at 6 o’clock.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I like the way you can wrap it round your wrist and it tells you the time.

    • Berndt Norten

      I’d like to see ABTW’s most devoted follower—Ray—win this watch.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        …mond 🙂

  • G Street

    Beautiful watch. I’d like to see Unimatic do two things, firstly, larger product runs, twice now i’ve clicked through to buy after reading reviews to read that the 100 watch run is sold out…
    Secondly i’d like to see their take on a flieger.

  • Blake Howard

    Grey on black left handed

  • Vladimir Bodrozic

    A simple 44mm pilots watch would be nice.

  • Alberto

    Great watch…would love to see a GMT version

  • Jim Davis

    Echo earlier comments – this model, with the same bezel, but in blue! Maybe with a sunray pattern for variety.

  • IRCG

    Great looking watch. Love the color!

  • Maxtor

    A pilot watch in sky blue!

  • Kenny Chan

    Nice watch,i love it!!!

  • laner

    Love the look of this watch. I’d really like to see Unimatic’s take on a super compressor

  • Jasper

    Love the simplicity of whole package and looks great! Would be nice to see this made into a GMT with Arabic numerals at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

  • Kael Racioppa

    I would love to them do a field watch in 39mm. One of the variants should be in this beautiful olive color as well!!

  • Bryan Narendorf

    Would love to see different take on a field watch.

  • Donna M

    Great watch!

  • Neal Manning

    Would love to see a bronze offering out of
    Unimatic in the future

  • iBradcon

    I’d like to see a GMT movement in that style case and bezel

  • Mikita

    I’d love to see a hand wound piece from Unimatic. Some military field watch style, black or gilt dial, warm gold hands with creme lume and creme markers. Meaty brown strap. This would be the watch I want.

  • Tim Nicholls

    Its a bold looking timepiece as is but cobalt blue would be interesting.

  • Chester Cheng

    Nice looking watch! I would like to see a chronograph.

  • Alexey Darbakov

    look reliable!

  • Adrian Choo Cheng Yong

    I would love to see their take of flieger watches.

  • Todd Munesue

    Love the look. Maybe a color difference would be nice

  • Christopher

    I’d like to see a bronze case variant of the Unimatic. Bonus points if they could do it with a blue dial.

  • Arun Lamsal

    Lot it, wow it feels truly aesthetic..

  • lee

    Love the colour, i’d like a 60min count down bezel.

  • Ajinkya Nair

    Love the olive colourway

  • David Rainey

    Nice looking watch. Would like the same design with more vibrant colors.

  • Jan

    I would like to wear a UNO with their typical dial design, but in a different size: 40,5 wide and 11,5 slim – with a bi-directional 12 h bezel. The crown and crown guards can be a little less prominent. A light, modern and slim version of a sports/tool watch, not hard core or vintage.

  • d.ANG

    Nice clean design.

  • fim

    I’d like to see an all black/pvd version of the U1 at some point!

  • Nick McCauley

    Love the color along with matte finish

  • An amazing watch. Thanks for the tip. The Nasa edition has a unique design: … but 50 units are too few and they are already gone 🙁

  • ammar.mirascija

    Simple 36-38 field/military hand wound watch

  • Jure

    I´d like to see a day/date complication on it.

  • Manuel

    A Panda Chronograph

  • Peter Duggan

    Not too sure about Unimatic, on the one hand I like thew style of the watch and the overall dimensions seem spot on, however I would like it with a more upmarket movement.

  • chester

    I know Unimatic do a meca-quartz chrono, but I would love to see a hand hound chronograph executed in a similar style to this one. Screw down pushers please!

  • Krishna Kumar

    I would like to see a GMT!

  • Chase Foundry

    What a beauty!

  • Warsh

    Great looking piece. What I’d like to see next from Unimatic is more white dial watches. I think their style will work well with those.

  • Yoni

    I would like to see from Unimatic a simple 40mm military watch “Dirty Dozen” style with date.

  • A fantastic watch. I’ve just added it to my list 😉

  • johnnyc40

    The hand engraved limited edition watch is amazing, I’ll have two please.

  • Peter Van de Laar

    Beautiful watch! Nice font on the bezel and cool color.

  • Ah Shumaker

    A GMT.

  • Mark Ormerod

    Lovely looking watch but then I love divers. Would love to see a day date as much as I love the clean dial in that colour scheme. The silicon strap sounds great as well.

  • daniel

    Awesome, am looking at this watch for some time now.

  • neongas

    since they’ve done Dive (sea) watches already, Field (land) or Flieger (air) next would be good.

  • Mike Evans

    Very nice watch!
    I would like to see an aviator watch from Unimatic soon. That would make a nice piece.

  • Glenn Previtera

    Stunning timepiece! Consider carbon fiber body

  • Dilworth

    I love how you’ve created a very fresh lineup within divers. I’d love to see what you could do with a Field style, or maybe your take on an explorer.

  • Mack

    I love the simplicity of the Unimatic divers watches.
    What I’d really like to see next is their take on an internal bezel, super-compressor style case.

  • Miguel -MO

    Smaller retro dive watch about 38-40mm. Thank you!

  • Jeffwb65

    Very cool watch. I’ve seriously considered getting one before. I would like to see more offerings in blue. My favorite color, obviously.

  • Stephan

    I would like the same one but smaller. 38 or 39mm.

  • Torben Kragelund

    I really really like the watches Unimatic produces. The only thing keeping me from getting one is the small size. So my big wish would be that they produce a series that’s just a notch bigger at maybe 42-43mm. That’s my 2 cents worth.
    Except from that, keep up the good work!

  • GirchyGirchy

    Agreed on the GMT, plus other colors of existing models.

  • TresGut

    Very nice. How about a Chronograph?

  • SeanM

    I think an aviator style watch should be next for Unimatic

  • Jeremiah Hoffer

    Great job, Unimatic! The color here is perfect. If there were a GMT complication, I would be unable to resist

  • Birdsong

    White dial and/or two color bezel.

  • Carl Jorgensen

    Let’s face it, folks, the Italians are second to none in the design department. This watch is both classic and innovative, and a worthy addition to any collection. I’d like to see more small Italian companies taking the stage in world watch design competition.

  • Santiago Otero

    Love the color! A pilot’s watch should be a cool addition to the Unimatic collection.

  • Cul de Sac

    Hi there, I love the index of this watch, its a great combination with the bezel for a militar watch.

  • Uriar

    Good looking watch. I’d like to see a cheaper quartz version.

  • Bryan A

    I think this is great and for their next model, I’d suggest they produce a smaller version, 38MM, replace the hr markings on the bezel to show minutes since it is a Diver and add a date window at the 6.

  • Chip C

    Very nice style. I’d like to see a marine colour scheme in blue and yellow or blue and red.

  • Joshua

    They have created a very specific identity (which I enjoy) that I think lends itself to an Arctic treatment: glacial white dial, blue accents, etc. Still looking to add a white dial watch to my collection…

  • Gregg Turcich

    Looks like a nice army watch that would good on my wrist! Thanks

  • D.C.

    More colors, I love the aesthetic!

  • Trevor O’Donnell

    I would love to see a gmt with a black bezel and a white dial

  • Ulysses31

    Something in tungsten might be interesting.

  • Deniz Ultanur

    I think their designs are very good with a unique identity. They should stick to similar designs like Panerai does. Modello Uno was my favorite…

  • Mr. Green

    I think a U1-EG case with a U1DWN white dial would be amazing.

  • Deniz Ultanur

    I think they are on to a very beautiful and unique design language and they should stick close to it, like Panerai does. My favorites are the Modello Uno U1A and the new U2C!!!

  • Mark Mason

    Love the style of these as they are and think they’re onto a good thing. Perhaps more colour choices and some more Ltd Editions. The NASA watch was pretty cool so maybe a Blackbird/All black and red edition?

  • Pete Yo

    I’d like to see this watch in more colors and with a better movement.

  • Steve

    I like unimatic with their simple and clean style, it’s time to see more Italian’s nature – bold, passion and free styles.

  • Law Office of Mark Nicholson

    I like the look of the watch. Also, I recently joined this blog and I love their articles.

  • vittorio pescarmona

    I think a rugged and dependable military style chronograph with this kind of design would be awesome from Unimatic! Cheers from Italy

  • gwd

    clean and beautiful tool watch!

  • Soccer_1099

    I would love to see a blue wave dial ?

  • Theodore

    A Racing Chronograph please. It can be VK64 to keep the cost down.

  • Randy Bradford

    I enjoy most military style watches. Would like to see a 24 hour watch in a jump hour similar to the Gruen Airflight models.

  • Ozgun Can Ozgunes

    GMT maybe.

  • shellieclark


  • NASAVandy

    I would like to see either a chronograph or 24hr time. A date window also would be nice to see.

  • Ovis

    I would like to see next a field watch: 40mm, at least 150m WR, railway minuterie, catedral hands, small seconds subdial. Schockproof & chronometer movement.

  • Isaac Sab

    A watch with a date complication and a GMT.

  • Harald Harms

    This is a beautiful military watch, and it would be nice to add this watch to my collection. Love the color as well, and the sapphire domed crystal is very nice. I would love to see an aviator watch here next.

  • Teisa Toufa

    i would like a pilot classic.

  • johannah18

    Any watch with date, time and maybe a compass would be my perfect choice.

  • L Kun

    I think a GMT function or a watch made from interesting material (bronze, carbon e.g) could be great.
    Or a chronograph with a mechanic or automatic movement (not with meca-quartz)

  • Christopher Gabelich

    I love the dial’s simplicity. If I had to change one thing, I’d make the number font on the bezel larger to improve readability.

  • Afish

    Great looks piece!! I love the symmetry of the dial and that shade of green is stunning!

  • gtbr

    i like ti see next an aviator watch.

  • connor ladlow

    A chronograph with tachymeter

  • chase harvey

    Simplicity is the entire point of this piece. All my other watches have day date complications already so I wouldn’t change a thing other than seeing it on my wrist!

  • Demonix

    Unimatic pleasantly styled Field watch, very reasonable pricing, would make a nice daily beater. An affordable non quartz chronograph would be nice to see from this brand as opposed to yet another microbrand diver or aviator.

  • Matt Stuehler

    I’ve always loved Unimatic’s designs – elegant and minimal. Every design element has integrity and purpose; nothing superfluous. I’d love to see Unimatic use a 28,800bph movement – the smoother sweep of the second hand is really beautiful. And perhaps a matte ceramic bezel, since aluminum tends to scratch more easily. But as is, this watch is pretty close too ideal.

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    it would be really interesting to see a chronograph from unimatic!

  • kw

    A chronograph with GMT complication

  • Bryan K

    A GMT function would be great.

  • angela

    I would suggest something in a small women’s timepiece that is retro

  • Shane

    I would like to see dress watches from Unimatic.

  • Michael Troper

    I would like to see a bright orange dial and bezel. I prefer no date for a cleaner look.

  • BWright

    I would love to see a field watch.

  • Ldean

    Sweet looking timepiece.

  • Sti gran cazzi

  • HereForThePrize

    A casual dress watch with good water resistance.

  • itsduke

    GMT to pair with that bezel

  • John Simpson

    Great looking watch,would wear as a daily wearer. Perhaps a GMT. Love the versatility of a nato for a quick change of look and comfort to wear.

  • Brad B

    Black sport band with the diver.

  • Chris W

    All-black with a GMT complication.

  • A. Ghafran

    38mm dive watch

  • Darh109

    This one in a black yellow colors combo.

  • David

    I’ve had my eye on the Unimatic lineup, this one looks well balanced and proportioned. I like it.

  • Daniel Merchant

    Definitely a GMT would be very nice.

  • Ricki Giorgi

    I would like to se a 40 mm dual hour hand (one local and one home, the local separately adjustable) travellers watch.

    Like this:

  • Daniel Harper

    Unimatic definitely has the diver down pat, but I’d love to see them incorporate some other forms of tool watches like pilot or field; I think they’d crush it with a solid field watch w/o bezel at 37 or 38mm. Either that or maybe stick to diver but bring out an asymetrical case where the cg are included in the case band sort of like a benrus type I

  • Jben96

    I’d like to see a black and yellow theme GMT version.

  • Ricki Giorgi

    I would like to se a 40 mm dual hour hand (one local and one home, the local separately adjustable) travellers watch.

    Like this:

  • AesopSC

    This watch is beautiful. Imagine what they could do with something in the style of Lip-Blancpain’s 1953 Fifty Fathoms.

  • Bradley Francis Cunningham

    I really like this .
    I would like to see a dive watch of 39-40mm, ideally with a bit of colour and reflecting the brands Italian heritage

  • Scott Rhue

    More of the NASA special edition count? I’d like to see U3s with different dial colors….orange, yellow, a deep ocean blue…maybe a sunburst dial. As far as a new model, if like to see their take on a “no bezel” field watch or a flieger

  • Durandt Storm

    A rugged looking sports chronomatic watch with their styling elements.

  • Mktcrasher

    I would like to see them do a take on a more traditional dive watch.

  • Gregory Pein

    How about a regulator?

  • Henry

    Great looking watch. Love the color combo

  • Max Attack

    I would like to see Unimatic make a pilot watch in 40mm – 36mm. With at least 100M water resistance.

  • Neill Levine

    I’d like to see a GMT complication on a model very much like this one! But with DLC coating.

  • Larry Holmack

    I’d like to see a Big Pilots watch…about 44 mm with really great lume.

  • Gary Palmer

    Maybe they can release a Railway/Railroad inspired vintage looking timepiece?!
    Bronze case would be nice as well!

  • Skootertrash

    I’d love to see how they execute a field watch with Arabic indices.

  • bert gillespie

    Legibility is good I like the design would like a date view as long as matching the dial.

  • Joe in WI

    70s styled sports watch. Give me weird cases. Give me funky colors. Give me integrated bracelets.

  • johnwithanh

    Monopusher chrono. It’s a cool complication that fits well with their minimalist aesthetic.

  • Tickle Man

    a compressor styled diver would be a great addition to the range.

  • Pj

    Great looking watch! Would love to win one!

  • Al Herrera

    Awesome green watch. Would like to see a GMT version.

  • Pedro Henrique Corrêa

    I would like to see a get version. Or maybe a WW2 Pilot inspired watch

  • Abdullah Jaber

    I love it
    300 m under the water that’s amazing

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    I would like to see a skeleton dial with a dial integrated within a metalic bracelet

  • Apollo Frost

    A racing inspired reverse panda chronograph! Vroom!
    ???pick me… pick me… pick me…???

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Attractive watch. A gmt. Or an orange dial diver.

  • Mike F

    Nice watch. Love the color. How about flat black and grey in titanium.

  • David Fisher

    I’m a fan of field watches and this Unimatic design is a new favourite for me. I like the blend of air diver and military style. I would like to see a GMT design from Unimatic.

  • Nick D.

    Love the color and minimalist aesthetic. Unimatic offering is rather homogeneous so a more complicated watch could be a nice addition, like a chronograph or GMT.

  • arthur gusowski

    I like the simple divers of Unimatic so I would like to see a blacked out diver with a sub-dial second hand and more agressive serrations on the bezel to make it easier to turn. ( I have bad joints so more area to grip on the bezel are appreciated.) Also I think a black dive watch with crazy lume would look awesome.

  • Nic

    Wow…. that’s a gorgeous piece!! Would love to see a pilot watch.

  • gchahinian

    I’m a fan of the design of the U1-DZ, only thing I’d like to see different is maybe a blue dial with a date window and i’d probably pull the trigger on buying one of them!

  • Gal Sh

    I would like to see a sporty steel watch from Unimatic

  • Ian Salmon

    I would like to see an aviation watch celebrating the Concord.

  • Charles van Ouwerkerk

    I very much would like aa GMT version of the Unimatic.

  • Brett Lintvelt

    A GMT version would appeal.

  • John Agwazim

    GMT version most preferable.

  • Chris Sid

    A pilot type watch would be interesting…

  • drhrva

    I’m partial to divers’. I just wish it had a date window. A field watch would be great too.

  • Murray Kreeger

    I’m partial to a white face with black numerals and seconds tick marks. All with super luminova.

  • Martin Chiu

    I would love for them to make a pilot and a date window at 6 for their existing models.

  • Norman Lever

    A simple, elegant and importantly, legible design in a hard-wearing package. Nice to see it’s an Automatic movement – green on the outside, green on the inside!

  • Jonathan Hancock

    That’s pretty sweet! I love a good bezel!

  • batye1

    Aviator style type watch would be interesting

  • 0059mike

    Love it. But I would prefer a date window to complete the watch.

  • Gary Granger

    I like this one, cool color choice. Would like to see a pilot version, maybe a bit less ‘toolish’ but still as legible and usable.

  • Next style Id like: some low visibility version in tones of black and subdued dark grey, with just enough contrast to be legible. Anyway, this one is perfect already to match my camo uniform!

  • off2europe

    Love to see a Futbol Series. Quality watches with supporting colors of European teams

  • stereoblue

    Big fan of Unimatic. I’d love for them to bring back the dark blue version from one of their first series. Been waiting for one to pop up on eBay for years with no luck.

  • SBUBandit

    I’d like see a GMT, but keep the subdued color lineup. Perhaps an all gray Modello Uno, or in the Modello Due, a smoky blue face with the antique coloring markings would look nice.

  • A Cheese Sandwich

    Unimatic has a neat minimalist design language, and if I had my way I’d like to see it translated to a chronograph, possibly with just one subdial for either running seconds or a minutes counter.

  • ???????? ‘?????’ ????????????

    Great watch, that has been in my crosshairs. To give my two cents: A clean military monopusher automatic (or even manual) chronograph! Something along the lines of the new Vertex model. Come to think about it, not many monopushers in the market. Also a cerakoted case (like another fellow suggested) would make a nice touch. Something truly classic, but with 2019 technology and aesthetics,

  • kylert

    I would like to see a PVD or similar coated case from Unimatic next. Love this brand!

  • jovier champagne

    Nice looking watch with good water resistance! Would be nice to have this as a gmt with rotating bezel!

  • Robert Carson

    I’d like to see an aviator from Unimatic. Something uncluttered and very legible, and maybe a bit larger than this timepiece. Also sapphire casebacks!

  • Yorgos Diamandoulis

    Minimalistic Italian beauty!

  • Jesper

    I would like to see a chronograph with a minimalistic design

  • Peter N

    I would like to see a field watch with fantastic lume,

  • James McDonald

    pvd black with lume would be appreciated

  • goforgator

    Love the minimalism of Unimatic. I’d like a minimal chrome field watch. Thanks!

  • Augusto Viglino

    Field watch with their urban touch?

  • Matt Jaffe

    Would love to see a simple pilot watch in a reasonable size ~39-42m that can be worn more reasonably. Add in some killer lume and 2-3 strap options…

  • Augusto Viglino

    Field watch with their urban touch! Maybe in titanium..?

  • CoreyFong

    I’d like to see a date version at the 6 oclock.

  • Ariel Zohar Benor

    I’d like to see a field watch.

  • Nick Lee

    A GMT version would be nive

  • Paul Keusemann

    I’d like to see the date at 6:00 as well and titanium…drool.

  • Jason

    I’d like a cushion case chronograph.

  • Tomislav Strinic


  • Daryl

    GMT chronograph would be awesome.

  • Stan Litvin

    Nice watch to win!

  • Michael Bell

    I’d like to see an alarm watch.

  • CAD

    I’d love a racing watch, chonrograph, but simple.

  • qwerty

    I’d like to see a pilot-style watch from Unimatic

  • Trevor Cochran

    I would like to see an Omega Seamaster watch next.

  • Manzur Dan

    I like to see a modern two register chronograph.

  • H F

    The NASA watch on their website is rather fetching. So is the rose and scroll engraved one. I’d pick the later perhaps on a time only piece ala the early explorer.

  • AbeFroman12

    I’d like to see a modern military/police/first responder type watch, rugged and a little thicker but with Unimatic’s minimalist style.

  • A square 🙂

  • Jacob

    I love these timeless designs! It would be great to see a a 24 hour/GMT pilot watch in the same style.

  • Erick Rangel

    A pilot watch or one with a Kingnerd engraved case!

  • markahaviland

    Extremely solid construction. Beautiful watch face.

  • Daniele Pettorelli

    This watch looks gorgeous, but a bigger sized dive watch with date function would be perfect

  • sedgell

    Love it. Would like to see chronograph next

  • The Unimatic Army watch looks amazing! I would love to have this watch.

  • Albert Tecson

    What I like about watches are the big, bulky and very manly diver’s watches. That’s why I would like to see a Unimatic beast something with a large case, around the 46-47mm size, thickness of about 16mm or more with a very toolish, lumed bezel with pilot style sword hands. Yes!! That would make my day. I hope to win this watch also..Thank you!!

  • Paul William Dow

    I’d love to see something with a compelling red white and blue feel. I love the simplified aesthetic they bring, and if they could swing it while incorporating those elements, that would be great.

  • marcus leef

    Keep everything the same just switch the case from steel to bronze!

  • Andres

    I would like to see a sailor or regatta watch. with their particular style they must create a very beautiful one.

  • Harley D boy

    id like to see a watch with a white face

  • Joe Li

    I love to see a GMT chronograph with classic look!

  • Mauro

    I’d say that a SUB with a bronze case would be great

  • VladimirRPetreski

    I would like to see a tool watch without a rotating bezel next. After a while rotating bezels get old and then end up looking childish to tell you the truth.

  • Howie K

    Just the simple addition of a date window, and maybe a little view inside the back casing ?

  • Sean PIzzle

    As best I can tell, there’s not a single deck watch with a GMT/dual time complication on the market right now. That seems odd, as they should be natural fit (especially given how easy it would be to make the traditional sub-seconds dial a second time zone). I bet Unimatic could corner that market.

  • Dan Dolar

    GMT or a bronze model would be cool!

  • dasche

    A chronograph would be nice to see from them.

  • Michael Grummesgaard

    I’d love to see them make a proper field watch!

  • Jeff Brown

    I’d like to see an aviator

  • Ian Holland

    Been a fan since I first saw this watch. Love the oversize crown and crown guards. Matt olive a brilliant colour scheme. Simple aesthetic with no frills is spot on. I like that the second hand goes all the way to (into) the chapter ring.

  • Mikael

    Love this watch, only thing I’d add is a day/date.

  • rodilin

    Great looking watch. Would be interesting to see their take on a Flieger or more aviation inspired design.

  • Steve W

    I’d like to see some additional color combinations for the dial and 12 hour bezel, plus the addition of a bracelet in addition to the NATO.

  • I’d love to see them make a Pilot’s (or Flieger) watch. That would be a great addition to their range.

  • nickh2

    Very pretty. I’d like one with day and date please.

  • hachep

    I would like to see an aviation watch

  • Nihad

    How about a bronze version?

  • Kevin Peterson

    smaller indices

  • James Johnston

    GMT Watch

  • JayDub

    I’d just love to see this one in orange!

  • D Park

    Pilot watch!

  • Zach Brown

    Great giveaway, sharp looking piece! I would be interested to see what Unimatic could do with some aviation inspired pieces next.

  • Richard Baptist

    I would like to see Unimatic bring their design language to several types of watches. Before I go into that, I’d love a bronze version of the diver with a blue bezel insert with a blue fume dial – no date. Now in terms of a different style, I’d love to see Unimatic attempt something like the steve mcqueen explorer (eplorer 1655) which I feel can be accomplished with their design language – especially the dial lume plots. So a GMT with diver water resistance (at least 100m) with a pop of color for the GMT hand. I know they’ll be limited because they’re not a lot of GMT movements out there and while you’re at it, do a bronzo model with interesting dial colors – not just black and white. Thanks for listening to my harebrained suggestions.

  • steve stone

    I would love to see a space watch of some kind.

  • V. Varela

    Love the unimatic model in green, one of my faves reminds me of an explorer type watch.

  • peacesun

    I would like to see a plaid, checkered or Houndstooth pattern which would go well with plain shirts. And would be another layer if wearing a patterned shirt.

  • Cristina Lim

    Dress watches!

  • uvwssvq

    I would love to see an all black one with a date window (black disc, white numbers) at 6 o’ clock

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    I would love to see a dress watch with a big moonphase, and also another one with aviation theme enriched with tritium tubes.

  • Eiji Wolf

    A survival-style watch would be a nice little gadget from Unimatic, imo.
    If it featured a functional compass and maybe a fold-away signal mirror (on the back of the watch, perhaps?), it would be fantastically useful.
    Durability/impact resistance is also something I absolutely demand from a practical timepiece.

  • Jeremy West

    Very cool watch! I would like to see a more traditional style “field” watch, something with no bezel, no date, simple dial, lumed only at 3, 6, 9, and 12, maybe a little more modest in size (36mm, 38mm max), fixed lugs (or at least drilled lugs), brushed case…maybe, just maybe…a hand wound movement.

  • John Chapdelaine

    Great tool watch, the Modello Uno U1-DZ. Makes for another great giveaway by ABTW. I would love to see what Unimatic could do with an aviator design.

  • Terry Tate

    I love the color scheme. If the band was a braided Paracord with a titanium buckle, or the face was carbon fiber, or if it had tritium vials in the hour markers, it would give it that little extra but subtle pop.

  • trace16

    A very, very, nice watch!

  • Rafael Lirio

    I would like to see an auto chrono with bright colors.

  • Rafael Lirio

    I would like to see an auto chrono with bright colors.

  • Kevin L

    I must say I think this style suits dive watches the best but it would also be interesting to have a similar aesthetic on a more everyday kind of watch (a thinner watch with a quartz and bracelet option and possibly without a rotating bezel). Dive watches are already kind of everyday watches but yeah would like to see the above in addition to the dive style watches

  • Robin Bullock

    Would like to see a mirror finish line of dive watches. I think polished reflective would like nice.

  • David N Atkinson

    I think these look pretty sharp; I’d like to see an orange version.

  • Amos Kwon

    I love what Unimatic is doing with boutique watches. They’re well-crafted, unique, and very well-branded for those of us who like understated, practical timepieces that don’t cost thousands.

  • wavefunccollapse

    Thanks for the introduction to this microbrand. I like the look of these watches and the slim profile bezel. I’d like to see Unimatic with a GMT complication.

  • wavefunccollapse

    Thanks for the introduction to this microbrand. I like what I’ve seen so far from Unimatic and would definitely be interested in a titanium GMT. The diver they make has a slim profile bezel which is a nice feature and maybe they could use sapphire for the next one.

  • RG

    Yellow!!! Would love to see a yellow dial variant.

    And I can’t be the only one to notice that September has 30 days…so maybe a perpetual calendar model????

  • George Yang

    Really like the direction Unimatic is taking with their designs. Would love to see more watches use interesting case materials, like Titanium.

  • b roberts

    Love the green on stainless steel look. A 41 hr reserve and 300m water resistance are great features to have as well. Nice watch.

  • wataugariver

    An Iridescent watch face and bell tower chimes.

  • Seth L

    The NASA U1-SP edition is great, would love to see more along those lines, preferably with GMT functionality.

  • Nasron Rahman

    A Unimatic interpretation of a vintage skin diver as well as, a super compressor type diver. Loving all their current line and design language. Design-centric tool watches.. what else could a WIS or a person who appreciates a well designed product, wish for more. Keep it up, Unimatic!

  • jimley815

    Well- we just passed the 70th Anniversary of NATO. How about a special edition watch geared to NATO? They could do a powder blue with the NATO emblem, and Italy is a founding member. These are great looking watches, and I’d love to win this.

  • Carl Jorgensen

    Leave it to Italian designers to take a military design theme and refine the aesthetic. I love both the simplicity and the elegance. Yet it really looks like what you want in a military dive team watch.

  • William

    I am a real fan of tool watches as I prefer legibility over busy dials. A GMT or aviator style would be a good addition their offerings.

  • Trevor Hirst

    Awesome! I’d love to see a bi-compax chrono or a GMT. Maybe 38-36mm with 20mm lugs would be great for everyone.

  • betty23

    Very cool watch. To answer Ariel’s question, I think the brand should keep simple. No GMTs, or chronos. Stick to this design, but add a diver’s bezel with minutes, and offer a few different colors. Add a bracelet option.

    I’ve been reading this blog and listening to its podcasts since it was called ablogtoread. The best source of quality watch journalism.

  • Noah Pylvainen

    Really cool watch would love to have something like this.

  • Filippo haiduc

    Very cool watch. As an Italian I’m proud of the importance of this brand. I would love to have an exemplar of Unimatic. I’m new on this blog, but I hope I’ll have it.

  • Olaf

    A GMT version would be my cup of tea. Nice watch btw.!

  • Andrew Kimball

    Unimatic should work on a complete watch of their own and not from the typical watch formats. Don’t make a diver because “we don’t have a diver” kind of mentality. Giver the designers free reign and see what happens. It could be really cool and unique!

  • larry

    Nice looking watch but still like a lumed pip at the tip of the second hand not the bottom.

  • Andy Spencer

    I’d like to see Unimatic do something fairly oversized, PVD coated, easy to read and bulky, yet stealthy at the same.

  • walter washco

    case and bezel should be gunmetal.

  • Daniel Brown

    I would like to see Unimatic put out a redesigned case on the diver and retire this one. The new case should be released with a run of pieces all in the same metal as the stainless case. The only non-brushed stainless concerning it should be the dial markers. The face should be brushed stainless as well.

  • michaelm

    I would like one of two things. Either a watch with Arabics or a watch with a redesigned case with a slight curve to it.

  • Lanternerouge

    Love Unimatic. I’d like to see a full-mech chrono with GMT bezel.

  • I’d like to see either a pilots watch or GMT.

  • Ajendra Deshmukh

    Pilots watches have the best balance of elegance and contemporary style,. I like clean and legible dial. Wish to win pilot one

  • Andrew Bolohan

    I would like to see a Tudor Black Bay

  • David Daniel Trevino

    I would like to Unimatic’s take on a classic Flieger style watch, both with Type A and Type B variants in their minimal style.

  • Simon C

    How about one that harks back to a 70’s style, with more rounded sides?

  • TacoPants

    These are such great designs, wish I had been aware of them when the U1-B was for sale! The secondary market for that and other older models is out of control. I wish they had/would made more of them so Unimatic makes more money of these brilliant designs, not the speculators who are cashing in!

  • Chris Martin

    Vintage racing ie Tag Monaco or AutoDromo

  • Joe Adams

    Nice watch. I’d like to see these watches in more colours. A GMT version would be awesome too!

  • Andrew Sheehan

    I need a watch like this in my life! I’d like to see more like this!

  • Geoff Hamby

    A Unimatic GMT would be the perfect travel watch!

  • Alexander Nguyen

    Lovely watch ? I’d like to see the watches in several different colors

  • G Lauer

    A GMT watch would be nice.

  • Bryan

    Great looking watch

  • Doctor Ben

    Looks great. Maybe a pilot next

  • BrandonS

    Would love to see a highly domed diver… with bombe lugs like the Ollech & Wajs of the 70’s

  • itsduke

    GMT definitely

  • Mark Lewis-Jones

    This particular watch is so clean, legible, and well-balanced that I would not mess with any modification, lest denigrate the impeccable aesthetic. What I would like to see them take a stab at would be a GMT big date.

  • Bruce

    A dark green pilot watch

  • Harley D boy

    a white face watch , with a bracelet hmmmmm

  • Amir Khan

    Military style would be nice

  • Charlie

    I like the diver style, maybe a field watch/pilot next.

  • K1009

    Great look! A version with a compass bezel would be a great addition to the line.

  • eric chan

    i would like to see a all black style Unimatic in the future, with black dial and black lume.

  • rnivvvy

    Next I’d like to see Unimatic’s take on a marine watch.

  • I’d like to see a retro space style Unimatic.

  • Guillermo A.

    I’d like to see a PVD coated case version of this one. Even better if the coating could also be dark green!

  • Marc Wensauer

    Great looking watch. For a next watch, consider a pilot watch ??????

  • K Man

    I’d like like them to keep the simple dial features but create a line with new color schemes, like a pepsi bezel, or with bezels with different colors from the dial (assuming the dial could be white or black).

  • Tapher

    How about a camo watch?

  • Amit U.

    Rugged vintage and tool feel. Italian on the outside and Japanese within. Love the no date dial.

    Two suggestions: 1) Shift the Unimatic text, alone, to under the 12 o’clock position, remainder of text stays at 6. 2) Shift the loli-pop seconds hand near to the business end of the seconds hand.

  • Matthew Shipley

    Love it. I’ve always wanted a unimatic since I first saw them a couple of years ago. This colourway is ??

  • AAW

    I like this deign quite a bit with olive color way and the GMT bezel. I’d like to see it in a dark charcoal gray color scheme.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    A futuristic version of this Unimatic Modello Uno U1. Something with a bit more edge:)

  • 0059mike

    I’d like to see a GMT version in future.

  • 0059mike

    I’d like to see a GMT version in future

  • Given their militaresque branding, I would love to see them venture into more ceramic pilot/diver watches!

  • AunKoh

    I’d love a GMT version. And maybe a special edition jump hour. 🙂

  • Joe

    I would like to see them create more monochromatic (ie black), simple watches again.
    I missed out on some limited editions…

    They seem to have large crowns, so some without crown guards?

  • JacekS

    This is a very nice piece. Especially the colour. Maybe a bigger size (44-45mm) in the future?

  • Steven Poirier

    A red version would rock!

  • Chel McMillan

    Yellow dial would be awesome ?

  • Ally

    The Unimatic Uno models give watch consumers a choice within a market and range where Seiko Prospex models play strong. So Unimatic ought provide more options and choice within their models. An example of this might be the inclusion of date window options and choice of bracelets and strap types.

  • dog ears

    Love this one. More colors please. With date window would be great. And yes, agree with GMT version 🙂

  • michael_cragg

    I’d love to see a world time

  • Harold

    Personally I like Unimatic’s Due style slightly better and would like to see a matching his and her’s set being offered.

  • michael Dombrowski

    I would like to see white dials and colorful bezels, but this camo piece is very cool!

  • McFly998

    I’d like to see a magnetically shielded model, with tinted crystal to signify, ready to withstand the EMP.

  • Gabe Chambers

    I like the design – maybe in titanium- would be nice and light on a nato

  • Isaac Wenger

    The matte green is? Would love to see a world-time diver!

  • catsied

    As always a female version. Maybe same style but smaller!

  • SuperStrapper

    This watch in the same olive but with a CuS8n bronze case would look great.

  • Warsh

    Love this model and would like to see Unimatic do a super deep diver next.

  • james

    a black and blue version would be cool

  • Asko

    It would be great if Unimatic released a smaller version of this awesome watch – sub 40mm would be ideal – thanks for the chance to win!

    • Could not agree more.

  • Nicholas Hebert

    I would love to see the GMT with the 2nd zone hand, and date. But love the style, big and bold.

  • Mike B

    I’m a fan of their design language – I would love to see what they do with a dressier watch.

  • Greg Dutton

    I’d like to see a GMT from Unimatic – seems like something right up their alley!

  • Chris Nibert

    I would like to see a them expand their diver range as it seems they are predominantly in Military/Diver area.
    A new case, more of a vintage flair following their minimalist style but perhaps using different materials.
    Such as using brushed ceramic bezel insert or a SS bezel.

  • Roland Singer

    Not exactly tool type, but I would like to see a Bauhaus inspired design… that’s where my taste goes these days. Unimatic styling reminds of the simplified design principles.

  • Tim Huber

    Love this watch and would love to see Unimatic do a traditional field watch!

  • patrick bremer

    I bought one of the first models,…. grey dial, simply bezel. It’s the watch I wear on construction sites or anywhere else dirty and dusty. Great tool watch.

  • A D

    I think a GMT would be the next step?

  • ?ukasz G?d?ek

    I’d love to see dress watch from unimatic, something which combines their design style with classics.

  • Huge-O

    This olive drab colorway looks very nice! I would like to see the Modello Tre in a similar style.

  • Josef Zhovtis

    Huge fan of this watch!

    I would love to see one with a black rough textured dial with raised or contrasting indices and black bezel with lume. A unique bracelet with a divers extension would be appreciated as well. Keep it without a date on the dial please.

  • Marco R

    a diver chrono with the same 12hr bezel would be really cool!

  • Andre Braz

    I’d love to see a vintage racing inspired watch.

  • Alex

    I would like to see a Diver from unimatic, with a true diver bracelet.

  • hofken

    Love this watch just the way it is.

  • disqus_DMzaTIuTCG

    Love to see a GMT model

  • Ryan Butters

    Sweet watch love the simplicity and LOVE the color!!

  • Muddassir Khan

    I’d love a hybrid chronograph diver

  • Laurens

    I’d love them to make an toolish oversize pilot watch!

  • Char

    I like this watch, it is rugged, stylish and purposeful. It is perfect!

  • RDD

    I’d love to see these guys do an Explorer style all-arounder. Maybe on a bracelet. Good water resistance, good lume, but not out of place in the office.

  • Matthew

    A beautiful design and bit unexpected from Movado. I love the olive drab color way and appreciate the classic detailing. I’m new to the watch collecting scene and I’ve never paid attention to modern Movado pieces because of their modernist/simple aesthetic. But now that I see this Unimatic Diver I think it’s time to look a little closer at what the brand has to offer.

  • BeagieSmalls

    Great looking tool watch. Would love to see an “SPQR” limited edition for the history buffs out there.

  • Chris Paight

    Definitely would like a chrono is this same color scheme

  • Tirthak Shah

    I would like to see a field watch next, with 1-12 and 13-24 numbering on the dial, date discreetly at 4.30 to avoid any cutting off of any numbers, a central seconds hand, not more than 40mm. Colourways can be black and this olive (both separate iterations).

  • Kip

    A chrono would be great but also a GMT.

  • Mr. W

    I would like to see a chrono from Unimatic, but in their vintage-modern aesthetic that they do so well. Perhaps even something more spacey like a take on the Pogue or Bulova equivalent.

  • Jonathan Ppang

    Ooo very nice. maybe a retro racing style watch next!

  • Ed Yu

    3 register chrono

  • TimeChimp

    It would be quite interesting if Unimatic did a GMT watch. I have a Uno – E and it’s fantastic. Excellent build quality. Often, when I am wearing it, I receive many compliments and comments regarding the cool styling. An Unimatic GMT would be stylish AND functional.

  • WhiskersInCalif

    The goal of pointing a class vendor to a style you’d like to see from Unimatic next is daunting.
    I find myself picking up a light weight watch with a fabric nato strap on hot days.
    So smaller dial without a rotating bezel and a variety of nato fabric straps that fit a variety of wrist sizes.
    I am constantly amazed by what others see as a wow watch and what is a ho-hum watch.
    So smaller case without a rotating bezel and a variety of nato fabric straps.

    This give-away watch could wear smaller than it looks and I like the legibility of the face.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    I would like to see a GMT complication, though a chrono might be more useful.

  • simple_fellow

    definitely a chrono… thanks!

  • Mark Great

    I would love to see a mechanical chronograph 🙂

  • Thomas D

    Would love to see another collab with artists
    Like the one done with U1-MY. Call Ken Done!

  • John A Ferris

    Nice, understated design. Would be a fun addition….

  • Jim H

    A basic retro style with a fabric band

  • Jose Felipe Garcia Vivanco

    I like unimatic and what they have accomplished. They have gone into this watch a great 42 mm case that really delivers to a diver. Some vivid colors to use at the sea when diving can do the job and also getting a nice suit.

  • Rob Crenshaw

    I’d like to see more colorways, and bezel choices. Perhaps a DIY build-it-yourself option with configurator. Watches in this price category are largely fashion watches anyway, so embrace it and give consumers an option.

  • Panos Theodoropoulos

    Nice diver.

  • STS103

    I would like to see a flieger style with an exhibition case back and brown leather strap.

  • STS103

    I would like to see a flieger style with an exhibition case back and brown leather strap.

  • Cin Rupp

    A chrono would be nice. I like the simplicity of this watch and the case diameter that’s well-suited to my small wrist.

  • Adam Littman

    This watch is beautiful the way it is. I looked through the archive and one thing that I did not notice, but would like to see is the day/date. Not necessarily on this watch but perhaps on a future design. That and maybe a clear case back. Thank you!

  • James Heng

    How about stainless steel strap for the watch, and maybe colour up the stainless steel strap. Most company still sticking to that silver stainless steel look.

  • Train

    I would like to see a GMT diver next with a Unimatic style steel bracelet.

  • Konstantinos Angelidakis

    The appeal of this watch is the combination of the most basic, almost archetypal, structural elements of a field watch

  • S. Mark

    I would love to see Unimatic offer customisations but with options that only last a limited time. Once they’ve sold out, you need to wait for them to release new options for personalisation.

  • Phillip Marlowe

    This is a great combination of silver and green. I particularly like the inner and matching outer minute markers.

  • penemio

    I would like to see them make a more sophisticated Italian design watch.

  • ivel1977

    It would be great to see them produce a colorful sports watch.

  • Steve Oliverio

    I’d like to see an orange minute hand. Combined with the overall style of the U1, that would recall the look of vintage Italian COMSUBIN Marina Militare divers.

  • Miko Van Chong

    Nice watch. Would be great if I can win this for my birthday (30/9/81) haha 😉

  • Steve Oliverio

    I’d like to see an orange minute hand. That would recall the look of vintage Italian COMSUBIN Marina Militare divers.

  • Miko Van Chong

    The ABTW yellow/black version was really nice. Sadly missed out on it. Maybe a non-limited edition with a slight variation next time?

  • Nick W

    As the previous commenter, I would like to see a submariner style watch with a GMT complication.

  • David Hedeen

    Love the green color – something you don’t see much

  • I would like to see a field watch – very nic done!

  • Jeff Sallen

    Love the Green.

  • Jeff Sallen

    I’d like to see this same watch with a blue dial and grey bezel. no date….keep the 12 hour bezel or go full GMT.

  • Things Is Cool

    Perhaps s touch smaller case–38 or 39mm. A day/date. A GMT would be interesting…Overall, love what Unimatic is doing.

  • Aidan

    How about a small dress watch? Think that would be a good challenge. Great looking watch!

  • Stephanie

    I’d like to see next maybe a crackled vintage leather band or a jubilee band on a classic divers watch.

  • Akhil Puthussery

    Great looking watch. Would like it in 38mm case size.

  • Akhil Puthussery

    Great looking watch. Would love it in a 38mm case.

  • John Voirol

    The watch looks amazing. Would like to see a date version. thx

  • Ondrej Tomica

    For sure microbrand I´m keeping my eye on, really like their view on how durable tool or diver watch should look like. I´ll be happy to get my hands on this one, other way I´ll have to buy one. Completely satisfied with their offer, but would like to see divers with some wild colour on a dial.

  • avisluna

    Unimatic is definitely on my short list and so far I really enjoy the direction they are pursuing. Keeping the brand’s design cues I would be interested to see what they might do/come up with for something like a moonphase complication.

  • Pablo Moreno

    I would love to see this model with a grey bezel and grey dial

  • Daniel Dieringer

    There is no September 31. “Thirty days has September…” So, does this go to September 30 or October 1?

  • PhD

    So nice this one! Would be nice to see it with different dial’s colours.

  • Ankit Bhardwaj

    I would love to see this watch in a dark green face, with brown strap.

  • Mr_FDL

    Dark blue dial

  • Sam

    GMT maybe smaller size (38mm)

  • Peter Sutton

    Definitely a nice dark blue face please

  • Peter Sutton

    Definitely a dark blue dial with a date please

  • Jason Dority

    I would love to see an Orange dial dive watch or dress watch.

  • thebarhound

    Love this color. Would like to see this dial with an all stainless steel bezel. Also try to mix up the nato strap colors. Take a chance like a black starp or even an orange one.

    And if that ain’t enough, how about a Flybacks Chrono version.

  • Alexey Petrov

    I’m miltary fun. Amazing watch, like it so much

  • Alan G

    Mostly I would want to see some more diverse color options. I enjoy the styling of these watches but other than the simple black dials they’ve done, the colors don’t jump out at me from pictures.

  • Kevin Williams

    Looks great!

  • Joshua Reyneveld

    I would like to see a brass case with a black face and bezel.

  • Chris Wood

    I’d love to see a nice display back

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