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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Zelos Mako Bronze 500m Dive Watch

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Zelos Mako Bronze 500m Dive Watch Giveaways

For this month’s aBlogtoWatch giveaway, two lucky winners will have a chance to walk away with a new Zelos Mako Bronze 500m Dive Watch. We’ve written at length about Zelos here on aBlogtoWatch, and the brand has come a long way since first introducing their sport watches a few years ago. Aside from the aggressive styling, Zelos is also known for experimenting with a range of fun materials like meteorite and ‘Timascus’ in their watches. Arguably, the recently released Zelos Mako models can be seen as the most conservative variants within the bunch, but these two feature slightly more vibrant CuSn8 bronze cases for a bold look on the supplied ‘tropic’ style rubber straps.

With a 4 o’clock crown and a 40mm case (46mm lug-to-lug) the Zelos Mako Bronze 500m makes for an easily wearable watch that isn’t loud or bulky. Still, the design has plenty of personality; and features like a sapphire box crystal, 500m of water rater resistance, and an impressive array of BGW9 and Super-LumiNova layered throughout the dial make this a watch worthy of adventure. Textured and meteorite dial options complete the brand’s signature look together with a tactile unidirectional bezel. Currently pricing for the Zelos Mako Bronze 500m dive watch models ranges between $429 and $569. You can enter to win one by following the instructions below!

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, tell us about some of the exotic watch case and dial materials you enjoy whenever brands experiment with them and why.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on June 30, 2018, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Zelos Watches, sponsor of the Zelos Mako Bronze 500m dive watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Finally, a giveaway worth entering!

  • fearlessleader5

    A chance to win a truly exotic material watch: Meteorite! Thank you. Bronze and brass as about the most exotic to date for me.

  • Sam Soul

    Hey, got the lovely anthracite grey as a pre-order this week!
    Now I certainly wouldn’t say no to another one with the black and blue ceramic bezel!

  • Raigo Kaseorg

    Meteorite indeed and unidirectional carbon are always welcome. Would like to see more quickly renewable materials, bamboo combined with carbon.

  • BabisP

    Nice watch, good luck everyone!!
    Thank you ablogtowatch for the opportunity!

  • Justin Krol

    I like the meteorite dial, and have seen it used before my Omega; looks really sharp. Another great material for dials when done correctly is enamel, looks best on dress watches.

  • Benjamin

    I do like the recent trend of bronze cases, as well as ceramics. With dials, <i don<#t have any preferences material-wise, although I like some structure in them, as in the recent Seamasters. <i do like watches with two different shades of Luminova, as well!

  • Peter Duggan

    Lovely looking bronze watches.
    I like the black and blue bezel, really finishes off the look of the watch.

  • Evan

    I’m a huge fan of functional dials, e.g. telemeters, tachymeters, or pulsometers… You can learn and teach a hole lot about time and physics… the nerd in me just came out.

  • Krishna

    I enjoy watches made using unconventional materials or a combination of materials. My first microbrand is a Vilhelm which has a combination of carbon and titanium case, ceramic bezel and Kevlar strap! Very unique! In terms of looks, I also like mother of pearl. It gives that classy look with a natural material.

  • Mike O

    I think meteorite and enamel dials look great. In terms of case materials, steel is my preference.

  • Jere Lindström

    Meteorite is the way to go.

  • BobHoover Tiangco

    A chrono with meteorite dial in an anthracite case, and a pulsometre would be nice 🙂

  • Johnny Rivle

    hello ABlogToWatch

    first of all, I wanted this watch so bad. hehee.

    Ok, The exotic watch case must be Timeless, Iconic, and lil’ bit precious metal.
    and for dial material of course Black Patina with diver dial !! perfecto.
    now I wearing much seiko diver because DIVER watch is TIMELESS and ICONIC.

    Thank You

  • NKC

    I have the Zelos Abyss in the same bronze. It’s getting a nice patina at this point. The Mako is a finer finished watch, and the size is better for daily wear.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    Titanium (lightness) case with exotic dial (e.g. meteorite) for sports watch. Gold/platinum case with guilloche/enamel dial gor the dress watch.

  • Mark

    I have only had experience so far with Titanium casings. Would love a bronze Zelos Mako Bronze in my collection!

  • Peter Van de Laar

    I like the fact that brands experiment with different kind of materials. It gives them an even more unique look and feel to modern watches.

  • Jason Sheppard

    The only exotic material I have come across is titanium and it is very light, I think it’s a good idea to try new materials or even back to old one.

  • I think it’s a Very Good Thing brands are experimenting with new case materials, but some are winners and some sacrifice utility for style. Of course there are always tradeoffs…ceramic won’t scratch but will shatter, carbon fiber is light and strong but can look like cheap plastic, bronze’s patina is a love/hate thing…I often think no one’s come up with a better solution than titanium.

  • can

    Zelos is such a great micro brand. Bronze one is totally a must.

  • Sarosto

    I would love to see a bronze diver with a chocolate enamel dial

  • Bradley Francis Cunningham

    I like exotic materials that have a purpose and tie in with the nature of the watch…ie bronze is cool for a diver etc…I am also intrigued by some of the new high strength lightweight materials such as the carbon/aluminum that Hublot uses. Dial wise, again, for me, needs to serve purpose and reflect nature of watch…although I like meteorite dials….although on a diver a dial made from a decommissioned sub/ship or even from a wreck would be cool. I guess what I´m saying is I like new and exotic materials when they improve the watch rather than just for the sake of using them! Great watch by the way.

  • Andreas

    Now this a piece I want badly. Elshan and his Zelos watches are fabulous, I have two Zelos watches so far. Other case materials I really enjoy brands working with are: Mokume Gane and Damaskus. Not yet a fan of Carbon until I actually get to have a piece in my hands perhaps.

  • Norman

    Bugger. I just ordered me a Zelos Mako bronze last night. I suppose I’d take another Mako bronze (with a different bezel perhaps), if i had to. Titaniun would be interesting and the wood watches look really nice, such as the Jords. Don’t know what engines they’re running or much of anything else, but have seen an ebony one on a wrist. Damascus steel or other metals?

  • Hammer

    Pramzius Watches has a very novel take on what constitutes as exotic! They have a kickstarter project that was funded in April for a watch with chunks of the Berlin Wall in the crown: yes, in the crown.

    And much thanks to Zelos for donating two fine watches.

  • Rick Palmer

    I like the fact that watch companies are trying new materials and experimenting. Bronze on a dive watch is a perfect combo imo. The Zelos would be a great addition to my collection!

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    A bronze case with a meteorite dial. I love the patina look and also the pattern of the meteorite.

  • McFly998

    Always been a fan of Bronze cases, they just look better and better the older they get. The material seems to have a life of it’s own and it’s great to watch how it matures over time.

  • Patrick

    The bronze is a beast! Stands out in a good way. I would be happy to add it to my watch pile.

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    My favorite material (I think) would have to be Hublot’s Magic Gold, since it looks good but isn’t easily scratchable.

  • Jason Mirabello

    What a perfect size for a watch, looks beautiful and bronze. Would love to wear this on the beach.

  • Franco Vogt

    Love the bronze material.. would love to see how it changes over time..

  • Dobrin Tomov

    I like the Swiss Werenbach where they use parts of a rocket for the watch, or something like the Spinnaker Marina
    with an ultralight Polycarbonate case

  • I’d love to see a watch case fabricated out of machined coprolite.

  • Jeffwb65

    I’m a fan of many of the different bronze models from different companies. I’ve also always wanted a titanium cased watch, just to make my own decision whether I like it or not.

  • Brian Kautz

    Prefer Titanium to shave off a little weight from the watch

  • Varangian Guard

    The watches pictured are two of the more attractive bronze variants out of the many that have been released by many makers.

  • Alex Caamano

    I love bronze watches. This watch has everything a watch collector would want. This watch looks amazing. I want one.

  • henry lee

    Nice looking, good size, never owned a bronze watch b4.

  • will ore

    Have a cerakote finished watch which I find extremely durable.

  • Nick09

    I really like the “new” fascination with bronze watches and who wouldn’t want a dial made of meteorite? Please don’t start the hate, but I like some of the pilot watches with parts made from vintage/antique aircraft.

  • Linda

    Wow these are very attractive watches! Would love to own one! I do alot of underwater! An would luv to have one!!

  • Daniele Bonaldo

    I love diving watches, and for this kind of timepieces I think bronze is the material that captures at best the essence of maritime spirit and utility that these watches embody.

  • Chris MoJo

    I’m certainly a fan of bronze, I like how its appearance changes over time.

  • Omri Suissa

    I’m a fan of many of the different bronze models and I love diving watches

  • Andre Braz

    I love the mix of diferent materials. I have Rado ceramic that is ultra lightweight. The Zelos bronze has an unique diver combination.

  • Eric McClellan

    I think the most interesting case dial I knew about prior to this was ceramic. A meteorite dial would be awesome!

  • TresGut

    Very nice watch. I have a desire for an all ceramic diver.

  • Nuno Mendes

    Bronze dive watch cases is a new trend that is definitely catching my atention. I’m very mutch willing to try one on my wrist.

  • christopher campagnari

    The patina will be lovely…

  • 0059mike

    I prefer ceramic due to its hardness and resistance to scratching .

  • Janko Bajagic

    Ever since getting a bronze watch I’ve loved the journey into how the watch transforms on a day to day basis, especially when compared to the bright and clean version you get from day 1. The meteor is something I have yet to own but looks fantastic and Zelos is a company that loves experimenting with it.

  • ???????? ????????

    I love the look of bronze – i feel like it’s an old badly treated element from an old submarine that looks better with age , so every bronze watch I see looks like the business. I particularly love it with a green dial or strap – best combo ever !

  • Lev Belava

    Always wanted bronze watch. This one looks pretty good.

  • Allen Ross

    I really like the meteorite dial and CuSn8 bronze case on this Zelos watch and would love to see it on my wrist. Another bronze watch that I thought was great looking is the Ancon “Tank” Watch with the green dial,’s a very robust looking timepiece.

  • donkol

    I used to have an eighties Fossil with a bronze case and really liked the patina. Didn’t even bother me that it sometimes turned my arm green!

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    Love bronze cases, especially how their look changes over time.

  • Djsherif

    I love when watch makers use exotic materials that add character, like wood or fabric disks. For case materials, exotic doesn’t have to mean expensive. Why not aluminum, wood, ceramic, porcelain…

  • Mischa

    Bronze for sure, if not abused. The patina look is hard to beat. Zelos seems to apply it with good taste.

  • Pat Mon

    Those exotic avant garde dials and cases by richard mille, hublot, hyt, urwerk, de bethune, greubel forsey, mb&f, roger dubuis, hautlence, romain jerome, etc. push boundaries on technological advancement and complexities that make modern watch making more challenging and a race for a new frontier. It gives you more choices on your preference whether sticking with the traditional looks or with a touch of modern twists.

  • LP

    I like it when they use bronze cases because its just a little different

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    Very nice watches! Love the bronzes!

  • Brad Herndon

    I love the increased use of bronze on so many cases. It has a really classy look and the patina that forms is so unique..adds to the vintage feel of a watch. This along with more natural materials for watch dial really creates an organic feel to a lot of timepieces.

  • Fred Pauly

    Any watch you can wear while surfing is a good watch.

  • Demonix

    Loving the stealth black ceramic case and bracelet of the Rado automatic recently reviewed, Hublot Classic Fusion is alsoa fine watch mixing ceramic, metal and a thoroughly modern carbon fiber dial. Would be really interested in seeing how the Zelos Mako bronze diver ages and how quickly the colour changes forming the individual patina. Also have a secret craving for the over the top bling of a precious gem set Rolex with a Diamond pavè dial, maximum ostentatious for those whose name begins with Sheikh.

  • victor c

    Yep, i dont have any watch. So i cant tell whichone is better. I hope i win this giveaways

  • Vincent Kruse

    I think it’s great that more brands are embracing bronze and introducing some very interesting looking watches. Another material I’m really enjoying is Ceramic and colourful ceramic watches hitting the market. It’s such a great material that is scratch resistant and retains it’s original colour, keeping your watch in the same condition you purchase it in. However back to bronze, on the opposite end of the scale, is a material that really mirrors your lifestyle and ages with you through it’s use. If you think of a piece that you can hand down the generations, a bronze piece has the ability to tell such a rich story.

  • Tom Venables

    I enjoy seeing Watch brands such as Zelos using different materials for watch cases showing a unique vision and direction to be different and distinct.

  • John

    Nice, A bit smaller than I like to wear but looks great. I have never owned a bronze watch it would be interesting to see how it wears.

  • Conservatarian TX

    Like many have already stated, I like the use of materials like brass, bronze and copper (especially on dive watches), as well as titanium and ceramics. For dials, meteorite is very appealing to me. I also like what some companies are doing with wood.

  • eboldo

    I think the most exotic watch I would use would be SevenFriday like dial.

  • Andrew_Smith

    My daily watch is rose gold with a dark brown leather strap, but I’m still in two minds about a bronze watch.

  • Calum Leckey

    Ceramic is defiantly the one. Bronze and copper are definitely not the normal but add some extra personality here. Love the smaller 40mm case for subtlety and practicality. I want one!!!

  • denisd

    Zelis is a respected, quality-driven microbrand. The Hammerhead was a cool offering, especially with the meteorite dial version, so I expect the Mako to be at least as good if not better. Good size too!

    • Berndt Norten

      Zelos makes good watches too?

      • denisd


  • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

    I’m in! Meteorite dial material is always nice, ofc. I also really *really* like the textured, sandpaper-like lume dial that some NTH models (santa fe) uses – it gives the dial a great texture and unusual feeling.

    There was, iirc, a Sinn watch that was a monocoque-style damascus where the dial was a milled part of the case itself – so the grain continued smoothly from the case to bezel to ‘chapter ring’ to dial. And it was a nice black-dominant damascus material, so very easy to wear.

    Bronze is cool too. There are so many brass watches that claim to be bronze, however… Glad that Zelos at least uses guaranteed CuSn8.

  • Chris Bos

    I like carbon fiber as case material, coz it’s dark and rough and still classy. For a dial I love lapis lazuli for it’s natural mesmerizing magic.

  • ????????

    Looks great. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everybody!

  • Ted Cole

    I love bronze for the way it changes over time. I also love butterfly wings for their color and uniqueness.

  • Rhino67

    I remember walking underneath an aircraft carrier in dry dock and look at the four massive bronze propellers! To me, bronze as a material relates to enduring machinery and comes across so well in these watches that are nicely sized at 40 mm. Moreover, I like the carryover of the bronze to a nicely knurled bezel, with a a fully lumed ceramic insert; even a little scribble of lime on the signed crown! This is really a winning package!

  • Mr. Snrub

    I’m enjoying the continued evolution of color in ceramics, particularly the Hublot Meca10 Blue.

    We know they are robust thanks to David Bredan and his Lampost Impact Test (LIT)©

  • John Francis

    Zelos have really made a great looking Dive/Sports watch in a fantastic material. One of my favourites is titanium for it’s durability and weight, and ceramic dials are very appealing.

  • Dakota Dennison

    The exotic case materials that are being used in the marketplace open up new watch ideas. I do wish that more of the newer materials could be done in conjunction with smaller case sizes. I believe the Oris bronze pointer date was one of the first non 41+ mm watches in bronze. I am happy to see Zelos use 40mm with a bronze case as well. Most are 42+mm. The red Hublot ceramic case is one of my favorites. If only they sponsored Manchester United still, I can see the collaboration already. Again, Hublot is at 41+mm in this example and makes it tough to wear, however great to look at. I would love to see Zelos make a watch under 40mm in bronze, I would certainly give up some depth rating for a smaller mm and thinner watch, they have a very unique style.

  • alexe christian

    I like carbon fiber material because of lightness. All black dial. No fancy tricks.

  • FollowPhil

    I love the starburst dial patterns like on the Presage and of course, the manner in which the patina of bronze changes over time make each watch unique. The Zelos is a great looking watch and perfect size for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Brandon Clark

    I’ve been fascinated with bronze as a case material lately, ever since Zelos launched the Helmsman 2. I love how it patinates over time to truly make it unique and your own, sort of like keeping a journal for us watch enthusiasts. Intriguing too is the use of Carbon composite as a case – specifically that of Lum-tec’s B24 Carbon – which provides for a lighter wear without compromising strength and resistance. Also love me a good titanium case.
    Being a space nerd, I can’t help but drool over meteorite dials. When I can’t afford that though, I like just about anything that has had some thought put into it. Can’t wait to see what further advancements in machining and procurement will do for the industry!

  • Laurence Daly

    From a practical point of view for divers watches I would love a tungsten carbide case, it’s tough as diamonds yet can be polished to a beautiful shine. Then a polycarbonate dial finished in a deep royal blue to contrast the case, and rectangular watch hands filled with easy to see lime green resin. Woo Hoo

  • Jordan Guiral

    I’ve been looking at this exact same model for a few days, happy to be able to participate in the giveaway!

    I personally love seeing exotic materials in watchmaking (as I work in the aeronautic field I am used to working with Carbon fibres, Kevlar, titanium…). I haven’t been massively impressed by Carbon Fibres watches as they seem to overplay the “ruggedness” and strength on the material, and it seems to be everywhere nowadays (always unpainted too, and the exposed CF pattern got old pretty fast for me).

    Bronze on the other hand is an interesting fresh take (to me at least)! I like how the patina will evolve differently for everyone (with always the possibility to reverse the process if you don’t like it) and it strongly reminds me of old school deep-diving equipment so very in phase with the purpose of the watch!
    I have been in contact with the watchmaker at Zelos and he is a very nice guy, I may not be able to wait until the results of the giveaway before pulling the trigger!

  • Stanley

    I do not have any exotic watch case. I do have interesting dial ranching from flue and green sun burst from recent Seiko collection to the pearl dial and luminous dial from Aragon which I bought out of curiosity.
    An addition of Zelos bronze case in my small collection would be very interesting indeed.

  • NMSraygun

    The Zelos bronze watches look very nice without the “glitz” of flashy gold. I like the look of the faces. I’ve had an actual meteor faced watch but, it was too small to wear (first online watch purchase many years ago). As a personal preference, I like a large black dial around a dark face with white hands. I tend to glance at my watch to see the time. For me, looks are secondary to function. The proportions and usability compliment the overall look. The prices are well within reach of many potential buyers.

  • Vladimir Moldovan

    The bronze case of this Zelos really looks good, and its size is perfect. Not sure about any exotic materials, since I haven’t had the pleasure of handling too many (if any), but I would like to see more options from the more prestigious watchmakers in steel (or, any other less expensive but tough and durable material). There are way too few, in comparison to precious metal ones, which are extremely expensive for reasons I don’t care about. I care about the movement, the complications, the finishing, the dial and less about the fact that the case is pure gold.

  • Ben from LI

    Generally, I shy away from nontraditional materials. I worry that they won’t age well or will not hold up to frequent wear. The one exception is meteorite dial. There’s something about the look and origin that just does it for me!

  • Jeff Durocher

    I like when they use carbon, so light.

  • turboBB73

    Thx for the giveaway! The dial is a bit busy but overall a handsome watch. I like the black/blue bezel better as it offers a contrast from the case.

  • Charlie Chao

    I like titanium and carbon. Lightweight and strong.

  • digitaldave

    I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to case material. The one draw back to Bronze is oxidation and although it creates a nice patina it can also react with your skin and potentially leave a green residue. Other options I do prefer are Titanium and Carbon Fibre. All that being said, winning one of these giveaways would be most excellent.

  • nyonya

    Titanium is always a favorite for its lightness and anti-allergic properties

  • Vino

    My favorite uncommon materials couldn’t be further away from each other and that is exactly why I love them.

    The first one is bronze due to the patina and the way that the material changes constantly overtime and it makes it very interesting to wear and own.

    The second case material is Tungsten carbide, I know it is harder to machine and it may break like ceramic in some cases, but I just love the way the metal looks and feels and the sheer weight of it, just feels solid and luxuries. I love the idea of owning a high end product that will look pristine no matter what I’ll do to it. Makes me feel like I’m getting exactly what I paid for and it will stay like that, not faded due to micro scratches or anything. We all know the feeling that when we get something new and expensive that looks amazing, and after some time we know it will loose some visual cachet and it can be a little discouraging. Unlike ceramic the Tungsten feels like a metal watch (because it is) and in a luxury item it feels like you bought a metal watch that looks like any other watch only it will always look like new, unlike ceramic which has a different feel to it.

    When it comes to dials, I love the use of meteorite dials because I love Textures in my dials, And I also love interesting patterns like the ones GUSTAFSSON & SJÖGREN creates from different metals. I can look at those dials all day long.

  • I’m a sucker for ceramic bezels made from 2 colors. It is interesting to me the technical know how it takes to create with consistency 1 piece from 2 colors that require different temperatures which increases the difficulty.

  • Warsh

    Excellent looking watch. I enjoy companies experimenting with different materials. Both ceramic and bronze cases interest me as do meteorite dials…..

  • Humphrey Mar

    There are some materials which actually have functionality, such as titanium (strength), or aesthetics such as carbon fiber, although the latter has both. I really love the ceramic bezel of the Bering watch I have. I’d really love to see some of the metallurgy of some of the japanese knife makers utilized…that would be pretty cool, or how about makume gane…look it up, it’s pretty amazingly awesome…

  • Jeroen de jong

    I feel materials used should reflect on the use of the watch, for instance, when making a dress watch it is better when the surface is polished and gives you a classy luxuerious feeling. This is why gold or platinum is the way to go. When making a pilot watch titanium is a good idea, it’s lite and robust. When making a divers watch stainless steel or, the opposite, bronze is a very good choice because bronze is still used a lot for diving equipment so the connection is easilly made, looks good and performs well with salt water.

  • Jimi

    Not sure if it’s considered exotic. But I love my titanium watch because it’s so light!!! Would love to add Bronze to my small collection.

  • Dennis

    I like the idea of more “tool” metals being used in watches. While stainless steel is a great allrounder, and while gold can dress up a watch, some of these tool metals make for more interesting cases.

    I love the look of ceramic bezels. They have such a different quality than metal bezels. I like brands creating ceramic cases, but I worry about their toughness.

    I don’t have much love for exotic dial materials. They tend to look too natural and harm readability.

  • Daniel D.

    Titanium would surely be my choice due to its strength and weight savings.

  • Paul Mattlin

    Being a fan of custom made knives, I appreciate the use of materials common to that industry such as damascus, titanium, timascus, zirconium, mokume gane, etc. This is more of an aesthetic preference than anything else, however there are also practical benefits to some of these material. I do think that use of alternative materials needs to fit with the nature of the watch style (diver, dress, sport) and be used in a coherent way as some models I’ve seen do not appear to consider this and it comes across as a gimmick. Zelos makes great use of bronze in their watches imho.

  • Easy Quindo

    I like the textured and colored dials Seiko uses in their Presage watches (don’t know what they’re made of). I also like enameled dials, and sometimes mother of pearl. Oh, and while I’m listing, I love the hand-painted watches from Jacquet Droz. I think that qualifies as exotic…

  • Kiss András

    Thank you for the opportunity, I realy like titanium for its lightness and brnoz or brass for its special corrodation.

  • SH

    I have a great attraction to bronze as a case material and covet a bronze dive watch, can’t have too many. On the lighter side the Richard Mille exotic light cases also excite me as do the new carbon and ceramic cases from Panerai. Too many great watches to chose from. New dual materials don’t excite me as much but the meteorite one are pretty.

  • Matt

    As far as exotic dials go, I am a huge fan of enamel. The fragility of the material and finesse and technical skill it requires to create them is awesome. Not to mention they look great. My favorite enamel dials have to be those of Breguet. Absolutely stunning

  • Michael

    This is a great example of a bronze case. I love the patina that bronze develops, but it doesn’t look good on every watch. This watch, because of the dial colors and other elements, should only look better as the bronze ages. Would love to see it on my wrist.

  • johnwithanh

    Love meteorite dials. Love dials made from stones (lapis, tiger eye, onyx). Cases are a bit more difficult to go too far outside the box. Perhaps palladium? I kinda like the way my wedding ring has scratched up over the years. Oh wait I meant “patinated.”

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I have in the past said that i don’t think bronze is a great material for a watch case but I’ve never seen one in the flesh. The watch it’self is nice and uncluttered. The crown at the 4 marker is a bonus for us left handers. Oh, go on then, i’ll give it a go :).

    • Berndt Norten

      I have a bronze watch. I like it. But I never wear it cos it’s a cheap Chinese eBay job

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Spooky…Here we say coz. Cos is a lettuce.

        • Berndt Norten

          Autocorrect? Give me a break, I’m a Danish.

  • BobM

    This would be a nice start to my watch collection. But can you explain what a “4 o’clock crown’ is?

    • Magnus

      The crown is at the 4 o’clock position on the watch 🙂 most watches have it at the 3 o’clock position.

  • Bryan A

    I like the case and dial look and materials used by Gauge Instruments, as they are simple, clean and look like high end instrumentation you’d see in a sports car. Very cool.

  • Andrew Metri

    Would love to wear a carbon fiber watch for the lightness!

  • P.Panagiotidis

    The most exotic case material i use is titanium (Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Kara)

  • Magnus

    I love bronze watches with their patina!

  • Matt

    Nice, I’ve always admired Zelos for doing things a bit differently and especially their use of meteorite dials. The look of meteorite is quite unique and I think works really well for a dial. And, frankly, if you’re talking about unique dials (no idea what material is being used), then I go straight to Grand Seiko. For case materials, Damasko’s proprietary ice-hardened steel is absolutely amazing and practical. I’m also a fan of titanium, as it’s a strong, light material and has a unique colour that appeals to me. On the more funky side of things, H2O (I think) put out some really cool mokume gane cases. I’d love to see a damascus steel case too, gotta think that would be wild.

  • I enjoy seeing any sort of newer and less often used materials, such as timascus, damascus, tantalum, and other non-ferrous metals. I also like seeing meteorite on dials as each one will be unique. Other materials I’ve seen that have sparked my interest are re-purposed metals, similar to how REC Watches uses salvaged car parts for their dials. One very interesting idea I have seen was using wood from centuries old preserved trees as the dial.

  • Calvin F.

    High grade aluminum, carbon fiber case, and Kevlar watch strap
    I really like new innovative material that fits into one’s lifestyle. It’s good when a brand goes creative as it inspires many.

  • Kyle Herret

    I’ve always been curious to try a bronze watch but just never found the right one. This one is very tempting. Well done.

  • Joshua

    I enjoy seeing bronze used in more watches these days, in large part because of the patina it takes on and becomes “personalized” over time. Zelos did a nice job here. In the same vein, Ochs und Junior utilize sterling silver in some of their watches which will also patina over time and I’ve had my eye on their moon phase for some time.

  • Shawn George

    I’ve always like the look of the Bronze cased watches from Tudor, Oris and Zenith but have never taken the plunge. These offerings from Zelos look pretty awesome too! The meteorite dial’s a nice touch.

  • jahenson

    As the owner of an Omega DSOTM, I really like the use of ceramic in watches these days. I’m also in the market for a Tudor BBB, so this watch with its use of bronze is really intriguing to me, too.

  • Riley

    I enjoy the look and patina that the Bronze cased watches from companies like Tudor and Oris take on over time.

  • Chip C

    The bronze looks great! and the leather strap is perfect with it. This is a nicely done dive-style watch.

  • Zoran Filipovic

    I like wooden watch case

  • Andrew James

    It’s great that many manufacturers are now offering bronze options. I think that bronze gives a subtle aesthetic that works well with more classic dive watches.

  • Jonathan Fisk

    I have a 15 year old Rado ceramic which still looks like new. Not sure how durable a bronze watch will be, but I’d love to find out!

  • Jordan Rausch

    Uniqueness is always an asset, in jewelry especially. My wife’s engagement ring has a meteorite inlay and I am all behind using exotic materials in watches as well. As long as it doesn’t compromise the looks and will last the test of time (as a quality watch should).

  • RD

    Love the current bronze styling! Some rare dials I enjoy seeing are meteorite or old metals from memorable machines (automotive, aircraft, etc.).

  • Andy Berrios

    Loving the bronze and blue bezel! I have never owned a bronze watch and have begun to appreciate the vintage look to it. Nicely designed without being to showy.

  • Jason Yee

    I am a fan of both bronze and ceramic as exotic watch case materials. I like when companies experiment with different materials.

  • David Williams

    Tissot’s rock watches (with cases of polished alpine granite) were very appealing – as were their wooden watches. Carbon fibre – as also used by Tissot – and others – is good too, being both pleasing to the eye and light in weight.

    Has anyone ever made a dial from fossilized mammoth ivory – sometimes used by jewellers and musical-instrument makers, and much preferable to ivory from endangered elephants.

  • Ben Luo

    Titanium is a favorite of mine. Not the most exotic, but I love how light Ti cases and bracelets are.

  • D.C.

    I’m interested in the possibilities of carbon fiber. Like the look and light weight.

  • Jim Davis

    Ceramic is a great case material because of its low weight, and Omega and Hublot have done interesting work with adding color. Using meteorite on a Moonwatch is pretty cool.

  • Deno Goh

    Design of the dials on these Zelos’ are rather interesting. Much like the USA-only Grand Seiko’s, very eye-catching.

  • Epichartou

    Titanium, might not be that exotic but it is very light and durable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Steven Worth

    When brands experiment I appreciate purposeful tool watches made from high level grades of titanium and stainless, not the standard specs most companies use. Enameled, lacquered, and galvanized dials are nice in combination with quality markers/lume.

  • I never had or even wear a bronze watch. Very marine indeed. Probably heavy but a good solid watch. interesting watch.

  • shanekleinpeter

    I like this watch a lot, especially the unique case crown guard and the hands. Both dials are interesting as well. In the past I’ve really like mother of pearl dials but I hear they are difficult to work with, being brittle. Bronze is an interesting case material because it should develop a great patina over time.

  • ethebull

    Meteorite is a cool dial material. Each piece is unique, the patterns are pleasing, and it came from outer space! I don’t have bronze or Meteorite in my collection, so I’d love to win one of these.

  • Tainan Lu

    I prefer Titanium because it’s light

  • Joe

    I wouldn’t pick Bronze as my first choice but I’d definitely try it out. The bronze bezelled (embezzled?) diver on the left pic would be my preference.
    In general I’m keen on trying a ceramic watch. Something like the Blancpain Bathyscaphe in grey plasma ceramic where it looks like brushed steel but it isn’t. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to that particular model. Perhaps something about the combination of the abyss blue dial and stealthy grey case. The scratch resistance is less of a benefit compared to the potential drawback of a cracked case but it’s a risk I’d be willing to accept.

  • James Payne

    I like the look of titanium more, brighter looks better

  • I like titanium as a case material, gives a sense of strength and lightness. And I like the meteorite dials seen on some watches.

  • Will

    I like the sapphire crown of the cartier’s, or when various woods are incorporated.

  • wallyboy23 .

    Its bronze and its a wearable size, 40mm what is there not to like?

  • Matt Sidell

    My favorite is the tegimented cases of Sinn. But any hardened steel is cool. Also love the old school enamel dials.

  • SPITX206

    Both are very nice watches but how does one beat the combination of bronze and meteorite, and at a wearable size! As far as liking exotic case and dial materials, bronze and meteorite to me are two historical elements combined in one useful object. My conservative side also likes a white enamel dial in a rose gold case. To me this is a very warm combination.

  • Art Goldenberg

    I like bronze, you can see the watch take on a uniqueness of its own with the changing patina.

  • GriM

    Bronze is quite fascinating, especially because of the process of building patina. And I always have to think of these old diving helmets. So its a really good match to build a bronce-diver.

  • Kevin Beard

    I enjoy the Ventura style cases Hamilton does. I’m intrigued by the meteorite dials, I’d love to see one in person.

  • Alex A.

    I like case materials that are a little out of place for the watch’s true function, like a white gold Daytona or bronze diver…

  • Bob Sebastian

    DNA watches intrigue me. Incorporating elements from historic or significant sources. Ceramic, titanium and composite are also appealing. I’ve never thought of bronze before but it has a great patina and looks substantial.

  • Abhijit

    I like the case used on the Victorinox INOX carbon. Not only is it light weight and durable, but also scratch resistant (unlike the stainless steel version). Luminox’s SXC also has an interesting polymerised carbon case.

  • Hrvoje K

    bronze and meteorite,, can’t beat that combination,,

  • Steven Servantez

    I like carbon based cases. I think it represents the modern movement in watches and are very durable

  • Vexed

    Ceramic cases are always nice. I also like carbon fiber cases but it hasnt been done nearly as much. As for dials, anything from space. Meteors are cool and there has been a few watches made with stuff from the moon or even spacecraft components.

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    I like case materials with ceramic, carbon, …… meteors are cool

  • Nathan Schneider

    Onyx dials are gorgeous. Nothing matches that pure black.

  • Well… I’ve never owned an exotic dial watch, so this will be my first. I promise to do an in-depth desktop diver review!

  • Brian Farr

    Sick watch…bronze with meteorite…

  • Savik King

    The design is awesome, and auto to!

  • Yvan Gale

    Great looking wearable art!

  • Red Rooster

    Sapphire and bronze together, sign me up! Super lumiNova is also a plus in a diver, even if you don’t plan on going deeper than a swimming pool!!

  • Randy Treadway

    I could definitely see that sweet looking bronze on my wrist

  • Rodney Stone

    Looks great i think the bronze finish and onyx dial is attractive and different than most others offered on the market, i would love to own one

  • Hinote_hime

    Lovely watch. The color combination is nice.

  • Michael Harvey

    Zelos Mako Bronze 500m dive watch looks great, and at a great price! I like the Breitling titanium cases and the Rolex stainless steel cases. The Zelos bronze cases are intriguing.

  • Shane Evans

    A beautiful watch. Quite Seiko-ish.
    I would give it a great home!

  • David

    Sapphire crystal, ceramic, titanium all suggest premium quality to me, not that I have too many with those features. Truth be known I don’t have many fitting that criteria. Can’t say I’m sold on the bronze, that said when I see it on my wrist my opinion may change.

  • Darren Williams

    Bausele use some icon Australian names as well as elements in their watches

  • Ant

    I love bronze and copper cases, mainly due to the colour, I’ve always been a fan of those hues. With dials I like when brands experiment more with texture than with materials per se. I think grand seiko do a particularly good job in this area.

  • Ian Salmon

    I like any material that tarnishes and adds a unique look. Lacquer on the dial looks fantastic.

  • Catherine Robichaud

    I really love watches that are made from unique materials. I like that Zelos uses materials like Timascus and Meteorite.

  • Steve

    Interesting designs from the pics. Will be very interesting to see what they’re like on the wrist!

  • Jeremy Fister

    I once saw a watch and case made from an iron meteorite, the bezel and face even had space beryl imbedded… amazing!!

  • Michael Zhang

    Excellent job Zelos, I’m enjoying my Visionary V2! I enjoy when brands use natural materials within the watch, such as pearl, wood, rock/meteorite.

  • David W.

    I like meteorite dials, along with some of the more interesting enamels. For cases, I love seeing well-done wood and stone components.

  • AghastinFL

    I love the Zelos watches! the recent ZX-7 Chronometer offering in Ti-Damascus looked fantastic, IMO one of the most exotic offerings to date. I’m very interested to read the reviews once that watch makes it into the hands of the adventurous kickstarters.
    While they are nearing commonplace, I still love the look of both Ti and ceramic cases, obviously for very different reasons. Titanium is a great color choice personally and of course the toughness of the ceramic case is a stark contrast to the Ti weakest point.
    Keep it up Zelos, I truly believe any one of us here at ABTW would be proud to sport this months giveaway on the wrist.

  • Seth L

    Case materials: Although extremely heavy, I love how tungsten carbide is almost impossible to scratch.
    Dial materials: Some of the meteorite dials look nice, but I’d love to see some silicon wafers etched into elaborate dials.

  • Steve Mutz

    The Zelos Hammerhead and Mako are great looking tool watches that check all the boxes for me. For exotic materials, meteorite dials are number one in my book. Every one is different and unique. Also like the look of bezels with sapphire inlays. The sapphire really makes the bezel stand out.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I love the way the bronze has a nice bronzy look about it. Sure it looks dull and uninteresting but having thought of everything else, this was a natural step for watchmakers hopelessly trying to find an angle, hit a nerve as it were. Something nice and soft so it can look garbage ( some folks call it patina ) in a few years. I just wanna thank the folks of bronze age for making this possible.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I’m bored.

    • Berndt Norten

      You’re the Chairman of the Bored

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Well having to sit through all these comments is torture!…Enough already, move on.

  • Andy D’Blogger

    Having had a couple of Zelos watches from previous purchases, I dare say that this Mako would make a nice addition to the rest of the collection in the watch winder; and add up some colours too. After all, you’re ain’t a real collector until you have watches from A to Z, LOL. Do swing by sometimes for more horology discussions 🙂

  • JF Beaulieu

    My favorite exotic watch case material is bronze because all bronze watches age differently so you end up with a unique watch

  • Mark ZuVerink

    My favorite (underutilized) case material is definitely tungsten carbide. Literally looks brand new all the time no matter how hard you wear it.

  • Andrew Clark

    Bronze materials are unique but still have a classic look and feel.

  • Steve Jacobs

    I like ceramic although I haven’t a watch with that material case. Bronze is high on meh list as well, so pick me!

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Really nice. Want it.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      We have a winner!

  • ???????? ?????????

    Bronze is just unique in the way it ages … And there are ways to make it age faster and look cooler in no time at all ? Platinum is also a really prestigious case material… It just looks aristocratic.

  • glessner

    That dial finishing!

  • Dan Day

    I love the look of the bronze case and anthracite dial, in the Mako. I quite like exotic dial materials like anthracite and (in the case of Werenbach AG), metal from used rockets. These have historic significance and make terrific conversation pieces. In cases of cases (ha ha), I love experiments in Sapphire. I think it is wonderful to be able to see every part of hardware in these cases, and again… conversation pieces! = )

  • Larry Hicks

    Thanks for the chance to win an unique styled watch

  • TWeasel

    I like the meteorite faces that Zelos has put out. Each one is slightly different. But the bronze case also looks stunning and should age in a very unique way.

  • Adzmr

    Actually I find watches made from bamboo are interesting. They have a kind of breezy feel to them. And they can be broken-in just in two minutes.

  • The tungsten case is wonderful and those meteorite dials are lovely.

  • Mikita

    I’d love to see more malachite dials, not only in luxury segment. And would love to see some hardened silver case. I love the look of new silver, but it is soft and prone to oxidation.

  • Brent P.

    I have the Zelos Helmsman 2, in bronze, but I have to say I like the Mako even more. I broke my Helmsman 2 in with two weeks of diving in Roatan, and at the end of the trip the bronze case looked incredible. Can’t wait to get my hands on a Mako for my next trip.

  • Tony G

    I think Damascus steel is a great looking watch case material. Such an interesting pattern and knowing that each one is an individual is cool.

  • Abderrahmane

    I really love watches that are made from unique materials. I like that Zelos uses materials like Timascus and Meteorite.

  • Ben Rushton

    Any case or dial material that ages and individualises does it for me. Bronze is the favourite. No two of them will ever be the same which is pretty incredible.

  • Stefan Gutehall

    As a case material I do like materials like brass and bronze that give the watch a warm tone. Dial materials i never thought much about, but anything that give the dial some depth without getting cluttered.

  • jroot1974

    I really like the bronze. different from what you see everyday…

  • bujienla

    While many materials can be interesting, I’m all about practicality and durability. The less upkeep the better. I don’t like too flashy either. I don’t like plated as I’m afraid it will wear off. Many brands add additional coatings, but I have no idea if they do what they claim to do in terms of scratch resistance.

  • 112010

    I like titanium! Yes!

  • PoIsIt

    Real diver’s watch

  • Felix Seah

    Choice of materials like bronze gives us consumers a chance to own something unique. Not many can afford the hefty price tags of similar watches by other brands.

  • RM

    I really enjoy titanium, carbon and, of course, bronze watch cases. Thanks for offering these beauties up for giveaway!

  • Sipemon

    I love the way bronze develops patina over time. Also the meteorite dials are beautiful.

  • Kevinb

    Zelos is certainly on the leading edge of design, my favorite watch case so far is the Zelos Damascus Titanium. Simply stunning. As far as dials go Sometimes simple is better, TCM makes a cool concrete faced watch. I like the uniqueness. I can’t forget to give Zelos another nod however, they make a watch with a titanium face made from an SR 71 Blackbird. Would that qualify as the fastest watch in the world?

  • Elliot

    Any Richard Mille. Because no one does the things they do

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Super dive watch love the crown at 4.00.
    Enjoy hardened titanium cases with sapphire crystals.

  • Loi Shou De

    I would love to see damasxus steel being used as a case material more regularly. It’s a fun material and deserves more attention, particularly on smaller sized xases.

  • Martin Chiu

    Carbon fiber is a very interesting case material due to its weight and how it’s possible that no 2 cases can look the same.

  • Marlene V

    This is a unique looking watch – that is what I like in a watch.

  • Stuart MacKenzie

    Zelos spelled backwards is Solez (which one should pronounce as Souls) because this watch has Soul! Actually many “Souls” – plural – ‘cause it has bronze on the outside (Soul #1) and meteorites on the inside (Soul #2). It’ll keep perfect time as you submerge to your watery grave half a kilometer below the oceans surface. Your mask will explode, your life shall expire, but the Zelos will keep tickin’ away (with Soul!) Soul #3 is the spiral dial flavor Zelos – indeed the universe will look like a spinning spiral to those inhabiting the 500 meter subsurface realms as this multimedia presentation attachment so vividly demonstrates.

    • Mikita

      If you look for a long time into the Omega co-axial movement – you’ll notice the ClooneySpiral (Soul).

      • Stuart MacKenzie

        That’s what I’m talking about brother! Tourbillon with ClooneySpiral Soul™®, or (CS² Technology™®).

        • Mikita

          Yes, may I suggest ClooneyRectalSpiral Soul™® with FusionSphincter Technology™® Presented on the Dark Side of the Moon!

  • Pacheaco

    Gotta be bronze and the patina it develops.

  • Jamal Tariq

    Rose gold. Something about it speaks sophistication unlike gold which to me screams money.

  • Panos Theodoropoulos

    Very nice divers watch. I hope I can get one!

  • mysiak

    My favorite “exotic” combo would be damascus steel for a watch case (or at least bezel) and meteorite dial.

  • Andrew Zolotoff

    Nice bronze diver in great size!

  • johan sahlman

    Bronze on a watch is very nice material. The ageing gets very nice

  • Athena Graeme

    I like the carbon but haven’t tried it yet. It would have to have nonreflective mineral crystal display since much of my diving is done in the tropics. As low class as this sounds, I’ve found I really like a plain rubber wrist band, it’s just more comfortable.

  • Ivan Zelenovsky

    I like Damascus steel cases and meteorite dials, this combination makes every watch really unique.

  • Johan B

    Never owned a watch with an exotic material. I did get to have a close look at the Oris Carl Brasear though, and it was so cool. Way out of my league though. So I would like to try a bronze watch sometime.

  • Mario Novoselec

    I like the raw mix of gold and exotic materials, shaped in raw concepts like we can see Jaquet Droz watches. This makes perfect artistic blend.

  • Dcf

    Tantalum, because of its otherworldly sheen.

  • Rixard

    I really like the look and feel of the Breitlings carbon fiber material Breitlight. I hope that Breitling will go back too making quartz again and more Breitlight watches!

  • Ex_Sozi

    Great watches and designs from Zelos. I have two models from them. My favourite material is titanium. Just ideal for diving and sports watches.

  • Eli Munger

    I would love to see a combination of titanium and bronze used in case design to provide a watch that is extremely wearable, but still develops unique character.

  • parasec

    I really like the combination of bronze and blue which I have never seen before and I immediately fell in love with it.

  • Olaf

    For me there is not much room for experiments. The most exotic material I can imagine wearing as a watch is bronze. With a blue dial, that is. Looks great.

  • Kevin

    Watches with new and exotic case materials like the Panerai Carbotech and the Omega Speedmasters with a ceramic case are both good examples of when watchmakers are striving to perfect their watches in new and innovating ways. I love their passion for innovation which often is feelt in the watch and seen visually… Combining it with a new exotic dial will make a new type of watch often unseen before and you just feel that you have something unique, something that took a lot effort to perfect. That is why I love it when watchmakers experiment with new materials.

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    Materials such as wood, cement, plexiglass, carbon fibers, leather and ceramic are very interesting. At the other end of the spectrum stainless steel, titanium, copper, gold, platinum ect have been around for ages. I would go for the ceramic and especially colored one!

  • Marc Wensauer

    I like materials that give a watch a unique “texture” to please the visual and tactile senses.

  • Charles

    I find experiments interesting but I think it wise that most watchmakers are wary to try them. Brass and bronze both develop beautiful patinas but brass has to be cleaned to limit lead exposure. Still, the look of a patina…

  • Skootertrash

    I absolutely love damascus steel. Every billet is hand forged by a proper blacksmith so I know it is a work of pride and passion. Besides being a gorgeous material, it makes every watch truly unique.

  • Y Til

    Hardend Stainless steel cases such as Sinn and Damasqus are interesting to me, they are uniq and caresteristic, would like to see more alike.

  • Stuart Hall

    Bronze I do like. Tantalum is weird but actually quite nice, though uncommon. I have nothing in Damascus but I agree it’s really pretty.

  • peacesun

    Like wearing a subtle jewel on the wrist, this watch can cause double-looks with its textured face. This modern watch could make keeping time with a watch instead of a phone a thing again.

  • Simonh

    Excellent cool watch. Love bronze and brass. Other than that it a stainless steel fan.

  • christopher jensen

    Nice to see companies messing around with different materials (Sinn, Damascus, etc….). Never had a bronze watch, but sure would love to try one.

  • Jon W

    Bronze is an interesting material, I don’t think it would be a useful daily wear watch but I’d love it to mix things up every now and then. The case material I’m most interested in acquiring is something ceramic. The non-reflective look, light-weight, and lack of wear over time are all attractive features to me.

  • Steve Bowden

    I enjoy it when watch makers experiment with new case materials. I have a Brass Ventus Mori Diver and I love it. I would love a bronze watch as well. Exploring design with new materials is one of the ways watch design keeps fresh and exciting. I would love to see a case made of Damascus steel. Check out Zelos, some of their watch dials make great use of large amout of BGW9…and the result is always beautiful

  • Mikael

    Bronze is something I’ve never worn and I’m surprised how much I’m liking this look as I’ve never been a fan of rose gold or any warmer material.

  • Greg Dutton

    I like meteor dials and carbon cases because of the variegated patterns they produce. Never tried a bronze case, but the Zelos looks great!

  • Mike V

    bronze, ceramic cases and meteorite dials are interesting. Carbon fiber and Damascus are also cool.

  • Larry Holmack

    I am always up for trying something new and exotic when it comes to watches. Bronze, brass, meteorite, ceramic… I love it when a company uses exotic materials in their designs. I am loving these Zelos watches…as I love a watch that doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

  • Michael Bell

    I like the look of bronze watches and also the ceramic cases.

  • Tim Sexton

    Bronze cases and ceramic dials. It is interesting to watch how the different bronze alloys patina in different colors. Titanium Damascus also looks very interesting.

  • Gary Aerne

    I like the looks of the brass and bronze watches. I prefer the automatic watches to the mechanical watches. It would look great on my wrist.

  • Omri Suissa

    Materials such as wood and carbon fibers are interesting. SevenFriday have a woody edition that i like.

  • celticfox

    I’ve always loved the lustre of titanium for cases, and bronze or antiqued copper make interesting materials too. Having worked in small arms, there are some wonderful, hard-wearing finishes to come out of that industry with hard anodizing, shot peening and nitro carburising giving wonderful, industrial finishes. For dials, I love the meteorite, aventurine and – for a bit of interest – Picasso Jasper. I also love haematite (rarely found) and would love to see more use of vibrant textured oil paints! Not all in the same watch, of course…..

  • Jeff Story

    I like Damascus steel, carbon fiber, and some of the unusual metals. I’d be curious to see the use of anodized aluminum for dials, there’s some spectacular finishes that can be done

  • tomhall_iv

    From a maritime back ground, working on old ships, its the bronze that does it for me. The watch becomes vital piece equipment to hold and cherish.

  • I once had a old Tissot stone watch which was really interesting and a conversation starter. Have never had a bronze case watch but these from Zelos are amazing. I would love to have the one with the meteorite dial. Just imagine that this is from a stone that fell to Earth from space – simply mindblowing.

  • Daniel Gilland

    I generally like a lighter watch, but durable, so titanium is always an attractive option. I’d be interested to see a watch made with the new alloys that are being developed like microlattice. I’ve also really liked wood watches but haven’t found a design that particularly suits me.

  • Louis Tong

    Love how bronze changes over time and how each timepiece becomes unique in its own way.

  • Max Beard

    One of my favorite experimental materials is the use of black diamonds. I recently saw an AP watch covered in them, and I thing it really gives the watch the ability to sparkle without being pretentious like regular diamonds would.

  • Michael Andrew David Edwards

    I’m pretty much over bronze cases, but I still appreciate the meteroite dial – as well as the unconventional lug placement (at 4 o’ clock). A watch I’d be happy to wear, if not every day, then most days

  • Stephanie Poole

    Black Diamonds for sure. I love the sparkle and unique look they give.

  • Gord Hay

    I am really enjoying the spike in wooden watch makers, as not a single piece of wood is the same.

  • Brian Tymczyszyn

    I’m a bronze lover. Love the patina look with the option to shine it up at any time for a new look.

  • Les Leonoff

    I don’t have a bronze watch. I like the appearance of the Zelos Mako.. Hope to win

  • Beau9

    I remember when acrylic crystals were the norm back in the early 60’s and 70’s; and now there in vogue again. I always enjoyed looking at them and the nostalgic feel they evoked. Then there’s the acrylic/ceramic bezel inserts, with there array of colors and hues, gave watches a distinct personality. Fast forward to today, the use of raw materials such as bronze, brass, and alloy metals just wasn’t even possible even 10-20 years ago. Makes you wonder about the possibilities of the industry moving forward into the future.

  • Jorge Miranda

    I like the trend that is occurring among several high standing renowned brands and small watches brands such as Zelos in the use of materials such as bronze and ceramic combined.

    Bronze/Alloy for it’s characteristic of developing a unique patina, based on the use you do and ceramic specifically on bezels, for it’s unscrachable capacity. The movement being used (Sellita Swiss Made) it’s one of the most reliable and serviceable all over the world as well and the design it’s versatile for multiple purpose so I’ve found good price too for what you get with a stylish design which is state of the art.

  • RoadWarrior

    Bronze will have a very weathered look the more it’s worn, like an old dive helmet. I have no meteorite dials in bronze, but that bronze Batman bezel rocks. Thanks to ABTW and ESHAN for the giveaway.

  • neal

    Nice watches! I appreciate the near indestructibility of ceramic cases.

  • Gokart Mozart

    My favourite watch case material has to be tantalum. Nice and heavy, strong and uncommon.

    None of this plastic looking and feeling ceramic for me.

    A nicely done enamel dial is great and with the different types available a very versatile if very expensive option.

  • BrandonS

    I like bronze for its heft and patina over time. Titanium is simply a tactile experience I do not like. Love steel, but for exotics, the heavier the better

  • Gary Barclay

    Case design of titanium and bronze.

  • IG

    No, thanks.

  • egznyc

    Zelos has done some really interesting models to date and it’s great that they’ve offered them in steel and also bronze. I have a bronze sports watch and love the rugged look it offers. Would love to get a bronze diver, too! Whatever might be the case material, I’d love to see more DLC coatings to keep them looking like new, even if it adds a little cost. As for dials, guilloche on a diver would be hard to pull off but it’d be really interesting to see a brand try.

  • Gal Sh

    I like mother of pearl, meteorite and enamel dials. I like bronze cases but i personally prefer stainless steel ones

  • Michael Gonzalez

    I like the recent surge of bronze, but I enjoy the usefulness of being able to see the time at night. I am a sucker for tritium.

  • Buckshot666

    I´m already a fan of this brand(I have Eagle and Hammerhead), but this Watch is spectacular

  • Fredrik G

    I really like the look of this watch. I haven’t really caught on the emerging bronze hype, but this watch may change that.

  • John Lee

    As for watch cases, I love bronze, but some alloys more than others. Whatever Oris is using on the Brashear divers ages beautifully, but I have bronze watches from Zelos, Ancon, Aevig, and (noname), and some of them I’ve had to treat with Liver of Sulphur to get a great look. I also love titanium for its feather weight and cool skinfeel, and platinum for its purity and weight, In dials I like all the exotics: stone, enamel, painted artwork, sunburst, meteorite (time and space..). About the only thing I don’t like in a watch is wood, it feels fragile and damaged.

  • Mr. Ryan

    I want a Panerai Luminor Bronzo, but this will suffice in lieu of $30k.

  • Panama_Jack

    40mm…! That‘s awesome!
    I‘d be extremely happy to give it some patina!

  • bc_from_aus

    Some meteorite dials look amazing. I also prefer heavier watches, so it’s steel and bronze for me. Although I reckon it would be interesting to see more brands experimenting with integrating wood into their designs.

  • Dan Baxter

    I find bronze really attractive. I’ve been looking at this particular watch for a while. Love the meteorite and the bronze combination.

  • asc256

    Bronze definitely offers the chance to individualize a timepiece. To make it distinctively your own. Definitely a fan. I’ve also been of brands that experiment with carbon fibre and ceramic.

  • jonathan pierpoline

    I love the bronze its an interesting look. the metorite dial is sooo sweet

  • Jose Felipe Garcia Vivanco

    The Rolex Meteorite is one of those with rare materials that is of so much desire to me. I hope in the future to get one of those in an auction. A real fancy, special and out of this world watch.

  • Wilson Meeks

    Bronze case is cool. So is silver. Enamel, stone, painted, carbon fiber dials.

  • Jaleedk

    It is refreshing to see the black dial paired with the bronze bezel. Other materials I like are mother of pearl and ceramic but itt’s very hard to find a watch with those materials in black.
    I classify watches into 2 categories:

    1. Simple: Traditional form. No oversized dials. With the hands easily distinguishable from a distance
    2. Avant-garde: unconventional form and a unique way of displaying time

    Everything else falls between these two boundaries. The important factor is that the time is readable, the functionality precision is high, and the watch looks beautiful. This watch ticks all boxes.

  • William Pope

    I’m really interested to see what can be done with forged carbon. Some of the textures are gorgeous. As for dials, I’ll second everyone who says meteorite.

  • Tom Wahl

    Gotta love a bronzo with metorite dial. The dial will have a unique pattern for everyone and the case will have a unique patina, a snowflake among watches.I like what’s going I with the hands here too.

  • Lee Gribbon

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love to see what companies could do with carbon fibre.


    I’m intrigued by unique and unusual watch designs so any experimenting on design is right up my alley !!

  • I really like anything with interesting or contrasting colours as I think it really makes the design stand out.

  • Mark

    I think an exotic material I like to see experimented with is ceramic. I have worked with ceramics before and would never have thought of using them for watch cases or dials. But I have a watch now with a ceramic dial and it isn’t so eye catching that I can’t resist from staring at it ever time I wear it. Especially in sunlight. Now that some companies are using ceramics, it adds something new.

  • Cary Lewison

    My next watch is going to be a bronze case. I love look of Zelos. Super-LumiNova on the crown is a unique touch. Would like to see a vintage inspired sandwich dial in one of their spectacular cases.

  • Miranda Gibbons

    This would be a great Father’s Day gift!

  • Ulysses31

    I’m interested in watches made from tungsten carbide. Heavy, dark and almost scratch-proof.

  • Dezianjo

    Very nice. Like the design and the materials are interesting. Both bronze and meteorite are on my radar.

    The meteorite dial is unusual dark in comparison to what I have seen before on watches. Artificially treated in any way? Or just natural variations? Anyone knows?

  • gtbr

    I like the look of bronze case

  • John Corp

    I like bronze, ceramic, carbon, and would like to see more damascus cases.

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    Bronze is ok, carbon on dial and rubber on strap is nice.

  • Good Life Project

    Meteorite? How cool is that? I would love to win this watch and I love the blog.

    • Horum Positivium

      Not so clever putting your email address where it can been seen by all.

  • Marc

    I always loved watches, since I was a kid. But THE watch that really renewed my interest in watches was the Romain Jerome Titanic. Of course, it’s way outside of my budget, but I like the idea of having watches made of different materials. Wearing something made out of steel from the Titanic would just be amazing. I own titanium and ceramic watches. I also recently bought a Zelos Avant A-3 bronze watch. While I find the watch to be a little bit on the small side, I love how the finish changes over time as the patina develops. The Zelos Mako looks amazing, and I love their choice of using meteorite for the dial.

  • Jeff Negrin

    Unlikely that Panerai was the first to make a bronze watch, but since they introduced the Bronzo I’ve coveted one. The Zelos Mako is a lovely – and significantly less expensive – option. Cool name too!

  • Robert Moran

    I have two bronze watches now and really love them one is starting to age and it looks great

    • Horum Positivium

      See this dot -> .
      Try using a few.

  • Rully Dachlan

    Bronze watches something new for me, classic and modern at a same place. Interesting!

  • Matt Johnson

    I’m feeling lucky!

  • Cul de Sac

    Great watches! I was always interested in the Tissot model that is made with a stone or rock, really a difficult challenge for every watchmaker. Its a pitty that model has a small case, but I would love to see a heritage version. GG

  • stevec73

    I used to believe that a watch was something to be closely guarded and needed to be in mint condition, all the time. I have, however, fallen in love with bronze as a case material. My Zelos Hammerhead is aging beautifully and it’s so personal. Even the scratches remind me that I wear it because I love it. I do also like the idea of “non-aging” materials like sapphire and ceramic for cases. For dials, it’s more about how interesting the texture is, regardless of material.

  • funNactive

    I have a bronze cased meteorite dial watch from Zelos! I actually have five of their watches.

  • Marlo Bluford

    A classic.

  • Chris MacEwen

    That’s an easy one – a like a watch with a titanium body and a ruthenium dial. I’d call these more of a time piece though. I ‘m not sure why I’m so attracted to these!

  • Brian Bezel

    I don’t know if titanium is still considered exotic but it’s the only watch material that I am not sensitive to and can daily wear. Unfortunately there still isn’t a large luxury watch selection with a titanium case and bracelet.I ‘m waiting for my grail watch, a Rolex Coke Bezel GMT in titanium to be released at Basel World.

  • Niko

    I love how brands are using exotic colors and textures in their dials!

  • Théo C

    What a beautiful timepiece that i would love to wear ! To me, moon rock material is one of the greatest things out there : you are basically getting something from another « planet » on your wrist.

  • Fiery

    My absolute favorite exotic material use in a watch is the Hublot Big Bang Jeans with a denim dial and matching denim strap. It’s so unique and matches greatly with my everyday casual clothing. The second favorite must be the original Omega Dark Side of the Moon, with the black ceramic case and ceramic dial. Deep, lustrous black shine all over, with just a hint of red to mix it up. Absolutely gorgeous IMHO.

  • Rudy B.

    Well I thought SS was my favorite choice at one point, later came Titanium and my world changed. Meteorite.!!!!!!!!!! It’s like, Fly me to the moon, let me play among my watch. I fill like a winner already. Keep up the good work.

  • XX-Pat

    Personally, I love bronze. I enjoy the patina, and it’s amazing at hiding scratches.

  • I love seeing carbon fiber used on a watch. I just think it’s super cool, and the fact that it’s incredibly durable is just a bonus.

  • Tim Nicholls

    I enjoy seeing the meteorite dial faces on these watches. For divers watches seeing the colours and lustre of abalone shell or oyster shell incorportaed would be interesting.

  • Maxtor

    Ceramic bezels are no longer exotic but they started that way and they are a recent innovation that works well on a variety of watches. The bezels look great and are much harder to scratch.

  • Xin Chee Siew

    carbon fiber is probably one of the coolest material used for a watch case. i think it just gives it a super sleek and stealthy look. If you gotta look cool, you might as well look tacticool. Also, not forget the sweet texture you find on a meteorite dial.

  • Greg Hall

    Carbon fibre and titanium for me. Most other materials react with my skin in some way or anothet

  • Edgar Schilter

    I like titanium. I can appreciate it’s much harder to work with, but I think it’s reduced weight is surreal.

  • warscourge

    It’s interesting to note that watch makers are moving to interesting watch cases like using bronze or rare and precious materials.These are some of my favourites: Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX1 Alarm Titanium, Audemars Piguet Huitieme Chronograph: Tantalum and Gold and RJ-Romain Jerome Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull material

  • Ken

    Bronze cases is the material I’m most interested in lately. I have a bronze Mako on its way but I wouldn’t say no to another.

  • Bong Estrella

    Meteorite dial is always nice. Zelos also has a submarine steel dial in one of their other models.

  • Chai

    Bronze cases is on my radar recently, but I realized all bronze watches don’t come with bracelets…maybe its a cost factor for bronze bracelets or a colour mismatch. I’ve been reading about meteorite dials too..very interesting material, still wondering about its hygienic properties (it does come from outer space after all!!)

  • Claudiu

    I like bronze watches because they develop a very interesting patina. Another interesting material si 904L stainless steel, but would like to see brands other than Rolex use it. And when it comes to watch materials I think Rado is one of the most devoted brands to materials r&d, so it is worth following with what they’re doing, even though you have to pay a lot for what you get.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    bronze watch is something new

    • Horum Positivium

      Not really. Please try again, and use punctuation and proper casing. This isn’t Twitter. Thank-you for your interest.

  • TheM

    I think most available materials can’t be considered very exotic anymore. Almost everything is relatively easy to source and while some may be harder to process or very expensive, they aren’t really “exotic”. To me “exotic” has become not so much about the material itself but about it’s source and history. I think it gives a watch more personality and story if for example a flightwatch is made out of the wing of an decomissioned plane or the diver that has a case made from an old propeller.

  • Pete L

    Would like to try a bronze cased watch but yet to pull the trigger so a free one would be grand! Not a fan of gold as it is too showy (and too soft for tool watches) but bronze seems somehow warmer and almost organic with the patina. Generally prefer steel over the other materials available unless they can offer something special. Would worry about fragility of ceramic and most carbon watches seem to scuff badly. Titanium offers genuine (almost too much if you like a little heft) weight savings and an alternative lustre to steel. Hublot magic gold is interesting as it is harder and has a different appearance to regular gold but it is very expensive and has limited availability.

  • Jason Hackworth

    Bronze is still on the list for “exotic” case materials, and is probably the first I’d buy. I’ve tried a few carbon fiber watches, but haven’t really enjoyed them as much.

  • gun

    Actually I like more the bronze one, even though the BLNR looks nice too.

  • Willem Priem

    I like the trend that people are thinking out of the box regarding case materials. Whether bronze can still be considered exotic is up for debate in my opinion because a lot of brands are using bronze nowadays. I do love the addition of a meteorite dial. Not something we haven’t seen before, but a nice touch to make the watch unique. Bronze will never patina the same way and no one will have the same slice of meteorite. That makes the watch truely yours, and gives you much more than any customized watch brand could ever offer.

    I like this trend, because it creates space for creativity. Let the creators create and let the industry flourish!

  • Horum Positivium

    At last, a decent giveaway. Whichever desperate scrounger gets this one ought to be happy for a while.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    I like the trend people are thinking out of the box regarding case materials

  • Shiraz Ahmed

    Finally, a giveaway, which is really worth of money. And can be decent. To me, Watch case and dial materiel doesn’t matter. Only thing matter is, Watch casing, Dial exposure and easy to read time. And Zelos Mako is grerat compination of thease features.

  • Tobi Tool

    I like it, if the material fits to the watch, for example to use submarine steel für a dive watch, or material from a plane for a Flieger.

  • Radu S

    Would like to see casing made of exotic woods or very light materials. Good luck everyone

  • chris_1860

    I enjoy wooden watches as I find it fascinating when something is made out of such a warm and smooth material.
    Wouldn’t mind the bronze Zelos though 😉

  • Mantro

    I like seeing alternative materials, though I’ve been pretty traditional in the watches I’ve purchased (unless you count titanium). Materials that offer a true technical improvement, like ceramics, coatings, and tough metals are particularly interesting. For beauty, though, I’d like to see more plays on Damascus steels. They can make stunning knives and seem appropriate for several types of watches.

  • German Lopez

    I actually really like when brands use bronze because of the gorgeous patina that develops over time. This patina adds a bit of character and uniqueness to the watch.

  • Ryan

    I really like what has been done with bronze over the past few years, particularly by Oris and Tudor. As far as dial materials, I think tritium lume is really unique, plus you get the small “T” marker indicating its use. Nothing like a radioactive watch to turn heads!

  • Alex M

    I still have plated brass Komandirskie from 1980s, 3aka3 MO CCCP. Kind of exotic material for the case these days.

  • Miguel Millan

    I like the use of new materials like bronze or carbon fiber as it really adds an extra “unique” touch to the new models, also the looks are stunning and really catch more compliments than common materials.

  • SeanM

    Carbon fiber and ceramic are interesting materials for cases. I still stick with stainless or plated cases.

  • Daniel Park

    I’m all for unique watches so this bronze tread gets a thumbs up from me

  • John Inserra

    I love when companies use meteorite dials, and I’m a big fan of bronze cases as well. Basically, this watch is perfect!

  • Ed Yu

    I love rose gold because I like the warmth of gold but not the “in your face” yellow gold feel to it. I also like matte colors on bezels.

  • John Simpson

    The meteorite dial is interesting but I love the idea of a Bronze diver.Like the chunky look too

  • Robert Carson

    I love the super hard alloys, developed for aircraft by Boeing, that Bremont uses in their timepieces.

  • Bronze is definitely a great material. The luminescent bezel indicators are also a nice touch.

  • JWP

    Beautiful watch. I can’t decide which dial I like better, they’re both stunning. This watch definitely has a “built for business” look to it.

  • Amnon Lock

    I would love to see more leather dials. I think leather with a nice patina would look great with a bronze case.
    My favorite watch that I own has a snowflake dial, though.

  • Unkdub

    Vibranium cases on nylon straps

  • Daniel Harper

    I absolutely love what Zelos is doing making affordable watches with interesting materials and all mechanical movements! My favorite adventurous material has to be bronze because of all the fun you can have tweaking its look with patina!

  • Stephanie

    I really like a ceramic bezel. But, a bronze dial on a watch gives quite a level of uniqueness that ceramic just can’t touch. Great job Zelos!

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    Maybe I’m too hard on things, but I appreciate durability. I like my watch to be as nice at the end of the day as it was at the beginning of the day. Damasko ice-hardened stainless steel or titanium or Rolex 904L stainless steel. Maybe graphene someday will come into play as well. Then for some reason, I still like a real wood grain for certain things too.

  • Manzur Dan

    Most amazing watch case are those built entirely from sapphire, it’s really hard to work with this material but technology show us that everything is possible with hard work.

  • Jaka

    Why? A good question. Wrist waches came a long way since solders ware
    taping their pocket waches on to their wrists. And from simple designs
    and materials to premium and sweet looking waches from various
    newcomers. But in my opinion no other brand dares to cross the line of
    afordable and well build watches with some crazy ideas and ofcorse
    materials. Usualy when we hear about anykind of damascus steel we thinh
    about knives or blades, but here we have a crazy team of people who went
    beyond ordenary watch making and brought us a damascus and bronze
    watches with insane water resistance. I dont think that well know watch
    makers will ever be so bold and introduce a watch made of layered steel
    :). Gold and silver era has come to an end. Go team ZELOS!

  • Niki November

    It’s just mindblowing what’s Zelos is doing over the years. I really enjoy their adventurous habits with all kind of materials. The Zelos Bronze Makos series just gets me with the fine combination of the bronze case and strap. Would love to wear it.

  • Timothy Reynolds

    I’m a car/plane/mechanical anything nerd so I like watches that merge materials from the automotive and aviation industry into the design. I believe Zelos makes a watch where the dial is made from an actual part off an SR-71 Blackbird which is pretty cool. The REC 901 watch has a dial made from a salvaged Porsche 911 which is also pretty cool. In terms of case material I find the Richard Mille carbon fiber cased watches to be quite interesting. And although it’s not exactly exotic, nothing beats a 904L stainless Rolex when alot of companies are using 316L stainless for their cases.

  • Anything that can patina helps make a watch unique.

  • Michael

    Love the Shippo Enamel dial uses by another watch manufacturer on more formal / dressier watches..
    This meteorite dial – WOW. Just beautiful texture and color play between the various shades of black and grays and i’m drooling over the brass case.
    Congrats to Zelos on a unique looking watch ??

  • Michael

    I like the Shippo Enamel used by another manufacturer on the dials of their dress watches.
    The meteorite dial on this Mako – WOW. The texture and color play between the black and grays is beautiful and the bronze case just makes the Mako a unique timepiece.
    Congrats Zelos ??

  • Giovanni Hezekiah

    I think it depends on the genre of the watch. Omegas Speedmaster looks great on those precious stone dial because of what they represent (first watch on the moon), even though they were first invented as a race car-ish scene. So, my opinion about Zelos Mako Bronze is that the dial and the watch case simply fit together. They dial represent diver’s aesthetic and the case just couldn’t make it any better especially after some patina going on which would give it more of a charisma on the diver’s watch. I hope I can get it, since Indonesia’s market for Zelos is still new and would love to see more of them here. Cheers Zelos, keep making great quality watch at a really tight price.

  • RBT

    Find bronze and titanium interesting case materials. Especially bronze divers.

  • clubd3s

    Meteorite dials are a brilliant means to lend an organic, unique signature to each watch, since no two would be exactly alike. Brilliant aesthetic.

  • François Flürk

    I’d like to see more aluminium watches, a very interesting and light metal IMO.

  • Vincent

    favourite material by far is bronze as they develop a unique patina which makes the watch stand out even more

  • threewheel

    I really like bronze cases…and particularly in combo with meteorite dials.

  • Christian Henriksen

    Ceramic and carbon fiber. I find them beautiful expressions of human ingenuity, much like a mechanical movement.

  • Kurt

    I love Bronze as a watch case. I also loved the bronze case also on the Maurice de Mauriac with the blue dial !

  • David Humphrey

    Bronze and steel nicely complement each other.

  • Nate Martinez

    The bronze case is definitely an interesting touch, and complication even, as it will develop its own unique patina over time.

  • apgomez3

    Bronze, ceramic, PVD, titanium, and steel are my favorite materials for watches. Each has its own unique qualities. I also like a good old fashioned NATO strap to change the look of any watch.

  • Chris Andrew

    I personally love titanium! It’s light, strong and feels somewhat ‘warm’ on the wrist. It works so well on some pieces, like the Tudor Pelagos, or the new Omega Diver 300M Titanium Tantalum Limited Edition!

    Carbon fibre is very cool too; it appeals to the motorsport/car enthusiast within me! 🙂

  • Clarence Javier

    I think that bronze is a unique material for a watch case as opposed to the regular stainless steel cases used nowadays. The patina that develops on bronze is never the same for two watches so in a way you have something that is one of a kind. Have heard good things about titanium also but not sure how I would feel about getting it scratched. Love seeing titanium on watches with bracelets as they are lighter all around. Love the finishing on the dial of the Grand Seiko Snowflake as well as the lacquered dials they have which have a beautiful reflection. Never seen a meteorite dial in person but it must have a lot of detail.

  • Ken Willie

    The Omega Dark Side Of The Moon watch looks amazing. Love the materials.

  • wristshot

    I do enjoy titanium as a watch material – looks like steel and amazingly lightweight. Also cool from a material science point of view.

  • Christopher Derrick

    So far the only 3 watch case materials with which I have had experience are plastic or resin, stainless steel, and titanium. I love my titanium watch as it never ceases to amaze me with its lightness and scratch resistance. That said I would love to ass even more variety to my collection such as a carbon fiber or ceramic cased watch, so I am very supportive of companies trying new things. The same goes with dial material. I have even less experience with that, thus i cherish the idea of owning a brass watch with a meteorite dial face.

  • WillyPIII

    Cool watch! I like watch firms that design with bronze and meteorite just like this Zelos one! Reason?- because they stand out and a great talking point…”oh that?…that’s just a meteorite billions of years old in my watch face” ;p Cheers!

  • Calvin Lee

    I do enjoy titanium and Bronze as a watch material – It looks like steel and amazingly lightweight. Also cool from a material science point of view.

  • Wafiy Dzaki

    Please give me the bronze watch!!! Bronze is the most scratch resistant material on wristwatches. I bring my watches everywhere, it would be nice to have one with no scratches (“,)

  • Doctor Ben

    Plenty of sapphire so you can see most of the workings without the worry of scratching.

  • Patrick Dooley

    I’d like to start exploring with different case materials in my collection. I’d like to include bronze, titanium, ceramic and carbon. This watch would be a great way for me to start adding to my collection.

  • Jeff Bustria

    I really like the use of bronze due to the fact that the patina will develop uniquely to the wearer. In addition, the use of natural materials for dials ensure that each watch is unique.

  • Chris Nibert

    Carbon seems like an interesting case material, super light and there seems to be many different types of manufacturing possibilities which give it it’s character. Cost being the major factor here, finally the prices have dropped for us mortals to afford. Add a meteorite dial and I’mm set!

  • Matt Williams

    I love mokume and damascus patterns as well as meteorite dial, I have a solid silver dial stowa that’s about as exotic as i get. love the bronze patina on watch case would be nice to see a dual patinate over time.

  • Jeff Stratton

    I own a few titanium and of course, a bunch of steel watches, but really want to get a bronze watch…been obsessed with the material lately. And developing my own patina!

  • Simon Pettersson

    Bronze, just like a raw denim, will develop a beautiful wear over time and give the watch its own umique history to show.

  • AllYourFache

    I thought there was some kind of typo or weird translation disconnect when I first saw a watch described as forged carbon. Then I learned I was just under a rock. Those look so, so cool. And I really love the idea of parts from repurposed stuff, like what Werenbach and Triwa are doing.

  • Freaky

    Oh pleeeaaaseeee….I really like this watch!!! Pleeeeaseeeee let me win!!!!

  • Claus Hoerandner

    The Zelos is beautiful – especially with the meteorite dial!

  • gchahinian

    Not just saying it because of this post but I’ve always been a fan of bronze cases and meteorite dials. Not necessarily together always but on their own definitely

  • Jeff Bustria

    I really like the fact that bronze will develop a unique patina to the wearer. It makes it more personal. Also, I like dials that are made of natural stones. It also adds to the uniqueness of each individual watch.

  • SBUBandit

    One of my favorites is dials made from reclaimed metal. I saw one where the dial was from a satellite, and showed scratches from space dust and debris in orbit. I’d love a dial made from the metal skin of an old warbird. A piece of history.

  • Zach Riggs

    Is anyone doing bronze and titanium together. It would an interesting combo as they age.

  • Adrian Lessek

    Love the bronze and part blue bezel combination of this Zelos Mako 🙂 Case materials : bronze / brass for the color on time, titanium (with bracelet) for the unique color and for weight. Dials are a lot of them: meteorite, stone, pearls, rocket parts, glass, etc/))

  • Chris Fliehr

    Exciting! I would love to win one of these! I like seeing different materials and enjoying how it makes them more unique than your typical stainless case and bracelet.

  • remerus

    Brands being interesting and willing to try new ideas in watch cases is brilliant – be it the insane lightness yet strength of carbon fiber, the hardness but curiously delicate properties of ceramics and sapphire or the toughness and ability to endure of titanium, I appreciate them all. This bronze though… Strong yet warm and personal as it develops patina over time? Sign me up for a new experience!

  • Nathalie Scott-Hsiung

    I’ve always loved meteorite and love seeing how companies use it in their design; always nicer to have different materials other than stainless steel!

  • Phil Lewis

    I like these! I’m a fan of mixed materials and the bronze and meteorite are a cool combination, but I think the black/blue bezel will pop a bit more once the patina of the bronze begins to really show. Nice execution at a good price point.

  • Leslie Liang

    Wow these watches look pretty sweet! Good luck to all!

  • Philip Baron

    Nice! Love the Bronze/Meteorite combo.

  • Doober

    Meteorite and carbon fiber are materials that I like to see in a watch. The look achieved with these materials is classy, as well as being strong.

  • Shammy K

    Carbon Fiber for me. The association with high end automobiles comes to mind.

  • treefroga1

    titanium and ceramics.lightness and strength.

  • Chris Martin

    Don’t remember if I entered this already – but just in case – carbon fiber for race inspired watches – maybe some of the ceramics nasa uses for a space themed one.

  • Nick

    Forged carbon looks very interesting, each watch unique with swirling graphite colors. Quality of luminescence is also very important. Must be bright and precise.

  • Kevin Melo Accioly

    I’m a big fan of bronze, love how the aging is unique.

  • sam-b

    My favorite for the case is usual: steel or titanium. But I would also consider bronze for a diver or resin for a tool watch as a good choice. Carbon, ceramic, sapphire, wood or rock doesn’t knock my socks off.
    By contrast I am a fan of exceptional dials – either those with a unique structure and finish or remarkable material, like enamel or meteorite.
    Both Zelos watches are gorgeous, by the way!

  • Doug Wisniewski

    I love the idea of using a rare material like a meteorite for the dial, something that has been transported here from far beyond the earth. I’ve seen some other companies constructing dials from historic items, like a piece of metal from an actual SR-71 plane. I like wearing something with a connection to history.
    Titanium is my favorite choice for a case due to its light weight compared to stainless steel.

  • Albert Post

    I like buying new Citizen or Seiko sat. or wave watches and seeing what they can do. Also a fan of racing watches especially BRM.

  • Addison Van Gulden

    Loving Bronze Divers and Pilots recently…. wondering if anyone has thoughts on Brass v Bronze. I mean certainly Bronze is a better material, but are there any immediate differences to note, If im not diving, but might be swimming/active with a brass/bronze watch. This is one the of more affordable bronze watches, but thees tons of brass options in this range too that are really cool (velos

  • Dan_the_man

    I genuinely appreciate any watch brand that is willing to stray from the norm to try a new collection. The idea that you are able to support the brands you enjoy through a different avenue, such as a bronze case or crazy design, makes having it all the more fun.

  • Paul William Dow

    I love the personality of bronze cases as they age – no two are the same. In the way-out there zone… meteorite dials are crazy cool 😛

  • Jason

    I’m becoming a fan of bronze again.

  • J C

    I’m a sucker for interesting dials and i applaud watch brands that stray outside the norm. Lately I’ve been lusting after the JeanRichard Hokusai

  • Christian Preihs

    I do like ceramic as watch case material due to its look and high scratch resistance. However, it may shatter upon hard impact. Bronze is quite an interesting material too due to the patina (i.e. copper oxidation) that may develop after some time that will make it look quite unique. PVD coating with titanium carbide (e.g. on some Tag Heuer models) is interesting due to high scratch resistance and attractive look but may be damaged/chip upon hard impact.

  • Lee Harry

    Titanium is the best case material, light and durable. I have second thought about bronze but this Zelos looks very nice. It stands out. I would consider buying one for surem

  • CP

    Titanium for sure. Just based on its wear over time and its weight. Some people like the substantial feel but there is something fun about a watch that throws you off with its weight. Plus for diving, it wont be troubled by water long term.

  • C. S. Ezovski

    I have pretty much decided to stick with bronze; it’s been around for so long that it has a prehistoric age named after it! Being lightweight is important to me also, so Titanium would be a close second. “Texalium” (aluminum-coated carbon fiber) is something I hear about from time to time that sounds interesting but I don’t know much about it.
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  • obiwongkenobi

    Personally i do like it when watches experiment with materials with historical value (e.g. rocket/car recycled parts) or materials which ages and changes with time( e.g. bronze). I love it when i have a story to tell when people ask me about my watch!

  • Martin

    Lately I saw wood as a case material. Seems interesting for a budget watch, original and overall warm feeling that only wood can give. For a face dial, never seemed to think a lot about that, but why not ceramic or marble, it is used on bezel inserts, why not on the dials as well

  • Anthony Dimaano

    My favorite is the Bronze bezel/ insert.
    The whole bronze watch craze did not appeal to me for the longest time.
    But for some reason, in the past week, I’ve been on a bronze watch kick.
    In any case, great release by Zelos! Congrats!

  • Andrew Fitzhugh

    One of the nicest “bronze” watches out there tbh. I love it when mineral faces are used, so much more interesting than a patterned face.

  • Stan Litvin

    This is very nice watch to have and I love it.

  • Bram van Leeuwen

    Zelos! OMG! What a perfect whatch this is. I have an fb page for micro brands and kickstarter watches and everyone is losing his/her mind because of this watch. Heard a lot of good storys about them. So when i win i will definately will post a review on this fb page as well!

  • thewatchguy84

    a really nice diver i like the bronze and the blue contrast. The finish looks fine and the strap is cool i like it!

  • Joerg Pasch

    Really love the watch, and as an avid diver this is perfect.
    The most interesting materal I came across recently was old if not antique wood from old doors or ships as material for the case and bracelet. Properly polished this looks stunning and is a uinique piece with history…

  • HBitJack

    The bronze bezel is what gets me excited. You just need to see that much bronze to know if you love it or not. I do.

  • Liutauras Balsys

    Carbon fiber is one of materials I enjoy looking at as well as wearing it. Texture looks nice and feeling weightless on your arm definitely helps while engaged in any activity.

  • Jack Sexton

    I like when the manufacturers play around ceramic and bronze. Especially bronze in the way it tarnishes differently for each watch and each wearer.

  • nfromto

    My favorite case material is Titanium. It’s light and strong and some may say beautiful.

  • iliasbeshimov

    I love watches with DLC coating. Practically aside, it makes the watch look bad-ass and more unique among the crowed of polished or brushed finishes.

    In terms of dials, it is sad most non-cocktail watches don’t have patterned dials.

  • Saayed Agha

    I like seeing when Richard Mille type companies experiment with the types of cutting edge materials they often use. It is usually an industry-first (carbon nanotubes, for example) and goes to show the incredible effort that goes into making a quality watch.

  • Jo Fo

    I recently read about a concrete watch! It looked like polished stone. Can’t imagine you want to wear it long.
    Really like ceramic , light and cool. But can’t fail with a metal case these bronze watches look smart different to the usual chrome or steel

    Love s textured face really adds character and depth to a design.

  • Eugene Najera

    Big fan of ceramic and bronze. Really like the Zelos watch and the fact that it is a truly wearable size.

  • Minh Nguyen

    Mother of Pearl, it’s not too exotic but not too common either. Because it’s iridescent, it plays and dances with light beautifully. I bought it for my mom and a friend and they love it. Doesn’t fade, tarnish, rust, or breakdown. I think it’s a wonderful and natural material and wonder why it’s not more common?

  • Lemuel

    What a nice watch. I really like those dial patterns…

    Tell us about some of the exotic watch case and dial materials you enjoy whenever brands experiment with them and why.


    For me is the rise of ceramics especially on watch dials and bezels. Though, I really like the feel of ceramic in a watch (especially the looks) however once you fall a ceramic watch into the ground, your brain will go crazy hahaha XD

  • Andrew

    I’ve been looking for a bronze diver. ??

  • bbfrid

    I love the use of bronze or bronze / stainless combination like Oris and Tudor are producing recently. I’ve owned a couple of bronze watches in the past and love the patina that forms. I do appreciate that the Zelos watches are 40mm though which is more appropriate for my wrist size.

  • Yiannis

    hardened titanium by Seiko sounds promising. The lightness of titanium but scratch resistant.

  • Jason Taylor

    I love the patina from bronze so that is my choice for watch material. I’m glad to see Zelos is releasing a watch that is bronze with a smaller case. I really liked their Hammerhead series but those are too big for my wrist.

  • angela

    The patina that forms on bronze is attractive. Mother of pearl has a wonderful iridescence. Titanium is light, scratch resistant and goes with my titanium glasses

  • Carbon fibre is a material I like to see watch brands experimenting with. I like the aesthetics and the light weight is really practical in active pursuits.

  • Chris Cervera

    Had a couple of Zelos watches and they are very good at their price point.

    I’d like to see a brand take on a boron carbide case such as IWC did with their Ingenuer AMG. I’ve spoken to a microbrand owner who is considering it for his next realise. Fingers crossed. I like the look of that Matt black case and the durability would be a plus as I can never bond with o
    Pvd/dlc cases for long.

  • Domonkos Kincses

    I really like the Lüm Tec M20 for example, with the super durable tungsten carbide case and the awesome looking carbon fiber dial. Using bronze I think is a bit brave, but the meteorite dial is truly out of this world! 😀

  • Cruiser

    I like watches that are unique and don’t need to blend in. I own no dress watches, don’t really need them to tell time. I like watches with color. Color is way underutilized. Black is the pits. A white dial with colors for everything else. I am partial to orange dials and yellow. A bronze case with additional colors has promise. Exotic metals don’t do much for me. The bronze Mako looks good because of the different colors.

  • Pa99

    I really love titanium cases due to their light weight compared to a full stainless steel construction, and bronze cases because they become so unique after use.

    One thing i would love to see, is more dive watches with full luminescent dial.

  • Lurch

    Tungsten Carbide case material and carbon fiber dial materials are some of the exotic materials I enjoy whenever brands experiment with them. I like the uniqueness and durability of these materials.

  • Michael Stivaletti

    Thanks to ABTW & ZELOS for the opportunity to win one of these fine watches.
    The bronze case really gives the timepiece a personality of it’s own and the meteorite dial is like putting a maraschino cherry on top of a sundae!
    I’ve never had a bronze watch in my collection, only titanium, ceramic, gold & stainless steel.
    Winning one would be a great addition!

  • Aaron Drabitt

    I love bronze cases and the patina they develop. Unpolished Titanium also has a very unique look. As for dials; I’ve seen the occasional mineral or meteorite dial used to great effect.

  • Tidarat Sae-Tang

    I fancy bronze case (and more bonus point if it’s cushion shape case with diver bezel). For the dial I prefer rare mineral like Meteorite or MoP but aged bronze is interesting, too.

  • Djoha

    I love Zelos watches! They are well made and striking in appearance. The meteorite dial is incredibly interesting. I particularly like bronze watches and own one. I have also just ordered a brass watch.

  • James MacDonald

    I have found the execution matters more to me than the materials. I love my bronze cased watches for their patina, and because I like polishing them. But I also like steel ones which have well done and varied polished finishes.I like darker dials like my meteorite or Damascus steel watches because they change depending on the light. Titanium doesn’t appeal as much to me because it’s hard to finish well. This makes polishing out marks so much harder.

  • PeterGK

    I am usually not attracted to watches that experiment with materials, however there are a few exceptions. I do like bronze, it gives the watch a classy look without being as flashy as yellow gold. Another material I am drawn to is the use of asteroids. JLC used asteroids in the dials of their 2015 master calendar. I have always had a fascination of space, and being able to carry a piece of it on your wrist is an amazing thing.

  • Konrad Skura

    I already own one bronze watch and it quickly became my favourite and I find myself wearing it the most often. The ever changing nature of this material is astonishing to observe as my watch looks different every week, and if I don’t like it’s current state – I might bring it back to the default gold appearance with some polishing or further enhance the patina. Zelos stands out to me as a brand with its bold, but well executed designs, almost steampunk-ish with a twist of exotic materials and great attention to detail.

  • D Leavitt

    I always liked carbon fiber weave on dials. Visually interesting but not enough to impair legibility.

  • chandrasekar

    A bronze case has been on my wish list for a long time. I particularly like the meteorite dial from Zelos. I would like brands to experiment with rarely used materials for watch cases and dials such as aluminum, marble and granite. In terms of uniqueness, I can think of Romain Jerome which has experimented with moon dust and lava ash.

  • Ipse

    My two favorite case materials are bronze and titanium…both have a unique way of aging (patina) and grow old together with the owner. Yeah, no one is immune to aging…so why should watches be?
    Meteorite dials are popular these days, but sometimes make the watch less legible – a nice ceramic or carbon fiber are probably better choices for me.

    Funny coincidence, I was actually looking at Zelos and really liked the Mako….too late to get the anthracite, but maybe this is my lucky day ?


    the bronze is nice, would love to make it my first diver.

  • Agnar Sidhu

    I have always liked different metal alloys. Both titanium and bronze case materials are very nice (have the Tudor black bay bronze on my which list) and I also like the Rolex Oyster alloy. Experimenting with different alloys, composing new material go gain all the desired mechanical properties is very interesting. I know there are many alloys I’d like to see in cases, such as Super Duplex, Inconll 625 which is a very tough and corrosive material (maybe a bit on the heavy side), or some copper-aluminum alloys which are quite nice and could look interesting as a watch case.

    Although I applaud making cases from non-metals such as marble or wood, I prefer metal alloys. Perhaps even composite alloys, which are making a lot of headway as a material to be used in different application, could be used in watches.

    I think the meteorite dial is very interesting. I prefer the more classic (neat and tidy) dials, but as long as the end result looks good, and doesn’t make it too hard to read, I’m very pro exotic dials making the timepiece more special.

    Yes please for the Zelos Mako Bronze with the meteorite dial!

    • Agnar Sidhu

      Wish list*

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    I’m quite taken with some of the ceramic options. Although I’ve always wanted to try a bronze watch

  • Webbles

    Being active means my watches unfortunately take a fair old beating. That’s why I like anything that is robust or ages well. Don’t yet have a bronze cased watch but think it would likely improve with age and wear.
    In terms of clear-faced boldness yet remaining super-stylish and modern, and with great engineering behind it, I can’t get away from Ressence. Too cool.

  • Keenan Komoto

    White gold and bronze are some of my favorite materials used in watches. Bronze adds this character that ages and develops over time, something that really makes the watch your own and shows how much you wear it and what it has been through. White gold on the other hand, can be just as pristine after years of heavy use. Not only does white gold hold it’s luster, but it is like a secret agent. What seems like normal steel, is a rock start material hidden in plain site, no one knows the value hidden within except you.

  • Juan Alvarez

    Meteorite is for sure a cool material but for me a black or white marble dial will do the trick! I would love to see more brands using this material in their watches, like Rolex with the President 18k Yellow Gold Marble.

  • HereForThePrize

    One of the most interesting watch case material for me is ceramic. Light and scratch resistant. Different.

  • Kyle Rosso

    I am old fashioned. I don’t like too many exotic materials. A simple design goes a long way for me. Precious medals are are nice and keep it classy. I do, however, enjoy bronze worked into the case. It patinas nicely over time.

  • David Bell

    These Mako’s look far more expensive than they really are, that’s a sign of good craftsmanship and design. I usually lean towards basic field watxhes, but after seeing this page, I think I’ll be a bit more daring with my next watch purchase.

  • sunder waran

    i like a titanium case and a marble dial.

  • nogood

    Meteorite dial on the Mako 500 is really stunning. Sometimes I’m not sure about bronze watches but I saw some Makos with patina and I find it very interesting and nice. Zelos always rules when it comes to exotic materials!

  • Tauqeer Kakakhel

    I love the build quality of the watch and also its practicality. It can be either used with formal wear as well as it make a best casual watch to be used all day during an average day.
    The all above comes with yet an affordable price.

  • Mr. Blandings

    I think meteorite is a really cool dial face, as well as a black mother of pearl am I am interested in the idea of the patina that a bronze case would get over time, but not sure if I would actually like it.

  • markahaviland

    Strong, and beautiful meteorite face… but also the bronze accents would work well for those of us who live near shore communities.

  • Jose

    Whenever I see raw materials/texture contrasting with other raw materials its always the best look designwise yet its so rare, a pure wood face with silver aluminum accents is gorgeous but rare, marble with gold, volcanic rock with bronze, even concrete with black accents, as an enthusiast i love this but its rarely experimented on with good watch companies, thats why I keep a list of the ones that do like Zelos, love the texture of the face on this one and its accent matchup. Love this watch and the company so far, great taste.

  • Matt Church

    As far as materials, I think Zelos has already done a great job by offering the meteorite and submarine dials. You can’t get much more exotic than those two. I would like to know which nuclear sub they used to get their material from, I think it’d be a neat talking point. I’m really loving the bronze pieces Zelos and TC-9 are putting out recently.

  • Merrick

    I like the bronze with the black textured dial.

  • Bill Mallory

    The use of exotic composites makes the watch seem inexpensive, however metals such as bronze add a touch of class. Dial materials should hold up to time and not age out.

  • Josh Chessman

    I’m always intrigued by unique materials though I don’t have any real favorites. Something sharp with good contrast is always a winner in my book however.

  • Briscodarlin

    I love the idea of having a meteorite dial as it is so exotic and the fact that it was once in outer space. I do not currently own a watch with a bronze case but as it is not commonly seen, I like the idea of wearing something that most people don’t have. Bronze developing a patina also helps make it unique to the wearer. So many dive watches look similar. I like that Zelos is attempting to stand out from the crowd.

  • Paul Goebel

    I like it when brands use ceramic materials in the bezel, as it leads to a better finished more scratch-resistant product. I also like to see brands use titanium alloys for the case, as it leads to a lighter watch (a big plus for sports watches).

  • michaelm

    Currently I like bronze or copper. Maybe because I have yet to purchase a watch in those materials.

  • John Doe

    Bronze and Brass watches are very cool, I like the way they look when new all the way through the different stages of patina. The Zelos Mako Bronze is a great looking watch and has its own uniqueness. This one certainly stands out! I like watches that are a bit different than the norm. I hope Zelos continues their innovations of producing interesting and good looking watches that offer a flair of difference from the standard watch design. I have been looking for a bronze watch in the 38 to 40mm range and the Mako not only fills that requirement but 46mm lug to lug is very nice too. I hope more companies start offering watches in their lineup with smaller dimensions.

    I like the newer materials some of the watch manufacturers are now working with. I would like to see some new watches hit the market with either titanium or timascus for the metal parts and ceramic dials, both contributing to lighter watches more like quartz. Watches made of all ceramic for the metal parts is very desirable too. I also find carbon fiber dials very attractive. I really like the idea of hybrid crystals made of mineral glass with a top layer made of sapphire to take advantage of both their positive qualities. A synthetic diamond coating or layer would be even better but I don’t know if that would be feasible for a watch crystal. I would like to see the same thing happen where watch manufacturers start using alloys, [composite] materials and finishes that make watches virtually scratch proof and extremely durable.

  • Mr M

    I enjoy bronze as the case material because of the patina – for me it is yet another ‘measurement of time’. Keep up great work guys!

  • at1time

    I like the vintage Tissot Sideral with the fiberglass case.Very comfortable and unique.

  • Nicolás Robertson De Ferrari

    I’ve been following Zelos for a few years (actually have one of my own) because I really like how Elshan works night and day in trying and experimenting new materials. For me the mixture between bronze and ceramics its a blast ?

  • Gregory Gonsalves

    I like the use of bronze as a case material. I am also appreciating the use carbon fiber in the some of the newer watch designs.

  • Mr. Mechanico

    I enjoy brands experimenting with different types of rock or precious stones for the watch dials because there is elegance and beauty in having something seemingly everlasting on your wrist, which at the same time reflects the infinity of time.

  • William

    I like that the use of “exotic” materials is becoming more prevalent across many watchmakers. The use of ceramics, carbon fiber, meteorite, and other materials has resulted in a wider variety of offerings. I like the combination of bronze or ceramic and bezels with carbon fiber and meteorite dials.

  • Tony Tenorio

    I like the look of “exotic” materials, but I’ve never owned a watch that wasn’t either stainless steel, titanium or plastic. I’ve been seeing a lot more bronze and brass cases in the forums, but sadly I’ve never seen either in person. I hear good things about the Zelos brand, but again, I’ve never seen any up close and personal.

  • Craig Daniels

    Carbon fiber. Very tactical. Light weight. Strong. Blends with other materials. Very nice.

  • Miguel -MO

    Carbon or fiber glass … light weight and strong.

  • Hamish Ramsay

    Wooden dial, especially polished has a nice sunburst effect if done properly.

  • nemonomenest

    I like titanium for strength and bronze for patina 🙂

  • Jeffrey Kot

    Love the bronze

  • Louis Sandler

    very cool looking

  • Lucas Borba Cravo

    I’ve never even held watches made of anything other than steel or plastic. I can imagine carbon fiber watches may feel a bit like plastic, but bronze or precious metal watches I can’t really imagine what they feel like. I’m curious about the weight of a platinum watch, for example, but bronze is the one I want to own most, just to be able to witness the patina happening while I wear and handle it. Must be awesome!

  • Austin Phillip

    This Idea Of Fusing Exotic Objects or Materials With Watches

    Is Utterly Intriguing

    Imagine A Watch made With

    the Remnants Of an Asteroid

    Or Planets , Like Mars Rocks . Pluto Rocks , Moon ,
    Being a Big Big Space Fan ,This Fascinates Me

  • ALB

    Meteorite dial is a winner for me, which is surprising as I tend to go for more conservative options. Other than that it would have to be some of the materials that are becoming less exotic and a bit more ubiquitous such as ceramic and titanium.

  • Shannon Danielle Citrino

    Oh it’s a lovely watch, I’d love to win it for my guy, he works so hard and doesn’t have much for himself. I love when designers get creative with the dials, like in the old Mickey mouse watches …a nice timepiece never goes out of style.

  • bert gillespie

    I know this may cause the horologists to shriek but rose gold cases and strong lume (follow the light) are my hot buttons.

  • Matt

    That watch looks legit. I always like it when watches are very subtle and super smooth with titanium or other medals. Although I would never be able to afford one.

  • TKoren

    Really awesome looking watch, I would love to have one for a retirement prize. How about experimenting with Amorphous metals on the case or dial. I know we use white sapphire crystals, but what about making colored sapphire crystals to enhance the dials look. Maybe an iridescent face like bismuth. Maybe a dial coated with black 2.0 so that the silver, gold or lit numbers and hands really pop out.

  • I enjoy bronze cases for the way they patina and meteorite dials just because I like the aesthetic.

  • Aji Smith

    Cool watch in bronze. Would be interesting to see more Titanium offerings for dive watches.

  • tank324

    I don’t know much about materials, but i do like when companies use different materials to create exotic looking watches.

  • Phil pham

    I absolutely adore when watch brands put out dials with amazing textured or guilloche dials. My other favorite style technique is when they apply insane amounts of lume all over the dial, bezel, and even crown. They just make the watch look so luxurious and beautiful, not to mention the increased functionality that makes it the perfect every day, one-watch collection.

  • MydogBuck

    Big fan of divers and bronze, great looking watch.

  • Nixa

    I’d like to see more carbon fiber cases; it looks great and is lightweight.

  • Garbo Game

    Hey man my favorite materials on watches is bronze and tritium lume!

  • Gary

    Love the bronze on this watch because of its patina and ‘heft’; but also like titanium due its bead blasted finish and its lightness.

  • BS

    To be honest, I am a silent reader of the site and am only posting for the giveaway competition 🙂
    So here goes, I would like to see common materials used in watches, like paper! Have a dive watch with a paper dial, and the owner can write sentimental words on that paper dial before it is enclosed and that piece of sentimentality can be worn everywhere the owner goes. I would write a Haiku (poem) “Old Pond Frog” by Matsuo Basho on mine, it goes like this: “Old pond, frog jumps in, sound of water.” So that no matter how deep and long I stay in the water, that paper dial remains dry and safe like the memory of the poem of a frog frolicking in the water (a wet yet, living contradiction). Boom

  • Usman Khalanthar

    I have recently started reading watch review. Now so many watches are designed with different material and properties. I would like to have material which are very light and durable. I prefer Titanium. The dia 40 mm is ver appropriate size. Zelos Mako dial pattern looks nice.

  • Jure

    Really like the bronze look. Have a watch made of titanium, for sports and stuff, since it is so light.

  • Louis

    I love it when brands use “exotic” materials because watches are all about personality and uncommon materials and finishes are the perfect way to express such personality. When I think exotic materials, the first watch that pops to mind is the Tudor Black Bay Bronze. Bronze is so perfect for a diver, it goes with the theme and will patina very quickly depending how it is used. Another one I have on my mind right now is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in Tantalum. It is in my mind on the other end of the spectrum compared to the Tudor because Tantalum as far as I know brings not much to the table in terms of use. But to me, that’s what interesting. Things (especially watches) do not always have to be useful but some watch manufacturers are still making the effort to try something new no matter what and I love that!
    My watch crush for the moment is the Bulgari Octo Finissimo in titanium. To me, the use of titanium on that watch is perfect for it. It is light and durable and goes hand in hand with the ultra thin case and sportiness of the Bulgari. Perfect combo!

  • Jason

    That watch looks awesome! Bronze accents and the meteorite dial is a cool combo for sure.

  • Eduardo

    Bronze and Titanium are my favorite materials on watches!

  • Dusty Ventures

    nice watch

  • Frost

    Interesting looking watches, love the watch faces

  • kibbyster

    I like carbon fiber and damascus because it looks cool.

  • Christopher

    I am a big fan of bronze and brass cases. When they patina or show wear it reminds me of being outdoors or camping. Like looking at an old trusty compass. I work in a cubicle all day so anything that reminds me of being outside is a lifesaver! As for the dial, it’s all about the lume! The more lume the better! (Within reason of course) don’t mind the contradiction.

  • Meteorite

    I have recently become enamored with bronze cases and dials. Love the natural patina they develop. Watch faces with Meteorite have something unique that can’t be replicated…so of course the unique combination has me all in!

  • Fingerpicks

    I realized there is a recent surge of bronze watch cases. It would be nice to add one into my collection.

    Really love the textured dial and 4 o’clock crown position. The Zelos Mako will make a perfect everyday watch!

  • Andrei Mihaila

    I really need a bronze watch with a meteorite dial. Like now 🙂

  • bujienla

    I’m all about low maintenance and understated. Bronze seems interesting as it gets more understated over time.

  • RF96

    I’ll go in another direction and lean more towards materials which are exotic not so much in terms of composition, but from a historical standpoint. For instance, Bremont made the Victory SS with some oak and steel from the original HMS Victory. As a motor sports fan as well, it would be great if Tag made a Carrera with McQueen’s Porsche 917 in it or Rolex released a Daytona that had a bezel from Paul Newman’s Ferrari 365 fender or something!

  • Brian Howell

    Big fan of bronze!

  • Stewart James

    Gimme it

  • Maniche

    I am a huge fan of skeleton watchs.
    But i am interest in getting one watch with Bronze case !!

  • bikeohio

    I’m a big fan of bronze and titanium cases~ Thank you for the chance!

  • James Willis

    I’m just getting in to watches and this would be a great start!

  • Marcelo K.

    I can’t afford to buy expensive watches but I really like customized watches, from cheap Seikos to a Rolex. The use of PVD and DLC finishing, especially in black and the use of unusual lumes, from blue to purple. Titanium always was a material that I like and still is but I’m really impressed by carbon fiber and things watchmakers are doing with this material both in cases and dials. That new black fiber from Bvlgari is really gorgeous.

  • Keith Ritchie

    I love the bronze case, thanks for the chance!

  • Co-axial

    If you can find a way to use carbon fiber and make it look classic instead of hokey, then you have a customer here.

  • Graham Newton

    Love the look of this watch

  • Jocelyn Gagné

    Very hight quality watch.

  • Rokas Kurtinaitis

    I like skeleton watches

  • Wolfgang Scholz

    On a daily basis i like standart dials the most.
    But i think skeleton dials like the Tag Heuer 01 are very interesting as well. My favourite design is the new wavy dial on the new Omega Seamaster series.

  • Anik Lottinville

    Love love love the bronze! And the Meteorite dial on the Mako 500 is totally awesome!

  • Wristtime

    I love how a lot of brands are pushing technical envelopes but also making watches more fun lately. Not so exotic anymore – but I love a watch with a ceramic case. Especially the stuff Omega is doing where they cut the case out of a solid block. Very technically cool. I also think meteorite dials are great. They play with light in such an interesting way. Even Hublot (I know) is doing pretty cool stuff with sapphire cases – hopefully that trickles down to other brands. Price barriers aside, it’s a pretty great time to be into watches. They’re not just hunks of steel anymore!

  • angela

    I like the look of bronze, carbon fiber and titanium cases. I prefer cases that are durable

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    Love the look of this watch

  • Divernois Ariane

    Voila le seul vrai cadeau de fête des pères que je pourrais considérer

  • Bishoy Botros

    Really upset this watch sold out, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for

  • Jesse H

    I like the use of different materials, it shows companies are willing to do something a little different instead of using an alloy of steel with some numbers thrown in to make it “higher quality”. I ultimately wish to have a bronze watch alongside a titanium one in my small but ever growing collection.

  • blurryface

    I’d like to see more companies try making a good looking carbon fiber watch. i have seen a few but I haven’t seen any quite executed the way I’d like

  • WY Moe

    The material design is just exquisite. By embodying the core design of the Seiko SKX lineup with the beautiful rose gold case, it creates a beautiful and eye catching design that snaps the necks of many. I really think more companies should experiment with the positioning of their crown and pushers. Best of all, marry the amazing materials technological capabilities that we have now such as carbon fibre, Titanium and DLC coatings to a vintage, old timely classic to create a contemporary time crash. I doubt Rolex would go out of their way to make an edition but it seems more so that Independents would do so. Hell, if Richard Mille makes an edition, they’ll have many customers waiting in line.

  • Karine Foucault

    Wow! Magnifique!

  • Salil

    its a great looking watch especially the bronze case!

  • joan pond

    this watch is gorgeous, magnificent and REGAL. LOVE IT.

  • joan pond

    who would not want this watch?

  • Brian Russell

    Well meteorite is really cool. I’m nuts about astronomy, so that’s right up my alley.

  • Alex

    I love Gibeon meteorite. The cuts can be just gorgeous.

  • Ed Yu

    I love meteorite dial because it’s not as boring as just white. I do wish there is a black meteorite. For watch material itself, I like precious metal as the weight and the luster makes it worthwhile. I do like white gold even if it’s not as “gold-like” as yellow gold. I also like rose gold on my skin tone since it’s more understated.

  • Andrew Reittinger

    While not particularly a big Rolex guy, I appreciate what they’ve done in creating their Everose material. Really thoughtful engineering.

  • Nikko

    Although ive only seen it from some local brands, wood cases from Kawayan are attractive for me

  • Richard Borden

    A bronze divers watch for less than $500? To god to be true? I think not! Zelos might be the answer.

  • David Fisher

    I like the blue bezel version; the bronze makes this watch design work. I’m interested in seeing carbon fibre and ceramics used in case and dials.

  • Hughes.

    I’ve always been fascinated by bronze as a material but I’ve never added a bronze watch to me collection. Titanium is about as exotic as it gets for me, darker than stainless and more lightweight too.

  • Paul Monterroza

    I am particularly attracted to ceramic dials and bezel inserts. Looking at this Zelos Mako, I couldn’t believe the value proposition of this piece while including a ceramic bezel. Also, I still don’t know where I land on wave dials (enter the new Omega SMP 300), but while I haven’t seen either in person, this Zelos looks amazing!

  • Von Qwest

    Very nice Timepiece I’ve never heard of this company before and I’ve always had timepieces made from 316L Stainless Steel .What interest me about this timepiece is the material that they used for the case is the same material that was used to make deep sea divers helmets.

  • David Greenfield

    I just love when companies experiment with unique dials, i think this is one of the best examples of that. A plain dial is always nice, but i like when they take a risk with a unique design. Not to mention the amazing bronze color on the Bezel!

  • James

    Meteorite is the coolest material I have ever thought about for a watch. Totally out of this world.

  • Sharani Nayak

    I love this watch. Just so lovely

  • Cagbass

    I have really enjoyed the explosion of bronze cases especially from micro brands. I especially love seeing one that is moderately sized! I also like when they incorporate the meteorite dials, like previous Zelos divers! Keep up the innovation and experimenting!

  • Sam Soul

    Checked the zelos site today. The Mako is sold out. Quite a hit!

  • Andrew Macleod

    I love the fact smaller brands are making watches with unique materials, a trait which used to be reserved to extremely high end watches.

  • BMPB

    I’ve always thought that the use of meteorite adds something special to a watch, whether used in the dial or inlaid in the hands or case because it makes the watch feel like one of a kind, rather than something mass produced. I also like bronze cases because they add a certain understated dignity to the watch. These Zelos watches look quite special…i would love to own one.

  • Jonathan Pellicano

    Great Giveaway! I love Bronze watches, the patina gives them a unique and original touch! My favorite is the Panerai Bronzo!. Now the watch is sold out so this is an excellent opportunity!

  • jorge

    Bronze upholstery ages and acquires a beautiful patina over time. I am a possessor of a great variety of bronze watches and I would love to add this jewel to my collection.


  • George Hunter

    One of my friends has a very peculiar and special titanium that left me very surprised, it is a model called “Cyrus Kambys”, really a jewel and made with an exotic material like titanium.

    I have always wanted a bronze watch, but unfortunately at the moment I do not have the possibility of acquiring one.

    I hope to have the opportunity in this contest.

    The Mako is a beautiful and super exotic watch, i really love the meteorite dial with bronze case!

  • Danijel Tojagic

    I would like to have black ceramic case watch with hand painted white dial. It will be unique and beautiful.
    Like to have what others do not have. If every bothy have some thing it is not for me no mather how good it is.

  • Bader Ebrahim

    Love it when brands create dials from uncommon materials which cause them to be unique and raw such as Werenbach’s watches using different and various parts of space rockets, out of some rocket parts it’s almost impossible to re-create the same exact dial which makes it really attractive!

  • Sally

    I really think they are one of the most beautiful watches I have ever seen. I have Michael Kors brand of watches. I also have Quartez watches as well. I think your brand is the best.

  • Kees Bennema

    For millions of years, you’re just a rock, on the move in a black vacuum, no day or night, no sense of time elapsing. Then one day you crash on a planet, and get all sliced up and end your life in a meticulous little time-keeping machine. That’s pretty ironic.

  • Derrick L

    I love when brands bring something truly unique to the table. It’s both a step forward in the industry and what a watch can be. I love the patina that is unique to bronze to make a watch a personalized experience!

  • Rom

    , i dont know much about watch but stainles steel should be grate probuble becaus it feels strong and stiff oh and smoodth, then how about dial material other say they like titadium i like that idea to light way, it shold be with other material.
    Oh is there are watches made from damascus steel that should look amazing i going to look it up

  • AW

    Not really exotic, but I like Titanium watches with additional hardening/coating. They are perfect for everyday wear: light, durable, etc.

  • Luigi Rossi

    I’m very intrigued about how the patina of this watch develop over time. Very good looking and unique dive watch.

  • chris

    The blue and bronze bezel looks awesome. I prefer a Titanium
    Case much lighter in your wrist.


    I love abalone dials, especially in men’s timepieces. I also am all about the brass casings that have become so popular in recent years! Would love the meteorite dial version of this design!

  • RyoGeo

    Meteorite! I love the idea of every single piece produced with meteorite having a unique appearance, and texture. Such a nuanced material for a watch face.

  • Carlos Fuentes

    Tantalum, really-unusual material. Love the job Audemars Piguet Huitieme. Lovely Piece.

  • Krzysztof Jelski

    Volcanic rock dial. As in Igneous Santa Maria watch. Why? It’s just cool to have a piece of volcano on your wrist. Plus it’s always one-of-kind, because no two pieces of rock look the same.

  • James Fann

    I love carbon fibre as both a dial and case material. They offer lightness, yet it’s so tough at the same time.

  • Bruce

    The meteorite and bronze and the best combo I have seen, love to have one.

  • I always loved the look of titanium cases. I didn’t expect to like how bronze looks but the watches I’ve seen using it nicely has opened my eyes. Something about the rugged look but not looking super “EDC” cliche when people think of “rugged”.

  • exolved

    One of my favorite details in watch design is the varied use of textures on different surfaces, materials, or finishes. For example, the Rolex 1601 Datejust linen dials immediately come to mind. The depth a textured dial adds to the presentation of the watch illicits a tactile impression that’s only evidenced visually, as if they have a feel unto themselves. Between the two above examples, I think this is particularly well demonstrated in the black textured dial with that ‘batman’ bezel. Beautiful!

  • A Cheese Sandwich

    I only just started getting into watches, but I’ve always quite liked the Widmanstatten patterns in etched meteorite, and to see that they’re being used for watch dials is really cool. I can’t think of a better way to truck around a piece of outer space, except for the extremely lucky few with a vial of moon dust. As for cases, I think the bronze looks great. I also like seeing cases with no metal-to-skin contact, since my wife has something of a nickel allergy.

  • Andres

    I like the bronze because it allows that with the use no watch is exactly the same as another, be expensive or cheap, manufacture one or a million, there will not be two exactly the same, but that originality is not given by any company or advertising campaign , you give it, just doing what you can do best with a watch … using it.

  • Andrew Tomusiak

    I have always been a huge fan of the meteorite style, as it’s strikingly beautiful and refined, as well as makes each individual watch unique. The patterns certainly have an other-worldly look to them—part of what makes them so appealing. The idea of seeing something billions of years old every time you look down at your wrist is really intriguing! As a diver, I came across Nethuns’ Scuba 500 Meteorite when I first began looking for watches, and was pleasantly surprised to find that while these watches are still out of my price range, most of them are not wildly out there (i.e. not 30 grand). I have dreamed of having one ever since. As for the case, Damascus steel can be quite mesmerizing.

  • Ronald Ash

    Would love to win.

  • Oceanus

    Stainless steel watches are all I have in my collection, as I am just getting into watch collecting. However, the more that I learn about the creative ways that certain brands bring unique styles to the table the more I am fascinated. In terms of my favorite dial I absolutely love pearl dials, they give a unique shine and elegance that is hard to match. For a favorite dial material I would have to go with ferrite. Good luck to the other participants!

  • Eric Gordon

    I like it when brands experiment with exotic materials. The bronze cases are a great material, and I appreciate the aging process. When it comes to dials, if he design doesn’t exercise careful restraint, things can get a little cluttered and distracting. I do appreciate the open, skeletonized chcepts, enamled dials, and waffel, or wave patterns.

  • droo

    It has always been a secret wish to own a bronze case watch. Unfortunately I never found one that suits my wallet. This one could be the opportunity… I don’t know what caliber is running inside, I would guess a Seiko NH35 in ths price range… I like very much the dial as well as the bronzo bezel.

  • victory pants

    There is something solid and reassuring about stainless steel. That being said, crafting beautiful and bold timepieces with “exotics” can be an exciting proposition. Titanium has clearly secured a permanent place in the industry. I believe the recent surge in bronze cases is more than a passing fad as well. The unique characteristics that time and elements bring to a bronze patina can be gorgeous. If you don’t like the patina, hit it with the old cape cod and start over. The bright luster on a newly rubbed down bronzo is equally unique with the darker accents tucked away in all the nooks and crannies. Now we’re seeing other exotic materials breathe fresh life into those tried and true classics. From meteorite and etched ceramic dials to forged carbon cases. For a watch nerd who values the risk and ingenuity involved with this type of experimentation, it’s a very exciting time. This Zelos Bronze Mako is striking!

  • Iqe Mallios

    I really like glass. I like the ability to see the deliacte inner workings of the watch.

  • Aaron

    I’ve always been a fan of watches that have a meteorite dial. The dial add a certain amount of ruggedness to the watch. I also like dials that have a laqure finish to them. Layers of laqure add a nice 3D quality to the watch face.

  • Gage

    there is something about bronze that I just love and while I enjoy my gshocks and citizens nothing beats a mechanical tool watch in other scenarios! love the posts!

  • George Flammer

    I have always been intrigued by the use of meteorite for dials. It’s simply out of this world (pun very much intended)

  • Mike Roberts

    I especially like the black and blue bezel version. To win that watch would be a great birthday surprise (June 29th). And if not this is still a great blog!

  • Apoorv Parashar

    I like the use of the whole meteorite for dials. I love the Omega version more than the Jaeger Le Coulter version because for some reason it just looks nicer! One of my goals in life is to earn enough money to buy one of the meteorite dial watches. One day!

  • Jake

    Seriously love this site, so many inspirational pieces, lust massaging luminous photos and that sinking feeling when you realise you’ll never own your favourite choices cause Barclays own your balls….

  • avisluna

    I have always been drawn to watches using exotic materials as it often indicates the watchmaker thinking outside of the box and of them seeing the whole process differently. Zelos appears to have embraced that through a number of their models and the Mako is another stunning example.

  • John

    It’s really impressive, how Zelos use different high ends matérials to produce those watches. I love the mix of bronze and meteorite and the vintage classic look. It’s like a Time machine on your wirst. I prefer to wear this to a rolex. I know that I will never win but the watch is awesome

  • Larry Berg

    I like ceramic and titanium cases because of the fine look and scratch resistance. I like meteorite and slate dial materials because of the natural imperfections in the materials. They somehow properly offset the perfection of the movement and construction of a fine watch.

  • David Rainey

    I like the use of bronze for a watch case. I don’t know why people would consider bronze exotic. Specially for a dive watch. Bronze is used

    extensively in the marine environment, so it makes sense to make a dive watch out of bronze.

  • Mike

    An interesting use of case material is sapphire. It gives this sort of odd look because very few watches are nearly clear all the way through. But one of the more conventional materials includes titanium which is extremely lightweight and durable. The choice of bronze made by Zelos in quite interesting. To my understanding, Bronze turns into a reddish color after wearing it for a while. Thanks for the oppurtinity to wins this watch!


    I’ve started wearing watches again after not wearing one for about 10 years/ Iove a solid masculine look and I am a lady. There is something very sophisticated about a shiny timepiece with quartz and stainless steel! The link lady in the ad is gorgeous!

  • Fritz Duppon

    Sticking with the Zelos theme, outter space materials like meteorite and moon dust are always an exciting design feature. Likewise, the use of lava rocks very much appeals to me – such great texture and contrast!

  • William

    I like bronze for a dive watch. It seems like such a natural pairing, but also isnt common.

  • Anthony P

    Very nice…….. I’m sure they will look better in time developing a rich patina like a battered old dive helmet. Maybe don’t rinse the watch after a dive to speed the process up ?. The meteorite dial gets my vote ??

  • Christopher “H_H” Hauser

    One billion years ago, a meteorite the size of Lake Michigan was diverted from destroying our planet, and thus a lucky winner will still get to enjoy an epic Zekos dive watch. I will go ahead and congratulate the winner, and say to the less lucky ones may your life be increased still with immaterial blessings all to glory above- having given you the chance to be a lifelong winner.

  • NC

    I love Carbon Fibre, and Ceramic cases, the grained blackness of the CF is like a Damascus Steel Knife. The Ceramic is excellent too, but I’d worry about shattering it! Tungsten metal may be a better alternative for me.

  • Josiah Rohe

    My favorite material combination on a watch has to be ceramic and rose gold. The combination of the deep black ceramic and the lightly colored gold makes for an amazing aesthetic. I think this is best done on the Michael Schumacher AP Royal Oak Offshore.

  • Guy B

    There is no end to human imagination some of it can even be inspiring. I recently saw the Hublot Big Bang Unico with a sapphire case. Absolutely stunning watch with a translucent case. As far as dial material the ones made from a fallen meteorite are appealing and rare. Like the Zelos Hammerhead or Mako models. Each dial is unique and one of a kind.

  • HasaDisqus


    For ANY object to warrant admiration, it should be a triumph of Function over Form (within limits). In this respect, good old Stainless does it for me. Sturdy, Strong and easily made waterproof (10ATM min.). With THAT said;

    A Bronze case with a white/cream enamel dial _and_ 10ATM would be super sexy.

  • Yohaan Jacob

    I’m a big fan of Brass cases, especially the way Tudor does them. Also Lacquered dials like some of the Seikos are nice.

  • Ivan Gaidarski

    So far I only used watches with stainless steel and titanuim, but bronze + meteorite sounds very intriguing…

  • Anna

    I like the all styles of watch case and dial materials except the wooden ?

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    I love stainless steel, and I want to have one with Titanium. Bronze on the other hand develop a specific and unque patina, and some day I hope to ad a bronze watch to my collection.

  • Kong

    Would love to have a brass diver. Something very unique you don’t see everyday.

  • HanExc

    All watches with meteorite dials look great. The aventurine also looks beautiful like a sky full of stars. In this watch, the bronze case looks stylish and original.

  • David

    I am fascinated by meteorite dials. Aside from looking great, each one has a unique structure and just knowing that it could have traveled through the universe, gives it a certain ethereal aura about it. I am also a big fan of a few Russian made watches that have very intricately detailed enamel painted faces. Of course, most of these fall outside my price point. I love that Zelos provides a unique feature on a watch that is well within most people’s budget with a brass case too.

  • Nic

    I’m actually a fan of the wood watches. Being a carpenter and woodworker for 20+ years, they have a special meaning to me. I’ve also seen an influx of recycled materials being used (vintage cars, illegal firearms and even a space rocket) which seems like a fantastic way to repurpose something into a great conversation piece.

  • Nick D.

    I love damascus steel dials and wish more models were available. I simply love the variety and uniqueness it brings to a watch. The Sinn Damaszener is a striking example.

  • eric chan

    I like to see watch makers to try to use different coloured ceramic case, as nowadays these ceramic case watches are quite expensive.

  • Adam Pilbeam

    I like the bronze look a lot, and it’s definitely not so common. The meteorite dial concept is truly fascinating, as are some of the non-standard ones like exotic woods. I’m just waiting for a true ‘fossil’ watch with an interesting fossil in the dial. That would be very one-of-a-kind.

  • L Kun

    I like the bronze cases because of the warm colour and the patina. I like natural materials of dials, not only meteorite, but wood or stones also for example due to their natural beauty and special look.

  • Scott Brust

    A meteorite dial seems to be one of the few ways to get a watch that is really, truly, unique among all others. I think the JLC triple date version is finest example out there.

  • Luis Mª Oñate Pérez

    First, thank you very much for the giveaway. I think that Zelos nailed it with this diver: stunning design, wearable size and great value for money. I am not surprised that most of the models are already sold out in their website. Having said that, I particularly like the blue steel version.

  • Luis Onate

    First, thank you very much for the giveaway. I think that Zelos nailed it with this diver: stunning design, wearable size and great value for money. Furthermore, I always liked the possibility of having a piece of meteorite in the watch. I am not surprised that most of the models are already sold out in their website. Having said that, I particularly like the blue steel version.

  • Matthew Laudone

    I think the most interesting aspect of this giveaway is the rise in bronze watches. It is such a great material that ages in interesting ways and makes for a unique watch experience.

  • The Architext

    Bronze watches are so fantastic!

  • Marco Sampuel

    It is nice to see when brands uses non conventional materials, it adds the watch a different look and different properties, carbon fiber it reduces it’s weight, ceramic it becomes scratch proof, etc.

  • Tristan

    Bronze cases are hot right now, and I’d really like to try one out. What I haven’t seen yet, and it’d be fund to see if it could be done is a bronze dial that patinates over time.

  • Alan G

    Knowing how difficult stone is to work, I am always fascinated by complex all sapphire cases. Especially ones with carved, 3-d curves instead of just flat pieces screwed together. For dial material; meteorite is certainly cool, but I don’t think many watches integrate the grain pattern enough to feel that the watch was made for it. It ends up just being a slice of meteorite stuck on a dial to say it’s there. I always enjoy your articles and photos featuring well done, enamel art dials.

  • Hunter Benbrooks

    As Alan stated watch makers that use any real gem stone’s blow me away as the cost if you mess up could be astronomical so when you see a watch that is utterly perfect it’s truly a “gem”.

  • Michael

    Really like this design, the most attractive one that zelos has so far produced to my eyes. While I think bronze is a great case material my personal favorite material is RADO + Omega + other’s foray into all ceramic cases and bracelets.

  • Curt Thompson

    I am a huge fan of titanium case and bracelet, with a meteorite dial. That said, bronze and meteorite is cool too.

  • SuperStrapper

    I’m interested in the advancement of ceramics in watch cases. How long until reinforcement and even fractional elasticity techniques become realised?

  • NYC watch dude

    Such a gorgeous case and dial! I had never heard on this brand and now I’m hooked on their art

  • Nathan Black

    I’m a big fan on meteorite dials, I love both the texture and the fact that the dials are literally FROM SPACE

  • Intred

    Love titanium as case material. The dial is very detailed, nice!

  • Buzzsaw52

    Meteorite and bronze make a beautiful watch!

  • Tirthak Shah

    For the case I like Titanium, Bronze and the ever-reliable stainless steel. For the dial, really doesn’t matter as long as it’s attractive to me.

  • Joel Schumann

    I agree with previous poster about meteorite and bronze. However, it was Kobold’s dials made from a piece of rock from Mount Everest that made me take notice of watches. I read about them in the in flight magazine and visited their shop in Kathmandu.

  • tcoomber

    I love the meteorite faces that JLC used recently.

  • ZsoltD

    What a beautiful piece of art, really like the way Zelos is heading.To answer the questions regarding interesting materials, I really enjoy brass, and special hardened material’s DLC coating and new alloys. On the dial i rather enjoy interesting color/pattern whatever makes tge watch unique and stand out of the crowd. Perfect example what Zelos made with the meteorite dial.

  • palettj

    Damasko ICE hardened steel is what I’ve experimented with, because it is virtually unwatchable.

  • Andrew Metri

    I think the most interesting aspect of this giveaway is the rise in bronze watches. It is such a great material that ages in interesting ways and makes for a unique watch experience.

  • Yuliya

    Recently there was a few interesting bronze watches coming to surface. The one I particularly like is Hublot Classic Fusion Fuente limited edition. Not only bronze’s way of ageing seems very noble and elegant, but engraving on the case of the watch makes it real artwork. So, Im really excited of the opportunity to own my first bronze watch, and the Zelos piece seems to be perfect choice!

  • rawdesignhouse

    Like the rest of the crowd on here it seems, I’m a fan of the use of bronze as well. I think it would be interesting to watch the patina change over time.

  • Peter Weady

    I’m not sure if it qualifies as exotic but I’ve been intrigued by titanium watches. Every time I try one on I’m surprised by the light weight.

  • Steven Servantez

    I like rubber for my diving watches. The rubber can withstand salt and salt water and is durable

  • michael mescher

    Carbon fiber cases and dials very light weight and durable plus anyone that uses titanium stronger then steel but on the flip side very light

  • InAbs3ntia

    I always find wooden watches very intriguing. They’re always so compelling but upon close inspection, I have yet to see any made with any sort of precision. The natural and unique wood grain is always something I’ll be drawn to. Maybe one day…

    On a similar note, bronze watches definitely have my interest these days. The organic and unique aging of the metal is pretty special.

  • Mark

    I love some of the things brands are doing with new materials like carbon and metallic glass.

  • benden99

    I am really liking the bronze divers watches these days like the CW Trident Bronze.

  • Manuel Manuelín Canallín

    I’m fond of the new rise of bronze watches, I’m a sucker for patinas in cars, watches, boats, anything. I also like weird materials like meteorite or used metals like Romain Jerome does.

  • Gerry Silverman

    I love the new brands that come up with interesting styles and materials. I think bronze is the new metal of the future in watches. I’m also fond of titanium and carbon

  • Lucian Pintilie

    I doubt that titanium is still considered exotic, but a titanium case and bracelet is almost unbelievable when you first pick-up the watch. Every morning. I would love to see a combination titanium case – carbon fiber dial; I guess race-themed brands have already thought of it.

    Also, loved the idea of mystery watch – Cartier. Saphire used for something else. (

  • Mark Quinones

    I’m rather fond of ‘exotic’ materials used to compose the dial and case. Whether it be a ceramic case (RM) or mother of pearl dial (FP Journe), using materials other than gold and steel help to root a brand in a notoriously competitive and traditionally proud environment. It certainly makes for an interesting talking point when discussing one’s timepiece over a drink.

  • Thomas Goodin

    The new carbon cases that have cone from Bvlgari are awesome! I’m not sure if bronze is considered exotic anymore but they’re pretty awesome once the patina kicks in!
    As for dials, I love the cut meteorite look or the ghost dials made of crystal!

  • doctorzach

    I love the watch. New materials are fun and
    are ironically somewhat vintage in terms of “space age” especially if you think of divers as 1950’s watches. Keep pushing the envelope!

  • Phillip

    Using a bronze case for a dive watch brings all that maritime history to the watch and that makes this watch special

  • Alistair Salmon

    I’m not sure about case materials to be honest, I’m usually a big fan of the simple steel case, although I do have a couple rose gold plated cases. What I do like seeing is the experimentation on dial materials. I’m a big fan of Damascus steel being used, and come to think of it would love to see a case done in it.

  • Chris

    I like bronze and titanium outside of steel and gold.

  • Tim Bone

    Out of what’s available, bronze watches would have to be my favourite. I always enjoy seeing re-purposed (or underrated) metals used to evoke a more retro feel.

    That being said, I like how Zelos have experimented with stone and would like to see how (while I’m sure it would be incredibly difficult) it could be incorporated into other parts of the watch case.

    • Alistair Salmon

      Agree with the repurposed metals, fascinating to see compounded history by using metal from a ship wreck used in a quality diver watch for example

  • Jeff Randall

    I love the rustic look of the bronze. Very vintage looking.

  • khoa pham

    Recently there was a few interesting bronze watches coming to surface. The one I particularly like is Hublot Classic Fusion Fuente limited edition and Steinhart OCEAN 1 Bronze light brown. Not only bronze’s way of ageing seems very noble and elegant, but engraving on the case of the watch makes it real artwork.
    I’m really excited of the opportunity to own my first bronze watch, and the Zelos piece seems to be perfect choice!

  • Matt

    I like bronze watches and how the patina will give each watch a unique look.

  • Dave Araujo

    I thought titanium was a real breakthrough, especially considering the exotic nature and difficulty in making anything out of titanium, and love the look of it too

  • dean lacey

    Growing up I remember rock watches and wooden watches and I remeber thinking how cool that would be. I remeber looking at them not understanding the real processes involved.
    Now I’m older and I’ll like the new sway of modern brass and titanium watches. I think I would keep the brass polished and I like the weight they provide.
    I have never seen a meteorite dial in person but the history of something like that is very cool.
    The Rado ceramic don’t float my boat but I aprechiate the work involved.

    Good luck all.

  • Steve W

    Regarding the use of unusual materials, I am intrigued by the use of Bronze and the patina that develops. I also like the idea of a titanium alloy. Omega has made a wonderful Planet Ocean out of titanium. For the face I am intrigued by meteorite dials, as long as the use of it doesn’t look too busy.

  • microciccio spaccavento

    Unlike many others, I like the color of the new bronze, without patina especially when it is brushed. Its warm color is my favorite thing.
    The meteorite dial has always fascinated me because of its extraterrestrial origin, but I must say that this is a fascination not only linked to watches: everything concerning space arouses enormous attraction in me.
    Being also attracted by new things, I’m always interested in new materials and new types of work that can transform something already seen.

  • Paul

    Bronze has this remarkable character of appearing as a classic nautical metal that seems only natural to move from the wall as a ship clock to the wrist as a diving tool. These cases are absolutely stunning in their appearance, appeal, and function!

  • John Bush

    When it comes to.using other than traditional materials for a watch I am fine with that as long as it doesn’t come off as a stunt or overpower the overall personality of the watch. Bronze makes a strong and simple statement but one must be careful not to let it’s use in a dive watch become a cliche. The Carl Brasher really dominates the genre at this point and hopefully there is room for others.

  • FutureTripper

    hope is the only thing that you can have

  • FutureTripper

    i love carbon on watch and automatics

  • Brian McCourt

    This is a great looking watch. I love when companies experiment with new case materials. Been waiting for a unique tungsten carbid case to come out.

  • James

    i think more companies should use more exotic materials. My favourite use so far has to be the Omega grey side of the moon in grey ceramic with meteorite dial – it transforms the very classic but perhaps a little mundane design of the Speedmaster and turns it into a real statement piece, something which should be applauded when looking at exotic materials. If you want something subtle then ‘regular’ case and dial materials are great, however when talking exotic it needs to be eye catching and make a real impression – just like this Zelos!!

  • mark

    Id like to see a picture of it in the dark after its been exposed to light. The use of bronze is nice and I admire it but I don’t admire it as much as the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze. But for the price and as a dive watch its well worth the money.

  • mohammed fadil ashraf

    Romain Jerome is one brand which can be used an example or benchmark for how to utilize or infuse exotic or out of the box materials/components and create value to the watch. They did an excellent job with Eyjafjallajökull and Moon DNA collections. Owning such watches gives us the impression of owning rarity, uniqueness and after all its attention/ status provider.

  • Fred

    Never had the chance to own a bronze watch, I tried carbon… felt too light and since I like dive watches, it wasn’t a good fit for me. I hope i can go for a bronze case soon.

  • Baruch Gabo

    Great value for the money. I love dive watches (and I actually like using them while diving) but most nice ones are several times the price of this beauty in bronze.

  • Michael J. Dulude

    I love meteorite dial watches. The idea that what’s on my wrist was previously flying through darkness of space is amazing.

  • Stewart Novinger

    I agree with other comments that I like meteorite dials. I have never actually seen a bronze case in the metal but certainly would love to. Really like that these watches are only 40mm. A lot of dive watches are really big in my opinion, too big. Rubber strap, interesting dials and bronze cases that I assume will develop nice patina over time make both these watches interesting and cool looking.

  • ChrisA

    I like the aluminium foam (aeronith) used in the Zenith defy lab 15Hz watch and the amazing enamel dial experiments of lundis bleus. But Zelos are pretty cool, too.

  • Entro

    Looks dope, would love one.

  • domokla

    I like this watches!

  • Squale1521

    I always thought that some sort of fossil or bone or even petrified wood would make for a great looking dial. I’ve always been a fan of metal dials and meteorite, however.

    • Nick Lessells

      You should check out the Jurassic by Louis Moinet! Really cool watch with a really, really unique dial.

  • Nick Lessells

    Bronze is one of my favorite materials used in a watch, I love experimenting with different methods to accelerate the patina and give it a totally unique, rugged look. Coincidentally, meteorite is my second favorite exotic material, because a ball of metal and stone flying down from space and crashing into earth has to be one of the coolest things you can put in a watch. Since each etched meteorite dial is one of a kind, it pairs perfectly with bronze, which aging is unique to each owner.

  • Lyes

    The Zenith one with the aluminum is a really nice experiment for a watch!

  • Michael

    Beautiful watches! Really love the bronze case!

  • cosmin cosmin

    I looooooove them!!

  • nrod308

    Don’t really have too much experience with watches that use other matierals besides metal, though I have seen wooden watches before, which were relatively interesting with the natural wood grain. I think having a wooden dial and patina-ing it would be pretty sweet, but a wooden case not so much.

  • Jonathan

    Malachite and meteorite dials are just incredibly beautiful to me. In terms of case material, bronze and titanium are very interesting and appealing for different reasons.

  • Jakub Smolen

    Rado True with ceramic case and that pearl dial is the win!

  • James D

    In terms of cases, I’m a sucker for ceramic releases. But when thinking about dials I can’t go past the Onyx Day Date. Makes for a very unique look on a existing classic. I do like the meteorite dial surrounded by the bronze case, especially like the contrast with the rubber tropic.

  • perpetualcuriosity

    As this watch ages and wears a bit I bet it’ll look as if it has a story to tell.

    As for materials, I really don’t mind quality steel; that’s not what was asked.
    So, in general…titanium and use of ceramics was nice to see; platinum and the tinted golds from white to rose can be eye catching, and anything unique (used to create a special timepiece) can draw interest…as long as it’s well executed.
    Not the most specific answer, but whatever.

  • Paul F

    I appreciate anything that is a little different or a timepiece that stands out in the crowd and the bronze case ticks the box for me. In addition, the Zelos Mako is a watch with an attractive and easy to read dial. All I know is that it would look great worn on my wrist.

  • Marek

    I like when companies puts meteorite in to a dial, that feeling you have something from space at your wrist is amazing

  • Nic

    Why was my original comment listed as spam? 🙁

  • Nic

    I’m actually a fan of the wood watches. Being a carpenter and woodworker for 20+ years, they have a special meaning to me. I’ve also seen an influx of recycled materials being used (vintage cars, illegal firearms and even a space rocket) which seems like a fantastic way to repurpose something into a great conversation piece.

  • Stephen N Russell

    Love design, style, features & materials viable & good pricing for watch vs super higher end types

  • Mike Hanlon

    I love the idea of a meteorite dial. The thought that traveled millions of lightyears to find it way to my wrist gives me an appreciation for just how much is left out there to discover

  • Eric K.

    Its great when a brand experiments with materials that are typically out of reach to a normal consumer. For instance materials from outer space, deep sea wreckages, unique vehicles that have traveled to unknown places and the like. There’s something awe inspiring about wearing a piece of history like that.

  • Mike F

    I like the idea of a bronze divers watch. They just seem to go together. The use of unusual or exotic material appeals to a wider group of potential customers. If I was told the brass came from the main screw of a famous warship it would be even more appealing to have a quality timepiece and a piece of history.

  • TimeChimp

    Those Zelos watches are sharp and eye-catching.

    For me, uniqueness is one factor or aspect that makes a watch more enjoyable. When a brand incorporates a material that originated from in iconic car or a certain rocket in a watch, for instance, it adds to its exclusivity. Having a meteorite chunk for a watch dial is distinct.

    Don’t get me wrong… I don’t mean having some weird, obscure material, narrowing its appeal, and perhaps the resale value.

  • Lucian S

    The most “exotic” case material on a watch I have is on a Damasko. On a diver, bronze is a given. Also, even a tiny bit of a meteorite piece inserted in a watch face would be something amazing.

  • Samuel Baker

    Meteorite is my favorite material for case and the dials, and it feels great against my wrist which is the main thing I look for in a new watch; comfortability.

  • Harry Lakin

    I’d love to see a case made out of a kevlar like material. There is great tensile strength in tightly wound carbon fiber. It would be as strong as steel, and likely lighter. As a face on such a watch, I’d welcome stainless steel.

  • tiffany dayton

    My husband would love this watch.


    I have loved this watch from the moment I saw it. Bronze is a very desirable and unique material, and becomes classic with age. Pick me, please!

  • Patti Roper

    I tend to like when Titanium is used because it’s such a hard material & I know it’s hard to work with, so it makes it different. I also like when semi-precious stones are used for the dial – fire opals look amazing on watches.

  • Korrey6

    I do not like much of experimenting. The only exotic material I really enjoyed is carbon fiber which Hublot uses on its Big bang. Otherwise I like the classic metals like steel, gold, rosegold and bronze.

  • Maciej Grzeszak

    Hello! You surprised me with the choice of Zelos Mako Bronze 500m Dive Watch! When I think about unusual watches – I really like Copernicus Flagship watches – a dial stylized on gauges from a Polish submarine “Orze?”. According to me, the craziest case watch was made of Swiss cheese in The Swiss Mad Watch 🙂

  • Larry Janeshek

    I like titanium cases because they are light and scratch resistant. The Zelos watch it is made of bronze which gives an unusual appearance for a watch. I do not own a watch made from bronze and this watch would be a nice addition to my collection.

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    Amazing watch at that price! Zelos is making great watches! And a bronze watch is always something special with the patina it gets

  • Aaron

    Beautiful watches. I particularly like the watch with the meteorite face. They way the light bounces off the different crystals gives a nice texture to the watch face. I never owned a watch that contains any exotic materials; however, dress watches with exotic straps made of alligator or snake skins have caught my eye on a few occasions.

  • Ondrej Tomica

    I really like watches manufacturer experimenting with cases made from carbon fibres, like meteorite dials but was really astonished when I saw that watches from Zelos which combinated titanium and damask steel. These are really awesome!

  • Yashvanth Stark

    these watches make some look on you, dignity .. i love watches

  • Drail

    I like the faces. Good looking watch.

  • mark kemper

    just love the watch

  • Jocelyn Gagné