Tudor-Black-Bay-watch-what-if-3 Watch What-If – the aBlogtoWatch series where we invite guest designers to imagine existing watches in new ways – is back with a look at the Tudor Black Bay. Watch enthusiast and artist Synaptyx takes a look at this modern “classic” from Tudor that interprets the brand’s design heritage in a way that has captivated so many of today’s watch lovers. aBlogtoWatch reviewed the Tudor Black Bay watch here. Here are some words from Synaptyx on his designs:

Recently, there has been a big push in Superhero movies, and there are tie-ins in every market. I thought why not a versatile Tudor watch for Superheroes, Super-villains, and Super-spies. This line of thinking lead me to the drawing board and back to the Tudor Black Bay that I wanted to see, but with a twist. Here is a snowflake-dialed Tudor Black Bay in some super-character driven iterations.

Above, to our Super-spy, James Bond. What modern day Tudor could he get the most use out of? A GMT version seems like a good fit, with all that traveling. A sturdy, classic striped NATO strap is the natural choice. Vintage lume for a bit of classic suave style. I think that Tudor Black Bay would be a hit with a super-spy, if he lost his taste for Omega.

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If Superman wore a Tudor Black Bay, he’d need a GMT, what with all that flying around – and it should be subtle enough for Clark Kent to wear to the office.


If Batman wore a stealthy Tudor Black Bay during his night-time missions, it’d be nice for Bruce Wayne to get away with it under his shirt cuff in the boardroom.


The Joker’s unique green and purple threads inspired this white-dialed version with red accents – what dapper Super-villain, with a penchant for the ridiculous, could be without an outrageous custom time-piece of his own?

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Finally, Iron Man and Tony Stark; Well he’s no secret, so he could proudly wear this arc-powered lume version in yellow gold whenever and wherever he damn well pleases.

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