Below you’ll find a watch winner report from Caroline H., who was one of three lucky winners in the December 2012 aBlogtoWatch Frederique Constant trip and watches giveaway. She was one of the second prize winners who received her own Frederique Constant watch of choice. Below you’ll see her thoughts on her new Frederique Constant Classics 315 timepiece. Thanks to her and everyone else who participates in the monthly giveaways.


“Looking at FC’s extensive collection and trying to choose one or two watches was extremely difficult! I wanted a woman’s automatic, but I also wanted some complication or special display that I wasn’t likely to acquire any other way (at least until I won another contest at aBlogtoWatch). In short, I could hardly wait to see which of my four very different watch choices Frédérique Constant would select for me. When the box arrived there was a tantalizing amount of packaging froufrou to wade through.

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Once I got past the beautiful leather box I was delighted to see a gorgeous Frédérique Constant Classics 315- featuring the signature FC “heartbeat” exposed movement prominently over the XII hour. The watch and bracelet are stainless steel with a silver guilloché face and quite a lot of gold decoration on the movement, visible through the window and through the sapphire exhibition back.


One especially delightful attribute of this watch is the date wheel. The gold decorated dates are actually cutout silhouettes and are surprisingly more legible against the dark inner workings of the watch than standard printed date wheels. It is also fun to see the date that is two weeks away upside down in the open window.

The watch has a nice heft to it, weighing in at 4 1/2 oz, but it is well designed and doesn’t feel bulky or clunky. The case is 40 mm but wears comfortably on my skinny 15 cm wrist.

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At first I thought the bracelet, which is different from the one shown on the website, was too masculine for me (my husband offered to take it off my hands) but once it was sized down I think it adds a sporty touch that keeps the watch from being too formal. The bracelet is as well-made as the watch, with a signed overlapping clasp that is engine-turned inside, where no one but me (and you) will ever see it.

Oh, and incidentally, does the FC 315 tell the time? I have been wearing it for seven days, keep in mind this is the break-in period, and over that time it has gained 17 seconds compared to my Apple computer. I am impressed. I love my new FC and want to thank both A Blog To Watch and Frédérique Constant for this awesome prize. Like I said at the time I entered, best ABTW competition ever!”

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