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Weekly Deals On Invicta Watches: Cost Effective Timepieces To Beat Up

Weekly Deals On Invicta Watches: Cost Effective Timepieces To Beat Up Watch Buying Weekly Deals On Invicta Watches: Cost Effective Timepieces To Beat Up Watch Buying It’s good to have a decent looking watch you can wear doing just about anything, and not worry about nicks, scrapes, and scratches. Why? Because they are cheap enough that you can do that with. The majority of Invicta watches are under $200 and a good deal at that. More expensive ones have lots of flair, but the real value is in getting their base level watches that look pretty good, and you can enjoy throwing around.

Amazon is one of the biggest Invicta retailers and has probably every single model they currently sell in retail channels. To compete with ShopNBC (Invicta’s other major retailer), Amazon has some pretty nice deals on Invicta watches. For the time being, they have a “watch of the week” promotion where one Invicta watch is about 50%-75% off retail. Each week the “special deal” watch changes, and its worth checking it out. In addition to that, Amazon tends to have really reasonable prices on all their Invicta watches.

Weekly Deals On Invicta Watches: Cost Effective Timepieces To Beat Up Watch Buying Weekly Deals On Invicta Watches: Cost Effective Timepieces To Beat Up Watch Buying

Invicta takes design cues from most of the popular styles out there, and pushes forward with its own designs. Some work, some don’t, but I credit Invicta for trying just about everything. No watch company I know releases so many watches, with such speed. It can be humorous to observe Invicta release experimental designs and along the way a few really intrigue you, the rest you can laugh at or wonder who at Invicta green lighted the product.

There are also a number of classic designs that Invicta produces that looks pretty nice. Most of them are dive watches, that contain quartz or automatic movements. Within the mechanical movements you have everything from Japanese Miyota movements, to Swiss ETA movements, depending on the price of course.

For me, an Invicta watch will never replace the top brands on my list, but that isn’t the role for an Invicta watch. Instead, they are functional workhorse watches that are fun and cheap enough to buy without hesitation.

See Weekly Invicta Deals Right Here on Amazon. Weekly Deals On Invicta Watches: Cost Effective Timepieces To Beat Up Watch Buying Weekly Deals On Invicta Watches: Cost Effective Timepieces To Beat Up Watch Buying

See Invicta watches on eBay here.


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  • Invicta watch is one of my favorite watches. I like all the models of that watch.

  • WC-3030


  • jon trent

    Invicta quality control and customer service are absolutely horrible.

  • Troll McLulz

    Invicta is not a bad maker to take a look at if you are interested in a mid-quality piece at a more-than-reasonable cost. As mentioned in this post, they make an almost absurd number of models, makes, etc – so good luck flipping through thier book (2010 catalog available on the Invicta site (, it is over 200 pages with several versions of each watch per page) and NOT finding something that yanks your chain. Quartz, mechanical, dive, chrono – you name it, they make it, and in a dozen different materials, finishes, and band options.
    I was given a Speedway 9329 as a gift (nicely modeled after the Rolex Daytona) and it is a well-built watch that keeps perfect time. If I had a complaint, it would be that the curved band-ends for the lugs are not solid, and as such after a few years I need to replace one which has not been exactly easy.
    Jon Trent, I don’t understand your comment – because of the multitude of offerings, I know many people that own an Invicta, and I have yet to come across one that that wouldn;t have made it past any reasonable quality control effort. Customer service is as easy to reach as falling out of bed – 1.866.INVICTA: no automated attendant, you dial that number and a person picks up the phone and asked when department you want. Because of my problem, I need to speak with the parts department, and they are not a large or easy to reach group; I have a chemical imbalance that does not allow me to sit on hold for more than 2 minutes. But when I called to speak with service, I was talking to someone within that timeframe, and they were helpful, friendly, and knowledgable. Again, problem is that after they help me, I need to be transferred to parts, where I have been unable to withstand the hold time for that group. I have certainly had much worse experiences with customer service at different companies.
    So, be it a little treat for yourself or a reasonably priced gift watch, you should certainly consider Invicta.

  • Shinytoys

    I’m with Troll, I’ve got 14 Invicta’s, I’m hooked!!!

  • Invicta Watch Lover

    I have several Invicta’s and just treated myself to an Invicta Diamond. Invicta watches are a good watch for the price.

  • Invicta is a fine brand of watches. Thanks for the article!

  • Russell Nyberg

    I have over 25 Invictas and overall I am happy with the style and quality. What irritates me with the brand is ShopNBC sales tactics for the watches. Quoting an overly high MSRP and then selling at a 75% off, please! Tell me the truth.

    I wear my SubAqua III daily at work (Race Car fabricator) and it has held up very well. I am a big watch fan and Invicta solves my cravings for large case watches. I am 95% happy with all my watches, I do get what I pay for.

  • Tall one

    Like most guys here, I too, have many Invicta watches. I think over 20 of them.
    For the money, you can not beat that company. I buy only their “high end” watches, with the exception of their Grand Diver, which I think, is absolutely best automatic watch you can buy for the least money.
    Invicta’s design is phenomenal and their pricing is unbelievable. Where else can you find watch with outstanding design yet with VJ 7750 or VJ 7751 for around $ 1,000 ?
    If I wanted to buy anything even close to their design with these movements it would put me in range of 8 K.
    And as far as John Trent comment goes about Invicta’s horroble service :
    I don’t know – this may be true, but here is another true statement about Invicta –
    having over 20 of their watches NOT ONCE, I needed Invicta’s service.

  • wont_pay_advert

    Like Russel and Tall one, I also have about 15 Invictas, 1-2 cheaper ones and 3-4 expensive ones, but most are mid-range watches for about $300. ( where else can I get a swiss made Ronda chronograph, 316 stainless steel, 500 meters water resistant and a nice looking 46mm watch that gets me compliments from the nurse at my DRs to the guy at the check out store?) Do u know what u get at the mall for $300 bucks? Go look one day. To get all I listed above you need to spend about $600-$900 at retailers.
    Russel… that is where SHOPNBC gets the msrp prices/retail value. In other words, if you get this list in a watch at a retailer(retail price) maybe a jewelery store like Kay or Zales… you will pay that retail price $600-$900 on a similar watch with all the options listed above. Maybe on the same watch or a different brand that has the same options. Example…Shopnbc sold a Maurice Lacroix about a year ago ( yes shopnbc sells some high end time piece at good prices, like Tag SLR Benz, M.Lacroix Phase de lune, Clerc, Cartier($9000) and Baume and Mercier) for about $2200 , the phase de lune model, and at the time shopnbc listed the retail value at $3800 and selling it at $2200. I didnt believe it and wanted to see if they were full of it or not. I check the net that minute and did a search and found 2 sites selling the same watch at $3795 and 1 at like $4100. So they were not far off on their retail value prices,which means at a retailer/jeweler… not the net. or maybe Invictas case… a watch that has the same options as the Invicta, but cost more because most watches have to pay for all their advertising…like Tiger woods $5million pay check to pose with whatever watch he wears.
    Think about this…expensive watch brands that sell about 2000 watches a year, divided into $5,000,000 means that watch brand needs to mark up 2000 watches $2500 just to pay the $5 million expense in paying the 1, yes 1, famous person. Why do u think so many watches like Bulova and Movado and Tag and Omega and all the name brand watches have to charge so much for their time pieces. All truth. Invicta pays no advertising and that is why they can make the exact same watch for 1/2 the price as Movado or Tag or whoever. Not saying Invicta is better so dont get mad at me guys. Just talking some truth. Believe me… I bought a $425 Bulova and in 9 months wearing it in the pool a couple times, the crystal had fogged up and eventually it stopped working. It was not even a chrono with 316 steel. I paid $279 for an Invicta subaqua noma 3 and did all the same thing and it is still going strong with a swiss chrono and 316 stainless steel for almost 1/2 price as the bulova, which should be only $125 but Bulova has to pay advertising and market it up to $425.

    • Rapture_Me

      I have an Invicta diver with the Miyota 8215 and have worn it for about 7 years almost everyday unless I am wearing one of my other Invicta’s and this watch has been beaten on hard and it hardly has a scratch on the crystal and it works great. The case has several dings in it and I had to replace the band. I have about 30 watches now and some are Invicta’s and I doubt I will ever have to buy another watch the rest of my life. I get compliments at the hospital where I work, I sit at the information desk and my watch is in full view of the public. I think Invicta is one of the best watches on the market per dollar. 

  • PriyadarshanGajbhiye

    I wear Invictas at gym/beach/clubs etc. Where they will go with the shorts, tee shirts, sneakers etc. I’m in my twenties so I guess it’s acceptable (and even required) at my age.
     I don’t pretend to consider them as fine watch collectibles but I do love them for the mentioned purposes. I have a Coalition forces Trigger, A Subaqua chrono, A Russian Diver skeleton, a Bolt Zeus and another all black Zeus.

  • PriyadarshanGajbhiye

    Oh and my brother has a S1 Rally, a Corduba, a gold tone subaqua chrono,older square S1 and a HUGE 59 mm Seahunter chrono. I wear them too, although the sea hunter is truly a challenge to wear.

  • Kellie Beavers

    Skeletal Hugeness!

    Big and Beautiful is one way to describe this timepiece. Invicta has released a very appealing Skeleton Watch that although doesn’t have Swiss Movement still works like a charm.

    This piece, a skeleton watch with both back and front views, is aesthetically amazing. It does not need 24K Gold, Diamonds and a whole bunch of Swarovski Crystals embedded everywhere, it seems that the more “blingy” a watch looks the better it will sell in this current market. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Read Invicta Men’s 1090 Russian Diver Mechanical Skeleton Dial Black Polyurethane Watch Reviews here:

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