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There are few colors both as refined and as instantly evocative as the deep, sumptuous hue of British racing green. With an elegant sporting look and a racing legacy connecting such venerable names as Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, and Graham Hill with storied marques like Bentley, Jaguar, Lotus, and Aston Martin, the darkly verdant shade is intrinsically tied to luxury and British sporting excellence. It’s only natural, then, that classically British heritage brand WOLF has brought this triumphant shade to its own line of premium luxury watch winders, watch boxes, and watch rolls. Wrapped in supple pebble-grain vegan leather, each piece in the new WOLF British Racing Green collection captures the essence of this racing legacy with world-class finishing and attention to detail.

Available as a single, double, triple, six-piece, or eight-piece winder, the WOLF British Racing Green winder series pairs a classic luxury look with several unique technical innovations. The lid of each model is finished in a classic quad angle paneled style, reminiscent of midcentury watch presentation boxes and edged with a hand-pressed gold foil pinstripe. Underneath the lockable glass display front, the interior of the winder is lined in plush British racing green Alcantara. All winder hardware is rendered in gold for a dramatic, classical effect, including brilliantly polished outer bezels with a vintage-inspired fluted design. Beyond the look, each of these winders is equipped with cutting-edge rotating equipment to ensure smooth reliable performance. WOLF’s patented winding counter keeps track of the precise number of rotations carried out per day, while all other winders on the market merely estimate this figure. This precise number of rotations can be manually set by the user anywhere from 300 to 1,200 turns per day in clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectional modes. A customizable power reserve setting allows owners to custom tailor a winding program to the reserve capacity of each individual watch, with program settings ranging from 6 to 72 hours of reserve to allow watches to release stored energy before the winding program begins. To ensure absolute safety during the winding program, WOLF’s patented lock-in cuff securely fastens watches of nearly any size into the rotating drum for a secure fit with low-density foam that places minimal pressure on the timepiece itself. Each variant of the WOLF British Racing Green winder series also conceals additional storage space beneath the paneled lid, providing discreet and secure space for additional watches, straps, and small valuables.

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The WOLF British Racing Green watch box line brings this same classical and luxurious look to more traditional storage options, with accommodations for eight or 10 watches. The paneled lid and hand-pressed gold foil pinstripe return here, secured discreetly with a lock and key. Like the winder line, every piece of hardware beneath the cushion close lid is rendered in vibrant polished gold. Each Alcantara watch cushion is suspended above its pocket to prevent strap and bracelet wear during storage, and while the look is thoroughly classical these boxes offer luxurious amenities for modern smartwatches in the form of a concealed onboard USB charging port. The 10-piece box can also be optioned with an additional sliding storage drawer, offering handsomely organized space for straps, rings, cufflinks, and other valuables.

For those looking to take their collection on the go, WOLF brings the same British sporting spirit and luxurious attention to detail to the WOLF British Racing Green triple watch roll. With a secure hidden adjustable snap closure concealed beneath a handsome gold tang buckle, the triple watch roll provides secure and discreet portable storage for three timepieces with two Watch Guard barriers to prevent contact and scratching. Beyond the plush accommodations for three timepieces, the British Racing Green triple watch roll also integrates WOLF’s unique hidden jewelry capsule within, providing hidden space for jewelry and other small valuables with three Alcantara-lined compartments.

With a unified classical look, unparalleled finishing, innovative technology, and an evocative link to British sporting legends, the WOLF British Racing Green collection is a timeless and refined storage solution for any watch collection. All items in the WOLF British Racing Green collection are available for order now through WOLF’s website, with pricing for WOLF British Racing Green winders starting at $609, while MSRP for WOLF British Racing Green watch boxes begins at $379 and the WOLF British Racing Green triple watch roll is priced at $219. To learn more or place an order, explore WOLF’s website.

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