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A fifth-generation family-owned luxury brand founded in 1834, WOLF has built its name on producing high-quality boxes and accessories for watches and jewelry, with a particular emphasis on watch winders. In fact, WOLF is the preeminent name in the world of winders, given its patented technology for counting Turns per Day alongside a myriad of different designs and finishes. The range starts with a single ‘Cub’ winder, then doubles, triples, 4, 6 and 8 up to its largest winders with as many as 24 timepieces wound to perfection inside a WOLF safe, where each winder is controlled individually on the WOLF app. Let’s take a look at Wolf’s latest creation: “The Rocket” travel watch winder.

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First and foremost, The Rocket is particularly novel in that it is the world’s smallest travel watch winder. After nearly 2 years of research and development, The Rocket was unveiled to the press for the first time in WOLF’s hometown of Brighton, England on September 26th, 2022. With this product, WOLF set out to create a winder that was small enough to cradle in the palm of your hand, fit into overnight bags without occupying too much space, and operate seamlessly inside any hotel safe.

It’s safe to say that most collectors are aware of the purpose of a watch winder, but for those who aren’t, we’ll break it down for you. A watch winder’s primary purpose is to keep an automatic watch wound when it is not being worn. As most will know, automatic watches are powered by wrist movement, which causes the rotor (or weight) in the movement to rotate, thus winding the mainspring and providing energy to the movement. Automatic watches have limited power reserves, and accordingly, they will stop running if not actively worn. Long story short, a watch winder will ensure that your watches are ready to go at your convenience, without any winding or setting necessary. While a winder is perhaps most useful for when you own an automatic watch with multiple complications (such as an annual calendar or perpetual calendar) that can be time-consuming to set, winders will also appeal to those who own multiple watches and simply want the ability to be able to grab a timepiece and go without needing to re-set it.

With The Rocket, WOLF has created a winder as advanced and impressive as its other offerings, but in a much more compact and travel-ready package. Like all winders from WOLF, The Rocket uses the brand’s patented technology to precisely count the number of turns per day for your watch, ensuring the perfect wind. Moreover, a common gripe about watch winders is that they can be noisy, especially when they become overheated. The Rocket uses high-tech nylon components, which are much quieter than traditional metal or plastic gears. The Rocket also runs on a long-lasting lithium-ion battery and has a USB port to allow for simple and effective charging. Watch the video below to learn more about the inner workings of The Rocket travel watch winder and how it works.

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Simon Wolf, CEO of WOLF, voiced his excitement regarding the impressive new release: “I am extremely proud of our latest innovation — The Rocket is the result of a great deal of hard work and represents what WOLF is all about: bringing innovative, beautifully designed products to the market that solve a problem for consumers. They said it couldn’t be done. Well, we’ve done it!”

With The Rocket, WOLF brings us yet another innovative product that watch enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. Lightweight, compact, accurate, and boasting a long battery life, The Rocket is now available for an affordable $599 USD. Learn more at the brand’s website.

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