Girard Perregaux 24 Hour Shopping Watch

Is it really necessary to glorify shopping even more? The Girard Perregaux 24 Hour Shopping is a woman’s watch based on the popular Girard Perregaux Financial watch, so named for serving as a competent work financial market timer. The Financial is a handsome and functional world time zone and calendar watch for those who need to be cognizant of the opening and closing time of world financial markets. The gold cased watch was a somber bow to wealthy investors world wide.

In some ironic twist, Girard Perregaux takes the same concept and converts it into a woman’s watch dedicated to, not making money, but rather spending it. Instead of listing major financial markets, the 24 Hour Shopping lists… major shopping districts around the world (9 of them). Actually, let me clarify; these aren’t major shopping districts, these are the majorly expensive shopping districts. From world known Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, to the (highest rent per square foot area on the planet) Ginza area in Tokyo, the Girard Perregaux 24 Hour Shopping will be a constant reminder to that special lady of how important it is to squander hard earned income on overpriced un-necessaries. Even if the woman adorning this watch is merely spending her own money, you can’t deny that there are more reasonable places to shop. But if you are situated in one of the areas stated around the chapter ring, you couldn’t really be wearing a more appropriate watch. Nothing says, “I know how to spend money in style (and grace),” like this highly polished stainless steel, diamond studded watch.

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The 24 Hour Shopping is actually rather quite large for a woman’s watch at 41mm wide. This is actually considered big for some men. The watch has over 60 diamonds which are located on the bezel and on the face. Each of the two crowns have onyx cabochons which are always a nice touch. The mother of pearl face is particularly nice in contrast to the sky theme of the dial design. Inside is a in-house manufactured Girard Perregaux caliber caliber GP033GO automatic mechanical movement. Functions are aplenty, and yet the face is not cluttered. Seconds are shown via the small hand to the left near the crescent moon, and there is also a power reserve indicator. You’ll notice a small revolving ring around the main dial. This is the 24 hour dial. It is used to display the day and night as well as the time in other cities. The left crown is used to adjust the time for each time zone switching, or in this case, shopping zone changing. Oddly enough, the date is left out. The movement would have benefited from a day of the week indicator, as stores tend to be closed or have shorter hours on the weekends.

The Prix Officiel de la Revue des Montres 2008 named this Girard Perregaux the most beautiful woman’s watch of the year for 2008. The official watch review or not, I don’t agree that this is the most beautiful woman’s watch of the year. It certainly is well made and designed beautifully, but not the best in my opinion. That would probably go to something else, perhaps a Piaget or Breguet. Hope you had a happy shopping season!

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