The World’s Most Expensive Watches is my first book, and it is available now. Some regular aBlogtoWatch audience members learned about the book when we announced it prior to launch on social media a few months ago. But as of recently, The World’s Most Expensive Watches has started shipping, so I felt that now was a good time to introduce the book to the larger aBlogtoWatch audience.

I began writing The World’s Most Expensive Watches just over a year ago, and completed it in early 2014. The book was an idea I wanted to realize for a while, so allow me to explain what it is all about. Most important for me was to create a book that would appeal to watch lovers, as well as those people totally new to this world. The straight-forward title of The World’s Most Expensive Watches was meant to be direct and clear in regard to what the book is all about. I wanted to feature some of the world’s most interesting high-end watches that would make for entertaining and interesting browsing. I set a threshold price of $200,000, and did something that I’d never seen done before – list the watches in order of ascending value. The World’s Most Expensive Watches includes 102 watches, and the prices go into the several millions of dollars.

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Of course, The World’s Most Expensive Watches book does not include ALL watches priced over $200,000. Logically, I needed to curate a telling selection of important models from over the last 15 years or so. The timepieces included are mostly new and are all men’s wrist watches, but also included are some notable vintage timepieces sold at auction during that period. In all, The World’s Most Expensive Watches is meant to capture the essence of what the most valuable timepieces in the world embody in our modern age.

In consideration of those people not as intimately familiar with high-end timepieces as myself and many of the readers on aBlogtoWatch, I wrote a few introductory chapters that discuss “sources of value” in the most high-end watches. The goal was to allow novice watch lovers to appreciate that timepieces might be priced at as much as $200,000 and up. Perhaps the most enjoyable experience for me while looking through The World’s Most Expensive Watches, is to flip through the pages and visually examine how the watches evolve (or perhaps devolve) as prices climb up.


The The World’s Most Expensive Watches is as much about understanding the modern ultra-high-end watch industry as it is about understanding the most notable items to come out of it. Timepieces, in many respects, represent the most niche of high-end gadgets, and I am proud to offer some of the most interesting, and most noteworthy of them in this book published by Antique Collector’s Club, London.

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Coffee-table format in size and 324 pages long, I hope you enjoy the many pictures and insights included in The World’s Most Expensive Watches. Further, while I understand that more editions will be available soon, The World’s Most Expensive Watches is currently available in both English and French language options. I sincerely hope you enjoy it for yourself as watch lover, or can suggest it to friends and family, who might enjoy understanding and learning about the world of the most expensive watches. Further, because it makes a difference, don’t hesitate to review the book if you enjoy it. Retail price for The World’s Most Expensive Watches is $95.

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