Many watch enthusiasts are aware that if you do a google search for “kickstarter watch” that a plethora of different campaigns will be revealed to you, showcasing various minimalistic designs that seem cookie-cutter in nature. Oftentimes, brands stick to comfortable and familiar designs and case shapes, rarely venturing from the norm. There are, however, a few delightful exceptions that can be found from time to time, and Xeric is one of those to keep an eye on. Having made a name for themselves by embracing a distinct style, they have again made a really cool piece with the Xeric Soloscope Automatic watch.

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When the website Watchismo decided to begin designing their own watches, Xeric was born. Brought about by a desire to offer something that won’t be found on your average wrist, they have since established a reputation for daring designs that eschew traditional mechanical conceptions. In succession to the Xeriscope, the Xeric Soloscope Automatic watch is Xeric’s newest offering and is part of their KickStarter campaign. Starting with an offset rectangular case, the Xeric Soloscope Automatic measures in at 49mm x 42mm and is a solid 13mm thick. They all have a 3ATM water resistance and are made from 316L stainless steel, though there are a few variants that are PVD-coated for a sleeker experience. The crown is accessed at the base of the watch, and the lugs are simple and straightforward.

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In line with the unique aesthetics, you actually read the time via a single “halo” hand that merges the functionality of the hour and minute hand by encircling the hour and pointing to the minutes. It sounds strange, but once you understand this, legibility is clean and easy. To the left of the dial, you will notice a small seconds dial that crosses the boundary between “display and mechanics.” The crystal is a sturdy K1 that has been sapphire-coated.


The Xeric Soloscope Automatic watch runs on a PTS S­05 Twin Balance Automatic that beats at 21,600bph, and the power reserve is a healthy 36 hours. This accounts for part of the lower cost but should do the job just fine. After all, a big part of the goal for Xeric is to place timeless mechanical watches into the hands of those who may not be accustomed to shopping for ultra high-end Swiss pieces. This piece really stands out from the crowd and offers watch lovers the chance to own something truly different.

The Xeric Soloscope Automatic watch is offered in six different case colors: gunmetal, rose gold, gold, black, all black, and silver. The band is a classic Horween leather and is 24mm wide. You can check out their Kickstarter here, and prices start at $399xericwatches.com

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