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Available from February 20, 2024, the Yema Superman Slim CMM.20 Micro-Rotor watch debuts with a mix of established fan-favorite ingredients as well as some freshly refined elements. In pursuit of Made in France perfection, it is slimmer yet more comfortable, it is equipped with the brand’s manufacture Micro-Rotor caliber, and is polished with a “proudly Frenchified” dial and bracelet to boot.

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The case, bracelet, dial, movement, and origins — all of these are notable and special aspects of the Yema Superman Slim CMM.20 watch, so let’s see these one by one. The new case rightfully carries the “Slim” designation: It combines its 39mm diameter with a 9.95mm total thickness, a remarkable achievement for a robust, 300-meter watch with a rotating bezel and self-winding movement from a compact independent manufacture.

The case incorporates a 2.00mm thick, double-domed sapphire crystal and a rotating bezel with its own sapphire crystal insert. The result is a first — and lasting — impression of sapphire gloss, where domed and flat crystal surfaces play with light in a way only this virtually scratchproof material can. The bezel’s “0” marker is covered with luminescent Super-LumiNova C1 Grade A paint for easy and reliable use under low-light conditions.

Importantly, Yema has also reworked the decorations of the case. Yet more beautifully rendered is the polished bevel that begins under the lug, curves past the drilled lug hole (for easier lug changes and a retro-inspired aesthetic), and takes yet another, gentle turn to form the sharp point in which the crown guard ends. It is flanked by brushed surfaces on the top of the lugs and case profile — each refined, yet sharp in its execution — and the non-reflective surfaces of the bezel, bezel lock, and crown. Apropos bezel lock, this square-shaped, openworked piece is held firmly in place by the screw-down crown, securing the rotating bezel against unintentional turns.

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It is on the wrist that the aforementioned enhanced case finishing and the new small-scale bracelet truly come into play. The brushed surfaces display an underlying luminosity, an exclusive trait of advanced surface treatment techniques applied over the industry-standard 316L stainless steel alloy that serves as the canvas for many a watchmaker. The sub-10mm overall thickness makes the Yema Superman Slim CMM.20 a joy to wear, even with long sleeves, while its low center of gravity and wobble-free wear ensure long-term wearing comfort. Yema has also engineered the bracelet to be 0.40mm thinner to seamlessly integrate it with the slimmer case of the Superman Slim watch.

The movement within is the Yema Cal. Manufacture Morteau 20, or CMM.20 for short, a refreshingly unique-looking movement with impressive performance figures to impress even the more demanding members of the watch enthusiast community. The Yema CMM.20 movement measures just 3.70mm thick — quite a feat in its own right — and yet, it boasts a weekend-lasting 70-hour long power reserve combined with the more modern and stable 4Hz frequency. This means that the CMM.20 does not make the popular compromise where an extended power reserve is attained largely through a lowered operating frequency. It also has a strict maximum rate of -3/+7 seconds, which is nigh on COSC chronometer figures.

The sleek dial of the Yema Superman Slim CMM.20 watch comes in either deep black or a lighter blue, both lacquered. The markers are flat-printed and are treated with Super-LumiNova C1 Grade A, as are the decidedly cool hands crafted not from brass but polished stainless steel. At 6 o’clock, it carries the inscription “MANUFACTURE FRANÇAISE” to mark the internalized manufacturing of numerous CMM.20 caliber components and the local production of the casing.

Speaking of which, Yema is highly transparent when it comes to the origins of its parts and designs, noting that the movement design was carried out in Switzerland, the movement components are produced in France and Switzerland, and assembly is performed in France — in Morteau, the cradle of French watchmaking and just a few steps away from the Swiss watchmaking region of the Jura mountains. This regional ecosystem has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since 2020.

Slimmer, more elaborately decorated, and still proudly produced in France, the Yema Superman Slim CMM.20 Micro-Rotor watch is priced from $1,990 USD on a leather strap to $2,490 USD on the steel bracelet and will be available on pre-order from February 20th, with deliveries starting in May. Each piece is covered by the brand’s 5-year international warranty. You can learn more at the brand’s website.

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