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I’ve heard of French leather, but never French snakeskin. The images I have included around these Yonger & Bresson watches are of what I imagine when I see this watch and realize it’s origin. This is clearly an attempt at a French Cowboy accessory. Younger & Bresson is a French watch maker making some clearly unique watches. The watches are proudly made in France which is becoming en vogue for watchmakers of the region. Although the movement is likely a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750, the watch still reads “Fabrique en France,” as the country of assembly. Still the name Yonger and Bresson sounds like an old west handgun maker. Does any part of that name actually sound French to you?

Few details are known about the watches themselves, but they are in steel or rose gold plated steel in cases that are likely 42-4mm wide. The dial designs are based upon the theme of being for the snake skin enthusiast. Some will be offended by the reptilian leather straps, while others will drool over the Python leather adorning the watch. Look closely at the face of the watch and you’ll see that the dial is textured with what looks like a cross between scales and bricks. The patterns are actually done through guilloche machine engraving. Notice the Budweiser-like crown at the top of the dial and as the counterweight on the chronograph seconds hand. Nice and American element right there — because cowboy’s love their low quality domestic brews. Can you imagine a French cowboy drinking some frothy Bordeaux out of a chilled pint mug? Delicious and refreshing!

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Consider the association with cowboys my poetic license as a commentator, but the connection is just so obvious to me, this is clearly what is going on here. Notice how well the watches match the snakeskin boots. We aren’t just talking about cowboys, but luxury loving cow handlers. I recall once being in the outskirts of Montreal, and hearing on the radio what was actually French language country music. Not that such Quebec tunes had to do with France proper, but it would make an excellent soundtrack for this article.

These two watches are the Yonger and Bresson Ref. YBH 8302 (steel) and the ref YBH 8302 (rose gold coated steel). Not too sure about availability, but you can certainly contact Yonger and Bresson for more information. Their other watches have a bit more French character to them, but these models are what you get when you spend your youth living in France watching American Wild West movies.

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