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Zelos Watches was founded in Singapore to offer timepieces with unique designs and materials. With many fascinating materials priced out of reach of most collectors, Zelos aims to offer an affordable option. Zelos is proud to present the fifth watch in its collection, the Zelos Hammerhead which showcases a range of materials rarely seen in dive watches at this price point.

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The Zelos Hammerhead

The 1970s. Demand for dive watches swelled along with the rise of sport diving. A dive watch was an essential piece of equipment to measure elapsed times before the advent of dive computers.


Our Design Philosophy

The Zelos Hammerhead hearkens to the glory days of dive watches. The distinctive cushion-shaped case, once common among many dive watches, has been given an angular facelift to set it apart from the crowded dive watch market. In the aim to bring something new to the market, the Zelos Hammerhead has options for meteorite or Damascus steel bezel inserts. Domed acrylic crystals were used for most of the dive watches of the 70s, but these were prone to scratches under rough use. A highly domed sapphire was chosen for the Zelos Hammerhead to reflect the same look, but with much increased scratch resistance.

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Case Materials

Each case is individually CNC-machined from Marine Bronze, a “living” metal which patinas according to your use. This makes each watch unique to you. The bronze alloy, CUSN8, was chosen due to its reddish hue when new and a warm brown patina. Commonly used for ship propellers due to its excellent corrosion resistance, bronze was an ideal metal for a watch built to dive.


Dive bezels are subject to all kinds of abuse and hard use. Ceramic – or Zirconium Oxide, to be specific – was the ideal choice for the bezel insert due to its legendary hardness of ~1500 Vickers. This ensures your dive bezel looks new even after scrapes against metals.

Bronze Case : (Left to Right) Black with ceramic bezel insert, Gunmetal Grey with full bronze bezel, Blue with full bronze bezel, Meteorite with full bronze bezel

Bronze Case : (Left to Right) Blue with full bronze bezel, Gunmetal Grey with full bronze bezel, Meteorite with full bronze bezel, Black w/ ceramic bezel insert

Special Edition Options

Emphasizing the aim of Zelos Watches to be unique, these special-edition options will ensure no two pieces are alike.

Meteorite is a metal approximately 4.5 billion years old with a striking design unlike any other material. Each and every meteorite dial has a different pattern, otherwise known as the Widmanstatten Patterns. This is formed over millions of years of slow cooling, and cannot be reproduced synthetically. We use material from the Muonionalusta meteorite which was found in Sweden and landed over a million years ago.


Damascus steel was used to produce high quality knives due to its legendary hardness and decorative patterns. These patterns are similar to wood grains and are achieved by having 2 different metals joined together. The material used for this edition is supplied by Damasteel from Sweden, and it offers better corrosion resistance than traditional carbon steel Damascus. Once again, each Damascus piece has a different pattern due to the random layering of metals and ensuring your watch is one of a kind.


Dial Details

The dial of the Zelos Hammerhead was designed to be functional yet unique. It is made from 2 layers, with the outer minute layer fully coated in BGW9 lume. The top layer is circular brushed for a lovely texture which is emphasized in sunlight. Hour markers have been custom designed to be as tall as possible to increase the depth and visual interest of the dial.


Steel Case: (Left to Right) Blue, Gray with Damascus bezel insert, Meteorite, Black


– CUSN8 Marine Bronze or 316L SS
– Ceramic (1500 Vickers) or Full Bronze bezel Insert
– High Double domed Sapphire with inner AR coating
– 44mm Case excluding crown. 22mm Lug Width
– 49mm Lug to Lug length
– 17mm Height, 14.5mm excluding crystal
– 1000m Water Resistant
– Seiko NH35 Automatic movement
– 120 Click Unidirectional bezel
– SS Models: Bracelet with Quick adjust Divers Extension
– C3 Lumed Screw Down Crown
– C3 and BGW9 Lumed Bezel, Dial, and Hands

Preorders for the Hammerhead start at $399, do check it out here!

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