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Since the introduction of their very first dive watch models, Zelos has developed a reputation for releasing value-driven sport timepieces featuring a variety of exotic and out-of-the-box materials. Perhaps the most recognizable of the bunch is the Hammerhead series of dive watches, which has become completely synonymous with the brand and its design approach. After offering versions in bronze and stainless steel, Zelos is now introducing the Zelos Hammerhead Titanium 1000M dive watch featuring a full titanium case and bracelet for a more comfortable fit. Aside from the standard and meteorite dials typically offered by Zelos, this collection also introduces a new limited edition with a dial stamped from metal salvaged from the hull of a retired nuclear submarine.

For many enthusiasts, the Zelos Hammerhead can at times seem like a difficult watch to enjoy at 44mm. It’s certainly a large watch, but the Zelos Hammerhead Titanium 1000M aims to make the experience easier for those seeking a lighter fit with the same bold wrist presence. Like the watch’s predecessors, this model also comes in at 17mm thick with a lumed full ceramic rotating dive bezel and a double domed sapphire crystal with internal AR coating. One very important touch involves the approach Zelos took to the case finishing, which is achieved with a combination of alternating brushed and sandblasted finishes. In many ways this adds a bit of visual flair to the titanium, which often suffers from a more dull, flat color tone some watch lovers tend to avoid.

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Aside from the 44mm diameter, the Zelos Hammerhead Titanium 1000M measures 49mm lug to lug, making it even friendlier for smaller wrists. Water resistance, as you might have guessed, is 1,000m and the Hammerhead is fitted with a substantial lumed screw-down crown for a watertight fit and easy operation. Speaking of lume, the simple dial layout adorned with trapezoidal baton hour markers and large baton hands is treated with C3 Super-LumiNova. Additionally, the inner chapter ring is coated in BGW9, making the Hammerhead more than capable of handling low light situations. A date window tucked away at 6 o’clock keeps the entire design symmetrical and adds a bit of convenience for the wearer.

Inside the Zelos Hammerhead Titanium 1000M is the Seiko (SII) NH35 automatic movement with bidirectional winding, a 41 hour power reserve, and an operating frequency of 21,600bph. It’s both convenient and reliable while keeping the price accessible for a wider audience of dive watch enthusiasts. For this run, each watch will come with 2 extra straps; a canvas strap and a vintage leather strap. The titanium bracelet also features a quick-adjust diver’s extension and can be easily swapped for any of the other available strap options from Zelos. Finally, the available dial options are Meteorite, Coal Black, Cobalt Blue, and ‘Submarine.’ The Submarine limited edition will be limited to 80 pieces, comes with an engraved caseback depicting a submarine completing an emergency main ballast tank blow procedure, and an individual serial number.

Currently, pricing for the Zelos Hammerhead Titanium 1000M dive watch starts at $499 for the Coal Black and Cobalt Blue models, $559 for the Submarine Limited Edition, and $659 for the Meteorite dial model. However, Zelos pricing structure dictates that prices increase by $30 for every 20 pieces sold and by May 1, 2018 all models will be priced at full MSRP (ranging from $849 to $949). Visit the official Zelos website to learn more. zeloswatches.com

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