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Zelos Watches was founded by Elshan Tang in 2014, and we are based in Singapore. With many fascinating materials priced out of reach of most collectors, Zelos aims to offer an affordable option. We have created timepieces in bronze, carbon fiber, Damascus steel and ceramic. Having launched the masculine Hammerhead 1000m Diver last year, we wanted to do something a little different in our lineup. So now we are introducing three new lines to expand our offerings of watches with Swiss automatic movements at accessible prices featuring unique materials such as bronze and meteorite.

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Japanese movements from both Seiko and Miyota have been the mainstay in our collections ever since we started. Throughout the years, our customers have been requesting Swiss movements due to their long history of reliability and prestige. To meet this demand, we decided to embark on a design that would incorporate a Swiss automatic, yet priced similarly to our previous offerings. The movements we decided on are the ETA 2824 or SW200.


As someone with smaller wrists, case diameter and lug overhang have always been a concern when picking a timepiece. By keeping case diameter to a reasonable 40mm, we ensured wearability for those with slimmer wrists. This refined 40mm case is offered in either steel or bronze and would be the foundation for all 3 collections.


To keep things interesting, a mix of faceted lugs and a smoothly curved main case are used. We designed the Zelos with sharply angled lugs, which allows for a short lug-to-lug length of 43mm, offering a great fit for smaller wrists. A diminutive height of 11mm ensures an easy fit under shirt cuffs.

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Bronze cases are another feature rarely seen on a dressier timepiece. We have used bronze ever since our first model, and have fallen in love with the unique material. Marine grade bronze is a metal commonly used for ship propellers due to its corrosion resistance. A patina forms over time and individualizes each timepiece, creating pieces completely unique to you. What starts out as a shiny rose-gold, ages with the atmosphere into a rustic brown.

Zelos-5The Visionary 

Meteorite is a metal approximately 4.5 billion years old with a striking texture unlike any other material. Each and every meteorite dial has a different pattern, otherwise known as the Widmanstatten patterns. This is formed over millions of years of slow cooling, and cannot be reproduced synthetically. We use material from the Muonionalusta meteorite which was found in Sweden and landed over a million years ago.

We loved the previous Zelos Hammerhead in bronze and meteorite and had to offer the Zelos Visionary in a similar combination. The unique warmth of the bronze provided a contrast to the cool iron meteorite dial and it made for a timepiece unlike any other.

Zelos-6The Avant

The semi-skeletonised dial offers a glimpse of the Swiss movement. It’s a complex blend of textures and layers that draws you in for a closer look. The Zelos Avant was designed to be different from any other dress watch, providing a sporty alternative to the Zelos Visionary and Zelos Gallant collections. Custom-designed applied indexes offer great contrast to the dial, with a unique date window at 6 to create visual interest.

Zelos-7The Gallant

The Zelos Gallant is our take on the quintessential dress watch. To set it apart, textures and depth were used throughout the dial. The black dials have a sunburst applied to them, while the white dials have a matte sandblasted finish. Concentric rings surround the edges of the dial. We also designed angled applied markers, and a brushed steel floating chapter ring ensures a depth to the dial. The black dials have a sunburst applied to them, while the white dials have a matte sandblasted finish.

Zelos-8 Zelos-9

The Zelos Visionary, Zelos Avant and Zelos Gallant collections are on Kickstarter right now, with a handful of Early Bird Slots left. Prices start out from $299 USD for the Zelos Gallant collection, making it great value for a timepiece equipped with a Swiss automatic movement. The Zelos Visionary collection is available at $499 USD, making it one of the most affordable meteorite dialled watches around. Early Bird pricing for the Zelos Avant starts at around $388 USD. zeloswatches.com

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