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Zenith DEFY High Jewelery Watch Series Sparkles Into Life

Zenith DEFY High Jewelery Watch Series Sparkles Into Life Watch Releases

The Zenith DEFY collection has been on something of a roll since its rebirth in 2017. As one of the fastest-growing collections within the Zenith catalog, it is also the brand’s currently favorite vehicle for experimentation. New materials, new (edgy) dials, and now a celebration of Haute Joaillerie, the Zenith DEFY family is fast becoming one of the most diverse and interesting in the industry.

Released with one eye on the holiday season when frantic gift-hunters are known to pull off convincing magpie impressions in search of something sparkly, the Zenith DEFY Classic and Zenith DEFY El Primero 21 have been treated to a stone-set skin just in time for the holiday season.

Zenith DEFY High Jewelery Watch Series Sparkles Into Life Watch Releases

There are four models available in total, with two each from a different DEFY sub-family. Both Zenith DEFY El Primero 21 High Jewelry chronographs are presented in 18 karat rose gold cases. The first of which (pictured above) is set with brilliant-cut white diamonds and topped by a bezel decorated with baguette-cut white diamonds. The total diamond weight on this 44mm model is a pretty hefty 5 carats.

Zenith DEFY High Jewelery Watch Series Sparkles Into Life Watch Releases

But if that’s not colorful enough for you, then the alternative is a case enlivened by small diamonds arranged in a seemingly random “snow setting” and a rainbow bezel comprising 44 VVS baguette-cut sapphires. Continuing the color-wheel theme are the hour markers, which are also made from colored sapphires. This ties together the external decoration and the internal display. Both of these models are powered by the El Primero 9004 Automatic movement, which boasts a 1/100th of a second chronograph function thanks to its 36,000vph operating frequency.

Zenith DEFY High Jewelery Watch Series Sparkles Into Life Watch Releases

For a more contemporary look, the Zenith DEFY Classic High Jewelry models, both with 41mm titanium cases, are considerably less opulent. However, the white diamond-set DEFY Classic in titanium (seen in the picture above) is perhaps too subdued in comparison to its far fruitier release mates. While the rainbow-bezelled DEFY Classic version (pictured in the lead image) is not exactly a shrinking violet, the white strap and dull gray of the titanium housing does wonders to mute an otherwise loud affair. If I were able to choose which one I’d like to find in my stocking on Christmas morning, then that’d be the one for me. Not only would it match my multi-colored parachute pants, but also because if you’re going to rock a bejeweled timepiece, you might as well go the whole hog.


These extravagant members of the Zenith DEFY collection will go on sale at Harrods in October 2019. Although these pieces will not be officially limited, they will not be made in large quantities. Pricing has yet to be released, but we will update the article as and when we learn more. Discover the brand and its history at

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  • Swiss_Cheese

    Quite a feat to out gaudify the rainbow Daytona, but lo and behold, it has been done.

    …they will not be made in large quantities…

    At least one saving grace I suppose.

    • hatster

      ” …will not be officially limited” … except by demand, perchance?

  • Jared

    its like every single watch brand needs to release a rainbow bezel. feels so cliche at this point

    • NaJo

      Whenever there is a market/consumer demand, items will be produced.. Manufacturers are not blind and oh they know and research a bit about watch market too! (Not on google though)

  • Wally

    Oh no, another company going fully Rolex-rapper mode, what a pity.
    I mean, I get that companies need to make revenues, but the “limited but not limited” thing…
    At least Rolex is more classy fooling people.

  • NaJo

    I tried defy skeleton at AD, was blown away instantly. Few people were comparing it to oris skeleton released few weeks back specifically on dinkee and i was like common.. you kidding!!! Been a big defy and el-primero blue dial fan and either one of it on my next buy list maybe in a next year or two.

    This specific piece is obviously not my cup of tea both taste and $ wise but for those who can afford, its an excellent choice…. for those who cant afford, please dont cry ?!

    • Richard Baptist

      I think the zenith defy blows away the oris skeleton. I think the oris should be 2k cheaper then it would be a good buy. I just can’t see people trying both of these watches on then going the Oris route.

      • kovyrshin

        I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get a discount on Oris in a few months. However you can also get discount on Zenith, which is still a winner for me

    • Sykkel

      Tried it on, was much bigger on the wrist than my OP 39, walked sadly away.

  • So which is it Rob?Jewelery in the headline is spelt with a double letter l, Jewellery (British) or Jewelry (American) as you have mentioned in the article ??

    • SuperStrapper

      Does it matter?

  • SuperStrapper

    Nice try, Zenith, but you still can’t get as tasteless as the rainbow leopard Daytona.

  • Pete Yo

    I like the sapphire one. It doesn’t seem too in your face. If I have to be a rapper to own one, then I will change my name to “Vanilla puddin’.” Because my raps are smooth like vanilla pudding. Anyone want to sign me?

  • PowNation

    These watches are striking because of their design contradictions… The layout of jewels add an element of beauty, elegance & grace. The watch itself with skeleton dial though is very industrial and complex.

    The rainbow bezel version with colored hour sapphires will be a future classic collectable.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I defy anyone to find these attractive.

    • TheZondaS

      I’m afraid I might be the kind of person that would enjoy this Rainbow DEFY. But then again, I already love the Rainbow Daytona, so no surprises there.

  • Dan F

    Surprising new direction for Zenith. I like it! Amazing how well these watches extend into high jewelry, just as easily as Cartier. You can’t say they’re your Grand father’s watch anymore!