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Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas

Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Featured Articles Features Nassau, the capital city of The Bahamas, is a wonderful place to both wear and celebrate the diving watch. It was here that, in the 1950s and 1960s, recreational diving began its unrelenting love affair with the public at large. Zodiac watches was one of the original watchmakers to produce watches for the burgeoning recreational dive watch market. Diving was not possible without time-keeping; for decades, anyone diving was absolutely required to carry a timing device.

Now, in 2019 the diving watch — commercially stronger than ever — has a different relationship with the wrist. Only in places like The Bahamas will many dive-watch owners ever take their watches below the surface to experience its operation under water. These days, to see a dive watch actually being worn in the water is more the excpetion than the rule. It is also true that you probably can’t ever really enjoy dive watches if you never get them wet.

Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Featured Articles Features

Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Featured Articles Features

In December 2018, aBlogtoWatch and Zodiac offered one lucky aBlogtoWatch audience member a trip to The Bahamas to experience ocean adventure. Taylor W. of Austin Texas joined me and Zodiac Watches  in some of the most beautiful clear waters in the world. From swimming with turtles to feeding pigs on the beach of Exuma Island, Zodiac reminded us where their best selling line of Sea Wolf and Super Sea Wolf watches originally came from.

Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Featured Articles Features

Travel to a tropical diving destination, and you’ll immediately see where a lot of the colors for diver’s watches came from. Bright hues populate boat instrumentation and gear for easy spotting in water-soaked marine environments. Watches normally followed these color palettes but today, many of the more energized dive-watch colors are less popular. The truth is that some of the more wildly colored dive watches are the most authentic, which is why I really enjoy how Zodiac continues to be inspired by its own history of dive watches, as well as take risks with new colorways. It is a very fashion-forward stance from a producer of serious diving instruments — but the Zodiac of today has a corporate parent (Fossil). For Zodiac’s future to be bright, it must satisfy both watch collectors and the well-to-do fashion audience who ideally likes the theme of Zodiac as much as they love its look. That type of volume approach is a must for Zodiac as they try to amplify the low-volume production success that they have been currently enjoying.

Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Featured Articles Features

Zodiac has real potential. With in-house movements available from in-group production partner STP, Zodiac can also leverage the Fossil Group’s deep interests in Switzerland. This is really the making of the next big luxury brand — if its skilled managers can maintain this forward momentum with continued attention. Let’s hope they can. Zodiac’s big news for 2019 was the introduction of the Aerospace GMT collection, but the Sea Wolf remains a strong product. These two blue-accented versions (originally debuted on aBlogtoWatch here) are the Zodiac reference ZO9275 (strap) and ZO9274 (bracelet).

Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Featured Articles Features

It is probably nearing the time when Zodiac will plan on materially updating the 40mm-wide steel Sea Wolf watch platform with some facelifting and tweaks. Though by changing the dial, hands, strap, and bezel options, Zodiac has been able to keep the collection remarkably fresh. Its risk-taking in terms of producing radical dial color combinations has rewarded them well. Zodiac didn’t ask themselves “who else is producing these colors?” before they decided to do so. I applaud that and wholeheartedly endorse companies being original when it comes to the colors and textures they choose. There is far too much lateral thinking in the watch industry, and those who engage in creative behavior should be rewarded.


Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Featured Articles Features

Many people in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s who would later go on to wear their dive watches full-time originally purchased them in The Bahamas or a place like it when going snorkeling or diving for the first time. In my opinion, that dive watches translated so well for out-of-water use is a testament to the emotional power of watches and perhaps just dumb luck that they didn’t otherwise get in the way. Consider that wearing wetsuits casually might have really taken, off save for the fact that wearing neoprene all the time is simply impractical even if it looks cool.

Dive watches could be worn all the time, reminding people of their fun time exploring under water, as well as their tropical vacations. The memories imbued into recreational dive watches for many people transcended their practical functional value. If anything, from the commercial success of dive watches the watch industry learned that consumers would rather be reminded of hanging out on the beach when they glance at their wrist than what looks good in a boardroom meeting.

Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Featured Articles Features

Zodiac’s Heritage Sea Wolf 53 and Super Sea Wolf 68 watches offer a very authentic way to wear and experience a traditional diving watch that would have donned the wrist of someone in the 1950 or 1960s getting to try the new hip sport. Today our passion for diving hasn’t faded, but some of the adventure of the art has. Digital equipment has removed the high degree of skill needed to make sense of time readings, and underwater video and photography has shared the thrill of the deep with the rest of the world. Still, being able to feel the freedom of diving is one of the most beautiful and meditative experiences we can semi-safely have. For me, wearing a cool watch — even if it just supplements a digital timepiece or diving computer — really helps complete the diving or snorkeling experience for me. I think Zodiac feels the same way and it shows in their products. Zodiac Sea Wolf Watches Out To Play With aBlogtoWatch In The Bahamas Featured Articles Features

I want to thank Zodiac and the Fossil Group team to taking us to one of the original and still best places for swimming and underwater exploration. Nassau benefits from being surrounded by warm, clear, and very calm water. Such a spot was perfect for what a public still new to diving needed to get comfortable in the water. Generations of people first experienced what lay beneath the waves for the first time here, and it remains a must-visit destination for anyone who wants the absolute correct place to play with their dive watches.

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  • David

    Some stellar photos here, particular that opening shot.

    • Ariel Adams

      Thanks, I took all of those myself and am glad they came out nicely.

    • varanid9

      You should see the ones he couldn’t post.

  • IanE

    ‘ It is also true that you probably can’t ever really enjoy dive watches if you never get them wet.’
    Strange viewpoint – I guess that means 99% (+) of dive watches are pointless purchases then: now he tells us!

    • Ariel Adams

      You can enjoy it as a watch sure. But not as a dive watch per se…

  • SuperStrapper

    That looks like it would have been a lot of fun. Congrats.

  • Sam Soul

    Well, I remember having spent some fantastic vacations in the Bahamas, bathing and diving (less deep) with a less ambitious timepiece on my wrist: a Swatch Irony.
    The Swatch survived 14 more years after that…

  • FlyingFox

    “It is also true that you probably can’t ever really enjoy dive watches if you never get them wet.”

    As a diver certified for 24 years and an airline pilot for 21, this is probably the most absurd statement I’ve ever read on this site. Can we please stop perpetuating that “desk-diver” owners are somehow lesser people, lesser enthusiasts, frauds, or the watches themselves “can’t ever really [be] enjoyed”?! Utterly ridiculous.

    • Agnar Sidhu

      I guess the statement can also mean that there are many joys in diving/swimming with your watch on, that the clear legibility and colors come to live under water?

      “Can’t be really enjoyed” is a relative statement I agree, but I don’t think it implies that people with dive watches that does not dive are lesser people.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        I think so to. Some folks these days are so very easily offended over nothing. God forbid you should suggest you enjoy your watch doing what it was built for. How absurd and hideous of you. I could get offended with you assuming that it’s only white collar workers jumping from boardroom to boardroom that wear these…..but I won’t.

    • moronous

      True. Totally hideous comment. This is just following this whole boring “real men” bla bla. Tough guys also don’t dive with a camera team, or? I love downhill mountain biking and being in the mountains. But on the beach, I just don’t see any pleasure inducing. Still my watch is a dive watch.

    • David Bredan

      You have, willingly or not, read something into that statement that very clearly was neither intended, nor actually a part of it. Whoever talked about anyone being lesser than somebody else? There is only one thing lesser here and that was immediately apparent in the original statement: the fact that a watch designed for a specific purpose is (dare I say, objectively) more fun if you get to use it for said purpose. This fact might have passed on you, having had the privilege to enjoy dive watches and pilot watches in their intended settings – but I don’t think you’ll ever meet any first-time diver who wouldn’t agree with Ariel’s sentiment in that they saw their watches in different light when taking it under water for the first time.

      Reading something offensive into such a basic statement is a bit like me reading condescension into you highlighting the fact that you are both a pilot and a diver, descending to protect those who are neither.

    • Gokart Mozart

      You should change your handle to flying fish.

    • Roman Hamilton

      I think you need to go back and reread this article again. Anything negative about desk-divers was not even remotely implied.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I would have shown a back and lume shot, but that’s just me.

  • FlyingFox

    The line I quoted suggests you can’t fully appreciate the watch if you don’t use it for what it was originally intended, and I stand by thinking that sentiment is ridiculous. I don’t automatically enjoy a dive watch more than you because I’ve been diving with it. By the same logic, I don’t appreciate a Cartier Santos more because I took it flying with me, or appreciate a GMT-Master more because I specifically took it to work, my “boardroom”.

    The paragraph you quoted, at its heart, merely implies we make memories with our watches and those memories can be recalled at any time. THAT I agree with. One of my divers has never seen the ocean, but was purchased on an incredibly special trip with my wife. Every time that watch is worn, often to work, I get reminded of it. To say I enjoy that watch less, or to say that the infinite number of others’ memories attached to their divers that never “get wet” enjoy theirs less, is absurd.

    Non-divers can wear dive watches. It’s ok. Non-pilots can wear pilot watches. That’s ok, too. Non-racers with chronographs, etc. None of those people are “losers” as you called them, at least not for wearing a watch they enjoy in their own way, and to their own full potential.

    • Boris N. Natasha

      So, you, think, if a person buys a hammer, which makes him feel like real manly, or maybe his wife gives him a special hammer, and he carries it with him to work and uses it on his desk as a paperweight; takes it with him to the beach and puts it on his blankie so the wind doesn’t all blow it away; travels with it in his checked luggage cause it makes his luggage just roll so much smoother; and just generally admires the hammers basic form and potential function — that he “fully appreciates” and experiences what this ‘tool’ is designed for, just as much as if at least once he pounded a few nails in, and, pulled a few nails out with it?

      In the old country we said “A fool with a tool is still a fool’,in this new country, I think they modernize it to something like he’s just some loser carrying around a hammer all damn day.

  • The pigs are adorable!

    • varanid9

      Yes, and, they were sooooo tasty, too!

  • Shadow

    Do Zodiac watches carry the stigma of being associated with the Zodiac Killer.

  • Dan F

    The new models are looking really good, but no mention of prices? I don’t see these watches for sale anywhere, because the prices are too high. Even higher than other brands using Sellitas. But Fossil owns their own movement factory? So why aren’t they using it to exploit their economies of scale to under cut competitors? Isn’t that the whole Fossil thing? I’ve always liked Zodiac, both the designs and the heritage. They are the real deal. But not a fan of their mass-market parent company. It’s like Swatch owning Breguet… But I don’t think Fossil does as good a job of managing Zodiac.

  • varanid9

    He just did.

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