Free Dievas Zeta Professional Automatic Tritium Gas Tube Watch Giveaway

Free Dievas Zeta Professional Automatic Tritium Gas Tube Watch Giveaway

Free Dievas Zeta Professional Automatic Tritium Gas Tube Watch Giveaway Giveaways

Folks, something special for a lucky winner sponsored by This giveaway is for one brand new, just released Dievas Zeta Automatic diver watch. Isn't she pretty? The winner gets their choice of Zeta Professional watch, from the Phantom, Code Red, or Desert Storm models. The new watch features a black PVD coated stainless steel 44mm wide case and bracelet. You'll get your choice of Zeta Professional watch model that is all black, as opposed to the standard Zeta model that is not PVD coated. The rotating diver's bezel has a scratch resistant ceramic insert, while the dial utilizes tritium gas tubes as lume. Tritium gas tubes are filled with a special gas that glows brightly without the need to be charged by light, and lasts for about 25 years. Inside the watch is a Japanese Miyota (Citizen's movement making group) automatic mechanical movement - that I can attest to having a good rate quality. Learn more about the brand new Dievas Zeta Professional watch line here at

The watch looks nice, and will make an excellent daily wear with its masculine looks, and anytime viewable dial. To enter to win the watch you just need to follow a few steps. Read each of them before starting so that you know what to do.

To Enter You Must:

Free Dievas Zeta Professional Automatic Tritium Gas Tube Watch Giveaway Giveaways

  • 2. Look through their watch selection and choose your favorite watch (other than any in the Dievas Zeta series), and consider why you like it.
  • 3. Add a comment to this post with, 1) the name of the watch that you like on GnomonWatches, 2) a URL link to the watch (copy the whole address and paste it into the comment) so that other people can be impressed by your selection, and 3) a sentence or two on why you like the watch you chose.
  • 4. Sit back and wait. The contest will be over when enough people have entered. Encourage your friends to enter to speed that up. If you win, you'll be contacted for your contact information, so just make sure you enter your correct e-mail address when commenting.

That's it! Once I get 750 valid confirmed comments, UPDATE: the winner will be chosen at random at the end of this June. Also, for legal reasons, all participants must be in the US (or have a place in the US where the watch can be shipped to). Sorry everyone else! If you don't win, you can still buy the watch, and Gnomon Watches does ship internationally.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to, the sponsor of the Dievas Zeta Tritium Automatic watch giveaway here at!

  • alan k

    I like the Phantom Pro is my favorite. The black with red highlights looks awesome

  • Bob Hodgen

    I like the Archimede Pilot Historic. It’s one of the nicest replicas of the old German pilot watches from the 40’s.

  • brett federico

    I like the classic looks of this watch. I am into classic looking watches for an everyday watch

  • Gary Berkman

    Hi Ariel…thanks for the opportunity to win one of these great looking Dievas Zeta watches.
    For me the intersection of great design, art and engineering is a place called Botta.

    Though most variations on the two hands I expect to see leave me screaming gimmick. The Botta Solus is a beauty to behold

  • Ryan

    The Divergraph Blue is by far my favorite dievas watch. While I think their Panerai homages are nice watches, there is something unique and sporty about the divergraph blue. It has a bezel that revokes the classic submariner style, along with the titrium vials for great night visibility. I chose my divergraph blue on zulu to get a more military appeal and show off the ruggedness of the watch. All of that, coupled with the stainless steel case, that still gives it a little bit of flashiness to grab the attention it deserves.

  • Sean

    Botta Design UNO Automatic White:

    I love the clean, simple look of the single black hand on a white twelve hour face. The watch doesn’t look cluttered, and the lack of “down to the second” precision is appealing. Maybe wearing one will make people slow down a bit, worry less, and take it a little easier.

  • Dan Lupo

    I really like the Divergraph Blue Professional. It has a cool, rugged look that is great for the weekend but can also pass nicely as my work watch. It’s price to value ratio seems great too. An all-around winner!

  • Ken

    Favorite watch:
    Dievas Divergraph Blue at:

    It is a chronograph with 200 meter water resistance, sapphire crystal, Tritium tubes, overall very readable, and very readable central red second hand. Looks great and super functional.

  • DavidH

    I rather like the Solus from Botta Designs – this isn’t the first time I have noticed the piece. Something about a single hand watch is very elegant to me, and a watch this thin would be wonderful to wear and forget about. The watch just screams classy and modern at the same time.

  • William Scheckel

    As a lover of simple, clean functionality in a dress watch, it’s a tough choice for me between the Jacob Jensen 601 and the Mühle Glashütte Teutonia Big Date

    Both are studies in elegant simplicity, but, since the rules state to choose one, I’m going to have to give a slight edge to the Jacob Jensen. I really like how Jacob Jensen keeps taking its highly identifiable look in new directions. And at one tenth the price of the Mühle Glashütte, minimalist elegance is within everyone’s reach.

  • Dr. Chako

    I really like the Dievas Vintage 3646 Sapphire. It has that great Marina Militare look with an excellent display back and it will be a nice complement to my collection. It fills a hole quite nicely.

  • Milen

    Personally I like Archimede Pilot Historic. It has very high level of legibility and is very easy to tell the time on all conditions. I also like the german quality.

  • Roger

    I think I like the George J Von Burg “Classic Blue” the best. It’s got that a “classic” styling that appeals to my dressier side, yet maintains enough is sporty enough to not be too restrained.

  • Jonathan

    I keep getting drawn back to the Stenhart Triton Black model. I like the look of the raw stainless bezel. The offset crown is a nice feature for a watch you can wear daily, none of that grinding into your wrist all afternoon as you move around. The narrow font face chosen for the numerals gives it a Bauhaus throwback feel but doesn’t date the watch. The small calendar window peeking out at the 6 slot is also a nice added touch.

    Overall there is nothing too distracting so as to be obnoxious, but it certainly doesn’t crawl into a corner and take a back seat to lesser watches.

  • Mike Moorefield

    My favorite is the Steinhart Triton Black. Very clean lines, appears esy to read in low light, sturdy strap, saphire crystal which will be scratch resistant for years. I am not a big fan of chronos, so this will fit the bill very well.

  • Charles

    I like the Stingray from MKII. Looks a lot like an older Blancpain diver – especially the oversized rotating bezel. Very old school and cool, at a pretty good price.

  • Paul

    I am a big fan of diver watches – the rugged looks and typical durability. The DC66 is a nice crossover to a pilot’s watch. It is an auto also – something I really like. I am not much of a collector, so this gem would be worn on a regular basis.

  • Juan Koopermann

    When I was in grade school, but old enough for my first watch. I decided that the only acceptable design for me would be a square or nearly square face. This is what I told my parents and subsequently what I received for my birthday.

    Square watch designs are far less common than round. Of course other shapes are even less popular.

    Many years have passed since my first watch and I now usually prefer round face designs, however if I were to own a square face the Jacob Jensen Botta 806 would be a fine choice. Of the watches illustrated on the site, it is my favorite due to its handsome design and well-integrated complications.

  • Peter

    I like all of the pilot watches on the site. I have been looking at an IWC pilot for a while now. The one I liked the most was the Archimede Pilot Fliegerkrone with Date – 42mm. The design is very clean and I think it would look great with the brown strap. I also like the exhibition case back.

  • Joel

    I like the Dievas AquaLuna Gray Professional. First of all, I love how the orange pops on this modern diving watch. The design and multiple textures (crown, bezel and dial) really catch my attention. The C3 Superluminova paint is also quite impressive.

  • John

    Here is comment number 5, only 745 comments to go.

  • Marc

    We have to pick just one? The Archimede Pilot Chrono is one I would buy for myself, but if price were no object, the George J von Burg – GMT Flyback Watch is stunning!

  • Jim Merrimon

    The Divergraph Blue with a rubber strap is my favorite. I expected to see a price tag of double what is listed for this rugged looking watch. Great watch, and very innovative watch maker will have a definate inpact on the industry.

  • antonio

    My favorite of all the fantastic timepecies at is the Muhle Glashutte Nautic Timer

    Classic size and legible dial combine with elegant milled bezel and ground-in date cyclops to be at home on the wrist of anyone from an architect to a police officer to a welder. Throw in tool-worthy specs such as 2000M water resistance, 4MM sapphire crystal, and ETA 2824-2 movement and you’ve got the terrific piece of horology!

  • James

    The design and simplicity of the Aristo really grabs my attention. It’s understated elegance would make a it a great dress watch.

  • Mat

    It would have to be the Damasko DC66 – – rugged aviator / diver with classic Valjoux 7750 movement and styling. All in all, an awesome watch.

  • alan k

    Now I like the Pfleiger at The red and black get me every time.

  • Steve g

    Big fan of the MKII line of watches, The Yao design is a classic that always draws me back.

  • Brian

    The MKII Sea Fighter Bund I-C caught my eye.

    I am looking around for a diver watch, and I love the simple and clean face of the watch.

  • Noah

    This piece embodies the true aesthetic of an everyday, “tool” watch. Obviously inspired by the iconic Rolex Explorer, the price-point and further simplicity, along with a subtle date function, make this a simple, yet powerful and consistent watch.

  • Joe

    I think I’d go with the Botta Design Uno in Automatic White – it’s not a very busy design with a pretty classic face, but all the markings along the outside contract nicely against the plain interior.

    I would’ve said Sinn, but they don’t show any particular models. :p

  • mitch

    Cool Dievas Zeta watches.
    Botta looks the best.

  • Bradley Baker

    I like the Botta Design Clavius.

    It’s got a completely unique look. It’s not just a generic “enh” watch like everyone else’s.

  • Joanne Schultz
    Thunderbolt 6002 is my favorite. I like that the numbers are easy to read, and I like the color blue :-)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jota

    Jacob Jensen 806

    I love the minimalist design of Jacob Jensen. The 806 has a modern yet elegant look.

  • Robert Nickell

    I’m a fan of the AquaLuna Blue Professional ( ) because the face is uncluttered, and the lume is superb, something I want for doing night dives (this watch will see the bottom of the ocean on my wrist!)

  • Carol

    I like the Pilot Chronograph:

    It is so sleek and I love the modern lines. It’s classic yet modern at the same time, I love it.

  • Armand

    I really like the divergraph blue professional.

    I think my main reason for liking this watch is because I own it. I bought it a year ago and have loved it ever since. The technology – miyota quartz and the H3 tubes and chronograph make it a unique watch! I’m glad I found it, and hope to win another!

  • David

    My favorite is the Aristo Bauhaus:

    It’s a flashback to mid-century modern design. Simple, elegant — and about as clean as it gets.

  • Johan

    1) Divergraph Orange Professional
    with Rubber Strap


    3) This is what a true diver should look like. Clean, easy and with a sleak rubber strap! Just simply GREAT!

  • Dennis
    I really like two dial Chronographs, and this one looks like a classic. Having numbers is also a plus for me.

  • Justin

    I like the MKII Vantage because it’s an affordable homage to the classic Explorer:

  • Amil

    Hi Ariel

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

    The one to want is the Botta Design Uno Automatic, the precision look and feel is awesome


  • chris

    After looking through gnomon (for like the millionth time) and drooling over their selection of watches my favourite for the day is the DAMASKO DC67:

    I like how robust and rugged it is; hardened steel case, saphire crystal, anti-magnetic inner cag…this thing is a tank!

    The contrast of black dial markings on a white (luminous!) dial looks really slick and is something that I don’t already have.

    I also love chronos and the 7750 movment at the heart of this beast is tried, tested, and true. It’s not too large at 42mm, but remains large enough to have a pressence on the wrist.

    Of course, given how many great watches there are on the site, tomorrow my favourite may be one of the Botta single hand watches, or maybe an MKII Stingray, or…..

  • Frank Hannigan

    This hits all the right buttons for me!

  • Geert Ceulemans

    The Dievas Vintage 3646 LeftHand is a man’s watch

    A man’s watch should be like the man: bold, striking, simple, honest and clear … and preferably a bit left-handed. Otherwise what would women complain about?

  • shane

    My favorite is the Ollech + Wajs Ocean Master Vintage found here:

    It has an ultra-versatile simple design with a throwback look that will work with jeans or a suit. It will look good on leather, bracelet, or NATO. It has a classic tried & true Unitas hand wound movement, and is at a price point that is attractive to everyone. What more could you want?

  • Sean

    My Favorite is the Damasko DC56

    I love the Damasko technology, Extremely hard cases, super hard AR coating, and a great dial. I love the cross hair running seconds, and the superior readability of the dial. Offset day/date is a nice touch too.

  • Paul Sobon

    Favorite without a doubt is George J vonBurg’s GMT Flyback.

    A modified Valjoux 7750 (my favorite movement) and the ability to track dual time zones (important in my business) makes this ideal.


  • Riskin

    eta 2824 – great movement

    brushed instead of polished-great for daily wear

    OW is a great brand

  • Brad Smith

    My favorite is the Dievas Flieger Timer. I love pilot watches, and this is a nice interpretation of that genre. I especially like the color of the hands and the bezel.

  • Steve Gupta

    The Muhle Glashutte Big Sports M12 White is my favorite. It has a classic look with Arabic numbers and a brushed bezel.

  • Derek

    I really like the

    Vintage 3646 Sapphire by Dievas

    it is a clean, very simple watch, that it reminiscent of Panerai (one of my faves).

  • Heather
  • Derek Littlefield

    Check out this MKII Stingray. Automatic movement. Imposing 42mm diameter. Clean design. And looks more liike a weapon than a watch. Great price, too. If you’re looking for a conversation starter as well as a great timepiece- order the MKII Stingray today.

  • David G.

    I’m falling in love with the GEORGE J VON BURG Modern Blue:

    This watch perfects the universal class of the blue face – black leather strap combination; this design is amazingly timeless yet modern.

  • Joy

    The Jacob Jensen 601 really caught my eye:

    It has incredibly pure lines and reminds me of well done contemporary architecture. It also looks quite expensive when in reality it is very affordable.

  • Sheldon Smith

    My vote is this one by MKS ( ) I am a sucker for anything that has orange hands, in this case a large minute hand, as well as legible hands/markers in a rugged, pressure rated case with a Swiss movement.

    This model comes in as a close second.. ( )


  • Kevin

    This one! I love internal rotating bezels, plus chronograph functions. Both functions I use often in a watch so them both in this style really appeals to me.

  • Kevin

    This one:

    I love internal rotating bezels, plus chronograph functions. Both functions I use often in a watch so them both in this style really appeals to me.

  • Arek D

    Damasko DC67 = tough 7750 movement in a great package. Black markers and hands on white dial are just perfect. Pure ecstasy!

  • Jeff

    I really like the Admiral Chrono Black PRO by Swiss Military Watches.

    The red chrono markers make a nice contrast to the black case and dial.

  • Nick

    I like the Dievas Vintage Kampfschwimmer Sapphire – – I find the California dial very elegant, but it also adds a bit of a ‘twist’ to the look of the watch.

  • Rich Goldsmith

    I’m a sucker for far more expensive watches thank this, but something about the Steinhart Triton Black is quite appealing to me. It’s this one:

  • Ethan

    I’m a big fan of the SteinhartNav B-Uhr II 44mm Automatic

    Classic Pilot watch with little clutter and a big 44M size. I have been searching for a pilot watch for sometime and as soon as enough baseball cards get sold on ebay I’m there.

  • Loren Leong

    Dievas Aqualuna Blue Professional is the one that caught my eye, love the color combination and if you are going to wear a dive watch make it bullet proof.

  • Ben Zachariah

    The Jacob Jensen 600 is a beautifully clean and minimal watch.

    Despite its minimalism, somehow the eye is still drawn to the fine details, such as the crisp metal work and eclectic dials.

    Fine details such as the embossed rubber strap are to be admired.

    This is a watch that would be just as comfortable being worn to a black tie swoiree as it would being worn on a day-to-day basis. And I would be comfortable having it for myself.

  • Dan
    Blue and red hands totally set off the look of the watch. Arabic numerals easy to read, good size at 42mm. No date function though.
    Classy look, Large Arabic numerals, power reserve! And date. 52 week calendar is different too.

  • Kyle L

    I’m a really young watch collector, and I think that these watches look stunning. I love the Dievas Zeta Phantom Pro, its this one:

    The blackened case and bracelet look amazing, and it really sets off the orange hands and markers on the dial. I also like the contrast of the white and orange on the deep black dial. I also like the blue lume, its really different than most of the watches than I have. It looks like a superior sturdy watch, and it looks very cool!

  • Harry

    Always partial to lume dial. So clean and readable with ice hardened case to boot!

    Damasko DC67 gets my vote.

  • Kyle L

    I’m sorry for the above post, I broke rule number two. I hope this can still be accepted!
    For me, other than the Zeta series, I like the Dievas Flieger Timer.

    What I really like about this watch is the simplicity, and the natural design. I like the accessibility of the watch, the onion crown and bezel. The arabic numbers are really clean, along with the red hands. Looks great!

  • Dado Mat

    I really like the AquaLuna Gray by Dievas. It has such an interesting one of a kind dial and a solid and sturdy case and bracelet. It seems like the perfect mix of functionality and durability.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Tim

    I have admired Dievas for over a year now, hoping and dreaming one day I would be the proud owner of one of their magnificent timepieces. The one that gets my heart racing is the Flieger Timer…

    I love the Military/Pilot style, and this one has its own unique style. Being a fan of Swiss movements, I love they chose a vintage style ETA 2452. The onion crown is an added bonus to finish the vintage look.

  • Wayne

    Classign chrono design,,Easy to read and a Valjoux 7750,,who can want more

  • Arek D

    Tough movement in great case. Love the black markers and pointers on white dial. Damasko DC67 rocks!

  • Emerson

    George J von Burg GMT FLYBACK is a classic.

    The clean design and high grade finish make this timepiece a pleasure to look at. More so is the fact that the internals have been made visible to allow for the admiration of its internal mechanics.

    Overall a very lovely timepiece.

  • Carlo

    The Dievas Flieger Timer is the most amazing pilot watch face I have seen. The combination of red and blue on a black face is simply solid. A limited edition of 50 pieces, automatic movement, C3 Super Luminova luminous paint, perfect case dimensions and comes with an extra strap!

    Truly an art work of what watch dreams may come and I just peed on my pants.

  • Dominik

    For me, you cannot beat the Botta UNO white dialed automatic. With its elegant single hand, and trusty ETA 2824-2 movement, its head and shoulders above anything else in its low price range. Honestly, regardless of this giveaway, i am saving up for one of these..

    Dominik aka polaco23 on WatchUSeek

  • Paul

    LOVE the Dievas Flieger Timer. Gorgeous watch. Classic flieger with a modern twist. The red/blue hands are very distinctive.

  • Aaron

    It’s really hard to just choose one, but the Damasko DC56 is just about the perfect watch:

    It’s clean, it’s strong, it’s got great markings, and the cleanest lines. This is a beautiful pilot chronograph.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Frank T Gencarelli

    I like the Swiss Military Alarm …
    It has everything I really want in a sport watch –
    it looks cool, it doesn’t mind if I sweat or body surf on east coach beaches while I wear it, it will wake me up in the morning, and when I roll over in the middle of the night wondering how long I have to sleep, it glows to let me easily read the time. Thanks for this fun post!

  • Pavel

    I’m impressed by Steinhart Aviation.

    Its design reminds aviation gauges, but it is not a copy of more expensive models of other brands. I like also the clear graphics of the dial.

  • Eric S.

    I’ve always been a fan of the big bezel look, so give me the MKII Stringray 50 MOD2C.

  • Dana

    I like the Dievas Oceantimer 1330 Black. I just think it is a beautiful watch.

  • Ryan Henry-Wilkinson

    I don’t know much about watches, and of all the ones I looked at this one struck me as something I would feel satisfied wearing around.

  • Paul

    I guess my link did not show on my comment….

    I am a big fan of diver watches – the rugged looks and typical durability. The Damasko DC66 is a nice crossover to a pilot’s watch. It is an auto also – something I really like. I am not much of a collector, so this gem would be worn on a regular basis.

  • http://WUS Gary G.

    OLLECH & WAJS Ranger

    This watch combines a lot of things I like, black and white graphics, cushion type case, old school numbers and markings. ETA automatic, great lume, and a fantastic price! I have seen some excellent designs from O&W, but this one is especially nice!

  • James McNally

    My favorite Dievas watch is the Aqua Luna Blue Professional.

    It’s a grown up watch, but it channels a young, 80’s, G-Shock/Swatch feel. It’s like a Toy Watch, but without being gimmicky. And it’s not overly simple, but just plain enough.

  • Tim Ward

    Jacob Jensen 601
    Clean lines, great size, very classy love the uncluttered look.

  • Karl

    For me its the Dievas Aqualuna Professional, easy choice. :) A buddy has one, let me wear for the day. Excellent dive watch, very unique, feels n operate like a watch costing much much more. If the new Zeta is anything like that, its a winner!


  • Tim Coronel

    I’m having a hard time deciding between the MKII Stingray ( ) and the O&W Aviation ( ). The MKII is clearly a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms homage, and the O&W is, I believe, actually a NOS vintage Breitling in all but the logo on the dial …

  • Eric W.

    I am a big fan of the Archimede Pilot Historic watch. It is truly reminiscent of great German aviation watches of the past and has a sharp contrast between the black dial and white numbers. It looks like a very comfortable watch to wear.

  • Brian

    Is this a trick question?

    It is like when Manet saw Velazquez, like when my wife says, “No bueno, lo que le sigue” — not good, it’s what comes after good. Really amazing, reminds me of some of my favorite Sinns.

  • Nick

    The Muhle Glasshutte Business Timer

    For the number of complications, a wonderfully simple face. Classic Bauhaus-influenced style.

  • Brian

    Vintage Kampfschwimmer Sapphire

    What can I say? I’m a sucker for the California Dial and exhibition back.

  • Mathew Hobbs

    Absolutely love this watch for its quirkiness. I have lots of friends around the world and would let me know not to call them in the middle of the night.

  • Guy Spivack

    I like the AquaLuna Blue
    Of all their watches, this one has the most original design, with just enough color to add some pop, a nice texture pattern on the dial for added visual interest, and bold steel bezel that contrasts nicely with the dial. Also, I like the bold 2 4 8 10 markings, and that the minute hand stands out in orange while the hour hand almost disappears in the dial, but the large white tip is still easily readable.

  • barbara wright

    Not that I understand how you tell time with it, but I really like the Think the Earth wn-2 Blue

  • barbara wright

    Can you throw away my previous comment? I guess I hit submit before I finished.
    I really like the Think the Earth wn-2 Blue watch at

    My husband and son are avid geocachers and spend lots of time on Google Earth. They would love this watch!

  • nk

    I like Simple, yet sophisticated at the same time.

  • Greg Mency

    the swiss brand has always been a fave of mine.

    its just so sexy. your only place for your jaw to go is downwards

  • michael welch

    I have always loved the watch hands as much as the face, and the red triangle pointing to a second time zone is just cool.

  • Stephanie C.

    Divergraph Blue Professional

  • gregg deering

    the steinhart triton black, or the pilot watch are beautiful.

  • greg bradley

    Phatnom Pro is me…yeah!

  • Heather

    I love the Divergraph blue professional.

    The reason I love this watch is because it is really practical and pretty.


    I like the DAMASKO DA37. iT HAS A PLAIN FACE AND IT’S easy to read.


  • jason fiske

    The Cougar 3 is made for my wrist. Love the style, love the look and know it will get me places on time.


  • Thomas I.

    Aristo Roman 4H69
    It has a modern yet retro feel.

  • Matt Fornito

    I love the George J Von Burg Classic Aviator

    It is a beautiful watch. Timeless and Classic.

  • George S.

    The Aristo Award 4H30 is my choice. It represents great value for the price with a screw down crown, sapphire crystal, deployant clasp, and especially the Harley micro-rotor movement. The combination of features makes this a great buy and relatively exclusive since it is limited to 500 pieces. Good case size makes it versatile as does the 20mm lug width as there are tons of straps that can be attached to change the look.

  • Jake W

    Timeless design, elegant but simplistic! I love it!

  • bruceleeroy

    The DC66 by Damasko gets my vote. Solid.

  • Paul Sarte

    I love the Dievas Zeta Phantom Professional!

    I am a sucker for all black watches, it conveys beauty in being anonymous while keeping it’s striking presence and refinement, that is what I see in the Dievas Zeta Phantom Professional.

  • Paul Sarte

    My other favorite is the Dievas AquaLuna Gray Professional!

    It is one unique and robust dive watch with a very powerful presence.

  • Edward Lindsley

    Its got to be this beauty. It is both elegant and tough, whilst remaining 100% functional. What more could you want from a divers watch?

  • drew

    I would have to go with the Avant Garde Prototype:

    It has a unique yet classy look with durability to boot.


    whoops. I forgot to add the link to the watch. here it is.

  • Andrew L

    Steinhart Triton. Great diver’s watch, original design.

  • Andrew L

    Steinhart Triton – great dial design, original, not-derivative.

  • Alex Kieu

    Out of all their watches, I like the Swiss Military Admiral Chrono Black watch.

    First of all, it is Swiss made so I know it’s good. It also looks very nice and sophisticated


    I like this one. A German Pilot’s watch. OK> It’s more than just a watch, it’s a conversation piece.

  • David

    I will have to go for the MkII SeaFighter:

    It is a great looking watch with both robust and functional looks, but the design is also very clean and classy in some way. MkII is known for their high quality time pieces, and would be a exellent choice for many purposes.

    I also like the idea of creating a tribute to vintage watches that were made with function and reliability as a top priority. The design have also been improved and refined, with a very nice result.

  • Stephen

    For me, the Steinhart Nav B-Chrono II has been a watch I’ve been wanting for awhile. I have the Nav-b and I think this watch, would be a great addition to my collection.

  • John

    The best watch Anders sells and by a fairly wide margin.
    The only Damasko model I don’t have, near impossible to get.

  • steve

    I would say the AquaLuna Blue Professional:

    The watch is stylish yet modern. It goes well with a variety of looks so you don’t need two or three watches. You just need AquaLuna Blue Professional.

  • Joshua

    i love the Avant Garde Prototype – Limited Edition


    It’s got great style and a perfect blend of modern and classic looks.

  • Dave

    The watch I like in the gnomonwatches selection is the ARCHIMEDE Pilot Chronograph; for $1295. The reason I like the watch is it is a high quality automatic chronograph movement watch; from a reliable company. I also really like how simple and clean the watch looks; easy to read with a beautiful black dial. It fits as a dress watch and a watch that you can wear everyday without looking over the top; with all the features you would need.


    The MONTRES DE LUXE Thunderbolt watch is my choice.

    I love the blue face. It just looks goo to me.

  • Char

    I like the Commander Black Swiss Military Watch.
    It reminds me of my dad.

  • Matt Mengel

    The Muhle Glashutte Search and Rescue is indeed the watch I would choose.

    This watch is reminiscent of the classic dive watch with a more modern look. Not too military and no-frills styling make this an understated, masculine watch that will look great on any wrist for years to come.

  • James A Kofalt

    I love the Ollech & Wajs Cougar 3 ( Very subtle, soft gray color, and a classic look.

  • Francesco Balderacchi

    I’ve actually come close to buying this one:

    The price is right and I love the looks.

  • Joni

    I like the Steinhart Aviation watch because it’s modern and sleek.

  • Paulius

    My favourite watch on is Dievas AquaLuna Blue:

    It has a very unique looking dial, great lume and just looks like great sports watch.

  • tung ton

    i like the Aristocrat 1H101R
    it reminds me of the old seiko i used to have. it’s beauty is in the simplicity of the design. it is also very warm on the eyes.

  • Jason Musthaler

    The best watch in Gnomon’s collection the orange-faced Steinhart Triton.

    It is a hell of a watch . . . in every way.

  • Adam

    Muhle Glashutte is one of my favorite watch brands. I love their detailed yet simple design. Extremely difficult to decide but I’d have to go with the MUHLE GLASHUTTE HighTec Chronograph

    The red accent on the ticker is killer! The small detailed numbers are awesome too… love how they include every 5 minutes for the numbers. really really nice time piece.

  • PB

    I love the Ollech & Wajs Cougar 3 ( Very subtle, soft gray color, and a classic look.

  • Mike

    I would have to say The George J von Burg – Sport Black ( Ref. 30021C ) is by far my favorite watch. A very classic and elegant design, paired with an outstanding movement. In addition The George J von Burg, are amongst the finest watches, in regards to quality of materials and craftsmanship.

  • Brian Fleisher

    I like the Muhle Glashutte Cockpit Timer:

    What’s not to like about an auto chrono that is a certified chronometer, and has a rotating bezel?
    I’m a fan.

  • Ken Costich

    To me the Damasko DC57 is the ultimate chronograph.

    I also like the Dievas Flieger Timer…it is extremely “retro”, extremely comfortable and affordable.

  • Rad

    Damasko DC56 for me (in fact, all damasko watches)!

    I like watches with sense of technology, with their ice hardened case, damasko is a must have! I already have one, DA36, and DC56 will be the next purchase.

  • Robert Illman

    The George J Von Burg Classic Blue – 20023C

    Simple, clean, vintage military style chronograph, with a dark blue face. It’s elegant, with good proportions. Can be worn as a dress watch or sports watch.

  • Patrick Difford

    Simplicty, form and function…and an orange minute hand…nuff said!

  • steve sall

    AquaLuna Blue Professional
    this watch has a simple dial with good luminance, large hands and sporty lines.

  • Daniel Ching

    I thought the Archimede Sport Taucher Black is really nice.

    The red accents on the clean black face really do it for me. A good tool-quality movement is nice too.

  • Jason

    I like the Botta Solus.

    I like the singlehand of the watch and the precise details on the face. The construction seems solid.

  • D. Lawson

    My favorite is the MKII Stingray 50:

    The Stingray allows you to have the look of the famous Blancpain Fifty Fathoms but at a great price. It also seems tough enough that you wouldn’t have to worry about being delicate with it.

  • don evans

    mine is the dievas aqualuna grey on bracelet

    . something about it. i love dive watches, and this thick, chunk case, along with the orange hand and the markers. i love it all. amazing

  • Paul

    Love the Dievas Flieger Timer. There are so many versions of the Flieger but the added detail of the red and blue hands make this watch very distinctive. Photos on Watchuseek forum are outstanding!

  • Mike

    Out of all the watches I would have to say The George J von Burg – Sport Black ( Ref. 30021C) is my favorite. From its design, to the movement, and the Von Burg craftsmanship really makes it a fine timepiece.

  • Nuno Cruz

    For me the Flieger Timer, is the perfect one. Absolute gorgeous.

  • Cole

    I like the Muhle Glasshutte Vision 2001. Its simple, clean and the Rasmus is probably the coolest watch of all time, so this has to be good!

  • wardog

    I am in love with the Archimede Pilot Chronograph. The hands, the dial, the crown, the pushers, perfect! Just the right size as well. A classic!

  • Kevin Sanders

    I have to go with the Dievas Flieger Timer. It has the classic look of a flieger but I really prefer watches with a rotating bezel to keep track of elapsed time. The Flieger Timer is simple, direct, and classic while still being unique and looking a heck of a lot better than your run-of-the-mill flieger. Of course, I’d also prefer a mechanical movement and lug pins instead of screws but that is one fantastic watch!

  • Erin Solano

    I would pick the Damasko DC66. Really nice.

  • steve j

    Archimede Pilot Titanium

    I’m a big fan of military style/pilot watches, and this one looks to be a nice watch at a nice price.

  • Santtu

    Steinhart Marina Timer:
    Great vintage feel, lovely dial and amazing hands! Simply stunning.

  • Paul

    The Dievas Flieger Timer! There are many Flieger models available but the red and blue hands and rotating bezel make the Dievas a very unique piece.

  • Greg Lewis

    Dievas Divergraph Blue Professional. I love the blue tritium, coupled with a true divers watch and a funtional multi-hour chrono. I’m drooling.

  • robert

    MKII Stingray. clean, classic look. looks like you could wear it for anything.

  • james greenbaum

    I vote for this one….very sleek, very cool. And great price too! DIEVAS OCEANTIMER 1330 Black.

  • John

    My favorite there would have to be the MKII Seafighter. It has a good presence, a perfect size that is both noticeable but doesn’t drag the wrist down. The orange on the minute hand adds visibility and is a nice design touch to a quality watch.

  • Hakan Nilsson

    The Damasko DC56 is watch that screams TOOL, and that is something I like. It strong with clean lines. An easy to read dial. It just perfect!

    Nice contest!

  • http://WUS SBD

    I did the MkII Seafighter as shown below. The stick hands are a nice change from all the Ploprof and sword designs I already have. And I like the proportions — tough but not too wide or too thick.

  • Everett Bethel

    I’m really liking the Vintage 3646…I think it’s the oversized numerals that does it for me but that’s just a simple design that has just enough to catch the eye…Really well done…

  • Jeremy

    I like it…
    I am all about the Flieger’s too!

  • JBeck

    There are so many great watches on this site with a top notch owner. I find myself visiting about once a month just to browse. 😉 Right now my personal favorite is:

    an often overlooked design.

  • http://IliketheFliegerTimerLimitedEdition50Pcs. Eller

    I like the Flieger Timer Limited Edition 50 Pcs.
    It looks like a great value for money. It’s fit and finish look it can command double it’s msrp. In my opinion it is comparable to fliegers offered by big and well established watch companies. The specs is also very impressive for the price. It’s definitely on top of my list to buy.

  • Pat Morrison

    I love the look of this watch.. It speaks to me, it says BUY ME YOU IDIOT..

  • Dennis

    My favorite watch is

    It’s a understated dive watch that is very classy and elegant. It is reasonably priced but the movement is very reliable.

  • Mike

    I like the “Think the Earth wn-2” watch.

    I think its an INCREDIBLY cool and unique watch, definately work as an awesome conversation piece.

  • scoville

    I really like The Roman Rattrapante from George J von Burg. It has a very classic look, yet very ornamental.

  • Blaise S. Bourgeois

    Damasko DC66 is also my favorite.

    I love black dials. I love divers. I have only owned one chrono and it was a Tissot PRC 100 quartz. I am not a big fan of quartz watches and I love autos. I have been wanting a 7750 dive watch for a long time now. I just can not afford one. Very cool watch.

  • jd

    Have been toying with the idea of purchasing a Dievas Blue Divergraph on a NATO strap for some time…love the look, good price point, only reservation is the movement (not sure about). Again, looks like an excellent tool –
    Check it out.

  • Tim Basta

    Damasko naturally! I personally prefer the DC67:

    I appreciate the work put into the case and although this particular model is hard to get, it is on my list. Ice hardened–good! I already have a DC57 and the case and performance of the watch can’t be beat.

  • Al Sirg

    Steinhart NavB Uhr Gold Edition for me please!!

    Very very beautiful watch! If they have this one in 42mm, I’d get one in a heart beat!

  • Nathaniel Edwards

    GEORGE J VON BURG Classic Blue – 20023C

    Dark enough blue to match business attire, but blue enough to make a statement- Im not stuffy! It also is a leather strap and relatively thin polished stainless steal, the hallmarks of good form, style and utility. Nice watch indeed!

  • Jon Leatherwood

    I really respond to the new Ollech & Wajs Cobra – maybe my favorite riff of the last couple of years on the traditional dive watch.


  • Ted

    i like big, simple dials. in white, i think this watch would look great with a broken-in brown leather band.

  • Samantha Pruitt

    i really love the Triton Orange

    the color is really cool and the design with the silver circle is really awesome!

  • Pat Gorsuch

    I love the Damasko DC67 because of the overall design and the hardened case.

    The Luminova on the dial makes the dial really easy to read as well both in the day because of the contrast and at night because of the Luminova.

  • Vicki Wurgler
    I like the Jacob Jensen 410-very simple with the black and orange

  • Mel

    This one by Archimede It has a clean line, I just really like that. It’s not too gaudy. It’s perfect. It’s sleek and sophisticated, smooth and polished.

  • Ren Alfaro

    Cool contest. I have to say that the Montres De Luxe Thunderbolt is my favorite. Love the screwed on bezel and dial layout, hands are cool the split day date window is nice as well. Well thought out watch.

  • Dan W.

    Damasko DC57!!!
    The ultimate tool watch. Valjoux 7750 movement,Ice hardened case, Shockproof, Anti magnetic, Full lume dial. What more do you need?

  • Cynthia
  • Craig Ferguson

    Dievas Divegraph Blue

    It seems like an unbeatable value in divers’ chrono, plus innovative features like the tritium tubes and ceramic bezel insert.

  • Griff Lewis

    My favorite watch on the Gnomon watches site is the Divergraph Blue Professional:

    I bought one last year right before a BSA camping event. For training we were required to sleep out in the open (no tent) for a night, and it was raining quite a bit. It didn’t skip a beat and I was able to read the time in the pitch black woods with no problem. I even used the chronograph to record the time we were outside in the rain 😉

    The Zeta shares a number of details with the Divergraph, it is a sweet looking watch!

  • Rob Cook

    Damasko DA36, the quality of the watch is second to none. It’s simple, legible, and classic.

  • http://WatchTalkForums&WatchUSeek Dennis Kanagie

    For me, it’s the Flieger Timer:

    It’s a gorgeous watch with a great color scheme.

  • Hector Padilla

    I’ve got a soft spot for the Damasko DC66

    It’s got classic good looks and evil genius technology all packed into a superb timepiece. If my wrist wore pants this watch would make them tight.

  • Brett Moore

    My favorite watch is definitely the Dievas Vintage Kampfschwimmer Sapphire.

    I really like this watch because of its simplicity and dial design. The addition of Roman Numerals for the 10 and 11 are also a plus.

  • Luke Vinciguerra

    My favorite is the Swiss Military Watch- Alarm Black Pro; simple and elegant

  • Arjuna Ugarow

    I’m digging the Think The Earth

    It’s so unique and gives a very different perspective of time. I also like the day/night bezel.

    Not a daily wearer but fun.

  • Grant Germano

    I am particularly attracted to the Muhle Glashutte Nautic Timer Luminous.

    The full lume dial, Sandblasted stainless steel case and bezel, raised numerals on bezel, and 2000m Water Resistance all contribute to make one incredible dive watch. I find it rugged, sporty, and even possibly dressy all at the same time. Such a good-looking versatile watch.

  • Rob G

    I’ve been looking for a dress watch to wear with a suit…this is a perfect one:

    Mühle Glashütte: Teutonia Big Date

    Classy, not gaudy or too showy…elegant in it’s simplicity…and I’m a sucker for a recessed subdial instead of the flat ones I’ve seen on too many others (most flieger clones with subs). Good luck to all and congrats to the winner :)

  • KW

    My favorite on Gnomomwatches is the MKII Stingray 50.

    A good ratio of case size and thickness, ETA 2824 movement, and a classic FF derived design all at a very affordable price without sacrificing anything is workmanship or quality.

  • One Ten

    Favorite Watch: Divergraph Blue with NATO Strap


    Why: This is a very simple, clean, casual yet luxurious watch…and I’m looking for an everyday watch, this would be perfect!

  • Fd

    My favorite is Divergraph Orange Professional

    I like it because this watch is so energetic, when i look at it i see elegance, precision and Motive, Awesome

  • scm64

    I like the Muhle Glashutte Teutonia Big date.

    Wondeful hands and dial, a great example of glashutte watchmaking.

  • Matt

    I’m really liking the Steinhart Aviator Basic. Simple, clean design, very legible, and I prefer the brushed finish to the PVD finish, which has been beaten to death in aviator watches. The rounded edges are also a nice homage to vintage aviation instrument bezels.

  • Derek

    Jacob Jensen 601

    It is a classic looking simple and clean watch. It is very pleasing to the eye.

  • d.e. manning

    The Stingray from MKII is really cool.

  • Tony D

    The beautiful Vintage series from Dievas. I own this one and the pictures dont do it justice, From the chocolate colored dial,vintage lume and decorated movement a real winner.

  • Mark M.

    Botta Design Argos Automatic

    Personally, this watch seems both unique in style and versatile in appearance. It looks as though it can be worn in any environment, casual or professional, which is great. Also, the band is extremely thin, so it wont weigh down your wrist throughout the day.

  • dan mcgarity

    “Steinhart Nav B-Chrono II”

    This watch is new from Steinhart, and has an awesome stainless steel look to it. The stitching on the band also adds some style and flair to this already beautifully crafted watch.

    Thanks for reading

  • Ian McEwan

    “Dievas Vintage 3646 Sapphire”

    Gotta say – this is the nicest looking cushion cased, sapphire crystal, display back, vintage style watch in the market today.

    Well done, Anders, adn thanks Gnomon!

  • http://none TakesALickin (Jeff Headrick)

    I love the stealthy look of the Phantom. Tritium tubes are my weakness!

  • jopaw v

    So many to choose from! In the end, for me, it was the Ollech & Wajs Ocean Master Orange.

    Man, it’s big at 44mm, its orange, simple, uncluttered dial, swiss unitas movement (although handwinding…) and comes with a Nato strap to boot. Hell Yeah!

  • Ricky Lee

    “Steinhart Nav B-Chrono II”

    Definitely the new Steinhart Nav B Chrono II for me with the brushed and polished stainless case and the large pumpkin crown. Love all the details on the watch blue hands, domes sapphire with AR coating on the underside and all Arabic numerals are fully readable on the dial and the two sub-dials on “6” and on “9” were used twice.

  • Jen Fiedler

    I like the Dievas Divergraph Blue Professional

    It’s just a great looking watch.

  • Phillip Revie

    I’m quite fond of the Steinhart Nav-B Uhr in Pink Gold.

    I enjoy classic watches, though i mostly own modern, as they fit with my style of dress better.

    A fairly simply designed watch, with the Rose Gold, accented by blue fixtures. Simple and timeless, with a hint of modern design from the size and angled bezel edges.

    Love it.

  • angelo grillas

    My favorite watch is: Dievas Flieger Timer

    This watch is well balanced with modern Arabic numbers and classic flieger hands, the blue and red highlights pop, everytime I see this watch posted with different strap colors it just stirs the urge.

  • Definately the Jacob Jensen 601

    The watch is so clean & simple to look at. With the white background, the red second hand and the light cream color of the other dials offering just a bit of differentiation. It exudes a minimalist “zen” quality.

  • Brent Irvine

    My favorite watch is: Think the Earth wn-2 Blue

    I have never seen a watch like this, and by setting and reading it, it puts you in the mind frame of being constantly aware of where you are in relation to others on this planet. A watch that changes your brain!

  • Victor Pallotto

    My favorite is the steinhart navb. it reminds me of a hanhart watch that I always wanted.

    As a pilot of a vintage aircraft i am allways drawn to these styles of watches that show old and new world style

  • John

    I like this watch the best. Awesome design.

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  • Heather M

    I would have to say that I like the Archimede Pilot 39mm series the best, as it works well on either me or my fiance, and really represents the pilot watches that have looked so good for so long.

  • Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

    Muhle Cockpit Timer

    Gets to the point without hitting one upside the head

  • Maciej Miasik

    Steinhart Triton Black. Big and bold. Me like.

  • AHK

    The O&W is my fav. I own one. The diver style with color is great.

  • aaron eifler

    big fan of the pilot chrono:
    it’s also a little on the thinner side

  • Brian V

    Wow, tough to narrow the pick down to just one but the Steinhart Aviation is a real looker. The altimiter style case is clean and crisp and the “bolts” look to be functional. The glass also looks like it’s been mated well to the case. All in all, a really nice looking watch at a price that won’t have you crying.

  • Justin

    Audi Horch Chronograph

    I’ve always liked it when auto-makers and watch-makers combine. Anyone familiar with the old Audi Horch cars would see the resemblance between the watch and the automobile. The face is subdued, but has a punch. Nothing looks like it was forced on there. The band and case add just the right amount detail.

  • Xavier

    I like the Phantom Pro.
    This watch is my favorite. The black with red highlights looks awesome

  • Karen S

    I love the Nav B-Chrono II – Love the strap and rivets – a nice refined/rugged look.

  • James

    I have to go with….

    The George Von Burg Chrono with White dial. It reminds me of the Mille Miglia Chopard, but without the full on “I’m a race car tire” motif.

  • Joel Cram

    The STEINHART Nav B-Chrono II

    This is a very classy watch. It is a simple looking chrono and that is what I like in a timepiece.

  • Bryan H

    I love the Vintage 3646 Sapphire, it is a classic design and it appears to be an awesome price, I think I might buy one.

  • Martin Scherer

    The Steinhart Triton Black is very clearly a men’s watch. The thick brushed bezel makes the watch look bigger than it really is, and I like BIG watches. The styling of the hands is very unique and really attractive. The price point makes this watch look like a great value.

  • Matt J

    Avant Garde Prototype – Limited Edition 50pcs

  • Rich S

    Love the simple white face. Reminds me of being in school, waiting for class to get out.

  • Bruce Fraunfelter

    My favorite has to be the Divergraph Blue Professional. It has multiple cool features. From the all black finish, 120 click bezel, tritium illuminated markers and hands to a rugged and accurate quartz movement….what’s not to love!

  • Edwinek

    I’d still go for the Archimede Pilot Historic:

    I think it’s the best implementation of the classic aviator layout I know, and very well finished.

  • jon

    Botta Design UNO Automatic White:

    clean simple

  • Kayce Crews

    I like Think The Earth because I’m interested in the planetary system, and I like the numbers on this watch.

  • Mark Barron

    Gotta go with the Damasko DA36. I love the sweeping yellow second hand.

  • kathy pease

    i love the jacob jensen 123 $320 it looks so classy and stylish and would compliment any wardrobe

  • Dree

    I like the Stingray 50 MOD2C

    It is stylish and is larger than many watches.

  • Shilo Beedy

    I love the Think The Earth series with the wn-2 Blue being my favorite.

    I love that you can see 24 world time zones which is great for an online gamer who has friends all over. I love the unique look of it with the earth on it which I never seen before.

  • Melissa

    i like the Swiss Military Watch – Admiral Chrono Black Pro. this would be a great watch for my military husband. it’s functional and professional looking.

  • Mike R.

    I like the Archimede Vintage Black & Orange watch.
    The numbers are large, bold, & luminous orange.

  • Pamela S

    I like the Swiss Military Admiral Chrono Watch!!
    I like this watch because not only does it look great but it also has a 40 month battery! This company always has quality products. Thanks.

  • d.e. manning

    The Think The Earth WN-2 blue watch is a very unique timepiece and the global issues behind the watch make for a compelling backstory.

  • Crystal F

    My dh would love the Cougar 3 watch. His watch broke and he’s been going without one because of money. Our girls birthdays are here and they are more important than buying a watch. Thank you!

    The watch looks nice and clean. Not too bulky for him and it’s waterproof.

  • Leon Chan

    They’re all very elegant watches! but, I am digging the Dievas Zeta Code Red Pro. Definitly a beautiful timepiece. Would want a Dievas watch of my own.

  • susan varney

    the phantom pro looks good

  • Theresa

    I love the Botta Design UNO Automatic Black Watch.

    It’s really modern & cool looking and I really like the slim profile, it’s not bulky at all.

  • Don

    I’ve been looking for an automatic Tritium watch that looks good for all occasions. A real, tough watch that also has a stealthy look and feel for night surveillances. The cost has been an issue. The Phantom Pro has just the need and look I’ve been searching for. Dare I say it’s perfect? Okay, this watch is exactly what I need for work and…not at work, which is unusual. It’s perfect.

  • hminnesota

    I like
    they are custom made and very much affordable.

  • George Casson

    Muhle Glashutte – I like this one because of it’s accuracy!

  • jill klein

    I like the earth blue would be awesome for my nephew whom is in the military.

  • Bambi

    The MKII Seafighter Type IIA is my favourite!

    I like that the face has glow-in-the dark numbers, which will make it easier to tell the time quickly, and that it’s waterproof down to 200m for diving with.

  • Donna Kozar

    It looks very professional.

  • David Leavitt

    the botta TRES Automatic Black would be cool

  • http://yahoo NICHOLAS NIEVES

    the dievas Phantom professional, because i crew the F-4 Phantom fighter when i was in the air force

  • Timothy Sternberg

    I like the Phantom Pro is my favorite.

  • Bud Russo

    I so need this watch!

  • Catherine KingChuparkoff

    Love the Divergraph blue the best.

  • Tracy Little

    I like the Botta Uno in Black. It’s trim line and sleek. I think it would look great dressed up or down.

  • Nanci K

    I like the Think the Earth wn-2 Blue

  • Meredith Rogen

    I like the Botta Clavius

  • Matthew Swinney

    The Think The Earth wn-2 Blue.

    This watch is amazing and hip. It is perfect for time zone awareness.

  • Ed Hoffman

    I think the Gray Aqualuna Pro is my favorite. It’s a striking, handsome watch, the colors of the dial are amazing and make it very easy to read the time. A definite crowd pleaser! Thanks for having this great contest. Ed Hoffman

  • Terri

    The Divergraph Blue is my favorite although it’s only one of several I like!

  • Tommy T

    I’m in love with the Damasko DA36 (a popular choice I’m seeing).

  • Michael

    I like the Admiral Chrono Black PRO Swiss Military watch, it looks cool and it uses the military spec tritium for lighting.

  • Ramiro Carungcong

    The Divergraph Blue Professional with NATO Strap is one watch that blows away other PVD watches. The combination of the PVD finish, black dial, chronograph feature with Nato strap and blue tritium lighting is an epitome of utility, function and style in a watch.

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  • RideCRF450

    The AquaLuna has one of the most unique faces of any diver I’ve seen. The 4 arabic numerals are placed such that visibilty, especially underwater, is superb. 1000m depth capability, unique face, and C3 Super Luminova luminous paint all for $870! Can’t beat that with a stick.

  • Jeremy Onyango

    The Dievas AquaBlue Professional
    That is one of the most unique sporty watches i have ever seen… and the way it glows in the dark? makes wanna be in darkness always… and it simple

  • http://DYNAMICSIGNS.CO.NZ Mike Perriam
  • Andreas

    Muhle Glashutte, Audi Horch Chronograph

    I chose this watch because of its exclusive and slightly art-deco appearance. I also like the fact that the mechanism can be seen, and the Audi theme.

  • Glenn Honiball

    Why is this my favorite Dievas watch? I often free dive to depths of 1000m or more on a single breath around the Mariana Trench. If I had this watch I would be able to tell the time accurately while looking around down there waiting to come up in my tight Speedo. Currently, I wing it, which is a bad thing.

    Thank you, Glenn

  • Dmitrij

    The AquaLuna is unique, best watches I’ve seen. C3 Super Luminova luminous paint makes them very attractive! I Like it!

  • Ethan

    I’m an admirer of the Damasko DA36. The well designed and perfectly proportioned case, the ultra legible dial, and the playful yellow second hand all catch my eye.

  • Darin

    The Ollech & Wajs M6 diver. It is very well designed visually; the bracelet blends into the watch case, giving it a ‘complete’ look rather than a two-piece watch and bracelet. Stark light/dark contrast makes this watch very easy to read at a glance. Wonderful luminescence, including on the dial – I almost think this watch would be more fun to wear in the dark!

  • John Smothers

    I have Invictas and want to get an awesome brand in an automatic. I have yet to get an automatic that I like and this just caught my eye in a serious way!! I would go with the steel braclet on this one!!

  • CAA

    I like the Dievas Zeta Code Red, but my favorite watch on the Gnomon site is the Steinhart Marine Chronometer at I like the elegant look with the Roman numerals.

  • Wilson Meeks

    The Steinhart Triton is a good looking, functional dive watch for a reasonable price.

  • Donald

    For me it’s easy. I love the Dievas Vintage Kampfschwimmer because it was model after a historic watch from the Italian Navy in WWII. I love the unique California dial and blue hands.


  • http://thisone tim


  • Luke Harbeck

    my favorite timepiece on there site is the Damasko DC66., it is classy and it looks tough enough to withstand my job and still look great when I am out on the town.

  • William Dupree

    I am impressed with measuring time from measuring sunrise to sunset, sundials, hour glasses, candles, etc. up to the watch. It has allowed man to go beyond to venture into the
    the most intricate measures of time from microseconds to picoseconds and beyond. Owning a great watch like a Limes ETA 7751 Pharo Full Calendar Chronograph is having a valuable museum piece on your wrist.

  • Rob Sawyer

    I prefer the FONDALE GF Brown/Red Eng. (Ref. 9660-100-GFBE) for it’s solid movement, clean design and the company’s mission statement.

  • Rob Sawyer

    I prefer the FONDALE GF Brown/Red Eng. (Ref. 9660-100-GFBE) for its solid movement, clean design and the company’s mission statement.

  • valeriy

    I like CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH™ 20,000 Feet because it is designed for extreme conditions. It is right one for me.

  • jasonarnold

    Hi This is the watch i like – FONDALE Bronzo (Ref. 9680) . I just love the bronze look at moment, coupled with classic itilaian design style.  These guys are innovators in watch design.  Link to web page –

  • rayAmaze

    The >            
    Ocean 1 Vintage Red Sapphire, this watch is awesome and simple design. A everyday watch with great price point.