In this episode of aBlogtoWatch Weekly, Ariel, Rick, and David are joined by Simon from Escapement24, and our quartet of hosts sits down to discuss some of the latest articles and new releases from this week in the world of watches. Last episode, the off-topic question came up about how many whales you could fit inside Wales and, to kick off the show, Matt from the Spirit of Time podcast phones in to inform us that he has done the math, and the country of Wales can fit approximately 185,653,333 blue whales inside of it. After sorting out that important bit of business, the conversation then turns to watches and how the secondary market for Rolex models has been crashing in China, with a 46% drop in price compared to the inflated values from last year. After briefly discussing the concept of a “man drawer” once again and Rick coming to the realization that he doesn’t just have a single drawer allocated to his junk, but rather entire sheds full of it on his farm, our hosts then get into a conversation about the various factors that can make watches uncomfortable to wear, along with the most physically painful watches our hosts have ever experienced.

From there, the discussion shifts to the idea of sustainability within the watch industry and how certain environmentally-friendly buzzwords end up getting co-opted by brands in the name of marketing efforts and corporate greenwashing. Ariel brings up the point that given how little physical material actually goes into the production of watches, it may not be a worthwhile endeavor to pursue more sustainable manufacturing materials when the entire watch industry itself is based upon the celebration of indulgence rather than outright economy or efficiency. The conversation then takes a quick break for a surprise interview with Mike France from Christopher Ward, who gives us a sneak peek at the brand new C60 Trident Pro 300 and what we can expect from the brand’s latest new model. David’s review of the diamond-set digital watch from Casio is now live on the site, and our hosts briefly discuss the possible motives behind why Casio produced such a model in the first place, before wrapping up the show by talking about some of their favorite discontinued watches and which ones they would like to see make a comeback.

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Each week, the editors of the timepiece enthusiast publication come together to discuss some of the latest new releases and hottest industry stories for the aBlogtoWatch Weekly news podcast program. Listeners can learn more by clicking on any link below to view the articles discussed by the aBlogtoWatch crew in the program.

This episode features Ariel, Rick, David, and Simon from Escapement24.

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aBlogtoWatch launched the first-ever podcast about watches back in 2010 and continues to be the most referenced and respected publication for watch enthusiasts, buyers, and collectors in the world. Today, in addition to the website and social media channels, aBlogtoWatch produces the SUPERLATIVE podcast interview program as well as aBlogtoWatch Weekly.

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