aBlogtoWatch has been producing some buying guides for eBay, and we’ve got a fresh new batch to share. Now, we know that many “watch people” know the ins and outs of how to buy, sell, and trade watches online. However, more casual or beginning people who don’t have the confidence of experience can find themselves overwhelmed, intimidated, and plain stressed out about the process. We hope our guides, which are designed to answer broader questions about watch buying as well as provide watch brand- and model-specific guides, provide a good frame of reference for anyone on the hunt for a timepiece. Click on the images to view the articles on eBay.


One of our favorite Rolex watches is the Explorer, the entry-level sports watch that has seen the peaks of mountains and the sleeves of dress shirts. In our guide to buying a Rolex Explorer, we focus more on the entry-level Explorer but will be writing a followup guide for the Explorer II as well. The watch of choice for real historical figures like Sir Edmund Hillary and fictional ones like Don Draper from Mad Men, we would recommend the watch to most anyone.

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ebay-abtw-guide-Vintage-Heuer-vs-New-Carrera ebay-abtw-guide-buying-vintage-omega-deville

While as a publication, aBlogtoWatch likes to avoid sweeping statements about the vintage market because of its generally unstable nature, it’s nearly impossible to really talk about buying watches on eBay without breaching the vintage market. Here, we have two new posts discussing some vintage pieces. First, we discuss the merits of buying a new TAG Heuer Carrera or a vintage Heuer model. Now, there are pros and cons to both, and while we won’t tell you what to do, it’s a start in helping you make a decision you’re happy with. Secondly, we take a look at vintage Omega De Ville watches, which have come in a vast range of models and styles over the years. And we can’t say it enough with vintage watches: do your homework and research so you 100% know what you’re getting into.


Finally, we introduce Longines to the buyer who may not know enough about the brand to even start looking. Of course, one guide can’t cover the entire brand and models, but we think it’s a good start.

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