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Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Collection Hands-On

Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Collection Hands-On Hands-On I will admit the Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Dandy caught my eye because of its wild strap. Not sure I have anything to wear with it, or maybe it goes with all of my clothes – or maybe all of  them worn at the same time? But it surely is different and in keeping with their avant-garde theme. It comes with a hand-engraved rotor and is limited to 168 pieces.

Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Collection Hands-On Hands-On

The Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Dandy is a stainless steel watch that is 43.5mm wide and 12mm high with (you guessed it) 50m of water resistance and an anti-glare coated sapphire case front. The case back is engraved and fixed with seven screws. This watch shares the same ETA 2824 automatic movement as the Barbara. The price on the Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Dandy is $1,885.

Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Collection Hands-On Hands-On

I had seen the Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Glocker (alarm) watches last year, but it was good to check them out again this year. Glocke means “bell” in German and you will see there is a bell on the dial, behind the “Glocker” name. They start with a Poljot 2612 which was based upon the AS1475 movement by A. Schild. All components of these movements were produced from 1984 to 1998 and have been reworked and upgraded by Alexander Shorokhoff – the central and balance bridges are hand engraved, and other bridges get a clouds’ polishing, the winding wheels are guilloched, and the screws are blued. The (12-hour) alarm is set and wound via the second crown.

Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Collection Hands-On Hands-On

The concept behind the iridescent “paint color samples” is that the mother-of-pearl slivers go from dark blue at 5:30 a.m. to shining white at 9:30 a.m. to correspond with the rising sun and the wake-up time for most people.

Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Collection Hands-On Hands-On

The ringing alarm has a mechanical buzzing sound. Not to be confused with the chimes of a $100,000 minute repeater, of course. Then again, the purpose of this alarm watch is to alert you, not to show off with your billionaire buddies in the “repeater club.” It is 43.5mm wide and a slim 10mm high. The upgraded Poljot 2612 movement runs at 18,000bph and has a power reserve of 40 hours. The alarm rings for about 10-12 seconds and is powered by a different barrel. The Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Glocker is available with a silver or black dial – limited to 100 pieces in each dial color. The Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Glocker has a price of $2,850.

Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Collection Hands-On Hands-On

And we finish up with what is probably the purest example of what avant-garde means to Alexander Shorokhoff: the Plus-Minus watch. Whether the dial design speaks to you or not, it’s hard not to appreciate the detailing exhibited on this watch (front and back). Hey, if you are a hipster and need a crazy watch without a totally crazy price, this might be the thing for you.


Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Collection Hands-On Hands-On Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Watch Collection Hands-On Hands-On

The watch is visually striking, and the whimsical combination of patterns, shapes, and colors looks absolutely brilliant. Powered by the Swiss ETA 2824 movement, the watch sits elegantly on the wrist at 43.5mm wide and 12.75mm high, letting the bold colors do most of the talking. The price for the Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde Plus-Minus is just around $1,885.

I look forward to seeing what Alexander Shorokhoff brings to Baselworld 2016, as I’m sure they are not done exploring and inventing in the wild and fun world of avant-garde watches.

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  • I_G

    Lot of vodka must be consumed during the design sessions.

  • DanW94

    Nice review Mark. They sure are, um, colorful. The only one I could remotely pull off without looking like a circus performer/kids entertainer is the Watch Dandy. It’s got a funky designed dial but at least it hasn’t been dipped in a liquid rainbow and decorated by a gypsy fortune teller. I’d have to change out the strap though. Looking at the amount of decorative features alone, both front and back, the prices seem reasonable.

  • IanE

    Well that was a fun review! Good for a night on the town (after which they would probably look quite normal!)?

    (Meanwhile, I would say Season’s Greetings, Mark – but, as you don’t have them, have a good Noel!)

  • Raymond Wilkie

    At the end of the day, there is just so many was that you can move hands round the face of a watch wither that be automatic or mechanical. unless your a complete nerd ( to them i apologise ) the design of the piece is the first thing that’s going to attract your attention. I think this company does that wonderfully using a combination of unusual colours ( with a u ) and materials. The night and day i think is fantastic but the Jazz tribute looks a little lost, but well done you Germans.

  • SuperStrapper

    I’m honestly not that big a fan of the Avantgarde line, but I have owned an AS chronograph regulator , a few years and I really like it. One of my favourite watches in the box: very unique without being crazy, and it is a ton of watch for the money.

  • wallydog2

    The “Dandy” has been very high on my wish list…but the bracelet’s gotta go.

  • bjs314

    Love just about everything Shorokhoff releases.

  • spiceballs

    Whimsical design certainly says it all. Nice review Mark, thx.


    Unusually unusual fantasy pieces. Applaud AS for giving it a good effort. I would rather save my pennies for more functional less carney like pieces but to each is own. The prices are reasonable for once, a nice change from the 200K liquid moving watchamachine just reviewed earlier.

  • radikaz

    Mark Carson, u r writing for abtw now? 😀 great job!

    • Thanks – I have been writing on a limited basis for ABTW for a while.

  • Berndt Norten

    I am not joking when i say i expected the prices to be 100 times higher. Heck I would even buy the one that says SARPHIRE GLASSES on the back! Interesting watches.

  • ??????

    Very brave design, I must say. Alexander doesn’t care about being a kid inside imho, most of his watches could have made me loose my sleep during my school time. Currently, I am a bit too conservative to wear most of the watches, but still find the Dandy and the Sun-Moon rather attractive. Anyway, what goes without doubt: the pieces are 100% unique and wearing them would be 100% fun, but not for everyday. Btw the prices seem to be rather low regarding the finishing.

  • Timeless Watch

    Great watch for the Gen Y’s…

    • Nelson

      I’m a Gen Y but these are not my style. Perhaps, for Gen Zzzz

      • Timeless Watch

        Maybe the peace child from the swinging sixties…

  • Gary Aerne

    These watches are to busy.