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Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Stainless Steel Watch With Blue Guilloche Dial

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Stainless Steel Watch With Blue Guilloche Dial Watch Releases

Though a young brand, Arnold & Son is responsible for some memorable watches we have seen over the past few years. The wonderful Time Pyramid watch (reviewed here) as well as the Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon watch come to mind in particular. Now, a new version of the latter in stainless steel with a blue guilloche dial and blue guilloche moon phase disc has been announced. The shade of blue seems to be the same bright and deep blue as the red gold model, and the large moon and its accompanying stars are silver. It’s a great mix of colors that recreates the feeling of looking up on a moon on a cloudless night.

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Stainless Steel Watch With Blue Guilloche Dial Watch Releases

When the Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon watch was announced, the red gold with blue guilloche dial variant was the one that stood out most for me. The bright and deep blue of the dial is simply mesmerizing, especially when it’s juxtaposed with the gold moon. Unfortunately, because of its precious metal case, that meant this particular variant has a high price. Arnold & Son has a stainless steel variant, but that came with a black guilloche dial with a silver moon, which, although is a better approximation of what the moon would look like in the night sky, is just not as vibrant as the blue.

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Stainless Steel Watch With Blue Guilloche Dial Watch Releases

Most moon phase watches usually make do with just a small aperture for the display. The Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon watch, however, goes all out and offers its owner a large display of the moon with a large moon phase aperture that stretches from 10 to 2 o’clock and a moon phase disc that measures a whopping 29mm. The diameter of the moon alone, in case you were wondering, is 11.2mm. It’s also worth mentioning at this point that the moon itself looks very realistic because it was made from an initial hand-engraved model that has been duplicated for series production. The large moon phase display also never feels overwhelming because the case is a very modern 42mm in diameter. In all, the large moon phase display and the contemporary size of the case makes for a very harmonious overall look.

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Stainless Steel Watch With Blue Guilloche Dial Watch Releases

Underneath, this new Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon in stainless steel with blue guilloche dial watch is powered by the in-house-made hand-wound caliber A&S1512, which can be admired through the sapphire caseback. This particular caliber was created from the ground up to display the moon phase, and as a result, it is extremely accurate – to the tune of one day every 122 years. After 122 years, a single push on the corrector will sync the moon phase indication for another 122 years.

The 3Hz caliber A&S1512 also features double barrels which give it a power reserve of a very respectable 90 hours. The movement is also decorated to a very high standard and features manually chamfered bridges with polished edges, circular graining on the wheels, flame-blued screws, mirror polished heads and Côtes de Geneve finishing on the bridges. And as if the large moon phase display on the dial isn’t enough, there is also an eight-stage indication of the moon phase on the rear of the movement.


Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Stainless Steel Watch With Blue Guilloche Dial Watch Releases

All things considered, this new version of the Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon watch is a fantastic choice for those who want a classically styled watch with a twist. It comes with a choice of a hand-stitched black or brown alligator leather strap and it is priced at $17,

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  • iamcalledryan

    That’s a really nice, big moonphase.

    • egznyc

      It’s just like you said. My only complaint (besides the price) is the bottom of the dial is so blue compared with the top of the dial, with its enormous moon. It just feels a little unbalanced to my eyes. But wow, what a cool moon phase, and the view of the movement is fantastic.

  • I’m a little confused by the first line of the review. It’s a “young brand”? Or has it been around since 1764, as indicated on the dial?

    • BNABOD

      noticed that too maybe it changed ownership and now is a new brand w a old name behind it? just a guess

      • DanW94

        Some background info. Can’t vouch for accuracy. I just copied the link. I do know they’re owned by the Citizen Group.

        • So it’s a Swiss manufacturer owned by a Japanese corporation, using the name of an old English watchmaker. Ersatz Heritage.

          • DanW94

            Agree the lineage is tenuous at best. But the present day product, from all accounts, is undoubtedly first rate. (Strictly going by what I’ve seen and read – never owned one)

          • iamcalledryan

            I believe Citizen Group bought it a few years ago. Regardless, you can see when a brand is given the breathing room to retain it’s integrity regardless of ownership. Anyone who has worked for a large company with a strong culture or brand that has changed ownership will recognize this.

            Edit – oh yes, you already pointed out the Citizen bit!

          • DanW94

            Don’t know much about the business side of things, but let’s hope Citizen takes a hands off approach and continues to let A & S turn out beauties like this.

          • As I commented in the previous A&S post (

            Thank you Citizen for continuing to let Sebastien run amok and create these beauties.

            Same applies here. I saw this watch at BaselWorld (can’t remember in which case metal) and yes the blue is incredible. I think ABTW will have an upcoming post with more about Sebastien Chaulmontet (but you didn’t hear the from me).

          • DanW94

            Didn’t know I was stealing your line, I guess great minds think alike…

          • Great minds think alike – and our’s too.

          • DanW94

            Ha!…Yeah, I guess great minds might have been overstepping it a bit (at least in my case)

          • Happy holidays Dan.

          • DanW94

            Thanks Mark, And the same to you….

          • egznyc

            It’s amazing how excited we can get over the smallest of details. As nice as the blue looks, I am most drawn to the moon itself and the movement decoration.

  • Ulysses31

    This is so gorgeous I might get a nose-bleed. In the world of Swiss watches, for what you get and the sheer loveliness, I reckon this is reasonably-priced.

  • BrJean

    What is the purpose of another moon phase indicator on the back? Power reserve indication would be much more useful there.

    • iamcalledryan

      It allows for accurate setting. The one on the front has been stripped of reference markers in favor of a more artistic view, so to get it to the exact day it would be easier via the caseback – not impossible via the dial, but harder.


    whoa this is a nice piece and relatively reasonable price wise when compared to some of the monstrosities we have seen on this site for so much more cheese. the movement finish looks top notch the 8 stage moon indicator in the back is neat and as useful as a moon phase watch but neat none the less. I dig it.

  • Amit Menachemi

    well they went for the fantastic Christofer Ward C9 Big moonphase and I can understand it is with a better finishing but to ask for over 8 times the price ? too expansive

    • egznyc

      They are like apples and oranges. This is too rich for my blood, the CW is quite nice for the price, but if I could stomach the price I’d be more excited about this offering.

  • IanE

    They do make fantastic watches (& the Christopher Ward Large Moon is of course a Homage) – love to see this and the Time Pyramid in the metal!

    They also have a great Crown-and-Anchor logo – which always reminds me of a smiling Yogi Bear!


  • wallydog2

    Gives “flashing a moon” a whole new meaning.
    Sorry, that was vulgar. Couldn’t resist.
    Beautiful watch.
    I want one!

  • Richard Baptist

    Beautiful Watch! Finishing is top notch. I wish the price was lower but this price is not outrageous. Very similar to the Christopher Ward version but this is several steps above that.
    i love how the moon has a three dimensional surface. I want one.

    • egznyc

      Sure, it’s several steps up from the CW, but so is the price.

  • loydb

    I would like it better without the moon complication — love the blue guilloche.

  • Krystoph Roric

    I know what’s going to be under my tree this year! Well, it looks like I might have to wait a bit longer than that, but this one’s going into the collection without any pause. In fact, if anyone has one within 500 miles of Reno, I’d be happy to come get it.

    • GalaxyGuy

      The only A&S AD on the west coast is less than 500 miles from Reno, here in the SF bay area. I know for certain he can get one, as he told me they would be available in February and I just need to say the word. I was in the other day looking at the black one, which is nearly as beautiful. It’s a pretty great shop. He was showing me some amazing pieces, include an MB&F LM2. What a piece!

      • Krystoph Roric

        Nice! Thanks for the info. It gives me some ideas where to start. The MB&F is an old friend I might add. Curious to the edition your talk about.

  • JPonce

    I see A&S smirking at CW with this beautiful moon face!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I cant express how much I love this piece, size , colour, complication, movement the gorgeous guilloche work. There is nothing on this piece I would change,……….I am just sitting here now wondering where the hell am going to get $17,000 from…………I could start vaping,….

  • ??????

    Cheaper than Bamford crap and truly amazing.

  • SuperStrapper

    Stunning dial. The richness of colour and texture makes me want to just wrap myself up in it as if it wer wer divine blanket. Really would have liked to see a nic centre seconds hand, but it is forgivable.

  • word-merchant

    Dear Arnold and Son,

    Please take away the straight lines between the stars on the moon phase disc – just leave the stars floating alongside the stunning moons, offer the watch with a very slightly off-white dial, move your logo downwards so it is placed 5mm above the 6 o’clock marker, and make the hands 0.1mm thinner. Do all this, and my money is yours.

    • perfectshadow

      Of course, they should have consulted with you with your exacting specifications and tolerances for the design of this piece. Stunning watch, yet you complain that the hands are 0.1mm too thick?! I’d hate to be your barber!!

      • word-merchant

        If it’s any help, I wouldn’t want you as my barber either. You seem a bit too excitable to be allowed scissors.

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