The last time I discussed the Son of a Gun collection was here. The basic concept is that Aryta uses (drilled) smaller caliber Flobert rounds inside of a watch dial. Some models are basic automatics, while this tourbillon is clearly more intricate. The Flobert rounds are accompanied by the rear part of the casing for a 357 magnum round – which in this case sits over the mainspring barrel of the watch. It is weird for sure, but the depth of the dial, and the fact that you can see straight through it make for a very interesting and rich viewing experience that mixes nicely with the watch parts.

Inside the watch is a Concepto calibre C-8017 manually wound tourbillon movement with 72 hours of power reserve. The tourbillon uses a unique bridge made specially for Artya, in fact much of the movement has been designed specially for Artya. Flip the watch over and you have a more standard view of the Concepto movement. Artya is open, as well as proud of its relationship with Concepto. Arpa has been working with them for a long time, especially while at Romain Jerome years ago.

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While the Son of a Gun Tourbillon is a limited edition, Aryta isn’t clear on how many. The answer is probably “how many can we sell?” It would be an honest answer that most brands would give if they were being open. Would I wear a watch like this on a daily basis? I don’t know. I would certainly sport it from time to time, especially here in Los Angeles were I can get away with stuff like this easily. Few would even pay me much notice. If I was a suit and tie office type it might be much more difficult.

Having said that, I’ve met enough of the eccentric wealthy watch collectors whose eyes sparkle at novelties such as this to know who will be frequently wearing them. Some are the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, others have guard dogs with better dispositions. Someone has to make watches for them, and I am pretty happy it is an interesting guy like Mr. Arpa. Price for the Son of a Gun Tourbillon watch in steel is 150,000 Swiss Francs up to 175,00 Swiss Francs in 18k gold.

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