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You may know Avakian as a high-end jewelry and watch store. Avakian has a watch line as well. They have had watches for some time, but this is a very high-end and complex model for them. It is called (I believe) the Concept 1. Yes, there are many design cues taken from other watch makers. Richard Mille and Cvstos have a lot in common with this watch, as well as from other luxury models. It doesn’t matter that as a whole it is not ultra unique, but rather than in all, it is an interesting and fun design.

The watch was released officially almost a year ago, but that is pittance in “watch time,” where models can take a while to reach market, at least in any numbers. The watches will be sold exclusively through Avakian boutiques around the world. Avakian founder Edmond Avakian seems to suggest that the watch will be mostly available in their Beverly Hills, Geneva, London, and of course Moscow locations. Successful high-end luxury watch and jewelry stores have a very powerful things, their clients. Good service for them always carries them, and they can have repeat customers who return for years. Having their own line of items in addition to their known service is a powerful tool.

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Avakian has enlisted a number of shops, including key ones in Switzerland to manufacture the watches. It is necessary to contract with a variety of service providers and suppliers to make it all happen. The alternative is making your own watch manufacture – either partially or in whole. A expensive and risky venture to say the least. After having some very successful jewelry lines Avakian likely thought it would be a safe bet to “go watches.”

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The Avakian Watch Concept 1 have two movements that are either manually wound or are automatic. The watches share the same functionality having the time, large date on two discs which are mostly exposed, and a smaller watch face at 6 o’clock that serves as a second timezone. The watches are available in four materials – all gold. White gold, brown gold, black gold and pink gold. So much gold! You can get the bezel with or without diamond decoration as well.

The tonneau case is very curved and looks put together well with the case back being screwed on. There are sapphire crystals not only on the front and rear of the watch, but also as windows on the side of the watch giving a view into the movement. Each of the watches will be in limited edition – not sure of the numbers of each. Also not sure about the price. Well over $50,000 I would imagine.

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No doubt the dial of the watch is going to be a polarizing design. You either love the artsy, architectural, mechanical look, or you don’t. There is nothing inherently wrong with it. The dial is not very easy to read, but that isn’t the point. This is a “look at me watch.” It wants you to spend more time admiring it, than caring about what time it is. There is a ballsy masculinity to it, which is does not try to hide. At the end of the year Avakian is going to release more watches using the Watch Concept 1 format, as well as some new women’s watches. If they catch my eye, I will be sure to share them with you.

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