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As the third and final chapter of its Mission to Earth series of watches, the French independent brand Awake has created a trio of models known as the Time Travelers that pair genuine meteorite dials with cases crafted from recycled aerospace titanium. A space exploration theme is present throughout all of Awake’s Mission to Earth watches, and while previous models from the series featured NASA-inspired designs, the new limited-edition Time Travelers take things one step further when it comes to the material of their dials. Appearing in three different colors, the dials fitted to the Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers watches are crafted from slices of an ancient meteorite, which has traveled through time and space and is even older than planet Earth itself.

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As a brand, Awake aims to raise awareness for environmentally responsible manufacturing practices, and sustainability plays a central theme in all of Awake’s products. Just like previous models from the Mission to Earth series, the Time Travelers watches feature cases crafted from Regenerated Space Titanium, which consists of 70% recycled titanium that has been reclaimed from the aeronautics and aerospace industries. The Regenerated Space Titanium alloy offers performance properties that are identical to virgin titanium, and in addition having a significantly lower carbon impact, the use of this eco-friendly material further connects the new Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers watches to the world of space exploration that serves as their inspiration.

The Regenerated Space Titanium cases of the Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers watches measure 40mm in diameter by 11.89mm thick, with angular lugs that are set 20mm apart and extend to create an overall lug-to-lug profile of approximately 47.5mm. The reverse side of the watches are fitted with display-style casebacks that are secured along the perimeter by six small screws, while the right-hand side of the cases feature hexagonally-shaped winding crowns that are engraved with Awake’s logo and screw-down to help guarantee the collection’s 100 meters of water resistance. Set within the thin stepped bezels are flat anti-reflective sapphire crystals, and just like other models from Awake’s Mission to Earth series, the crystals feature integrated NFC technology that unlocks an entire digital world that surrounds these exclusive space-themed timepieces.

The wireless NFC technology invisibly embedded into the sapphire crystals of the Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers watches allows owners to easily scan their timepieces with their smartphones or tablets to access the virtual world that accompanies them. Each watch is connected to its own NFT, and by simply holding a smartphone up to the crystal of one of the Time Travelers watches, owners can verify the authenticity of the timepiece and have immediate access to its blockchain-secured proof of ownership. Additionally, scanning the crystal can also instantly transport users to an immersive virtual experience developed by NASA, which invites owners to explore the Milky Way galaxy and discover the various asteroids and meteorites that exist within our solar system.

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Sitting under the sapphire crystals, the dials of the Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers watches are expertly crafted from slices of the famous Muonionalusta meteorite, which collided with Earth’s surface around a million years ago. Discovered in Sweden in 1906, the Muonionalusta meteorite is 4.56 billion years old, which makes it more than 20 million years older than the Earth itself, and it is considered by scientists to be the single oldest object on our planet. Known as Widmanstätten patterns, the geometric lines that are revealed when the pieces of the meteorite are cut are a natural result of the alien alloy being heated to extreme temperatures when it entered Earth’s atmosphere. Due to this naturally occurring process, no two dials will ever appear exactly the same, which makes each of the Awake Time Travelers watches unique among its siblings

Aside from being a rare and extraterrestrial alloy that exists in a finite quantity on Earth, meteorite is also a rather challenging material to use for watch dials due to its high iron content, which makes it extremely hard and brittle to machine. After the meteorite slices are cut into thin discs and polished, hour markers are applied to their surfaces and filled with blue-glowing BGW9 Super-LumiNova. Additionally, rather than appearing somewhere on the outside of the watch, each of the Time Travelers has its unique limited-edition number engraved along the lower perimeter of the chapter ring that sits below its crystal. Meanwhile, a trio of centrally-mounted hands is tasked with displaying the time, and all three hands are finished with matching Super-LumiNova accents to provide the Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers models with superior legibility in low-light conditions.

Fitted to the lugs of the Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers watches are straps made from Biopoly rubber, which is created using oil from the castor plant in order to help decrease their reliance on non-renewable resources such as petroleum. The straps taper from 20mm at the case down to 18mm where they connect to their titanium tang-style buckles, and the inner surfaces of the straps are adorned with an embossed Widmanstätten pattern motif, which both complements the appearance of the watches’ dials, while simultaneously promoting breathability and comfort on the wrist. The straps connect to the case with integrated quick-release springbars to facilitate easy and tool-free strap changes, while the tang-style buckles offer a unique skeletonized structure and are engraved with Awake’s logo.

Powering the Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers collection is a modified version of the venerable Miyota Caliber 9039 automatic movement, which proudly sits on display though the sapphire window in the caseback. Running at a frequency of 28,800vph (4 Hz) with a power reserve of approximately 42 hours, the Miyota Cal. 9039 is the no-date version of this trusted and proven Japanese movement design, which means that the available positions for the winding crown perfectly correspond with the time-only layout of the dial. Additionally, unlike the standard version of the Miyota 9039, the movement used by Awake for its Mission to Earth Time Travelers watches features a custom skeletonized rotor that is adorned with brushed and sandblasted surfaces, polished bevels, and an engraving of a planet with the words “Dare Mighty Things” inscribed along the outer perimeter.

The Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers collection consists of three models, with the colorways of the watches being the key differences between them. The first model is the most traditional among the trio, and it features a largely gray color profile with a natural meteorite dial, uncolored titanium components, and a matching gray rubber strap. Meanwhile, the second version features a titanium case with a dark purple finish, and it gets paired with a black galvanically-treated meteorite dial and a matching black rubber strap with a purple-finished buckle. Lastly, the third and final member of the Mission to Earth Time Travelers series is known as the Lassaussois Edition, and it is dedicated to the French retailer of the same name that sells Awake watches. Similar to the second version, the Lassaussois Edition features a purple titanium case, although it gets paired with a matching purple galvanized meteorite dial and includes a pair of rubber straps in both black and white.

Similar to previous chapters from Awake’s Mission to Earth series, all three of the Time Travelers watches will also be produced as small-batch limited editions. For both the gray model and the purple version fitted with a black dial, a total of 500 examples will be created for each watch, while the Lassaussois Edition will be produced as a limited edition of just 100 examples. Additionally, while the first two models are accompanied by an official retail price of €1,325 EUR (or approximately $1,395 USD, at the time of writing), the Lassaussois Edition costs slightly more at €1,400 EUR (or around $1,475 USD), and it will be exclusively available from Lassaussois retail locations and Awake’s official website. Inextricably connected to the world of space exploration through their use of recycled aerospace titanium and slices of meteorite, the Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers are ideal for those who have a passion for the cosmos and want to own a piece of outer space that they can wear on their wrist. For more information on the Awake Mission to Earth Time Travelers watches, please visit the brand’s website

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