French watch brand Awake released the Summetria collection of timepieces in 2023 as a limited edition. The Awake Summetria collection features four different watches, each of which has a different dial color and is limited to 50 pieces per version. According to Awake, “summetria” means “a perfect balance” in Greek, which sounds to me like the analog of the word “symmetrical.” Indeed, the watch dials are symmetrical, which is a common theme we have seen in Awake watches thus far. What is new about the Summetria pieces is the dial with its guilloche engraving-style pattern. These guilloche-style dials are available in copper, blue, khaki [green], and black tones. Note how the “Awake” logo is printed under the crystal above the face and is only on the dial when it casts a shadow over it.

For the case, Awake uses its existing profile, which is a 40mm wide grade 2 titanium case that we have featured on aBlogtoWatch when talking about the Awake Mission To Earth “Meatball” watch, and the Awake Mission To Earth Time Travelers watches. The case is pretty nice, both visually and in terms of comfort. For this accessible price point, you get a nice sustainability story about using mostly recycled titanium, and the quality is overall quite high. I enjoy the polished ring on the side of the bezel, which creates some welcome visual dazzle to contrast against the sandblast-finished case (really the only finishing that grade 2 titanium takes easily). Other details such as the hexagonal crown keep this from feeling like just another round watch case.

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The Awake Summetria case is, as I said, 40mm wide and 11.9mm thick and has a roughly 47mm long lug-to-lug distance with 100 meters of water resistance. Over the dial is an AR-coated sapphire crystal. The steep walls of the inner case around the dial have some text printed on them in the form of “One out of 50.” This is the slightly less expensive way of having a limited edition but not having to individually number each.

My primary issue with the case is that it doesn’t shield sounds from the motion of the automatic rotor very well. The Miyota automatic movement inside the watch is somewhat to blame, but really, the issue is in creating a case that buffers the sound of the metal-on-metal contact of the automatic rotor and the plate it spins on. Without getting into that discussion a lot more, suffice it to say that there is an appreciable “motion sound” coming from the case when the automatic rotor moves around. This does not impede performance or anything like that, but is rather something to be aware of since not everyone (including myself) likes to hear their timepiece while it is in operation. Inside the watch is a Miyota caliber 9039 automatic movement which operates at 4Hz with 42 hours of power reserve. You can see the movement through the caseback window, along with the custom Awake automatic rotor.

Awake comes with excellent design talent, and the overall beauty of the Summetria watch is its most enjoyable part. Wearing comfort and legibility are also very high. The core dial design of the Summetria isn’t unique to this model or even Awake. However, the brand does a nice job of executing this sports watch dial style in a fine way, again, at a reasonable price. The relative depth of the dial works in its favor, given that the applied hour markers and hands appear quite tall and take up a lot of space (relatively speaking that is). The polished hands and hour markers look very handsome against the metal sheen of the colored dials with their stamped guilloche patterns on them. The hands and hour markers are also painted in Super-LumiNova material.

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Attached to the cases are attractive gray-colored leather straps. This was a nice conservative choice, but clearly (because the 20mm-wide straps are on quick-release bars), Awake believes that individuals can spruce up their own Summetria watches with straps that match the individual dial colors a bit better. Each of the dial colors is well-done in my opinion. The slate gray “black” is the most conservative choice, the blue is stunningly bright, and the copper with its pink hues is probably the most adventurous.

With most of its current watches being somewhat modern and space-themed in their focus, it is interesting to see Awake take a more “traditional” approach with the Summetria collection. The combination of the case design with a guilloche dial pattern was clever, and these lower-cost mechanical sport watches serve a dual purpose as semi-formal watches given the dial designs. Once again, each of the four versions of the Awake Summetria is limited to 50 pieces. Price is €890 Euros. Learn more at the Awake Watches website.

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