This is probably the most beautiful Seiko Spring Drive movement-based watch to date. It also offers the wonderful mechanics of the Seiko Spring Drive 5R67 (5R67A) movement. The watch is so impressive that it won this years “Golden Balance Wheel Award” in the up to 5000 Euros watch category. The Golden Balance Wheel award is a notable watch award given by German watch magazine, “Uhren-Magazin.”

Most notable, with a limited edition of 200, this Spring Drive watch has the modern-looking moonphase complication as well as a beautiful design overall. This is really a stunning example of lasting modern design, and about as nice as you can hope for from a watch in this price range. You really get everything in this watch, a hardy, yet complicated movement, reliable quality, and a look that is timeless.

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The metal work is phenomenal. Seiko really knows how to polish a case, which is nicely done on the multi-later looks of the SNR017’s case. Sapphire crystals on the front and rear of the watch are thick and well constructed, and you have a nice view of the movement inside. You’d think it was just a nicely decorated mechanical movement just by seeing it, but you know that inside each Spring Drive movement is a special regulator that ensures quartz-like precision from this watch. The power reserve is 72 hours long as well. Looking at the hands and features on the face, you’ll further appreciate the extensive attention to detail that high-end Seiko watches are know for. They do an excellent job of creating well crafted small pieces of metal. The case is just over 42mm wide, and the black strap is made of alligator. Seal of Approval AwardThe dial is thoughtfully designed. A good mixture of visual interest, and simplicity. Notice the textured cut out where the power reserve indicator is. It is an unique touch, but wholly appropriate and helps to smooth out the details and asymmetrical charm of the watch. Aside from the faceted hands and hour markers, the real attracting feature of the watch is the moonphase window. The window is like futuristic well, and the chic look of the moon and covering partition is so elegant in execution. All the while it is not a pretentious looking piece, and has more of a classy “can-do’ feel. Basically it is one of those self empowering watches, you know, like a power tie, but in timepiece form.

Price-wise, Seiko Spring Drive watches are still pretty steep (for Japanese watches that is). This one is being offered at $6,000, which is a bit on the higher end, but it looks like the seller is open to offers, which I suggest you do. This watch in addition to being an award winner is bound to be a classic.

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