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Seiko Astron Pays Homage to Original 1969 Quartz Astron In Titanium

Seiko Astron Pays Homage to Original 1969 Quartz Astron In Titanium Watch Releases

Seiko’s Astron collection, from my perspective, is a somewhat overlooked effort from the Japanese brand. I think this is largely in error, however. If a collector is able to get past the non-mechanical aspects of these pieces, I think they offer an enormous amount of functionality in a robust and attractive package. But maybe I’m wrong; maybe there is a surfeit of Seiko Astron collectors out there that I just don’t see. If so, this release is for you.

To commemorate the original 1969 Quartz Astron, Seiko has decided to release a collection of four watches modeled after that original Astron with a curved case, wide lugs, and a thin bezel. Instead of purely quartz, Seiko employed its Caliber 5×53 Solar-powered and GPS-synced movement. This time, however, the cases are made out of titanium, offering a lightweight 42.8mm package. There are four variations in this release, starting with the limited edition SSH071 with its forest green dial and ceramic bezel. Following the limited offering will be the SSH063/67 and SSH069. These watches will have white, gray, and black faces (with coated black case), respectively.

Seiko Astron Pays Homage to Original 1969 Quartz Astron In Titanium Watch Releases

Seiko has done a good job making each offering from this collection different. The limited green color reads differently than the rest of the collection due to the ceramic bezel contrasting against the titanium case and the gold accents on the dial. The SSH069 with the black-coated case stands out on the merit of its dial texture alone, in my opinion. I always had this preconceived notion that all Astron watches were 44mm or larger. Seeing that this collection is sized at just over 42mm changes that, plus these models are being made out of lightweight titanium. These are likely going to be very wearable pieces. One thing does have me scratching my head, however — Seiko stated that these watches should be robust and scratch-resistant. Titanium is much softer and more susceptible to scratches than other materials, unless Seiko has chosen to treat these with Diashield, which is not explicitly stated.

Seiko Astron Pays Homage to Original 1969 Quartz Astron In Titanium Watch Releases

Functionally, the Astron collection at large offers a lot. The 5X53 movement is updated twice a day via the GPS network or manually synced at the press of a button. This reminds me quite a bit of the atomically equipped G-Shock collections from Casio, such as this one. That said, it will remain to be seen if this Astron release can carve out a niche for itself against the concurrent Prospex release.

Seiko Astron Pays Homage to Original 1969 Quartz Astron In Titanium Watch Releases

When it boils down to it, this is a great release for Seiko. Four new watches, one of which will be limited, all in a very wearable size and made out of a super-wrist-friendly material. All four have a water resistance of 200 meters, allowing them to go wherever you need them to. It’ll be up to the consumer to decide if the techie nature of these watches makes them interesting enough to drop the cash. This would be something I’d be willing to give a shot. The new Prospex Astron collection will be available starting in June with the limited Green SSH071 for €2,800. Following a month later, the SSH069 will be available for €2,800, as well, and the SSH063 and SSH067 for €2,600. For additional information, head on over to

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  • I like the GPS time sync but at roughly $3K USD, I don’t see the value proposition.

  • Katnip Everlean

    They ruined the Astron name with this meme watch

    It’d be like if Rolex released a new Cellini but called it the Daytona

    • What fresh hell is this?

      This one in particular?

  • SuperStrapper

    The new handset is pretty cool, but these prices are laughable.

  • Peter Willis

    A quartz (albeit solar) for $3,000.00 I need to get some of what they are smoking. ???

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Astronomical pricing yet again by Seiko.
    See what i did their?

    • Poisson

      >See what i did their?

      Yeah, I see that you misspelled there…

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Dam it, always get that wrong.

        • Poisson

          Don’t you mean damn it? 🙂

  • aWtchslvr

    One of the best quartz watches of the market. Accordingly priced.

  • SMB

    If I travelled a lot it would be useful to have one of these. I think this is more useful than a mechanical GMT or dual time watch when travelling. The newer versions of the Astron also look nicer to me than the larger versions with the 8X movement.

    • Poisson

      Agreed. But I prefer a smaller watch with a less busy dial. I believe the case size is dictated by the GPS antenna under the bezel, but I would definitely go for one at 40mm, and a bit more elegant.

  • NaJo

    For solar powered i prefer casio edifice. Of course the titanium case construction and polishing in this seiko is 10 times better but cant justify this price range everfor a solar or quartz watch. I dont buy gs 9f quartz or cartier high autonomy quartz either at high $$.

    • Poisson

      IIRC the Edifice has radio synch which is of no use outside a few select markets. GPS satellites are usable more-or-less everywhere.

      > I dont buy gs 9f quartz or cartier high autonomy quartz either at high $$.

      Do yourself a favour and try one! Let the scales of ignorance fall away from your eyes and you will see the stunning beauty of a Grand Seiko.

      • NaJo

        i have gs sbga375 spring drive …. am talking about quartz movements for $5k, this solar for $3k, and cartier ha quartz for $5k…

    • aWtchslvr

      If the case construction, titanium and polishing of seiko is 10 times better than casio and, as Poisson remarked, seiko is no radio sync but GPS sync I am starting to think that compared with casio edifice and in terms of quality/price astron is the winner.

      • NaJo

        yeah agree that it was a bad comparison, my point is spending $3k above on a quartz is waste of money…

        • aWtchslvr

          A respectful opinion.

  • What fresh hell is this?

    I guess only the Swiss are allowed high margins on their watches.

  • Esteban

    G-Shocks aren’t “atomically equipped”.

  • hokedli83

    I agree, it is expensive, but on the other hand people easily accept the same price tag for a swiss watch with a cheap, mass manufactured ETA 2894-2…

  • spice

    Very nice and well worth the money. Have the earlier model and it is faultless. While bigger at 48mm it is extremely comfortable, durable and legible.

  • Airlangga Sastranegara

    Well, there must be hard to choose between Seiko Astron SSH069 (Caliber 5X53) and Citizen Attesa “Star Wars Edition” (Caliber F950).. both are great with “only” ~42.8 mm case diameter compared to other competitors that has bigger case (G-shock MRG & Casio Oceanus)

    Seiko Astron quite better with 20 Bar water resistant, but in the other hand Citizen Attesa has anti scratch coating

    I wonder why there’s no Swiss watch with GPS Timekeeping (except their smartwatch).. I believe Swiss can make it more dressy look (~40 mm & slim) ?

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