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One of the few watch manufacturers based in India, Bangalore Watch Company prides itself on creating thoughtfully-designed, world-class timepieces that pay tribute to the brand’s homeland. Founded in 2018, Bangalore is credited with putting India back on the horological map, and it now has a dedicated base of customers in more than 30 countries. What is particularly noteworthy about the brand is that each watch produced by Bangalore takes its inspiration from a particular figure or seminal event from modern India, giving each piece a unique angle and interesting backstory. The brand’s newest release, the MACH 1 Silk Scarf, celebrates Indian women in the field of aviation.

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Since its introduction in 2019, the MACH 1 has become one of Bangalore’s most popular pieces. It sports a clean, legible aesthetic with a retro-inspired undertone. It’s a simple but effective design that lends itself nicely to different variations, as evidenced by the MACH 1 Synchro and Admiral limited editions. While each of the watches in the MACH 1 collection is inspired by a particular story in the world of aviation, the new Silk Scarf extends the MACH 1 collection into a commercial aviation backstory for the first time.

“Women in aviation don’t just keep our skies safe, but they also carry with them the dreams of millions of young girls who look up and aspire. 15% of all commercial pilots in India are women. This number is surprisingly three times higher than the global average. This storyline formed our inspiration to create the Silk Scarf to celebrate women in aviation,” said Mercy Amalraj, Co-founder and Head of Ownership Experience at Bangalore.

The name of the MACH 1 Silk Scarf draws its inspiration from the aviator’s scarves worn by pilots in the formative years of modern aviation. Today, many women pilots still wear silk scarves as a symbol of their freedom to fly. Accordingly, the MACH 1 Silk Scarf features a decorative caseback with an etching of an aviator’s scarf. Bangalore also came up with a striking new color scheme for the dial of the MACH 1 Silk Scarf. Dubbed “Aerobloom,” the light-pink color has a matte appearance with a grained texture that reacts beautifully to different lighting settings. While it reads like a powder pink color in most settings, it has a bit of a coral undertone under certain light. It makes for a unique dial color that’s suitable for both men and women.

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The 316L stainless-steel case of the MACH 1 Silk Scarf measures a compatible 40mm in diameter with a relatively short 46.5mm lug-to-lug distance, making it suitable for a wide variety of wrists. It boasts a water resistance rating of 100 meters and is powered by the tried and true Sellita SW200 movement, which is widely regarded as a reliable workhorse movement that is both accurate and easy to service.

A well-designed pilot’s watch with a compelling backstory, the Bangalore Watch Company MACH 1 Silk Scarf watch is priced at $1,050 USD and can be reserved online now. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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