bangalore watch company renaissance dial and hands

If I had to complain about anything on the dial, it would be two things. First, I would have really liked for the brand to try and match the dial color with matching date disc colors. This is an expensive and custom undertaking, so I understand not doing it. It isn’t as though a white date disc isn’t decent looking. Second would be the rather high polish hour markers and hands which make legibility in some light less than ideal. Mostly you can read the dial well, but for those with weaker eyes, I recommend the lightest color dial available in the Renaissance Automatic collection.

bangalore watch company renaissance case

Finishing on the 40mm wide case is surprisingly good at this price point. Polished and brushes surface play together to give the case a much more high-end look than if the case were given one finishing. At about 12mm thick this isn’t the thinnest watch in the world and the heft gives it a bit more of a masculine feel to it. The brand is, of course, limited by the thickness of the movement when it comes to slimming down the watch anymore. Watches with this style of case and dimensions have been around for a long time – so Bangalore Watch Company certainly had lots of good examples to base their designs around.

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bangalore watch company renaissance case back bangalore watch company renaissance movement

Powering the Renaissance Automatic watches is a Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic – which is the current king of Japanese alternatives to decent Swiss movements like the ETA 2824-2. The 9015 movement is visible through the rear of the case and is given a custom rotor design to match the Bangalore Watch Company logo theme. The movement operates at 4Hz (28,800 bph) with about 42 hours of power reserve. I don’t think anyone buying a watch like this at this price should have anything to complain about in the movement department.

bangalore watch company renaissance on wrist

Bangalore Watch Company Renaissance Wearability

As an everyday watch, the Renaissance Automatic will certainly have a formal, dressy element to it. If your daily attire includes business urban clothing, then you can easily wear this watch all the time. With 100m of water resistance, the Renaissance Automatic can be taken swimming and will probably put up with a bit more adventure than your standard dress watch. With that said, I don’t see this as an outdoors activity watch. If only because the leather strap will get worn out rather quickly if it gets abused on a regular basis. If you really must use a timepiece like this for sport purposes, then I recommend putting an entirely different strap on it (such as a NATO-style strap).

bangalore watch company renaissance case profile

Having said all that, most people don’t use a dress watch for sport purposes and their concern is how fashionably versatile the Renaissance Automatic is. Given the traditional, familiar design, a look like this should easily go with pretty much any clothing that matches the main colors of the case and dial. I would recommend buyers go with a version that they feel goes the best with their skin tone.

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bangalore watch company renaissance case thickness

Given the classic case and dial design, there also isn’t much risk in an aesthetic like this going out of style. So wearability for the coming years is also likely ensured when investing in a timepiece like this. Fixing the watch is also not something to be terribly concerned with, as I am sure Citizen Group-owned Miyota makes replacement parts easily available.

bangalore watch company renaissance strap bangalore watch company renaissance gold

In truth, there are a number of good dress watch options out there for under $1,000 and it is also true that a lot of them look similar. The same thing can be said of suits themselves. They key isn’t always about original designs, but rather a mix of price and quality which leads to a presentable result which the wearer is looking for. I think the real value in a timepiece like the Renaissance Automatic is the product’s consistent ability to serve nicely when the owner needs a dress watch, as well as the fact that most watch lovers don’t actually need that many dress watches. So if you don’t have one yet and purchased something like the Renaissance Automatic from Bangalore Watch Company, you probably wouldn’t need to look at more dress watches for quite a while. Price for the Bangalore Watch Company Renaissance Automatic watch is $560 USD. Learn more or order at Bangalore Watch Company here.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Bangalore Watch Company
>Model: Renaissance Automatic
>Price: $560 USD
>Size: 40mm wide, 12mm thick, 47mm lug-to-lug distance
>When reviewer would personally wear it: As a sensible dress watch anytime the occasion calls for one.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Novice or more budget-minded watch collectors who prefer a conservative dress-style from an enthusiast-driven small watch brand.
>Best characteristic of watch: Excellent emulation of classic dress watch theme with a solid movement and very attractive price.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Watch has limited distinctive design elements and brand has really yet to start celebrating the “Bangalore” part of the brand’s story. Though this is a good first step for them. Watch dial has some legibility issues depending on the light.

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