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When it comes to sheer practicality and function, it’s difficult to top a modern smartwatch. While smartwatches offer consumers a dizzying array of information, customization, and accuracy, the bulky computerized styling typical of these timepieces leaves many style-conscious buyers cold. Innovative young Australian brand Bausele has created a unique solution to this smartwatch style dilemma. The new Bausele Vintage 2.0 combines the effortless style of a classic field watch with all the modern amenities smartwatch technology can bring.

The 40mm stainless steel case of the Bausele Vintage 2.0 offers a classic compact sports watch shape with athletic wide-set lugs and a narrow, smooth bezel finished with a fine even brushing and optional gold tone for added refinement. With its wide unguarded crown and single piston-style pusher at 2 o’clock, the case of the Vintage 2.0 echoes the style of classic midcentury monopusher “officer’s chronograph” designs without ever feeling derivative, creating an original form while blending elements from a variety of iconic references. Fifty meters of built-in water resistance ensures that the Bausele Vintage 2.0 is more resilient than many of its smartwatch contemporaries, able to stand up to a variety of sporting activities.

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At first glance, the dial of the Bausele Vintage 2.0 deftly belies its smartwatch capabilities, offering a clean and stylish take on the classic field watch layout, instead. The visual balance between the lumed baton hands and warmly rounded Arabic numerals is expertly maintained, with the end product offering an airy, open ethos. Impressively, this elemental design changes dramatically with different dial color options. The classic matte black dial feels timeless, with a pleasing military-grade purposefulness, while in navy blue, the dial takes on a much softer and more welcoming appeal. The stark white dial, however, injects the watch with an added touch of character courtesy of its distinctive silhouette numerals at 6 and 12 o’clock. The only hint of the Vintage 2.0’s true capability on the wrist comes by way of the outer pointer date track and lumed inner minutes track, where unique markers at 2, 4, 8, and 10 o’clock indicate new alerts to the wearer by all three hands moving to point at the relevant icon. Each marker indicates a different type of alert — the crescent moon at 2 o’clock alerts wearers to sleep-cycle alarms, while at 4 o’clock the kangaroo indicator is used both as a playful nod to Bausele’s Australian heritage and a notification for activity tracking alerts. Lastly, the 8 o’clock phone icon lets wearers know of incoming calls, and the speech bubble marker at 10 o’clock instantly notifies the owner of new messages.

In order to create the clean hybrid smartwatch interface of the Vintage 2.0, Bausele partnered with a Swiss smartwatch movement pioneer. With no touch screens or LCD displays to visually clutter the watch, much of the true potential of the Bausele Vintage 2.0 is accessed through Bausele’s streamlined companion app on a paired smartphone. With this pairing, the Vintage 2.0 offers an impressive suite of tools, ranging from call notifications, message alerts, sleep cycle monitoring, an activity tracking suite measuring calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled, to instant time-setting synchronization anywhere in the world. Even on its own, however, the Vintage 2.0 offers wearers solid functionality, including a chronograph and world timer. Beyond the variety of information on offer, Bausele allows users to customize their notifications for each type of alert on the Vintage 2.0, allowing wearers to highlight the most crucial incoming information while offering a more discreet vibration or silent notification for others. With up to four years of battery life, the Bausele Vintage 2.0 removes the need for daily charging while providing atomic clock-synced, worry-free timekeeping.

In keeping with the classic feel of the design, Bausele offers the Vintage 2.0 with a selection of vintage-inspired strap options. These include supple, minimally stitched leather in stylish matte black, warm honey brown, and a rich, dark-tobacco leather tone. The Vintage 2.0 is also offered with a clean and sporty seven link bracelet, featuring all brushed links for a uniform and rugged look.

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By combining the dependable functionality of a modern smartwatch with the classic masculine lines of a midcentury field watch, the Bausele Vintage 2.0 has created a unique hybrid that offers wearers a perfect balance between old and new. The Bausele Vintage 2.0 smartwatch is available for purchase now online and through authorized retailers at an MSRP of $750 AUD. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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