A jumping hour watch is nifty device. It can be argued that a jumping hours format is even more legible than the traditional analog hand format. Essentially, jumping hours is a hybrid of analog and digital. The hours portion of the watch is done through a hour display window. There is a disc underneath the dial that features the hour numbers. The next hour literally “jumps” when the previous ends. This is the digital component. So when the time is 4:59, the next minute the 4 in the hour window jumps to 5 rather than gradually move to 5. Then, you have the analog minutes hands that revolves around the dial like a gauge. Do you have the benefit of quickly knowing the hour, and having the graceful analog indication of the minutes.

In addition to this, the Bell & Ross Vintage Jumping Hours line features a well inserted power reserve indicator. There are currently four watches in the line who share the same automatic mechanical movement that dispenses with such superfluous functions like the date or a seconds display. The watches are really nice in style and offer what I’d picture a successful industrialist would like to wear. The Bell & Ross Vintage line is really connected by a certain case style, and numeral font, which these watches share. Being on the higher end of the Bell & Ross line, these watches are constructed from either platinum or gold, or a mixture of the two.

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Size of the case is modest at 39mm, but shouldn’t look too small as the bezel is relatively thin. The thicker a bezel is, the smaller the dial appears, no matter the size of a watch. You can see the two styles of watch hands which are nice in their own degree. Each and blued and plump, with some being shorter than the others. They really connect to the overall design of the watch face, which incorporates the layered look on some of the faces. These are really classy looking watches, something that Bell & Ross does a great job at. The straps are various colors of crocodile.

Cost of the watches is commensurate with the materials used. They can be had from about $5,000 – $30,000 if you can find them. These are among the rarer non limited edition Bell & Ross watches out there, which is sad, because they are some of the finest looking.

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