1. Why Rolex Watches Are The Most Reputable Consumer Products In The World According To Industry Study

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According to a recent study by the Reputation Institute, Rolex came in second in the list of top 100 most reputable companies in the world–they were tied with BMW and behind just Walt Disney and Google, both tied for first. This led us to wonder, how is it that Rolex always does so well in such surveys. They are also often ranked amongst the the world’s most recognizable and valuable brands. Why is that so? Well, this article attempts to explain.

Source: Forbes

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2. Who Wears What, Why?

If you agree that watches are emotional objects then it is deeply fascinating to learn the reasons why someone picked a particular watch over another, or why someone is in love with one brand and yet abhors another. This article follows a few individuals and details the reason why they picked the watches that they did. Well worth a read.

Source: The New York Times

3. Seiko Superior Limited Edition Dive Watch SRP453 Baby Tuna Review

Seiko SRP453 Baby Tuna

To celebrate 100 years of watchmaking, Seiko released a couple of limited edition divers last year and one of them was the SRP453 Blue Baby Tuna. Seiko, as we all know, makes very fine watches and is really one of the few truly integrated watch manufactures. This is an in-depth look at SRP453, which we think will make a very fine casual or weekend watch.

Source: The Time Tapestry

4. A Conversation with Shinji Hattori, President & CEO of Seiko

Seiko Shinji Hattori

Seiko, I feel, is a brand that is widely misunderstood and extremely under-rated. To be sure, they are possibly the only other manufacture that can compete with Rolex in terms of sheer vertical integration. And while they do make affordable pieces, they are by no means shoddy, and their high-end Grand Seiko and Credor watches are on a par with the very best of Switzerland. Timezone recently had the chance to interview their President and CEO, Shinji Hattori, about their newest watches and their plans going forward.

Source: TimeZone

5. Rolex: How a 109-Year-Old Brand Thrives in the Digital Age


If you are an avid Facebook user, you would probably know that Rolex only started their official Facebook page last year. This was a big step for Rolex as it has always been a very secretive and conservative brand, and often refrained from communicating directly to its customers and fans. So why did it choose to launch its Facebook initiative now? And how is it tackling the finicky world of social media to ensure that it stays consistent and coherent with its image? This article discusses that and more.

Source: Mashable

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