1. Radiomir 1940 3 Days Paneristi Forever

PAM 532

Panerai has just released another watch in honor of its fans, which are known affectionately as Paneristis. The Radiomir 1940 3 Days Paneristi Forever, known more simply as the PAM 532, features the Radiomir 1940 style case with a black DLC coating and utilizes the P.3000 movement and is limited to just 500 pieces. I hope the watch is allocated to true Panerai connoisseurs and not to flippers who just want to make a quick buck off the watch. Source: Jake’s Panerai World

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2. Horween Leather: A Watch Nerd’s Primer


Part of the fun of wearing watches is the ability to customize it with different straps. As strap collectors can attest, a simple change of strap can completely alter the look and feel of a watch. And if you have been spending some time looking up straps, the word “Horween” gets thrown up often. Just what exactly is Horween and what are strapmakers talking about when they say “Horween leather”? Read this and all questions will be answered. Source: Worn and Wound

3. TAG Heuer: Wheels, Women & Watches

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Tag Heuer was arguably one of the first watch brands to be actively involved in motorsports. And in the 70s, they were the timepiece of choice for Scuderia Ferrari. Rush has garnered much praise for its portrayal of the rivalry between Lauda and Hunt and tries, as much as possible, to stay accurate to the source, right down to the watches. However, there was a pretty hilarious mix up. To find out what it is, check out the article by hitting this link: Source: World Tempus

4. Two Horological Legends Meet – Angelo Bonati & Alan Bloore

Bonati Bloore

Most of you would know Angelo Bonati, Panerai’s engimatic CEO; but the name Alan Bloore might not ring a bell. Better known by as username “Hammer” on Paneristi.com, Alan is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate Panerai collectors around. Recently, the two were in Singapore where Mr. Bonati presented Alan with a very special “00” example of the new PAM 532 “Paneristi Forever” watch. Source: Revolution

5. Talking Watches with John Mayer

Talking Watches

Apart from being an accomplished musician, John Mayer is also an avid watch collector. In this short video, he talks about his love for watches. his attitude towards watch collecting and also shows off some of his favorite pieces. Source: Hodinkee

6. Vintage Rolex Meetings with Asian Friends.


As a Chinese myself, I can personally attest to the fact that the Chinese absolutely and positively adore Rolex. And at a recent Rolex meeting in Hong Kong, there was certainly no shortage of Rolex watches on show. If you love Rolex, especially vintage ones, this is for you. Source: Rolex Passion Report

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